Employee accuses Chicago circuit court of anti-Muslim harassment


Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. HCX Jobs. Search. Child care attendant told she was not a good Christian, lawsuit says A former child care attendant for the Cook County Circuit Court has sued the court, its chief judge and her former supervisor for allegedly harassing her because she is Muslim. I did a quick Google search to see what that meant in terms of real live bodies. Recruiting / HR Jobs. Search Jobs.

Who’s Hiring at the Top 5 Best Companies to Work for – 2014 Vol 1

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Your job search plan (see Job Search Planning ) should include a list of the companies where you would like to work and this listing (the first of several for the 2014 list) should help you select the best choice for you. Good luck in your search. Jobs by.

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How to Get Started with a Career in Childcare

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Working in a caring profession offers a number of career paths for candidates of all ages and levels of expertise, and job opportunities across the private, public or voluntary sectors provide a rewarding experience. Is a Career in Child Care Right for You? Job Search.

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ResumeBear: 10 Industries Most in Need of Skilled Workers

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While the job market is making a recovery, it’s still hard to find a job in many cities in America, especially for new college grads who have little experience. will require an additional 103,900 nurses and 7,860 physical therapists a year to maintain the current standard of care.

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letting a manager know employee is job-searching, texting recruiters, and more

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Should HR let a manager know an employee is probably job-searching? I post jobs, verify employment, etc. Recently two things happened: When I was posting a job on an internet job site, one of my current employees came up as a possible candidate, and I received an employment verification call on this employee. I am assuming they are looking for another job. I do believe that pay is one issue for the job search.

13 Illegal and Legal Interview Questions:

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Appropriate: Can you perform the specific duties of the job. What kind of child care arrangements have you made? How will your spouse feel about the amount of time you will be traveling if you get this job? Age Inappropriate: How old are you? What year were you born?

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7 Things Dads Should Ask About Before Taking The Job

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So you’re looking for a job, any job. If you want to avoid at least some of the stress of combining work and family obligations, set up a time with the human resources office before taking the job. Child Care. Job Search career homepage ticker

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Are You Making These 5 Common Interview Mistakes? #WisdomWednesday

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Interviewing for a new job is stressful, to say the least, and that goes for everyone involved. However there are some tell-tale things job-seekers do that turn off employers and could end up costing them the job before they even finish the interview.

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8 tips for parents returning to the workforce

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News & World Report today, I’ve got eight tips to make the transition from stay-at-home mom or dad to working parent, including not putting child-rearing on your resume as a job, making sure you and your spouse are on the same page about how you’ll divide child care duties once you’re back at work, and more. job searchingIf you’ve been a stay-at-home parent who’s now returning to the work force, you might feel intimidated.

How to Handle Salary on Application Forms

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Job Search applicant form salaryYou may be asked salary information on an application form—or be faced with a “current salary” or “desired salary” field on an online application. Or you may be asked the same question by a legal recruiter.

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How To Handle Salary On Application Forms

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Job Search careerYou may be asked salary information on an application form—or be faced with a “current salary” or “desired salary” field on an online application. Or you may be asked the same question by a legal recruiter.

The Art Of Negotiating

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Another study asked MBA students to negotiate a hypothetical job with a real-life recruiter. Women are more likely than men to have interrupted careers to raise a family, taking time off for child care or elder care, and are more likely to work part-time.

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Don't Let Your Mom Find You a Job

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Friday, October 08, 2010 Dont Let Your Mom Find You a Job Youre dying to help your loved one get a job. Theyve got to manage the job on their own, so let them manage the job search. My mom didn't make me take this awful job. Evil HR Lady Why am I evil?

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how can I move from retail into a professional career?

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I enjoy my job, but it is physically exhausting and the schedule is unpredictable and often requires me to work weekends/early mornings/late evenings. I’m in my late 20s, and my 10 years of work history consist of numerous child care jobs (many of them “off-the-books”) and two other retail jobs (a three-month seasonal position and a six-month stay at my very first job as a teenager). Targeting office jobs that may have less competition.

The Best Companies to Work for – Vol 11

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CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « On the Ledge – Job Search Have You Feeling Down? Problem is that they don’t offer medical, but no one seemed concerned, they were just happy if she gets the job. Such is the tough job market. Now many of us take for granted that we will get medical, decent pay and vacation at our jobs.

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I gave relationship advice to my employee, company won’t hire me because of where I live, and more

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After several weeks of this, I decided to tell her that she needs to figure out a way to split the child care more evenly, and if he is supposed to be watching the baby during a meeting, he needs to step up and shouldn’t be bringing the baby to her halfway through.

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5 Careers That Require Scrub Uniforms

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If you don’t like fussing with your clothing before you begin your work day, a job wearing scrub uniforms may be just the thing for you. Some businesses in people care (such as spas and child care) require their employees to wear scrub uniforms for their professional attire.

