Boost Your Work Experience with a Relevant Internship

Ms. Career Girl

There are plenty of alternatives to get you some valuable experience—you can take up a part-time job, use learning platforms, go freelance or try, mentioned earlier, volunteering. What else you can do is to enroll in an internship. The internship market can be a nasty place.

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3 Ways to Turn your Internship into a Meaningful Experience

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Internships in college and a year or so after college are a dime a dozen. As you probably know, some internships are great, while other opportunities are really just glorified slave labor. Notwithstanding, you can still turn any internship into an opportunity that works in your favor and enables you to get a good job in the future. Many former interns complain that they never did any meaningful work during their internship.


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Life After College: What It’s Really All About

Ms. Career Girl

Universities and colleges award an average of 1 million associate’s degrees and nearly 2 million bachelor’s degrees to graduating students every year. A fair few (myself included) find themselves stepping into a world starkly different from college living. Whether you’re freshly graduated or dreaming of those college years so suddenly behind you, I have news for you: life after college is never what it seems, but this doesn’t mean it has to be a letdown.

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How to Start Your Career While Still in College

Career Alley

When they do finally graduate, many college students will face the pressures of a depleted job market. Here are a few of the many ways to begin pursuing your career while still in college. College is an excellent time to build a core network that will help propel you into the future. Take advantage of the alumni and professors that you come into contact with during your college years. Take as many chances as you can to do freelance work and volunteering.

Tips for Landing Your First Job as a College Grad

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Finding your first job after college can be a daunting task. Many college grads are astounded by the minimum 3 to 5 years’ experience expected for most positions, while others find that an entry-level salary in their field won’t pay the bills. How can a recent college grad find a job in their field of study that pays a living wage and helps them gain the necessary hands-on experience, yet doesn’t expect skills honed extensively beyond the classroom? Win an internship.

Tips for Landing Your First Job as a College Grad

Career Alley

Finding your first job after college can be a daunting task. Many college grads are astounded by the minimum 3 to 5 years’ experience expected for most positions, while others find that an entry-level salary in their field won’t pay the bills. How can a recent college grad find a job in their field of study that pays a living wage and helps them gain the necessary hands-on experience, yet doesn’t expect skills honed extensively beyond the classroom? Win an internship.

Part-Time Freelance Work Found at Ed2010

Telecommuting Journal

Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal Part-Time Freelance Work Found at Ed2010 December 12, 2008 · 0 comments Part-time freelance web editor for national teen/tween celebrity magazine Job/Internship type: Freelance Company/Publication Name: – Location: Englewood Cliffs. NJ Description: A national teen/tween celebrity-driven magazine is looking for a part-time freelance web editor.

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Following Your Dreams: From Community College to Interior Design School

Career Alley

Community college is a great starting point for many high school graduates who don’t have a clear idea about what their next step should be. Community college can serve as a segue for high school grads who need an environment that offers smaller classes and academic intimacy. While studying at a community college, design students experience flexibility for growing into academic and career goals. College Grad Careers Job Search Jobs self help Self Improvement

Build Your College to Career Confidence


College sophomore and freelance filmmaker Bunee Tomlinson advises: “Age doesn’t matter. Gen Y Job Search college confidence internship sandra sandra long The first step in securing job offers from future employers is your own personal confidence. How can an employer be confident in you if don’t feel the same? Let’s face it: you own this. Your future is squarely in your hands. You will want future employers to believe in you and your capabilities.

Internships: Good Way to Boost Your Career or Financial Suicide?

Ms. Career Girl

Gone too are the days when a college graduate had a near guarantee of getting a job upon graduation (if those days ever existed). Let’s talk internships! Internships in Today’s Market. I’ve been on both sides of the coin when it comes to internships. No two internships are alike. So before you decide whether taking an internship is the right thing for you, here are a few things to consider: Signs an internship may be a good option for you.

Top Resume Writing Tips for College Students

The Undercover Recruiter

Creating a captivating resume can be a daunting task for college students – the reason for that is obvious: at this early stage of their lives, students haven’t reached many significant achievements. You can list any achievements from the fields of academics, internships, jobs, athletics, community service , and school activities. While you’re at college, you have the ability to arrange a meeting with the staff of Career Services.

