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6 Hot Careers in Engineering

Career Alley

Engineering continues to be a hot career for college grads. If you are thinking of a career in Engineering or if you are already an Engineer, then it makes sense to know the some of the engineering career choices, including salary expectations and leads on where to find a job. an article in the Huffington Post on unemployment by college degree, the unemployment rate for general engineers is 7%. Salary survey here ==>> Petroleum Engineer.

5 Hot Careers in Engineering

Career Alley

It’s a really tough job market for college grads these days and, while Engineering careers tend to pay quite well, much depends on the specialty and demand for that specialty. If you are thinking of a career in Engineering or if you are already an Engineer, then it makes sense to know the best career choices including salary expectations and leads on where to find a job. Salary survey here ==>> Petroleum Engineer. Chemical Engineering -.

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5 High-Paying Jobs that Nobody Really Wants

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Yet, what if those same jobs made double or triple the salary of your current job? Indeed, it can be the unsavory nature of these jobs that cause them to boast such high salaries. Some of the jobs that pay so well don’t even require a college degree — just a little ingenuity and a willingness to do the dirty work. While dismantling the meth lab in the basement of an abandoned home, you face the risk of handling poisonous chemicals or, god forbid, even anthrax.

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Making Job Search Fun | CareerSolvers

Career Solvers

I agree with Miriam that it’s smart to give ourselves permission to do things our schedule might not otherwise allow – volunteer for a cause that has value to you, register for a college class or continuing education courses, or network with colleagues over drinks or dinner. It can take your mind away, release all those important chemicals so the muscles start pumping and the brain starts working.

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“‘Positional Leverage’ in Workplace Negotiating”

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Second, part of the compensation package discussed was a significant number of stock options. Discussions of her compensation and responsibilities had gone well. To her surprise, it said nothing about a stock option grant, and offered a salary set at $50,000 less than she thought had been offered. If you are negotiating a pay increase, and your best college buddy becomes the CEO of your firm’s biggest client, your position has surely changed for the better.

Announcing: Brazen Careerist Top 50 Places to Work | Penelope.

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Salary negotiations are over. You will notice that salary is missing from the list. Many people assume this is because Gen Y doesn’t care about salary. Gen Y doesn’t consider salary to be a huge factor in choosing a place to work because Gen Y knows that salary data is public. So the Brazen Careerist Top 50 does not ignore salary. If you work in, say, aircraft manufacturing or the chemical process industry, you'll be in a guy shop.

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Have you ever gotten a job from a job fair?

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When I attended my specific college’s job fair, I would go up to a company, introduce myself, pitch, and then ask for a business card only to be told that it was against company policy to give them out. I was rather surprised and annoyed at my college because they really promoted this job fair, encouraged students to come, and many students had to miss class / take off work in order to attend. I went to the specific college career fair at my university each year.