10 Ways Recent Graduates Can Effectively Network Online

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Here are some ways recent graduates can effectively network online: 1. Some companies hold virtual career fairs specifically for veterans or new graduates. Recent research, “Mapping Twitter Topic Networks: From Polarized Crowds to Community Clusters,” suggests there are different groups of conversations on Twitter. Consider it a virtual internship. Online portfolios provide employers a quick overview of your recent work and a short biography.

Finding Internships that Lead to Permanent Placement

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Every year, fresh-faced college students venture out into the world of work, completing assignments as interns at major firms. These students hold high hopes that their hard work will lead to permanent careers after graduation. By understanding the factors that determine which students get hired, aspiring interns can maximize their chances for placement after graduation. The first place to start looking for companies that hire interns is with the internship search.


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Resumes for Recent College Graduates

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This is a question asked thousands of times every year across the country: “How do I put together a great resume when I’ve only just graduated from college?” Hopefully, you obtained some work, volunteer or internship experience while in college. Many new graduates incorrectly assume that if they were not paid during the internship or for volunteer service that it doesn’t count.

4 Pieces Of Career Advice For College Graduates Looking For Work

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Now comes the most rewarding part of your undergraduate education: graduating. Hopefully you've spent your years wisely building up your network, interning or securing an internship, and putting your studies to good use on the job. Here's how to absolutely crush the competition after graduation. Leverage Your Internship Experience Believe it or not, your career can start from something as simple as an internship. You did it!

What To Do When You Have Doubts About Your College Degree

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Years pass, and you either graduate with a college degree you're proud of, or you graduate with a degree you have doubts about. Here are a few things you can do when you're doubting your college degree. It's normal to experience anxiety after receiving your college degree, especially when that degree seems very open-ended. Network, seek out post-graduate internship opportunities, and create new ways to generate work experience.

The 10,000 Hour Rule: Why Young Workers Struggle After College

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Many college graduates and young professionals struggle after school and in the workplace for this reason. I worked there both part-time after school and full-time during most summers, right up until I graduated from college. However, looking back now, I also remember that when I entered the working world after I graduated college, I found it really easy to work with older adults.

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Understanding Summer Internships

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Understanding Summer Internships. Internships are one of the most crucial work experiences you can receive while still in school. In fact, a recent study indicated that nearly 75% of interns were offered or were expecting to receive a full-time offer at the end of their internship.

4 Ways to Evaluate An Internship Program – And Why It Matters

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It’s no secret unpaid internships are currently a trending topic. Big-name employers across industries have been slapped with lawsuits in light of their unpaid internships. Most recently, publishing powerhouse Condé Nast has decided to pull the plug on its prestigious internship program after losing a class-action unpaid internship lawsuit. So, where does the controversy lie with Condé Nast’s former internship program? Don’t accept an unpaid internship.

How College Grads Can Get A Jump On The Job Search

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A recent report from Yahoo Finance indicates that the underemployment rate for college graduates is higher today than it was a decade ago, meaning more grads are taking minimum wage jobs or jobs that they're overqualified for in order to make ends meet. Getting a job out of college is not easy. The job market is competitive but there are some things that college grads, and current students, can do to put themselves in a better position.

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Hidden Gems to Propel Your Internship Search


Your college or university may be offering hidden gems that are truly stepping stones to your next internship. Let’s start by exploring the terminology that you might hear from your college’s Career Services office. Often, an externship or winternship is similar to a short term internship or an extended job shadowing program. The period is shorter than a summer or semester internship. Use the same criteria to select an externship as you would an internship.

5 Reasons Why a Virtual Internship Might Be Right for You

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Many college students are like me: always moving. Between classes, work, and campus activities, squeezing in time for an internship can be challenging. Internships look great on resumes, but many students simply cannot make very much room in their schedules to physically devote time to one. Virtual internships are a new trend for college students and recent grads. Here are five reasons why a virtual internship might be right for you: 1.

7 Reasons Internships Are So Important

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7 Reasons Internships Are So Important. A common refrain we hear from recent graduates and entry level professionals is that you need to have previous experience to get additional experience. This is one reason why internships are so important.

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Tips For Breaking Into A Career


Whether you take on an internship, work for smaller companies or land a job through a connection, remember that everything counts. It won’t do you any good to slack off in an internship or waste time at a summer job because it’s your dad’s company. Many companies are more willing to hire a candidate right out of college if they’ve at least had some relevant experience in the field through internships or other part-time work.

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To Grad School or Not to Grad School?

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If you’re a recent graduate, you might face a major decision: do you continue your education through grad school, or do you jump into the field and start looking for a job? In a recent U.S. News survey of undergraduate programs, approximately 26 percent of recent grads made the decision to go on for further education. If you want to benefit from graduate programs you ought to have clearly defined goals and know that a further degree can help you attain that goal.

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How To Create A Fall Internship Program At Your Company


Creating Your Corporate 2012 Fall Internship Program. Controversy surrounding the ethical standards of internships and their legality is extremely prevalent. An unethical internship program holds severe consequences for both the individuals taking part in the program and the reputation of your organization as a whole. For that reason, I have spent much time differentiating between a “good” internship and a “bad” internship.