Didn’t Land The Internship? 4 Steps To Take NOW

Career Realism

It’s a bleak reality, but the fact of the matter is that not every young professional is going to nab the internship of their choice. Related: How I Got An Internship With A Millionaire. If you didn’t land the internship of your dreams, don’t freak out just yet. If you didn’t land the internship, take these steps immediately: 1. Not landing your ideal internship may seem like the end of the world, but it may actually be a blessing in disguise.

5 Personal Branding Tools for College Students


Here are 5 tools to help you to establish your personal brand: 5 Personal Branding Tools for College Students. Bunee Tomlinson, a sophomore at Oklahoma City Community College and a freelance filmmaker, developed his keen interest in film and video production from an early age. Besides participating in film festivals and competitions, he began working as an intern in high school while starting his own freelance business.

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8 Job Search Trends You Should Expect in 2020

Ms. Career Girl

Sometimes it’s tax cuts, news about internships, other times tax increases. They also offer internships to aspiring young adults . Younger applicants should sign up for high school internships , volunteering, or find part-time jobs as closely related to their dream jobs as possible. .

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???? How To Get a Sweet First Job After College or University


Use this quick guide so you don’t fail at finding a first job after college. The one thing that soon-to-be graduates need to do while still in college is to make contacts. Then, after graduating, follow up on some of those hands you shook at the many conferences, workshops, internships, and job fairs, etc., Losing contact with your friends from college and your online connections happens, but build those connections back up. Passed all your courses?

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ResumeBear Tips For “2012? New Grads on Linkedin

Resume Bear

Our New Networking series has taken a look at how social media sites can be used as powerful networking tools for new college graduates, sharing our best picks for tips, tools, and more for Facebook, Twitter, and now, LinkedIn. Ask for recommendations: Check in with former employers, professors, colleagues, and classmates to greatly improve your LinkedIn profile with recommendations from those who know you in your college/professional life.

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ResumeBear Says Rock Your Resume, Tips How To

Resume Bear

If you’re a freelance writer, programmer or designer, clients might struggle to understand why your rates are higher (even if you can tell that your work is much better than your competition’s). Career Advice Changing Careers College Graduates College Students Human Resource News Internships Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Re-entering the Workforce Research Resume & Cover Letter Tips Why ResumeBear?

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Can Social Media hinder you from getting that new job?

Resume Bear

I’m a regular contributor to the Society of Human Resource Management’s “Next” blog, as well as Chicago’s Women in Business on and a freelancer. Career Advice College Graduates College Students Human Resource News Internships Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Social Media Why ResumeBear? Ten years ago, the mere thought of using social media to hire or fire someone was completely unheard of.

There’s no right way to a Successful Business Career.

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Business people come in all different stripes; some went the traditional college degree route, while others took a more entrepreneurial angle. Nearly all colleges offer some sort of business degree, which can make it difficult to choose the right one. Take an Internship. One way to do this is to take an internship while you’re in college.

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Recent Students: Let’s Help You Survive Life After Graduation

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You’re fresh out of college, ready (or not quite) to face the “real world.&#. And others need advice on everything about post-college life in general. College Recruiter Blog – In addition to general career advice articles, this blog has a job board with full-time job and internship listings. Work from Home/Freelancing. On the blog, she posts about freelancing, budgeting, information on scams, and managing debt.

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Guides From Experts: 25 Ways to Land a Job

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Are you a current college student, recent graduate, underemployed college graduate, and/or parent returning to work after a long absence? 5 Tips for Being a Freelance Worker. Whether in between jobs or looking for a new career path, freelance work is increasing in popularity. Anita Bruzzese is “America’s favorite workplace columnist”and shares essential tips for how to do freelance right.

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6 Things I Wish I Knew About Job Search In College

Career Realism

I remember my senior year in college like it was yesterday. I had decent grades, a college degree (almost), a resume, and a standard cover letter. By going through this unpleasant process, I am now able to share with you college students what I wish I knew about job search in college. In return, let them know you are available for an unpaid internship or for some freelance work. Get At Least One Internship. Take an internship even if it’s unpaid.

