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Kids who quit have stronger careers

Penelope Trunk

That’s a lot of driving around to swimming lessons and dance classes, so I understand why people think it’s important to stick with this stuff. But I still say that if you want to raise a really successful child, you should let them quit things. The more you quit the more you learn.

Leaving a Job: 5 Tips for Doing it With Class


5 Tips for Leaving With Class. Leave a job with the same class you rode in on. Bonus Track Work "Rayanne Thorn" @Ray_anne blogging4jobs career leaving a job letter of recommendation mentor quitting quitting with class RayanneThorn resignation

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Friday Five: Over 50% of Workers Want to Quit


A new study from Dale Carnegie training reveals that over half of global workers want to quit their jobs in 2017. Over half of respondents said they plan to quit in the new year. Why People Quit Their Jobs. These quit triggers should already be on your radar.

my best employee quit on the spot because I wouldn’t let her go to her college graduation

Ask A Manager

One employee asked to come in two hours after the start time due to her college graduation ceremony being that same day (she was taking night classes part-time in order to earn her degree). Then she quit on the spot. Even though she doesn’t work here any longer, I want to reach out and tell her that quitting without notice because she didn’t get her way isn’t exactly professional. my boss is a nightmare — should I quit without another job lined up?

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what if my coworker fails a class I teach, hiring the long-term unemployed, and more

Ask A Manager

What if my coworker fails a class I teach? My classes are technically an upper undergraduate level, but are a mix of graduate students, current professionals, and researchers at the university. If a coworker does well in our classes, we generally both know about it and it definitely helps them in the workplace. What if a coworker fails my class or one of her subordinates fails her class because they simply failed to do the work?

An Employee Engagement Journey Lesson from Dubai and the UAE

David Zinger

Employee Engagement Conference and Master Class Reflections. I offered the opening keynote and provided a five hour master class after the conference. There are quite a number of things that stood out for me and over a series of posts I will outline some key lessons.

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2014 was the end of the workplace revolution

Penelope Trunk

We do not have evidence that kids of middle-class educated parents benefit from going to school. But we do have evidence that middle-class educated parents like not having to take care of kids all day long. Quitting

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Building a Powerful Professional Network: Tele-class

Career Makeover Coach

series offers four no fee tele-classes that will give you the insight and answers you need to take then next steps in building a successful career.

Follow Your Dream. But Don't Quit Your Day Job

Ms. Career Girl

But Don't Quit Your Day Job appeared first on Ms. Keep your day job, but make a commitment to pursue your dream on the side—through classes, auditions, and networking. But Don't Quit Your Day Job appeared first on Ms. The post Follow Your Dream.

how to quit a brand-new job, married coworker is being inappropriate with me, and more

Ask A Manager

How to quit a job I just started. She shows up late to classes she’s scheduled for, or doesn’t show up at all. My new problem is that I am cc’d on all emails reminding her that she has a class coming up every time we have a course scheduled. Or is she alerting you that you may need to cover that class if the instructor doesn’t show? It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. How can I resign from my new job after a short time?

is it better to quit or get fired, being associated with a difficult client, and more

Ask A Manager

Is it better to quit or get fired? Regarding talking to your boss, you could simply say, “I would like to be able to work the extra needed time, but after we agreed I could cut my hours, I enrolled in classes based on that agreement. It’s five short answers to five short questions. Here we go…. I don’t want to be associated with a difficult client. I am currently the lead person working on an account that is causing some issues at my company.

Having Insomnia? How to Get a Perfect Night’s Sleep — Every Night

Personal Excellence Blog

Waking up for class at 7 am, and then going out till 5 am on the weekend is a great recipe for a broken sleep cycle! Health & Fitness good habits habits lifestyle meditation quit caffeine sleep stress This is a guest post by Alexander Heyne of Modern Health Monk.

Ready To Work For Yourself? 3 Things You Must Do BEFORE You Quit Your Day Job!

Ms. Career Girl

Your local Small Business Association has tons of free material and classes you can take advantage of. For the first time, many baby boomers (aka your parents) and their twenty something kids are finding themselves in the same boat.

Glassdoor’s Top 20 Employee Perks

Evil HR Lady

” While I’m not quite sure all of these reach legendary status, I will say that most are pretty awesome. Reebok encourages employees to reach their personal fitness goals by providing an on-site gym with Crossfit classes. Glassdoor pulled together a list of some pretty great perks. They describe these perks as going “beyond the basics” and entering “legendary status.”

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The Night I Cried

Personal Excellence Blog

I was still working in the corporate world and I was in my second assignment in my then company, P&G (role rotation is a norm in the company as it accelerates learning and seeds best-in-class lessons across the organization).

HEY BIG COMPANY: Are Your Management Trainees Bristling At Being Salaried Employees?

HR Capitalist

Burger King recently experienced this with their class of Management Trainees - More f rom the always sexy : "According to allegations in a recently filed overtime pay class action lawsuit brought by a former employee, Burger King Corp. Ah yes.

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Mentors: You Should Either Have One Or Be One

Ms. Career Girl

I have a vivid memory of a college class that was being taught by a newly hired professor and the topic of the day proved to be quite a workout for him. The post Mentors: You Should Either Have One Or Be One appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

Are You Guilty of Common Female Prejudices at Work?

Ms. Career Girl

by Nicole Crimaldi on April 22, 2010 Last night at dinner my 17 year old sister was telling me all about her AP Psychology class. It’s a really fine line between distinctiveness and inappropriateness, and the line shifts quite a lot. Your class sounds awesome!

Did You Know That. ?

Sklover Working Wisdom

However, if you agree to attend quit-smoking classes, the extra fee will be deferred. Cigarette smoking is bad for your career? There is an accelerating trend among employers to penalize employees for smoking cigarettes, even if that smoking is on their own time, in their own homes.

