7 Awesome Resources for Finding HR & Recruiting Case Studies


Being back in the practitioner folds, one of the biggest challenges is finding case studies in HR and recruiting. A case study is defined as a process or record of research in which detailed consideration is given to the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time. I liken case studies to that girlfriend who always has the answer and recommendation for a recipe, makeup or just a solution like no one else.

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Case Study

Guerrilla Job Hunting

Blog powered by TypePad Member since 06/2005 « Newsletter Resume | Main | Send Articles » Tuesday, April 20, 2010 Case Study Do a case study on a project which showcases your skills.This could be as simple as a new coveted client you sold, or as complex as anew product you helped introduce to the market.   Send the case study to firms you know have similar needs for theskills you emphasized in the case study.

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Resume Case Study: The chronological resume

Cube Rules

In this case, we consolidated all of the job skills into one section as a list. Getting the resume to the point that it won’t be thrown in the electronic waste basket in under 20-seconds takes a lot of work. Much of that work is getting the first page right.

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The College Board is a case study in corporate racism

Penelope Trunk

The post The College Board is a case study in corporate racism appeared first on Penelope Trunk Careers. Every day, one million families watch every move on the College Board website because it controls so much of the college application process. Today it looked like the site was hacked. There is bold, white copy centered on a black background that is unreadable in a way I haven’t seen since the early Internet.

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The Power of Data: A Workplace Trust Case Study


Workplace Trust Case Study ACME company. Do your employees trust you? Do your employees believe you listen to what they have to say? These are critical questions that leadership needs to understand. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR Work company culture employee survey employee trust workplace trust

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CASE STUDY: When The Private Equity Bears Show Up To Eat Your Company

The HR Capitalist

That's why I loved this case study from Marc Effron and The Talent Strategy Group : "The rules for avoiding a bear attack are simple, clear and repeatedly reinforced to anyone visiting bear country. We use the case study of 3G capital – acquirer of Heinz, Burger King, Anheuser Busch and others – to show you how to bear-proof your company.

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CASE STUDY: The Management Style of Amazon's Jeff Bezos.

HR Capitalist

Of course, quotes taken out of context are always just that - out of context. But, they generally give a window to the soul of the leadership style of a founder or the person who''s in charge of an operation. Consider the following quotes attributed to Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and then hit me in the comments or in an email reply with your favorite: “Are you lazy or just incompetent?”. “I’m I’m sorry, did I take my stupid pills today?”. “Do

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Career Development Plan

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Career Development Plan

TweetSharebar TweetKey questions Can you use choose and use questions and questionnaires to help people explore and discover their industries, work and building careers? Can you use interviews to challenge and guide people to choose careers and take action? Can you guide your clients to engage working people in the industries of choice, contribute to [.]. Program for Career Guidance

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How to use a Case study to land a job

Guerrilla Job Hunting

Do a case study on a project which showcases your skills.     Send the case study to firms you know have similar needs for the skills you emphasized in the case study. Not This could be as simple as a new coveted client you sold, or as complex as a new product you helped introduce to the market. 

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Job Hunting Case Study: Kevin Watson – Supersizing your LinkedIn Network

Guerrilla Job Hunting

Kevin needed a job - fast.    The job market was getting worse by the day.    Trouble was, Kevin had a great resume , but his network was out of work too.    As the old saying goes, Network or No work.    via guerrillajobhunting.typepad.com. For diehard LinkedIn LIONS to newbies - everyone needs to know Dave Mendoza - so I am re-posting this message and eh experience of one of my friends Kevin Watson

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Case Study: Craig Scott, From Procrastination to Massive Productivity in 1 Month

Personal Excellence Blog

I returned to study at 27 to get a degree and again at 34 to get my Masters. Celes: Occupational Psychology is the study of human behavior at work.] I’m currently on a 54-day streak, studying French an hour every day. This post Case Study: Craig Scott, From Procrastination to Massive Productivity in 1 Month first appeared on Personal Excellence. Note from Celes : Hi everyone!

