Best in Class Companies Offer Flexible Work Arrangements


Best-in-class companies say – make it work based on YOUR dreams. . Collaboration tools open the floodgates to provide knowledge and document management capabilities, discussion boards, calendaring and photo sharing. Defining Flexible Work Schedules.

HR Quick Fixes for Small Businesses


You want this file to represent an employee’s work performance, so do not include items that allude to protected class. Also be sure to set up files for any information that alludes to protected class, such as the EEO voluntary identification form. Documentation.

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Part Two: HR Basics for Small Businesses #hrbasics


In this week’s post, we will look at the importance of good documentation, how to interview and hire candidates and what onboarding means for small businesses. Good Documentation. Your documentation should stick to the facts and include the resolution or expectations for the employee.

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How to Resign With Class

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Twitter Facebook LinkedIn RSS How to Resign With Class 01 / 12 / 10 Written by Louise Fletcher Comments 7 Tweet it! And yet the statement he issued today is a textbook example of grace and class.

10 Emails Smart Managers Never Send

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It’s my preferred method of communication for many things-it builds a record, it documents the entire conversation, and it doesn’t require interruptions. I love email.

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Get College Credit For Life Experience in 3 Easy Steps!

Boomers Next Step

To receive credit, you will be required to provide documentation of your experience by submitting a portfolio of prior learning. Step 2: Identify Courses that Relate to Your Life Experience/Knowledge Identify classes that specifically relate to your experience and knowledge. Granted, this isn’t a guarantee, but if you can prove you have the required knowledge and experience, it’s well worth your time and effort to apply for credit for these classes.

Resume Help: Are You Sure about How to Present Your Education?

Careers Done Write

The words, “Class of ” are not necessary or appropriate. I would be happy to assist you with your resume’s education section or any aspect of your career documents. Education is an important qualification on the resume.

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How to Bridge an Employment Gap

The Job Quest

Are you taking classes or attend seminars to keep your knowledge up-to-date? Whatever it is you have been doing, document your activities just as you would a job.

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How to Create a Living Resume

Ms. Career Girl

When you discover a new skillset that is worth adding to your repertoire, consider taking a class or online course—either through,, or—and then add the certification to your CV. The post How to Create a Living Resume appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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LinkedIn Profiles vs. Resumes, is There a Difference?

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The resume, however, is a lean one-sheet document that is meant to be skeletal and easy to skim in a just a few seconds—or at most a minute or two. you can use the profile to attach your dissertation or other class work.

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14 Powerful Networking Tools and Strategies to Implement Now

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Try creating a one-page document to hand out at networking events. If you want to maximize your possibilities, lead a breakout group, pre-conference session, or even a class or event. –.

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4 Surprising Ways To Celebrate International Update Your Resume Month

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Here are four ways to celebrate this month—that go beyond adding words to a document. You can take up extra classes through a local college or university, or you can take an online course through the many distant learning websites online.

6 Tips For Your First Full-Time Job Search

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Maybe you are still taking classes. It is a living document. 6 Tips For Your First Full-Time Job Search. Work It Daily. Everyone who enters the workforce has something in common. They all have embarked upon a first full-time job search.

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20 Resume Tips from a Hiring Manager

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Uploading a word document to our HR system means you are taking a risk that my settings might skew your resume in some way, making the document more difficult to read. Create a career management document. Naturally, this document will grow over time to be fairly sizable.

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Slammed! Sales Manager Boot Camp

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Note: Class size is limited to 15 participants. . To ensure that participants get full attention class size is limited to 12 participants. The experience, knowledge, and documentation that is shared have been incredibly helpful. Slammed! The Sales Manager Boot Camp. Starts 1-19-18. Becoming a new sales leader is overwhelming. Suddenly you go from having a quota to managing the quotas of multiple people.

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How to Be Relevant on Your Resume So You Land the Interview

Jennifer Anthony

This master resume document should also include all your education, relevant training, and any significant volunteer projects on which you have worked. Once you’ve constructed this master resume document, you will pull relevant material from the bulleted sections for every job application you complete. She creates high-impact, best-in-class, resumes and cover letters that transform job searches into interviews and ultimately job offers. By Jessica M Holbrook.

SR: FMLA and Non-FMLA Leave Mixed

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Some of that time has been FML and documented with our HR office, but not all of it, in fact not most of it. Only after that discussion did she go to HR and began with the FML documentation, since some of the time she was out was due to her daughter getting tubes in her ears.

Job Interview Keys to Success

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It is a documented fact that you have seven seconds for the interviewer to decide if they like you and thirty seconds for them to decide if they want to hear what you have to say.

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Single Most Important Career Question to Ask Yourself

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Apply the following questions to your résumé to better see what employers are thinking when they read this document: Have I attained any industry-specific certifications? You have the time to identify those core skill sets and take classes that add to your value proposition.

Top 10 Ways Employers Can Improve Leave Administration


HR Today is hosting an online class covering the basics of leave administration on November 5, 2014. The 90-minute class will cover federal and California law that controls protected job leave, as well as how to engage in best and legally compliant leave practices.

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President-CEO-COO Manufacturing Turnarounds Executive Resume Branding

Executive Career Brand

He had also updated his resume, but didn’t think the document presented the value he offered well enough, and it didn’t contain a true brand positioning statement. For his biography , I slightly adjusted the brand statement, and used it to lead the document.

