Hidden Talent: The Classes of 2008-2012


Job offers were rescinded to many grads in these classes. Hire them for a relevant project. They don’t get the same attention as the very newest college grads.

New 2012-2022 BLS Employment Projections: What Career Counselors Need to Know

Career Key

2012-2022 Employment Projections provide new data for career counselors and career development professionals to rely upon in helping people make career and education choices. The U.S.

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why are contractors treated like second-class citizens, boss enters without knocking, and more

Ask A Manager

” Even the full-time project manager who trained me in said (facetiously) that contractors are sometimes treated like second-class citizens. In some companies there’s a culture where contractors are indeed seen as second-class citizens. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Why do some people look down on contractors and freelancers?

Working and Living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Richard Florida’s “creative class,” those engaged in innovation, design, and creative production, whether it be in the arts or sciences, are the least likely to be affected by the Fourth Industrial Revolution – because their jobs can’t be automated.

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No Gene for the Human Spirit: The Genome Project Sucks


Many years ago, I sat in a 200-level English class studying different forms of story-telling. Two class sessions were spent time on the 1997 Andrew Niccol film Gattaca starring Ethan Hawke, Jude Law, and Uma Thurman. The Genome Project. The Triumph of the Human Spirit.

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#1 Job Search Strategy All Recent Grads Should Use

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So, instead of responding that you possess strong organizational skills, take it one step further: specify that you can organize, coordinate, and manage projects. Happy Grad Project Job Search happy grad project

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For Career Success In 2014, Think Like An Employer

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Most of the Class of 2014 will cross the graduation stage without firm plans for the future. As a perk of the Happy Grad Project, we’re offering a FREE download of our e-book, “The Recent Grad’s Guide To Getting A Job.” Job Search happy grad project

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A Grad’s Most Valuable Resource—A Viable Network

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This article was written by Crystal Washington , author of The Social Media WHY , on behalf of the Happy Grad Project. Every past graduating class contains superstar students who land their dream jobs, while others find themselves grasping at straws.

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Six Tips for Interviewing Scrum Masters, Part 2

Hiring Technical People

Again, you have to listen for the context and what the Scrum Master did in the different context for the project and the organization. Remember, you can buy a certification by taking a class. hiring process agile hiring behavior description question certification Hiring Geeks That Fit interpersonal skills job analysis project management qualities

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Career Path of a Project Manager

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At least the last 7 years have been spent on project management-related assignments and responsibilities. As an initial start in project management, my first exposure began as an analyst being assigned some special projects in computer system implementation.

Are You Proficient in These Marketable Skills?

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The top five include IT architecture (42 percent of IT hiring managers seek this skill), application development (40 percent), project management (39 percent), big data (36 percent), and business intelligence/analytics (34 percent). Through open source, you can find projects you’re interested in and study the code. Look at how things are broken into classes, access patterns, and think through the overall structure of the project,” he said. Want to be marketable?

Job Search News, September 22, 2017

Competitive Resumes

Angela took classes at Stanford University. Google authorized 20% of her time to work on coding projects and eventually, made her way to become an engineer for her company. Your job search could use these articles and resources so enjoy!

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When No Resumes Makes For Better Hiring

Evil HR Lady

Your name is at the top, which can give pretty good insight into your race, gender, and even the socio-economic class in which you were raised. What is a resume? It’s a marketing document that details your successes in your career.

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What's in My Garage: Getting My Career Portfolio Up To Date

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Thursday, March 18, 2010 What’s in My Garage: Getting My Career Portfolio Up To Date Last Sunday I had my last Career Development Facilitator class where we each presented a project and talked about our career portfolios. First, about my project.

How to Dress for Success in College and Still be Comfortable

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However, if you look like you have made an effort with what you are wearing, it will also be perceived that you care about your classes and you are making an effort there as well. Something that makes you stand-out to your class mates and your professors as someone to be taken seriously.

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Learn and Lead with Project Management


Book Connect Blogging4Jobs HR + Social Media + Job Search = Blogging4Jobs Business Events OKC Featured Networking Gen Y Guest HR Job Search Social Media Categorized | Business , OKC Learn and Lead with Project Management Posted on 09 August 2010.

HARVARD B-SCHOOL: 50% of Grades Are Based on Classroom Participation - Should You Do More of That?

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Here's an interesting business school item to compare to the business world - at Harvard Business School, it's common for 50% of someone's grade to linked to the frequency and quality of their class participation.

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Tips to Bag the Job You Want Without Experience

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Pinpoint relevant soft skills with anecdotal evidence, for example, put specifics like “excellent time management- juggled a six hour college class with a part-time job.”. The post Tips to Bag the Job You Want Without Experience appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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Are You Guilty of Common Female Prejudices at Work?

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by Nicole Crimaldi on April 22, 2010 Last night at dinner my 17 year old sister was telling me all about her AP Psychology class. You have a female manager who is afraid to clearly delegate tasks and projects to you. Your class sounds awesome!

How To Get Ahead Without Becoming A Workaholic

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Pick one project, and be willing to let others slide. Select a project of yours that, if completed, would have the most impact. By devoting himself to the success of the most important projects, he agrees to failure lesser ones. Move the needle on lesser projects.

