?? 15 Savvy Reasons To Temp Between Jobs


My temping work story. As I had just received my Bachelor's of Science in computer science, this temp job seemingly had nothing to do with my tech career plans. Why is temping often a good job search idea? Some benefits of temping that I should have considered… 1) Improved odds. Whether at temporary job placement agencies or at the hiring companies, temp jobs are a good way to meet new people, grow your job search network and build up references.

3 Benefits Of Working A Temporary Job Following A Layoff

Career Realism

One of those decisions may be to find a short-term job in the interim, while working on long-term career goals. While working a gap job may not have been part of your ultimate career plan, it will not only help you make ends meet, but there are some benefits that could help in the future.

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When I Grow Up…#Recruiter


It got me thinking about my own career plans as a young woman. Going through photos from a recent ProLango career mixer where I sat on an employer panel, it hit me just when I realized I wanted to be a recruiter. I had started college with the intention of going to nursing school but the clock was ticking and I needed a career NOW. This was my first experience with a temp agency, and to be honest I didn’t much care about registering for short term jobs.

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Job Search – From the Beginning – Recruiters Part 1

Career Alley

CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « Fasten Seat Belt While Job Hunting – from your Smartphone Career or Job Change – How Do You Decide? They have a career listings page which lists current opportunities by industry. Wontawk – This firm specializes in information management across a broad range of career types and functions.

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updates: the mandatory feelings chart, the anonymous sexism report, and more

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Not long after, I had a career planning meeting with grand-boss. My boss told me that she had only ever nominated one person for an award in her entire career, and that particular person had been extraordinary. We later found out that he’d told one of the other temps that he was only planning on staying until after the Christmas bonus (!!!). It’s “where are you now?”

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CEO’s daughter gets special treatment, I almost fainted during a meeting, and more

Ask a Manager

Can I ask my manager about her future career plans? During my review, she will ask me about my career goals for the next year and beyond. Also, if she was planning to make a move, I would consider following because I know I haven’t learned everything I could from her yet. I don’t know that I’d ask her directly about her own plans, since that could put her on the spot when she might prefer not to disclose plans to move on or hopes of moving up.

Warning: Your Major is Not a Floatation Device

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Career Girl Confession : When I was in college I hid behind my major- big time. I am way too social, creative and ADHD for a career in i-banking. For the lucky few, a college major correlates directly to an initial career path: elementary education, nursing, etc. Regardless of how ambitious and career focused you were, I’d bet money on the fact that only a handful of you knew yourself well enough to pick a lifetime career path.

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How to manage a college education | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

It would be so great, and helpful, if college career centers could be front and center in every student’s planning. But most career centers are useless, because most colleges presume you still need college to teach you how to think critically. So they can get away with having incompetent career centers. Here’s why career centers are terrible: Career centers cater to companies, not candidates. Career centers encourage this, so that companies are happy.

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