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coworkers are insensitive after a layoff, trimming down internship experience on a resume, and more

Ask A Manager

I don’t think there is much room for negotiating the pay or hours because the center is only open 30 hours/week and they seem pretty firm on $12/hr being the most they will pay (it was initially “$10-12″ and I said I’d definitely require at least $12 considering that’s less than I’ve made at past part-time jobs and internships). Should I trim down the internship experience on my resume? It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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5 New Ways an MBA Can Help You Conquer the Business World

Career Alley

If your MBA program requires an internship, you are in luck. As Bloomberg Businessweek points out , “the summer internship is really a two-month interview to determine if the candidate… merits a full-time job offer.” The business experience an MBA internship can provide is important and can help you in any corporate environment, but the chance to try an industry out before you commit years of your life to it is priceless. See also: Make the Most of an Internship.

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Stop Searching, Start Working: 2 Things You Should do while Unemployed

Ms. Career Girl

Blog Directory Contact Subscribe Stop Searching, Start Working: 2 Things You Should do while Unemployed by Marian S on April 19, 2010 “Make your life one giant networking event.&# ~ Dan Schawbel I graduated college in May 2009 and it wasn’t until I let go of the idea that I needed to spend all day every day looking for work and well, start working, that I began getting job leads. Temping and freelancing my friends, temping and freelancing.

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Should You Work For Free?

Tim's Strategy

At some point in your career, you’ve probably been faced with the question of whether to work for free, whether it was a volunteer gig with a non-profit or freelance work on a pro bono basis. All of these opportunities can offer advantages, similar to internships. If you’re providing pro bono services as a freelancer, give the organization an invoice showing what your services would normally cost, and subtracting that amount for a balance of $0.

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Graduate to Moving Faster on Your Job Hunt

Resume Bear

After getting laid off and trying out a couple of jobs that were not a good fit for a number of reasons, I found myself back in Southern California with only freelance work to hold me over several years ago. Making matters worse was that I found myself out of work just before the holidays that year, yes, no more than about six months before a flood of college graduates would be entering the job search.

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Three Reasons Not to Take Just Any Job After Graduation

Ms. Career Girl

She has contributed some freelance articles to online publications, but that experience isn’t enough to compete with people who have one or two years of full time jobs or internships under their belts. Try taking an internship or do volunteer work that related to your field. career job search your first job career women college gen yI’ll probably get a lot of flack for this advice, but I’ll say it anyway.

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What Do You REALLY Want to Do? - BLOG - Career Advice.


Do you remember the days after college graduation? Not only did college loans not cover your living expenses, you actually had to start paying them off. Author Bio: Tara Alley is a freelance writer from southwest Montana, now living in sunny Orange County, CA, where she spends the majority of her time writing about her love/addiction for espresso for Coffee Home Direct. ? Others could include parents, academic advisers, internship coordinators, mentors, and so on.

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4 Tips For Surviving As An Intern

Career Realism

It’s hard to find recent college graduates who haven’t completed an internship. More than often, these internships pay barely livable stipends or worse, are unpaid. Granted, if internships provide what they’re meant to provide (knowledge within the industry, experience, and professional connections), they’ll be far more valuable than any hourly wage. Related: How To Turn Your Internship Into Full-Time Employment. 6 Reasons Internships Are A Must In College.

Warning: Your Major is Not a Floatation Device

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl Confession : When I was in college I hid behind my major- big time. I’ve never achieved straight A’s in my entire life even though I really did practically live at the library during college. For the lucky few, a college major correlates directly to an initial career path: elementary education, nursing, etc. When writing this post, I made a list of my friends and family’s college majors and their current occupation.

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How to volunteer your way into a paid job

Mildred Talabi

Volunteering, unpaid internships, work experience… different names but the basic idea is the same – giving up your time for free in exchange for gaining skills, experience, and in some cases, a paid job. Even if you already have a bias against working for free due to the whole unpaid internships issue (I’ll cover this in future), I urge you to keep an open mind as you read because if it worked for one person, it could very well work for you!

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When Should You Stop Dream Hunting and Start Job Hunting?

