I gave relationship advice to my employee, company won’t hire me because of where I live, and more

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After several weeks of this, I decided to tell her that she needs to figure out a way to split the child care more evenly, and if he is supposed to be watching the baby during a meeting, he needs to step up and shouldn’t be bringing the baby to her halfway through.

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my interviewer called the other applicants “pricks,” I brought my baby to a grad school talk, and more

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I have a 16-month-old child. It might be worth talking with your advisor, explaining your situation, and asking if she thinks you’d be better off skipping functions when you don’t have child care. My boss is furious to say the least and has told senior management privately that we will not be giving this intern a recommendation letter regardless of whether or not she stays for the full internship. Do I warn the intern that she cannot expect a recommendation letter?

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emailing condolences to a coworker, my sister-in-law used to have the job I’m applying for, and more

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However, there’s a catch– I’m working two separate part-time jobs, for two different organizations (one as a part-time employee, the other as a contractor). I really would like to avoid the job hopper label, due to personal circumstances that will likely demand that I work at a future job for a shorter amount of time than recommended at some point or another. It’s four answers to four questions. Here we go…. Should I email condolences to a coworker?

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helping a bored new coworker, manager got injured at the concert we went to together, and more

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We don’t have a rigid schedule or anything, but he definitely hasn’t put in a full day for a while, especially so when my boss isn’t around (he is a contractor and his boss is in another facility so there is little interaction between him and his boss). It would be fair for them to be more skeptical of your recommendations in the future, but that’s it. Go to your boss and say this: “I’m mortified that I recommended someone who isn’t working out.

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