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Andrew’s Irritation: Employee Engagement Case Study #1

David Zinger

The 50 word case study is a new feature on the Employee Engagement Network. Each case study is exactly 50 words. I would like to credit Rajesh Setty with the concept of the 50 word case study. Employee Engagement Network Case #1: Andrew’s Irritation. Employee Engagement in 50 Words. Your reply must also be 50 words or less. Are you ready to engage in 50/50? You can read his Change This manifesto by clicking here.

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Case Study: Lance Armstrong’s Elaborate Doping Scandal (and 5 Important Life Lessons We Can Learn From It)

Personal Excellence Blog

I’ve created this case study to distill life lessons we can pick up from Lance Armstrong’s fascinating, over decade-long doping scandal. In February 2012, after a two year investigation, federal prosecutors dropped the case without any explanation. Oprah : When they dropped the case, did you think, ‘Now. However, if his last doping was 2009, there is a case for them to open a criminal investigation against Lance.

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How In-House Recruiting Can Save You 200k on Agency Fees

The Undercover Recruiter

Case Study Employer Hiring HR Recruitment agency agency fees case study direct recruiting model direct sourcing in-house inhouse recruitment recruitment agencyWell, this blog won’t make me popular with recruitment agencies, but that isn’t really anything new.

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How Jagex Games Studio Saved £1 Million in Recruitment Fees

The Undercover Recruiter

Case Study Recruitment Social Recruiting Tech candidate experience case study fees Jagex million recruitment Jagex stands as the UK’s largest independent games studio employing over 550 skilled professionals. This achievement requires a state of the art recruitment strategy and a recruitment team ‘hard-wired’ in to the global talent pool.

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Why Online & Social Media Influence is Tragically Misunderstood


Psychology Influence Case Studies . There are a pair of psychological tests that beautifully illustrate this: The first is Musaf Sherif’s Robbers Cave Study of 1935 on Intergroup Behavior and realistic conflict theory. He studied group cohesion through friction & derogation between two groups of boys… how group heiarchy was established & how two groups could subsequently integrate & achieve harmony.

How to Innovate in Recruitment

The Undercover Recruiter

However, this certainly isn’t the case! Business Case Study Executive HR Life Skills LinkedIn Productivity Professional Recruitment change competencies empowerment guru innovation innovation framework kaizen recruitment Strategy trade-offs There was a wonderful piece in the satirical news site The Onion recently about the recent SXSW conference in the USA.

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How Did Unilever Reach 500,000 Followers on LinkedIn? [VIDEO]

The Undercover Recruiter

Case Study Recruitment Social Media Social Recruiting Video Director global Maxin Paul Paul Maxin resourcing Unilever You can watch an interview with Paul Maxin, Global Resourcing Director of Unilever, where he talks about their social recruitment strategy. Takeaways: Unilever have over 500,000 followers on LinkedIn – making them the ninth most-liked company in the world. Their Facebook page has over 200,000 likes – aggregating fans from across the world.

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How the Swedish Army Uses Social Media to Recruit [Video]

The Undercover Recruiter

Case Study Social Recruiting Sweden Video videoThe Swedish Armed Forces are very keen on using social media to drive recruitment. They have used Facebook for recruitment for years and they have been experimenting with some very creative recruitment campaigns. This campaign was all about making a difference. The title was “Who cares?” ” and it aimed to see who would be keen on helping others.

When Going Viral Goes Bad–3 Cases for Social Media SWOT.


Book Connect Blogging4Jobs HR + Social Media + Job Search = Blogging4Jobs Business Events OKC Featured Networking Gen Y Guest HR Job Search Social Media Categorized | Business , Social Media When Going Viral Goes Bad–3 Cases for Social Media SWOT Posted on 04 August 2010. Three very powerful and different cases have reared their heads. CASE ONE–Double Shot, Tulsa, OK. CASE THREE–#tacotuesday.

Why Competing on Price is Bad – For Everyone!

The Undercover Recruiter

With a single-product business like recruitment, there’s a useful tool we can use to work out how much ‘product’ (in this case, placements) the business needs to sell in order to break even – the Break Even Point (BEP). In this case the BEP is different: the variable cost for each placement would be £1,104 (36.8% If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of months, the news of the Tesco horsemeat scandal may have passed you by.

