Could Your Co-worker Could Eventually Be Your New Best Friend?

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Gallup reports that “the best employees are those who have a best friend at work” as we end up being more productive and creative, and less likely to quit or call in sick. This is why our workplaces produce more friendships as it can facilitate consistency without us having to initiate.).

How To Deal With Difficult Co-Workers

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In a perfect world, you’d probably love your job, your boss, and your co-workers. Difficult co-workers, however, can be tricky. Difficult co-workers come in all shapes and sizes. Short of quitting, how does one deal with difficult co-workers? This is so Gen Y but one person I talked to said the key to her survival at work is that she pretty much doesn’t talk to her co-workers unless she has to.


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“How can I stop co-workers from bullying me?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Blog » “How can I stop co-workers from bullying me?” “How How can I stop co-workers from bullying me?” Published on May 29th, 2010 by Alan Sklover Question: I have been bullied by three co-workers for the last three months. Because of that injury, I have been placed on a Workers Compensation leave of absence. My manager told me not to mention to the Workers Compensation Board that my co-workers contributed to the cause of the injury.

Is a Co-worker Worth Losing a Job Over?

Resume Bear

If you are lucky enough to work for yourself or telecommute for a business, you in most cases will not have to much dealing with other workers within the company structure, albeit perhaps for some phone or email contact. That being said, what happens when you work for an employer and find yourself in an office chock full of other employees, yet have a co-worker amongst you who you really just do not get along with or wants to talk to you all day in the office?

Three Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Ms. Career Girl

If you’ve ever had a bad day at work – you know, one of those awful days where everything is getting on your nerves, the idea of just quitting might pop into your head. And if you work in an especially toxic environment, day in and day out, then this desire to quit will grow to the point of becoming the obvious thing you should do. But quitting a job is also a big decision. Do the benefits of quitting outweigh the negatives? You can’t stand your co-workers.

5 Tips For Dealing With Difficult Co-workers

Career Realism

The average full-time employee spends more time at work with co-workers than at home with friends and family. This can make for an unpleasant situation when we have one or more co-workers that we dislike. So, how can you deal with difficult co-workers ? 5 Tips For Dealing With Difficult Co-Workers. There’s no rule that we have to be best friends with our co-workers. Workplace career

How to Deal with Rude People – Co-Workers, Associates, Customers, Strangers

Personal Excellence Blog

This is part 1 of my series on how to deal with rude people — including strangers, co-workers, associates, and customers. Say if the person is a co-worker, a manager, a business associate, a customer, or even a service staff you need to talk to get what you need. If it’s in a workplace setting and you’re at an entry-level position, being combative can make you lose your job or ruin advancement opportunities.

Co-Workers: The Bad, The Lazy, And The Down Right Annoying

Career Realism

A workplace and have a ton of different types of people in it. There can be good co-workers, but there can always be the ones that just get under your skin. Co-Workers: The Bad, The Lazy, And The Down Right Annoying. Check out of post of the different types of coworkers that can be found in any workplace. Working with these people might make you want to quit… Source: . Co-Workers: The Bad, The Worse, and The Down Right Obnoxious.

How To Politely Tell Older Co-Workers To Stop Lecturing

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& Dale: My 22-year-old daughter recently started working in an office where the employees (all women) are quite a bit older. How can she politely and professionally tell her co-workers to stop mothering, lecturing, and insulting her? Co-workers are going to joke about each other, and it’s better to be The Kid than to be The One Who Can’t Take a Joke. The post How To Politely Tell Older Co-Workers To Stop Lecturing appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

9 Tips for Introverts in the Workplace

Ms. Career Girl

Let’s face it: In the workplace, fortune often favors the extroverts. It’s not that extroverted people are better at their jobs—they simply excel at the interpersonal skills that can be the difference between two workers when both are up for a promotion. Susan Cain, a famous advocate on behalf of introverts in the workplace, says that introverts like her are often passed over for promotions to leadership positions because it isn’t clear they have managerial ambitions.

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‘Career Rehab’ Countdown: Workplace Rehab

Career Realism

Today’s question: “My co-workers and I don’t really see eye-to-eye. Here’s what our approved career experts had to say about poor workplace relationships: Change Your Attitude. “The topic you and your co-workers don’t see eye-to-eye on makes a big difference. “Being aware of your behavioral style and how it differs from that of your co-workers is the key to effective communication and workplace harmony.

Danger, Workplace Danger. What Now?

