why are contractors treated like second-class citizens, boss enters without knocking, and more

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Why do some people look down on contractors and freelancers? I’m a freelance writer contracting at a large company, and I’ve noticed that some people tend to look down on contractors and freelancers. The row of cubicles that my fellow freelancers and I sit in right now is jokingly referred to as “Contractor’s Row.” In some companies there’s a culture where contractors are indeed seen as second-class citizens.

what if my coworker fails a class I teach, hiring the long-term unemployed, and more

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What if my coworker fails a class I teach? My classes are technically an upper undergraduate level, but are a mix of graduate students, current professionals, and researchers at the university. If a coworker does well in our classes, we generally both know about it and it definitely helps them in the workplace. What if a coworker fails my class or one of her subordinates fails her class because they simply failed to do the work?

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Warnings To Consider Before Taking A Contract Job

Career Realism

Related: 4 Ways To Get More Freelance Work. In the rare case when a group of employees ban together and file a class-action lawsuit, the money spent to pay unpaid employees is far less than the money the company would have spent had they paid their employees for overtime.

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Do’s and Don’ts When Waiting for a Call

The Job Quest

Take a class. Freelance. Job Search Networking Resumes Blog Do's Don'ts Education Follow-Up Freelance Lie Professional Groups Spray and Pray Volunteer Wait

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10 Surprising Statistics About the Contingent Worker and Your Contract Workforce


The independent workforce is called a lot of different things: freelancer, contract worker, project based workforce, 1099 employee, contingent worker, on-demand workforce and even the extended workforce. There are currently an estimated 53 million Americans freelancing.

4 Ways to Start Learning How to Cook

Ms. Career Girl

Take a Cooking Class. If cooking simply doesn’t run in your family, then a cooking class is a good place to turn to for sage advice. Plus, you’ll have to fit in regular classes into your busy social schedule.

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5 Steps to Become a Well-Paid Freelance Academic Writer

Corn on the Job

Academic writing is a very lucrative career choice for a freelance writer. Becoming a well-paid freelance academic writer is not that hard. If you are looking to be a successful and well-paid freelance academic writer, the best thing to do is register on E ssay L ancers.com.

Escaping the nine to five: four of the best freelance jobs

Corn on the Job

They’re clear signs you’re in desperate need of a career change, so we’ve highlighted four freelance jobs that’ll bring some excitement back into your working life by letting you be your own boss.

How to Create a Living Resume

Ms. Career Girl

When you’re a freelancer or on the job hunt, your resume is possibly your best marketing tool for picking up new employer and/or clients. Gaining an edge over other freelancers in your field starts with a well-crafted and highly personalized resume which is easier than you may think.

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New Focus on HR Vendor Content & Services


The upside is that I can always get a room at the Hilton and fly first class on Delta. Business HR Going Freelance HR Blog HR Blogger HR content HR human resource HR Vendor human resource HR

should I warn my staff about a drug’s mood-altering side effects, getting paid for freelance work that wasn’t completed, and more

Ask A Manager

Should I get paid for freelance work that wasn’t completed? I got an email a few days ago saying that someone in their office is going to train their people on PowerPoint, but they want me to teach an Excel class for them in a couple of months. should I warn my staff about a drug’s mood-altering side effects, getting paid for freelance work that wasn’t completed, and more was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

How to Start Your Career While Still in College

Career Alley

Spend free time or breaks between classes catching up on the latest innovations in your field. Take as many chances as you can to do freelance work and volunteering. Sign Up for Relevant Classes.

5 Must-Know Tax Deductions if You’re Self-Employed

Ms. Career Girl

But whether you run your own business, live off contract work, or freelance for income, tax season can be very stressful if you’re unprepared. “It’s The cost of attending educational seminars and classes can add up for freelancers trying to keep ahead of the competition.

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5 Personal Branding Tools for College Students


Bunee Tomlinson, a sophomore at Oklahoma City Community College and a freelance filmmaker, developed his keen interest in film and video production from an early age. On LinkedIn, Bunee chose “Freelance Filmmaker” as his title instead of “student”.

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5 Things You Should Be Doing In Your Job Search

Career Realism

If you’re switching careers or just starting out, sign up for a few low-paying freelance gigs at odesk.com or elance.com as soon as possible. Take An Online Class.

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5 Things You Should Be Doing In Your Job Search

Career Realism

Gain Experience Quickly By Working Virtually If you’re switching careers or just starting out, sign up for a few low-paying freelance gigs at odesk.com or elance.com as soon as possible. Take An Online Class You can never have too much education.

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Elizabeth Warren Called Out the Gig Economy at the DNC


The movement of workers from full time middle or working class jobs to casual, part time and freelance work is in the news all the time now, but is an economic trend that has been building steam for decades. Full-time freelancers don’t have benefits.

5 Jobs You Can Do Anywhere

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A person with a teaching degree in one state should not have difficulty finding employment in another state, though they may need to take an additional class or test to become certified for that particular state. Freelance Writer.

How Staying Busy Can Save Your Job Search [6 Reasons]

The Undercover Recruiter

This can be as simple as attending a networking event for your industry, or taking a cooking class – you never know who you could potentially be in contact with. Many job seekers stay busy by taking classes during their period of unemployment. By: Janice Magracia.

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4 Surprising Ways To Celebrate International Update Your Resume Month

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You can take up extra classes through a local college or university, or you can take an online course through the many distant learning websites online. If you didn’t sign a non-compete clause with your current employer, you can provide the same skills to other people in a freelance capacity.