How Sodexo Recruits Using Social Media [Video Interview]

The Undercover Recruiter

Be sure to check out Link Humans’ case study on How Sodexo Does Social Media for Recruitment and Employer Branding. Case Study Expert Interview Hiring Social Recruiting Arie Ball SodexoWe recently had a great chat with Arie Ball , who is VP of Sourcing and Talent Acquisition at Sodexo - a company which is the shining light in the world of social recruiting.

Social & Workplace Influence—When the Grapevine is Good (Part II.


In Part I of Social & Workplace Influence— When the Grapevine is Good , we discussed how the a negative workplace grapevine is a symptom and red flag to a larger workplace cultural problem and based on a recent University of Kentucky study , 72% of workplace gossip was balanced (including both negative and positive gossip) and only 7% of conversations were found to be predominantly negative. Home ToolBox HR About Advertising Consulting Services Speaking Press Webshow Tweet This!

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The 7 sections of a resume explained

Cube Rules

Related posts: The chronological resume case study – results. Let’s get resume building back to the beginning for a bit. Let’s start with the basics and go through what sections every resume should include. Even though many, if not most, resumes don’t include all these sections. To their peril. Each section has unique attributes and all of them together strive to build a story […]. 6 principles to use when writing your resume.

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Are Marketing Graduates in High Demand?


Once a marketing graduate has solid proof of their results, usually in the form of case studies and testimonials, the opportunities are limitless. Despite a slow job market, marketing graduates are still in demand. All successful businesses invest in marketing. Marketing graduates are fortunate because they can choose from any industry.

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Starting a New Job? Be Sure to Close the Job Search Loop

The Undercover Recruiter

You interviewed, worked through case studies, presented your recommendations, participated in more interviews and finally, after all your hard work, View Article. You sent off your cover letters and resumé and completed the required online applications. You conducted informational interviews and talked to people in your career field who connected you to other professionals in the field.

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The Social Recruiting Starter Kit #TechTuesday

The Undercover Recruiter

You’ve read the case studies, seen the presentations and even your dog has been approached by a recruiter on LinkedIn. You’re convinced. Social recruiting is the holy grail of talent acquisition. But how on earth do you start? Our friends at Dice have created a useful starter kit for companies looking to move into the. View Article. The Social Recruiting Starter Kit #TechTuesday. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

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How Buffer Approaches Salary Transparency (It's Kind of Cool)

The HR Capitalist

I'm not saying that's the way to do it, but it's a bit of a case study on how simple it could be, and it automatically addressed equity concerns. . Attention HR geeks who like to dabble in compensatio n.

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Don’t Ignore Your Emotions at Work!


Well, logic studies the principles of correct reasoning and valid interference. Are you really supposed to step back, evaluate the situation and conjure up your own quick case study? Growing up, you were likely told not to let little things get to you. If you are like most others, you missed that day in school when they actually taught you step-by-step, how to be successful at this. You can’t and shouldn’t turn your emotions off at work. After all, you are human!

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People Don't Choose Netflix For Content - Or Your Company for Ping-Pong.

The HR Capitalist

One interesting case study going on today in media/content is Netflix. One of the things I'm fascinated by in the business world is how the media/content business consistently changes. Newspapers - gone. Magazines - hard to find in print these days unless you're in an airport. Broadcast networks - Still around but not in a dominant spots. . One of the biggest lies the devil every told us (or made us feel) is that the way things are today is how they're going to be in the future.

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You’re Not an Imposter—But You Might Feel Like One

Ms. Career Girl

Everyone around you appears to be brilliant: they banter, throw big ideas out there, and reference case studies and experiences you’ve never heard of. There have been plenty of studies revealing biases in the workplace. Studies show that women of color are hurt by biases and less likely to get job interviews. Does this sound familiar?

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The Biggest Mistakes New Job Seekers Make

Career Solvers

Optimize your professional image with proof of your accomplishments via strong stories of success, keywords, the LinkedIn publishing platform, and even case studies and videos if appropriate. I meet many job seekers who have never had to conduct a formal job search. After coaching over a thousand clients at every professional level and across practically every industry, I’ve found that most make the same rookie mistakes.

