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Plus, with quality business clothing, robust and hard-wearing medical scrubs made from high quality fabrics, and smart and stylish maternity work clothes , workers can look sophisticated in any situation. A little job vent goes a long way!

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red flags when interviewing, asking to work remotely, and more

Ask A Manager

Am I right to be concerned about this job prospect? Balancing those concerns is the state of the current job market and a probable case of impostor syndrome on my part. I’ve also been in a long-distance relationship for the past 4 years and although everything’s going well, I’m getting tired of delaying the next step (wedding bells) and fully enjoying our relationship because our jobs haven’t allowed us to get remotely close to one another.

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6 Reasons A Flexible Work Schedule Will Change Your Life

Career Realism

Having a flexible work schedule is becoming one of the most sought-after job perks. According to a survey conducted by FlexJobs , 97 % of respondents said a job with flexibility would have a positive impact on their overall quality of life. It can make you appreciate your job more.