How to Dress for Success in College and Still be Comfortable

Ms. Career Girl

Dress to impress” is a popular saying for quite a few reasons. However, if you look like you have made an effort with what you are wearing, it will also be perceived that you care about your classes and you are making an effort there as well.

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I Got Laid Off. What Does the Company Owe Me?

Evil HR Lady

I had a signed agreement that the company reimburses tuition for grades of C or higher, but I’m in the middle of a class. My agreement was that I would have to repay if I quit in less than 2 years, and it’s only been 18 months. Dear Evil HR Lady, I just got laid off. Are they still required to pay it? What about relocation costs? Are they going to come after me for that? How much severance should I expect? I Got Laid Off. What Does the Company Owe Me

No More Excuses! Stop Waiting and Start Creating the Career & Life.

Career Makeover Coach

Stop Waiting and Start Creating the Career & Life You Really Want by Tai Goodwin on September 3, 2010 Free Tele-class – Thursday, September 9th, 8PM EST: Register Now How long are you going to let your vision and idea sit on the shelf?

Career Lessons You Can Learn From 10-Year-Olds

Ms. Career Girl

Here’s how to ensure you’re always top of the class: Put Your Hand Up. While waving maniacally at your boss from your desk isn’t quite the look to go for, speaking up in the workplace brings similar benefits.

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How Lying on a Resume Cost These 5 Executives Big Time

Professional Resume Services

While Zarrella did take classes at NYU, he never earned a degree there. This information was received by the university via an anonymous tip, which forced Jones to quit the position.

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So You Have A New Job? Great! What’s Your Exit Strategy?

Ms. Career Girl

More recently, Diane Mulcahy, the author of The Gig Economy reached out with these reminders: She advises: “ On the day you get hired at a new job, prepare an ‘exit strategy’ to quit.”. Practice good quitting etiquette. The post So You Have A New Job? Great!

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How to Increase Your Income Without Leaving Your Job

Career Makeover Coach

I ‘m excited to offer this FREE 1 hour tele-class aimed at changing your mindset about work and money.

Win a Free Copy of The Think Big Manifesto

Career Makeover Coach

How Do I Handle a Sabbatical?

The Job Quest

Depending on the company/industry, there may be other options available to you than just quitting your job, however. Various ways you can do this include: Taking classes and seminars germane to your industry.

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Why Communication Skills Matter for Young Professionals

Career Realism

Many colleges require public speaking courses and a basic introductory communications class to better prepare students for the workplace, but sometimes this isn’t quite enough.

3 Things I Learned From My First Job

Career Realism

They needed to hire a bunch of students fast (a lot of people had recently quit), and they wanted me to come in to fill out paperwork. But deep down, I knew I’d want to quit after my first night working there. I didn’t really have a job before Sophomore year of college.

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The Accident We Call Getting Older

Ms. Career Girl

Remember those “special classes” the school nurse drug us off to that were supposed to help us through that first round of near cataclysmic changes we were about to endure? The bad news is there’s no class when you get older. We did not ask for it, I am quite sure.

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How to Balance Grad School With a Full-Time Job

Career Realism

However, many people simply can’t quit their jobs and become full-time graduate students. Make note of all current obligations (financial, personal, professional) when considering graduate school and how much time you will have to commit to classes and studying.

Employee Satisfaction Doesn’t Matter?


I was quite taken aback by the text appearing on my screen: “Employee Satisfaction Doesn’t Matter”. But as I clicked into read the story I found the content and conclusions in the article don’t quite match up with the “Drudge style” sensational headline.

What neurologists tell us about goal setting

Penelope Trunk

I had a goal of going to a class. Then going to a specific class. Realistic people quit more often. When my kids were older, I rearranged my whole life to get to an Ashtanga class every day. After a week I realized that an Ashtanga class every day would be a full-time job.

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Why Ethical Hacking Is Essential For Your Business

Ms. Career Girl

To avoid the term ‘hacker’, many companies that complete ethical hacking are simply classed as cyber security experts. The term penetration testing is sometimes used interchangeably with ‘ethical hacking’, but it’s not quite right to do so.

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ResumeBear Tips: Your New Boss Says Do This and Don’t Do This!

Resume Bear

But there are also quite a few general skills, bits of knowledge, and etiquette rules that you should know before going to work anywhere. How to work with older coworkers: Right now, all your “coworkers” are people in your classes who are your age. Like death, work comes for us all.

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10 Ways To Tell If You Are a Perfectionist

Personal Excellence Blog

I used to be quite a perfectionist myself; in fact, I still am to some degree, though I’ve dramatically changed how I approach my tasks. Nothing is ever quite enough for the perfectionist; to him/her, everything must be done absolutely perfectly before it can be accepted or approved.

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The Absolute BEST Time To Look For A Job

Career Realism

a) When you have a job (so dont quit before you find a new one). It’s human nature to only undertake a search when absolutely necessary, say when you lose your job or youre so miserable you fantasize daily about just quitting. When is the very best time to look for a job?

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5 High-Paying Jobs that Nobody Really Wants

Resume Bear

In her business plan, she devised ways to class up the loo with motion sensor lighting and air fresheners. It’s quite another to be a podiatrist, who commonly treats feet riddled with bunions, ulcers, and ingrown toenails.

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a hiring manager isn’t what you think, and other vocabulary lessons

Ask A Manager

Protected class. I sometimes hear people say something like, “So-and-so is in a protected class” or “we’re worried about firing him because he’s in a protected class.” ” But everyone is in a protected class. The law doesn’t just protect people of Race X or Gender Y; it bans discrimination based on race and gender, period (as well as religion, national origin, and the other classes I listed in #3).