Getting Back to Work After Raising a Child

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Examples of activities you can list in your resume include home-based or freelance work, part-time work, volunteer work, courses, conferences and others. If you cannot come up with anything relevant, you may want to consider taking a class to update your knowledge and skills. .

Offshoring Yourself for a Better Job

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However, you’re a professional adult–take it one step further by opening up your own freelance teaching studio. They’re the ones grabbing up all of those freelance jobs you can’t afford to take, since their rent and cost of living is only 1/3 the cost of yours.

The Best Careers For Single Parents

Career Realism

For the relentlessly organized, the path of the virtual assistant will likely be a fit, and if you’ve got creative skills or talents you can develop those into something marketable in a freelance career. Freelancing And Additional Suggestions.

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How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World


If you want to quit your job and travel to the furthest corners of the globe, you’d better have your checkbook out at all times (and no, we don’t recommend charging your first-class ticket to Cairo, that will come back to haunt you at some point). Freelance Life.

How To Keep A Work Gap From Costing You The Job

Career Realism

Consider adding any volunteer work, freelance projects, or part-time gigs you did during this time. How To Keep A Work Gap From Costing You The Job. CAREEREALISM. Life’s complicated.

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How Remote Workers and Flextime Are Changing How We All Work


Remote work and freelancing from home are an increasingly big piece of the employment landscape. I’m a Slack user myself, with a free account that use to collaborate with various groups of freelance writers and editors. My work, freelance and remote, involves a whole host of communication and collaboration applications. Today I’m building B4J’s social media calendar for the week, editing articles, writing this one, and doing laundry.

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Ask Ms. Career Girl: How do I Transition to a Career I Have no Experience in?

Ms. Career Girl

Take on some freelance marketing clients, even if they can’t pay you. And hey, you never know, maybe one of your freelance clients will become your future employer! Take some marketing classes. Submit your career and life questions to nicole@mscareergirl.com!

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Resumé Revamp: Would You Hire Yourself?

Resume Bear

If college degrees are head of the class in terms of resumé content, knock them back a peg and put experience first. About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and free-spirited content creator. A resumé is the epitome of a first impression. If it’s well written and thoughtfully arranged, a resumé can help a candidate’s chances of employment.

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7 Sweet Summer Jobs for Teachers

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Responsibilities include teaching classes, supervising students and being on-call up to six days a week. Freelance Work. It is hard to generalize about freelance work because you will likely end up working for multiple employers and negotiating your own deadlines and wages.

The Highest Paying Jobs for Non-College Grads

Career Alley

Pastry chefs are in high demand at first-class restaurants and bakeries. Byline: Lance Hines – Lance is a freelance writer and an artist who lives in Boston.

How To Avoid The Mistake Of Making A Reactive Shift

Career Shifters

If you're sick of feeling like your time is controlled by someone else, you might decide to go freelance, or seek out work that allows you to work remotely. She decided to set up a co-working space for freelancers. Are you desperate to get away from your current career?

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How Do I Get an Accounting Job?

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It’s also a good idea to take a class in accounting laws and rules and regulations so you will up to date on federal and local laws. You can build on your credentials throughout your career by taking classes and adding certifications; you’ll have plenty of room to grow as an accountant and can either continue to work for a company, or perhaps go out on your own. About the Author: Heather Legg is a freelance writer who covers a variety of topics.

Filling in the Blanks on My Resume

Career Alley

Examples of such activities include working part-time, becoming a volunteer or consultant, and attending classes, workshops or seminars that are related to your career.

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5 Tips for Choosing an Online Education Degree That Will Further Your Career

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With that ease it can be tempting to go in the wrong direction when deciding what classes, certifications, or degrees one might need to further his or her career. Keep in mind, that typically they will expect the classes or degree to be job related.

Here are six steps that will make re-entering the workforce easier

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Accepting temporary or freelance work would be a good way to experiment with new fields and opportunities. They can do this by taking classes, doing volunteer work, asking for assistance and coaching. Many women (and an increasing number of men).

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Here’s how to ask for help

Penelope Trunk

I only fly business class because too many things go wrong when I don’t. Melissa books all my tickets because she is my assistant now that she’s freelancing. Before I started flying business class everywhere. ” I get my first class ticket and wait for boarding.

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Career news that will make you happy right now

Penelope Trunk

In fact, a few times I have not gotten paid as a freelancer because my invoice looked so not-invoicey. I didn’t know this term existed until I was in my son’s Asperger’s preschool class. Most of the time on this blog I focus on bursting bubbles.

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5 Reasons I Wouldn’t Hire Myself

Resume Bear

If your skills are lacking, try acquiring professional certifications by attending night or weekend classes to further your knowledge in certain areas. About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. If you won’t hire yourself based on your resumé, then neither will potential employers. When it comes to your seemingly perfect resumé, believe it or not there’s always room for improvement.

Back To Work? 10 Tips For Relaunching Your Career

Career Realism

This can mean consulting, volunteering or freelancing. To stay connected to her field, Kelly began freelancing every Sunday for her former employer. Take a class. So, you’ve been on a career break. How long has it been… three years, five years, more?

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7 Life-Changing Job Trends You Need to Know About


The new reality that is hard for most people to digest is that every job is temporary and we live in a Freelance economy. Welcome to the new Freelance economy. The world of work is changing. Here’s how to deal with it well. This is a guest post by Donna Sweidan.

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