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Rebuilding Your Career After Being Fired or Laid Off

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And it comes when you thought your “safe” job was forever. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( www.bls.gov ) 50,000 American workers lose their jobs each day of the year. When your boss says, “this is your last day on the job” your world seems to be coming apart at the seams.

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Real Career Girls: Allison O’Kelly, founder and CEO of Mom Corps

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Earlier this year they also launched Mom Corps YOU , an online community helping professionals take their careers into their own hands with job search tools, career advancement seminars and access to leaders in the flexibility movement.

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3 Paths That Lead You To A Work From Home Career

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Watch your expenses for child care, gas, car maintenance, clothing, and lunches go down drastically – or even disappear. What part of your 9-5 job do you like the most and what part do you dislike? Make Your Current Job A Work From Home Job If you love the work you do but dislike the office environment and commute, you could ask your employer to to allow you to work remotely 2-3 days per week. Just like that, you’ve got a remote job you enjoy.

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Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. HCX Jobs. Search. Index Recent Topics New Topic Forum Rules Search Help. Child care attendant told she was not a good Christian, lawsuit says A former child care attendant for the Cook County Circuit Court has sued the court, its chief judge and her former supervisor for allegedly harassing her because she is Muslim. Be our Friend. Local. Blogs. About HireCentrix. Advertise. Contact Us.

5 Reasons Having A Baby Won’t Ruin Your Career

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Child Care Options. However, if you need to search out other options then there are plenty of institutions that offer daycare as well as in-home options. You can opt for an in home childcare worker in their own home or even hire a nanny to take care of your child in your home.

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new employee wants me to give him money, I wet myself during a board meeting, and more

Ask A Manager

I’m an executive assistant and a huge part of my job is to attend board of director meetings. We have not been able to obtain much information about this scenario and have lots of questions including: are we compelled to fill in or lose our jobs? What if the “fill in” position is geographically far away and we need to arrange child care, elder care, commuting, etc–does our organization help us with that? It’s five answers to five questions.

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I’m getting mixed messages about whether I have to work overtime

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Is it time to move jobs because I can’t meet the schedule? Say this to him: “When you hired me, we agreed that because of my child care situation, I wouldn’t work overtime more than very occasionally — at the time, we said a few times a year but not more. It’s possible that he’ll realize he forgot that and this will take care of the whole thing. A reader writes: I am receiving mixed messages from my manager, and I’d really like it to stop.

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screaming toddler on work calls, telling references their recommended candidate was horrible, and more

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My manager told me that on a recent call, this employee was providing an overview of a new system and in the background, everyone on the project team could hear his screaming three-year-old child. As a result, I provided coaching during our next check-in call, sharing that I was not sure if he was aware that others could hear his child. He said that this was an early morning call, he on the west coast, and his child was fussy that morning, in another room.

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6 Common Work at Home Challenges

Telecommuting Journal

Time Management When you work from home, depending on the type of job that you have, the most challenging aspect may be managing your time. So at some point, and on some level, you’ll need additional help to fulfill your child supervision duties.

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how to answer when an interviewer asks “what do you do outside of work?”

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I have been job searching for entirely far too long. She says I should never mention in interviews that I have a child because, for example, one of the interviewers might be having trouble conceiving and to hear about my kid is painful and unnecessary. and I don’t have a lot to say to this because a lot of my time is spent doing things with my child.

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should I call out this company that jerked me around during a long-distance interview?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I would love your input on a job interview process I have recently experienced. A little backstory – my wife and I are expecting child #2 in the next few months. We have decided to try to move closer to my family (about three hours away) so they can assist with child care while we work, which will greatly alleviate the expense of paying for child care.

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how long of a work gap is bad for your resume, my boss makes me do his grocery shopping, and more

Ask A Manager

Your blog entries helped me get through a job search, and I just accepted a new position. I’m excited about the new job, but burnt out from the old one. leave old job in August, start new one in October) be a red flag on a resume in the future? The concern on a hiring manager’s side isn’t “oh no, this person took a couple of months to travel / relax / care for family!” ” They don’t care about that.

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3 updates from letter-writers

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The agreement HR and I came to was that I would leave my job and HR would give me an excellent reference and state that I was laid off through no fault of my own after a project went in a different direction. Even though I lost my job, I am glad I spoke up and I don’t regret anything. I just want to move forward with my job search. (At Can I ask for child care costs to be covered as as contractor ? (#2

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questioning an employee about how sick they really are, a sugar-stealing coworker, and more

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My husband and I are in the process of becoming licensed as a foster/adoption parents for a child who will be from newborn to five years old. I need your advice on how to approach my boss about working from home the first two to three weeks after a child is placed in our home, to encourage a smooth transition and bonding (only if they are under four, as they will be in preschool or kindergarten over four years old). It’s four answers to four questions. Here we go….