Ms. Career Girl

Sam graduated from a great college this May and has always wanted to be a reporter. Like most 2010 grads, she has had a tough time landing a full-time gig in her desired field despite numerous internships, awesome grades and tons of campus involvement. I was pretty convinced once graduating college that I wanted to be a clandestine CIA agent (no joke!). Next post: When to Take an Unpaid Internship Connect with Ms. Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women.

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Job Seekers, All About Public Relations Specialists

Resume Bear

They may gain work experience through paid or unpaid internships while completing their college education or they might work for several years in the field of public relations after graduation. Pamela Rossow is a freelance writer who works with higher education clients such as eLearners. Career News College Graduates Digital Jobs Hot Topics Human Resource News Job Market Jobs News Social Media Why ResumeBear? Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE. X-NONE.

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Entry-Level Jobs: How to Create a Happy Hunting Ground

Career Alley

Nonetheless, college graduates still have trouble finding work. Internships or Early Birds Do Get Worms. You have probably heard of internships, those “wonderful” opportunities to work for free. Apart from the major disadvantage of not receiving a salary, internships can be the first and extremely important step on your career ladder. An internship can not only offer professional experience, but also distinguish you from your peers.

Explore Different Careers With Job Shadowing

Career Alley

College offers so many opportunities with a wide variety of degree and certificate programs. Job shadowing is a great way to explore different careers before committing to a specific college program or industry. For example, if you are completing a medical assistant program, reach out to those in the college program to find a local clinic where you might be able job shadow. If you have not yet committed to a college major, feel free to reach out to professionals directly.

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5 Hot Careers for Criminal Justice Majors

Career Alley

Don’t wait for firms to post for internships, contact the firms yourself, and be willing to gain initial experience for free. Private detectives and investigators usually have some college education. Work experience is normally required for a detective job but the lucky ones can start right after graduating from college with an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree in police science or criminal justice. Police agencies normally ask for some college coursework and education.

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Make It Your Business to Start Your Career Strong

Career Alley

You’re fresh out of college and chomping at the bit to get started on your career. Assuming that you’ve just graduated from college, you probably have little in the way of practical on-the-job experience, apart from what you may have gained in summer jobs or internships. About the Author: Jay Fremont is a freelance author who has written extensively about personal finance, corporate strategy, business education, and business career degree opportunities.

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Discrimination against the Unemployed Job Seeker: Practical Strategies

Careers Done Write

Some of us may be at a disadvantage due to lack of a college de gree. Unpaid internships, part-time work, freelance work, and volunteer work are ways to continue working. We all have obstacles to overcome. We may experience discrimination due to our gender, race, sexual orientation, appearance, or religion. In today’s job market, we are witnessing a bias against the unemployed.

6 Niche Job Boards to Find Your Next Job


All of these sites advertise internship positions also. The site has an education section including courses and online conferences; a job board and a freelance marketplace. Two of the best places to zero in on for internship positions specifically are: InternMatch ( offers advice, mentorship, community and a job board for students seeking internships. These job sites can be an additional tool to help you with your internship or job search.

Become a Successful Web Designer: Education and Career Roadmap

Ms. Career Girl

You could take either a college or higher education course in a multimedia or web design related subject to boost some of the core skills you’ll need. Not everyone has the time to go to college, or the money to fork out on expensive courses, but it’s still entirely possible to learn almost all of these core skills through free courses on websites such as coursera, or through various free online video tutorials.

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7 Steps to Help You Ace Your Job Interview

Career Alley

Gain experience by going beyond your call of duty – pick up part-time jobs, internships, and provide free work to showcase these as your achievements. Candidates are rarely trained to “present for success” — blame the education system, peer influence, lack of initiative on the part of scores of schools and colleges. Over 800,000 graduates roll out colleges each year. Your degree is perhaps a benchmark to weed out those who couldn’t even muster up a college degree.

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3 Hot Legal Careers to Look Out for in 2014

Career Alley

The exact amount of money you may end up making will however depend on a number of factors including your college degree, experience, relevant knowledge and skills and level of position that you apply for. Experience may take the form of volunteer roles, internships or part time jobs in prosecutor’s or public defender’s offices. She is currently working as a freelance writer for Excite Lawyers.

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