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To Freelance Or Not To Freelance: That Is The Question

Ms. Career Girl

The post To Freelance Or Not To Freelance: That Is The Question appeared first on Ms. There is also a side-question of whether or not you are a freelance worker by choice or because there are no other choices. If it is cheaper and the Internet provides adequate cover, then why not send employees home, skip paying healthcare benefits, skip taking out funds for Social Security, Medicare and Worker’s Compensation, and dispense with the annual employee picnic.

Is Penelope Trunk Feeding Gen Y “Career Crack”?

Ms. Career Girl

Yes, I always say that everyone needs to create their own “career insurance policy.&# When debating with Gen X’ers and Boomers, I always remind them that Gen Y’ers have been through the crash of Enron, the wrath of September 11th,the fall of Lehman Brothers and a recession- we are scared to trust these institutions that were supposed to be the pillar of security and the foundation of “The American Dream.&# Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women.

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