Ms. Career Girl

The post Danger, Workplace Danger. When you combine a money geared mindset with a profession that has almost twice as many workplace injuries as other private sectors, the result isn’t always a safe workplace. My mom watched as co-worker after co-worker dealt with workplace injuries. One co-worker had been injured so many times, she dealt with constant back pain while working. You need the job; can you really afford to quit?

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Workplace Gossip is a Career Killer

Professional Resume Services

The problem is that no matter how they go about it, a workplace gossip is killing their own career. It’s one thing to spend a few minutes chatting about the latest ball scores or last night’s, “Castle” episode, or to discuss the co-worker who has just returned from maternity leave, in a positive manner. It’s quite another to be dishing the dirt on anyone or anything at work. Some people never really leave high school.

I’m Totally In Love With My Boss. Now What?

Career Realism

Should I ask him first before I quit this great job?” Related Posts: Should I Rat Out A Co-Worker? Be In-The-Know Career Advice dating boss dating co-worker office romance workplace issues workplace relationshipsI’m Totally In Love With My Boss. Now What? Work It Daily. Have you ever had an “oh my gosh, I’m in love with my boss” moment? How did you handle it? Today, career experts J.T.

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The Power of Sincerity, Empathy, and Delivery in the Workplace

Cube Rules

As workers in the corporate world, we will inevitably have days when nothing seems to be going right. We sit at our computers wondering why on earth we come here every single day, we dream up different scenarios in which we walk into the office and triumphantly quit. Lots of career websites out there offer advice on how to improve productivity or boost workplace morale, and many of your friends and family will offer you similarly hackneyed tips. photo credit: Stéfan.

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How To Leave A Job (Without Burning A Bridge)

Career Realism

Here's how you can leave your job without burning any bridges: Before You Quit, Think About Your Colleagues (Especially Your Boss) We all would like to have a good relationship with our boss. And, even if you had a bad boss, maybe you loved your team or your co-workers, so you should also consider them when deciding how much notice you give your employer. If You Decide To Quit, Break The News To Your Boss Like This.

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I'm Sabotaging My Employees' Job Searches Through LinkedIn Connections

Evil HR Lady

Monday, November 22, 2010 I’m Sabotaging My Employees’ Job Searches Through LinkedIn Connections Dear Evil HR Lady, I have several recommendations from co-workers listed on my LinkedIn profile. Having a problem employee quit to go to another job is much easier than firing them. Do you remember that quote saying: "Winners never quit!" Evil HR Lady Why am I evil? Well, Im not, but thats the perception of all of us in HR. Need to fire someone?

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Workplace Survivor: Toxic Work Environments

Tim's Strategy

A horrible boss or co-worker might have their own agenda, is experiencing mental issues, is power-hungry and thrives on stomping on people, or is just downright evil. But there are ways you can survive and get past these hazardous workplaces. It’s not all in your head… but toxic workplaces affect people’s self-esteem, confidence, outlook, and even approach to life. If the mental cost is too great, quit. This is a guest post by Dawn Rasmussen.

Should I Go to HR?

JT & Dale Talk Jobs

However, I now have a co-worker who has been very hostile and makes rude comments that he pretends are “jokes.&# Learning to negotiate with co-workers is an important life skill, after all. Besides, Gloria, in most HR environments, the reaction to your complaint would end up being just what Dale is suggesting: urging you to talk with your co-worker. Unfortunately, you can expect a chilly workplace after that. Dear J.T. &

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How to Deal with a Workplace Affair

JT & Dale Talk Jobs

Dale: Well, that’s quite the spicy restaurant you’ve found yourself in. ’ Without knowing him, it’s tough to say, but this is a situation that happened outside the workplace and should not have an impact on any decision regarding your employment. Co-worker Issues advice affair career management sex workplaceDear J.T. & & Dale: I have been a server at the same restaurant for three years.

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When is the Right Time to Quit a Job?

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Common sense prevails, though, and most of the time, we silently suffer in hostile and often toxic workplaces simply because we need the money or benefits. So that begs the question: Is there ever a right time to quit a job ? You never want to cave into an emotional impulse in the heat of the moment… deciding to quit a job should be a well-thought out and rationalized decision. The workplace is a hostile environment. But these two workplace demons still exist.

Poll: What Makes You Want To Quit A Job?