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7 Skills Law Firms Look For In Recruits

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They should be able to pick up on small things in both written documents and when people are verbally communicating. If you’re a recent graduate, you can use examples such as being captain of a sports team or class leader.

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7 Human Resources Competencies For the Modern HR Professional


We are often the objective voice of reason in advising employee terminations, documentation and other employee relations workplace scenarios. When it comes to gaining knowledge in the areas of business acumen, it might mean taking business classes and getting your MBA.

6 Vital Resume Tips For Job Seekers Over 40

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Because you have so much experience, you can cherry-pick the very best and most impressive pieces to create a true marketing document. If you have additional classes, trainings, or certifications, by all means mention them—but don’t add dates that hint at your age.

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???? Resume Objective Statements That Cause Recruiters To Reject You


When going through the job-seeking process, it is very important to understand the stages and the roles of the documents that support each stage. Someone in my class listed "Find a wife" under objective on their resume.

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6 Tips For Your First Full-Time Job Search

Career Realism

Maybe you are still taking classes. It is a living document. 6 Tips For Your First Full-Time Job Search. CAREEREALISM. Everyone who enters the workforce has something in common. They all have embarked upon a first full-time job search.

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The Highest Paying Jobs for Non-College Grads

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Pastry chefs are in high demand at first-class restaurants and bakeries. As a full-time photographer , you have the flexibility to specialize in portrait or still-life photography, photojournalism or travel documenting.

What Students Should Know About Teaching English Abroad

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You’ll want to obtain certification and you’ll need to compile the appropriate documents before heading to another country. What Documents Will You Need? Before heading overseas, pack the following documents: Passport.

The Compliance Downside of Big Data


Important to Check the Documentation. As the Orrick attorneys point out: “ At a growing rate, plaintiffs’ attorneys and the EEOC are pursuing class-based claims that focus on the use of uniform policies, tests or other employee selection procedures that allegedly have a statistically significant adverse impact against a protected group and are not sufficiently job-related and consistent with business necessity.”. The use of big data in human resources is all the rage today.

How Do I Get an Accounting Job?

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It’s also a good idea to take a class in accounting laws and rules and regulations so you will up to date on federal and local laws. Accountants make sure a company’s (or an individual’s) financial documents and records are sound and accurate. You can build on your credentials throughout your career by taking classes and adding certifications; you’ll have plenty of room to grow as an accountant and can either continue to work for a company, or perhaps go out on your own.

No Job Experience? You Can Still Write a Great Resume

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For instance, if you acquired skills in some classes and can produce physical results of your work (e.g., This level of experience can be documented and should be noted if you’re applying at a commercial radio station.

The Social Media Interview, what Employers and Employees should know

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alcohol consumption); information on protected classes (race, gender, etc.); By Pedram Tabibi. Imagine landing a job interview. How do you prepare yourself? You might read about the company, prep for questions, bring your résumé and arrive on time.

Enter Today’s Medical Field With Confidence

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Classes dealing with math or science, especially biology, anatomy, physics and chemistry go a long way toward establishing a base from which to jump into medical school. In addition, be prepared to show documented history of volunteer and intern work performed at a medical facility. Enter Today’s Medical Field With Confidence. Work It Daily. It’s common knowledge that the medical field is rapidly growing, and shows no signs of slowing anywhere in the near future.

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Paralegal Careers

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Depending on the program, paralegals may take any number of elective classes that deal with different aspects of law. Immigration paralegals interview clients about their specific circumstances and help them secure necessary documentation like visas and green cards to maintain legal status.

Are You Proficient in These Marketable Skills?

Water Cooler Wisdom

Look at how things are broken into classes, access patterns, and think through the overall structure of the project,” he said. Write it once using classes, another in a purely functional manner, etc. Once you’ve started a project, JavaWorld writer Andrew Oliver recommended writing your own documentation. “I I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked on a project, only to be pulled into an executive meeting because I wrote a document or presentation they saw and understood.

5 Tips To Help You Decide On Your College Major

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However, if you come to a clear decision sooner rather than later, you will have to do far less backtracking, and you’ll save time and money by staying on course with the right classes.

interviewers who show up late, can’t find parking at my job, and more

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While Sansa and Arya are very talented artists and their classes are awesome and insightful, Cersei’s classes are awful. Because Sansa refuses to list the instructor with the classes, I go far less often than I otherwise would because if Cersei is the evenings instructor then I know my money is wasted. The classes are $35 to $55. Clearly it’s not my business to run this business, but should I tell the owner why her classes might be getting smaller?

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5 Reasons I Wouldn’t Hire Myself

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So, in keeping with a streamlined document, keep names and contact information off your resumé, but have that information ready. If your skills are lacking, try acquiring professional certifications by attending night or weekend classes to further your knowledge in certain areas. If you won’t hire yourself based on your resumé, then neither will potential employers. When it comes to your seemingly perfect resumé, believe it or not there’s always room for improvement.

For Career Success In 2014, Think Like An Employer

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Most of the Class of 2014 will cross the graduation stage without firm plans for the future. Too often, they send off their documents, and hear nothing back. You’re in your final year at college, and you don’t have a job. You’re not alone.

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7 Ways To Improve Your Resume While Employed

The Undercover Recruiter

Now is the perfect time to take some night classes, or earn some certifications, to help you gain new knowledge and skills. Head to the local community college and take a few classes that will help you get the kind of job you really want. It’s a competitive job market out there.

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