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coworkers keep asking when I’ll have kids, CEO advertises jobs we’re not hiring for, and more

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I love my job and the kids I work with tremendously. Another option for people who directly ask about your child-bearing plans is, “That’s quite a question,” followed by a subject change. (I My CEO insists on advertising jobs we’re not hiring for. And is there an auto-response that would be more appropriate for these job posts beyond the standard “thanks for your interest, we’ll be in touch!” It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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Insurance at Risk: Small Business Employees Risk Losing Coverage


Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. HCX Jobs. Search. Index Recent Topics New Topic Forum Rules Search Help. Across the country, America’s businesses are struggling as the cost of health care continues to skyrocket. If trends continue, health care costs for large firms will increase 166% by 2019, resulting in a cost burden of $28,530 per employee.2 Rising health care costs cut into employee wages and impede hiring and business growth.

tiny answer Tuesday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

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We all keep hearing from Jane how John also applied for Jane’s job and that he might have hard feelings. Employee wants to work from home while caring for an infant. I have an employee I supervise who is pregnant, and we are discussing her options for work after her child is born. This will be her first child. I would be very, very worried that she thinks she can work from home without any child care for an infant.

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refusing overnight travel for training, attending a coworker’s baby shower after being fired, and more

Ask A Manager

We do not work in an industry that typically requires business travel so none of us agreed to travel when we accepted our jobs. Five people who are angry and disgruntled about having this hardship placed on their lives in order to keep their jobs? Even in jobs where it’s not a regular thing, it’s not uncommon to have it occasionally come up — for training or a conference or a retreat or whatever. My job search is proceeding well with two companies.

2015 60

am I scaring off job candidates with early morning interview slots, pressure to chip in more money for a gift to our boss, and more

Ask A Manager

Am I scaring off job candidates with these interview time slots? possibly — and not just night owls, but also people with child care commitments or other reasons they might not easily be able to interview so early in the morning. Contact is being too pushy about a job she wants me to apply for. I was not looking to leave leave my current job, where I enjoy great benefits and good pay, but I was intrigued. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

2016 46

declining a lunch or breakfast meeting without being rude, disorganized recruiters, and more

Ask A Manager

I feel guilty job searching when my manager is sick. I’ve been at my current job for a number of years now. I would really like to leave my job and pursue other opportunities in order to lessen my stress and feel better about my skills. Job search without guilt, and just do what you can to ensure a smooth transition when you leave. I am not available due to child care. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

2014 55

screening for candidates who will be comfortable with cursing and crude jokes, bringing a backpack to an interview, and more

Ask A Manager

” That may feel a little awkward, but it’s a lot less awkward than someone starting the job, then discovering the culture and hating it. What do you think of taking a backpack to a job interview? I thought it wasn’t ideal but it’s not a huge competitive job so hopefully it would be fine. Depends on the job. For most jobs, it’s not going to be an issue (assuming that we’re talking about a normal-sized backpack and not a huge camping one or something).

2016 45

mini answer Monday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

Ask A Manager

Am I getting a reasonable response rate to my job applications? I’ve never had such a hard time finding a job. What changed this time around is the job market — there are now far, far more job seekers than there are openings, so you have a ton of competition. By the way, for whatever it’s worth, 30 applications in a year of actively job searching is pretty low. Did declining a same-day phone interview blow my chances with this job?

2013 57

tiny answer Tuesday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

Ask A Manager

I have stayed in the job for the experience and because I needed the money. I am leaving for a better job with a significant pay increase and that will allow me to develop the skills I want to develop, but I’ve put up with the abuse for a long time out of fear of not finding anything better. One of the teachers from my daughter’s day care occasionally texts me. Applying to a job when the salary range is too low.

2012 58

my boss hasn’t returned from maternity leave, watching what I say around a coworker with financial worries, and more

Ask A Manager

I started my job at a small nonprofit about seven months ago. She had some issues with her child care and in the meantime she has been working remotely and only seems to answer emails a few times a day. As a newer employee I feel like I can’t really say anything to the board, but I am really starting to resent my boss and taking this job. I work with people of a similar job level to myself, who also geek out over tablets, etc.

references when you have nothing good to say, failing a hiring assessment, and more

Ask A Manager

A neighbor (somewhat a friend) has listed me for a personal reference in her job search. ” You could immediately follow that up with offering to do something else to help her in her job search — like helping her practice interviewing, helping her with her resume, etc. (if Sometimes you get rejected for a job you think you’d be great at. I’m 17 and I’m looking for my first job. I have worked at my current job for two weeks.

interviewers who show up late, can’t find parking at my job, and more

Ask A Manager

I can no longer find parking at my job. My job is great, well, was great until two months ago. The preschool of my eldest opens its doors only at 8:45 so dropping the child off earlier is not an option, nor is changing schools – schools are assigned by the local government. Nor do I have family nearby who can help or can afford to pay anything more on child care. Needless to say, this situation has made in impossible to do my job well.

2017 44