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But what makes us want to quit a job to the point where we actively seek another career? Whether it’s long hours, a bad boss , or unfriendly co-workers, we all have our deal breakers. The post Poll: What Makes You Want To Quit A Job? Workplace careerEvery one of us, for one reason or another, has thought about leaving our job at some point in our lives. We feel underappreciated, underpaid, and even overwhelmed.

When is the Right Time to Quit a Job?

Career Realism

Common sense prevails, though, and most of the time, we silently suffer in hostile and often toxic workplaces simply because we need the money or benefits. So that begs the question: Is there ever a right time to quit a job ? You never want to cave into an emotional impulse in the heat of the moment… deciding to quit a job should be a well-thought out and rationalized decision. The workplace is a hostile environment. But these two workplace demons still exist.

7 Deadly Workplace Sins (And How to Avoid Them) Part 1

Career Makeover Coach

Blog About Tai on Twitter Free Consultation Coaching Options Coaching FAQs Testimonials Contact Resources Reading List CMC Products Events Subscribe to RSS 7 Deadly Workplace Sins (And How to Avoid Them) Part 1 by Tai Goodwin on June 28, 2010 Most of us are familiar with the seven deadly sins: envy, lust, greed, etc…This post suggests seven workplace sins that can damage your career. In the next post, I’ll share the other three deadly workplace sins.

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Creating a Red Rubber Ball Moment in the Workplace


While I worked exhausting hours and two to three weekends a month, I regularly visited the store on my day’s off to spend time with my co-workers over breakfast, dinner, or just checking in. And that’s the exact problem with most workplaces today. And quite possibly you were right. The difference between an engaged and disengaged workforce in most situations should be based on a company culture’s level of play within the workplace.

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7 Deadly Workplace Sins (And How to Avoid Them) Part 2

Career Makeover Coach

Blog About Tai on Twitter Free Consultation Coaching Options Coaching FAQs Testimonials Contact Resources Reading List CMC Products Events Subscribe to RSS 7 Deadly Workplace Sins (And How to Avoid Them) Part 2 by Tai Goodwin on June 29, 2010 In my last post I listed the first four workplace sins: Gossiping Anti – Social behavior Sloppy work, and Perfectionism. There’s a limit to how many times your fellow co-workers will jump in to bail you out at the 11th hour.

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10 Scenarios When It’s Absolutely Critical To Quit Your Job

Career Realism

Either way, sometimes, you just have to quit your job and move on. Here are 10 scenarios when it’s absolutely critical to quit your job: DISCLAIMER: This advice is provided as a means to inspire a rational thought-process. Before quitting any job, be sure you’ve prepared financially and be sure to give your employer proper notice. If you truly hate your job, you need to quit and find a new one. Sometimes, things just don’t work out and it’s time to move on.

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I fear workplace violence, but also getting fired if I complain. Suggestions?

Sklover Working Wisdom

Fear of violence – and particularly workplace violence – is an increasing problem, worldwide. No matter what the chances may be that you will suffer a violent act, you have reason to believe that your chances are elevated by the actions, statements and history of your co-worker, and that is not right. Second – employers are now almost everywhere legally required to provide safe workplaces for their employees, under federal – and many state – workplace safety laws.

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6 Ways To Avoid Sabotaging Your Career With Burned Bridges

Tim's Strategy

We’ve all had those days when we want to yell at our boss, quit, and storm out of the office. After accepting a position where you can be truly happy , you can put in your two-week notice and say good-bye to your boss and co-workers without damaging those relationships. However, don’t complain excessively to your co-workers , which can create a toxic enviornment.). If you like writing, try maintaining a diary to write about your workplace frustrations.

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4 Signs You Should Leave Your Job

Career Realism

Your Co-Workers Bring You Down People around us have a huge impact on our life, often much more than we realize. So, if you don't get along with your team, find yourself picking up bad habits from your co-workers , or just can't wait to get away from them…then that's a pretty good sign the grass is greener elsewhere. We've all been there. We've experienced the feeling of dread, battling traffic as we drive to and from work.

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coworker has appointed herself the food police

Ask A Manager

About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager coworker has appointed herself the food police February 16, 2011 A reader writes: Lately, several members of the office staff have been whispering about the disturbing exchange between two of my co-workers. Co-worker A is 20-something, tall and very thin. Co-worker B is 50-something, short and…well…not so thin. Co-worker A is constantly scrutinizing everything that B consumes throughout the day.

10 Things That Haven’t Changed For Women In The Business World

Career Realism

Although these pieces of legislation were intended to level the paying field for men and women, in 2021, women still only earn 82 cents for every dollar earned by male co-workers. Discrimination still affects women in the workplace, in many subtle ways.