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Sheryl Sandberg and the Balancing Act of Personal Mission vs Company Mission.

The HR Capitalist

But it's an interesting case study related to this reality - the more you go on record and define your professional brand by mission, the more people will identify the inconsistencies and attempt to hold you accountable. Personal values in the business world are tricky. While we all have the code we live by, we also have to go out and make a living for ourselves and are families.

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Personal Branding for Dummies® Hits the Bookstores

Executive Career Brand

Case Studies In Personal Branding Success – including such well-known brands as Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, Steve Jobs, Meryl Streep and Cal Ripkin. “Why is personal branding important? It allows you to show the world your best true self. It helps you align every part of your life with your characteristics, strengths, values, and goals. By doing so, you create a meaningful, lasting impression on everyone you meet.

Hey Dude, I Just Quit My Job!” “Wait, You Did WHAT???” 

Ms. Career Girl

So, if you really like your manager, if he really is your “best buddy” (which, as you can tell from my sarcasm is almost never the case), then speak later, once things settle, because at the time you quit, his job is to protect his company and his own employment, and not have some group hug time with you. The case study in his new book, I Hereby Resign (New Academia, Aug. People don’t just quit.

DDI Study: Leaders Get Better At Execution and Worse At Engagement As They Climb The Ladder.

The HR Capitalist

Cool study out by DDI entitled "Execution and Engagement: Can Leaders Be Ambidextrous? Check out the chart from the study below: You can go get the case study by clicking this link , although the summary doesn't give you much more than I'm giving you here. Doing Both Well Is Critical.". The findings were pretty interesting. As young mid-level managers start climbing the career ladder, they gradually become better at driving execution and worse at ensuring engagement.

4 Reasons You Can’t Write Your Own Executive Resume

Executive Career Brand

As they pull together information for their resume, they should keep in mind that they’ll need to spread this information out across their other career marketing communications – biography, case studies, other documents, LinkedIn profile and other online branding. My first encounter with prospective clients is typically through an email with their resume attached. Often, they’ve written their own resume and state upfront that they’re embarrassed by how bad it is.

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4 Big Ideas to Look Smart: The $15 Minimum Wage

The HR Capitalist

The recent moves at Gravity Payments in Seattle make for a nice case study in the unintended consequences of raising the wage floor beyond what the market truly bears. . If you watch Fox News or MSNBC, I already know how you feel about the prospect of the $15 an hour minimum wage: - Fox News Viewers - It's Jobs or CPI armagedon! Small businesses are going to fail! The business world will have to pass along costs to consumers! MSNBC libs - This is a living wage, people.

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Are You at a Career Crossroads?

Ms. Career Girl

Backed with case study evidence, I will show you how you can change your thinking so you can learn that you do have CHOICE and that you can take control of your career and life – not just now, but for the rest of your working life. Many of my learning points, as well as some interesting and inspiring case studies, will show you how you can win through career change to navigate your way to a brighter future and redesign an exciting new career!

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Why your recruiting agency needs video production software

Corn on the Job

Or perhaps you want to use it as a way to highlight your recent successes – creating branded videos illustrating case studies and successful hires, that will hopefully entice both companies looking to hire, and people looking to make the next move in their career.

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Yes, You Can Build Resilience

Ms. Career Girl

A classic research study by Holmes and Rahe in 1967, [link] , highlights a scale they developed to measure the most stressful life events, assigning scores to each. When you are beyond the initial episode that stresses you, try to review it as a case study in how to deal with an issue differently in the future, and then do that. Is it just me, or is the world getting more complicated? Stress levels seem to be increasing around the planet as change is evident in every sphere.

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How to Prepare for a Data Scientist Interview?

Imarticus Learning

To test your technical understanding on the subject, most probably there will either be a technical round or an assessment, case study, which will essentially gauge your knowledge in statistics, programming, machine learning etc…, ensure you are fluent in relevant languages like R, Python, SQL, Scala and Tableau. So here, essentially you will be tested by the medium of a case study or discussion, on your problem-solving capabilities.

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