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Certifications in Hiring, Part 1: A Certificate’s Value

Hiring Technical People

Many demand only that you sit through a 2-day or even 1-week class and then take an exam. You want to know about project management? I am sure that many of the CSM classes are much better than the one I took in 2006. Even by the end of that class, people were confused by the notion of a timebox at the end. As I said in Hiring Geeks That Fit , I spent 3-5 years early in my consulting career rescuing projects from PMPs.

Certifications in Hiring, Part 2: Hiring Traps

Hiring Technical People

I coached a project manager as she was looking for a job several years ago. She had used timeboxes, asked her project teams to develop with small features, and insisted on continuous integration. That allowed the project to show progress every one to three weeks. She had discovered a reasonable successful way to shepherd projects to completion. The project teams appeared to love her. ” She was an agile project manager, or if you will, a Scrum Master.

A Good Question to Ask Yourself: Who Are You?

Ms. Career Girl

As a loud crash outside the studio startled the participants in yoga class, the instructor reminded us to maintain our focus. Define Yourself Via Projects. Projects and threads that I initiated and completed make me feel GREAT.

Career Lessons You Can Learn From 10-Year-Olds

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Here’s how to ensure you’re always top of the class: Put Your Hand Up. Whenever you’re working on a collaborative project or find yourself in a company meeting make sure your voice is heard. The post Career Lessons You Can Learn From 10-Year-Olds appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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The Importance of Networking for Interns

Corn on the Job

Get involved in projects, ask questions, and find an influential employee of the company that may offer guidance. Bust your ass and volunteer to be on as many projects as possible. I think the bulk of networking actually happens naturally for an intern as you work with your bosses and coworkers and prove to them your worth on various projects. I’d love to chat with you offline one day and see how this project unfolds.

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How to Prepare for an Entry-Level Interview

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Since entry-level candidates don’t have as much work experience as more senior professionals, the interviewer may want to hear about the classes you took in college, class projects, internship experience, and relevant volunteer work.

5 Things You Should Be Doing In Your Job Search

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You can quickly add a few projects under your belt to make up for any lacking experience you may have. Take An Online Class. During a job search, you might wonder what you should be doing in addition to writing up resumes and going on interviews.

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5 Time Management Tips When Juggling Work And School

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So, talk with the admissions counselor and find out if courses are available online as well as in class, whether courses are flexible, and whether you can complete your program at your own pace. Stay in the here-and-now and focus on one class at a time.

5 Things You Should Be Doing In Your Job Search

Career Realism

You can quickly add a few projects under your belt to make up for any lacking experience you may have. Take An Online Class You can never have too much education. During a job search , you might wonder what you should be doing in addition to writing up resumes and going on interviews.

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6 Career Lessons You Learn from Yoga

Ms. Career Girl

Ever walked into a “beginners” yoga class and panicked as everyone else folded themselves into pretzels while you could barely touch your toes? Those yoga classes aren’t just a source of career inspiration: regular exercise makes you better at your job.

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Thank You, God, for Giving me Anxiety

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I first started noticing it in high school when I was busting ass to get into the top 25% of my 800 person class , trying to rock my classes and get a decent score on the ACT. If I don’t have a “passion project,” a book to read (or write !), Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women.

How To Answer Interview Questions About How You Handle Criticism

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Maybe the accountant was weak in communication skills with colleagues but took a class and made an effort and now works collaboratively on six team projects per year. How To Answer Interview Questions About How You Handle Criticism. Work It Daily.

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How To Create Effective Achievements On Your Resume

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College students and new grads can look to class projects, work-study, study abroad, sports, volunteer work, internships, summer jobs, and more for accomplishment stories.

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5 Ways To Make Time For Everything

Ms. Career Girl

If you take a moment to study world-class experts in nearly any field – athletes, artists, scientists, teachers, CEOs – you’ll see this is true. The big project is freaking you out? How about asking your boss to allocate another person to partially help you with this particular project?

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How To Get Started In Metal Working

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With just these tools, you can get started on your first simple fabrication projects and build your knowledge and experience. If you’re thinking about trying your hand at metal working, you probably already have a particular project in mind. Local day and evening classes.

Plan B: Five Alternatives to a Summer Internship


Is there a class you need or want to take? Or maybe you can find new class options over the summer that are not available to you during the fall and spring terms. Ask your employer for some additional projects that are meaningful to you and helpful to him. Passion Project.

Is it 5:00 yet?

Ms. Career Girl

I have been rollerblading in the mornings and see bootcamps and yoga classes starting on the lake at 6am! Sit outside on a bench and discuss the project. With 3 short months of summer in Chicago, staying focused while the sun is shining is getting more difficult by the day!

How to Start Your Career While Still in College

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Spend free time or breaks between classes catching up on the latest innovations in your field. Though it is unpaid, these are all ways to gain experience working on a real life project so that you will have proven success and real world practice to demonstrate to potential employers.

How to Be Happier in the Next 30 Minutes


» How to Be Happier in the Next 30 Minutes I have a cold, little motivation for doing much of anything productive, and my kids' school district canceled classes today because it's supposed to (not that it has yet) snow two inches this morning (only in Seattle!)

Five Tips to Hiring a Generalizing Specialist

Hiring Technical People

You are assuming a particular class of people. True specialists introduce a cost of delay into your projects. We talk a lot in agile about generalizing specialists. Scott Ambler has a terrific essay on what a generalizing specialist is: Has one or more technical specialties… Has at least a general knowledge of software development. Has at least a general knowledge of the business domain in which they work.

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