2021 64

Bullied at Work? 5 Crucial Tips to Handle Workplace Bullying

Personal Excellence Blog

Or are there more workplace bullying incidents which are simply unreported?” ” I recall this General Manager in my previous workplace P&G, a reputed MNC. He had a reputation for his unmanageable temper , having committed workplace atrocities from scolding the f-word at team members, slamming a meeting room door to the point where the door handle broke, throwing a chair at an employee, and threatening physical abuse at agency people. Image: Workplace Bully.

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Are You Listening to Bad Career Advice?

Professional Resume Services

The best executive resume services will typically offer different bits of information than you would receive from family, friends, co-workers or anyone else. However, the times have changed and tenure isn’t quite as important. Blog Career & Workplace Professional Resumes c-level personal branding Career executive resume services LinkedIn Profile DevelopmentAsking for advice when you’re struggling with making a decision can be valuable.

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my office is obsessed with weight

Ask A Manager

About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager being overweight in an office that’s obsessed with weight March 8, 2011 A reader writes: Recently, one of my co-workers quit after only a few months of employment. She felt like our boss treated her differently than everyone else because of her appearance, including double standards such as allowing slender co-workers to wear sleeveless tops, but reprimanding the overweight woman for doing so.

2011 53

3 Essential Office Etiquette Tips

Career Realism

Quite simply, proper office etiquette refers to an unwritten code employees should follow in order to be successful in the workplace. Office etiquette may include having good manners and being courteous of others, as well as using workplace technology in a suitable manner. If you're dressing like your manager or the people in the next hierarchical level of the company, you're probably appropriate for the workplace.

2019 63

Newman! Dealing with Difficult People

Careers Done Write

You probably have a Newman in your workplace - a sneaky, two-faced, annoying person that seems to live to undermine your happiness. How do you deal with these difficult people in the workplace? Quit your job to avoid the conflict? If the Newman of your workplace works closely with you, reduce your contact with her as much as possible. Workplace difficult people

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What life would look if we said no to work-life balance (and a nod to Amazon, of course)

Penelope Trunk

Amazon lays bare some truths about the workplace that other companies try to cover up. Or they work long hours for a decade and then they quit to have kids. I felt like I gave up all my time for the company, but when I went to one, single, soccer lesson my co-workers thought that I divided my attention between family and work while they did not. And of course, anyone who doesn’t like the deal that Amazon offers should just quit. Quitting

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How To Beat The End Of The Year (Holiday) Slump

Career Realism

Even if you don't quite make your deadline, you'll set yourself up well to achieve the goal early in the New Year. Take Some Time To Bond With Co-Workers While you don't want the holidays to interfere and distract you from your work responsibilities, they do provide a great opportunity to bond with your co-workers. Whether it's through a company holiday party or gift exchange, take advantage of the time and get to know your co-workers better.

2019 62

Does My Boss Have It in for Me?

Career Alley

Are you noticing secret meetings or social activities between your boss and co-workers that you are never invited to? This may bring up feelings of rejection in the workplace and is something worth exploring. While micromanaging on its own isn’t a sign your boss is wanting you to quit or fire you, it may be a sign they’re not pleased with your performance. So you should think if this is added to any of the other common signs hat there is a problem in the workplace.

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How To Improve Office Relationships

Career Realism

Do your co-workers hang out socially, but rarely invite you for an after-work drink? While you may think of yourself as an introvert, your co-workers may be interpreting your communication cues quite differently. If co-workers avoid you, there may be a good reason. Approach the co-worker respectfully and in private. Use specific examples so your co-worker understands your concerns. Relationships Workplace

2013 88

How To Move On In Your Career Without Burning Bridges

Professional Resume Services

It’s very tempting to tell an annoying co-worker or aggravating boss exactly what you think of them when you hand in your resignation. After all, you are quitting so you don’t have to live with the consequences, right? Career & Workplace burning bridges career ladder job path new job two weeks notice

2015 122

How to Know When You Have Outstayed a Job

Ms. Career Girl

Although every worker has to accept at least a few “cons” when it comes to their job and the company they work for, too many threatens your every day; especially if particular “cons” are detrimental to a workers’ happiness and comfort. Often, feeling challenged and excited by your work is an important characteristic of a role for workers. You’re not respected in the workplace. Quitting or even thinking about quitting a job should never be taken lightly.

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