ResumeBear: Politics and What College Graduates Should Care About

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Sixty-two percent of those with at least some college experience voiced their opinions on economic, social, and political issues, and four years later, it’s looking like they may very well show up in the same (relative) droves. Jobs: The New York Times refers to the current crop of college graduates as “The Limbo Generation” because they happen to enter into an economy pockmarked by high unemployment.

“Nine Paths to Locating Internships”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question: I have recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management in India, and am currently looking for an internship in management consulting. However, I am clueless regarding how to start getting internships. Answer: Dear Loden: Your quest for “a toe in the door,” which is what I call internships, is perhaps the most common quest among soon-to-be or recent college graduates.

Is the College Job Market Starting to Thaw?

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More good news on the undergraduate job front: the latest polling results indicate that employers plan to make big increases in the number of college students they hire this year, both for permanent full-time jobs and internships. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is reporting that employers now expect to hire a whopping 21 percent more new college graduates this year than they did last year, up from an expected 13.5

Decision Time For College Graduates


Before you know it, it’s time to decide what the next step is after college. While I knew I wanted to pursue graduate school in the future, I knew senior year that I didn’t want to go straight into it. Enter the workforce: This is the most obvious option—you’ve gone to college in order to better your career prospects and the time has come to finally get that well-deserved job. Senior year rolls around quickly.

45 Inspiring Career Blogs for College Students

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College , ostensibly, prepares participants for their chosen career paths, but tracking down the right entry-level positions comes burdened with its own set of protocols, strategies, and insights, all of which might seem impregnable to the recent graduate. Lindsey Pollak : Because this career expert and consultant specifically concerns herself with Generation Y, her official blog will be particularly useful to college students about to hit the job force.

How To Avoid Becoming An 'Underemployed' Graduate

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A recent report from Yahoo Finance indicates that the underemployment rate for college graduates is higher today than it was a decade ago, meaning more grads are taking minimum wage jobs or jobs that they're overqualified for in order to make ends meet. Getting a job out of college is not easy. The job market is competitive but there are some things that college grads, and current students, can do to put themselves in a better position.

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Where To Find Internships and Fellowships in Israel in 2012


Over 30 places to find an internship in Israel in 2012. Some of the submission deadlines may have already passed, so if you know someone looking for an Israel-based internship, send this article to them asap. Each internship description below is more or less quoted from the source. After scanning the listings and visiting some of the sites, don’t miss out on the tips at the bottom for finding hidden internships. Summer 2012 internships.

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Job Boards Are 2nd Largest Source of Hire: College is 5th

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College recruits. A final note: college recruits is listed as the fifth largest source of hire and ahead of such sexier sources as social media, third party recruiters, and other sources. So CollegeRecruiter.com as a job board for college students and recent graduates is essentially listed as part of two of the top five (four?)

what your internship manager wishes you knew

Ask A Manager

College extracurricular activities and getting good grades are important, but one of the most important things that employers want to see on recent graduates’ resumes is work experience – which for most new grads often means internships. But simply doing an internship or two isn’t enough; you also need to impress while you’re there – and how to do that isn’t always intuitive when you’re new to the work world. internships

5 Career Tips for College Seniors


Are you a college senior getting ready to take on the professional world in 2015? If you don’t have a lot of work experience from your high school or college years, your participation in clubs, groups, and organizations will help your first “serious” employer know more about you. When you’re ready to start applying to your first “out-of-college” job, narrow down your options based on companies that match your values. Get on their radar before you graduate!

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The Best Companies for College Grads and Entry Level Jobs

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According to Wikipedia (and this is an excerpt) – “ An entry-level job is a job that is normally designed or designated for recent graduates of a given discipline, and doesn’t ask for prior experience in the field or profession. “ Now I’m not sure that is a perfect definition, because not all entry level jobs are for college grads. There are many entry level jobs for people who have not attended college or are college students.

Not Just For Students: Where to Apply for Internship Programs in Israel in 2011


25 Israel-based internship programs for you to choose from. Some of the submission deadlines are approaching fast, so if you know someone who might be interested in once of these internship, share this article with them now. Each internship description below is more or less quoted from the source. Except where noted, all the internships have fees of some sort, such as an application processing fee, and Masa Israel grants can sometimes make the fees easier to handle.

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How To Find Graduate Jobs and Internships on LinkedIn

The Undercover Recruiter

A new career portal was introduced a few months ago on LinkedIn: LinkedIn for students and recent graduates. The platform enables its users to search for internships and many entry-level jobs, offered by a very large amount of companies from all around the world. Find below some tips on how to begin using the Jobs for Students and Recent Graduates Portal! Related: 7 Ways College Students Can Benefit from LinkedIn.

How To Avoid Becoming An 'Underemployed' Graduate

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A recent report from Yahoo Finance indicates that the underemployment rate for recent college graduates is higher today than it was a decade ago, meaning more grads are taking minimum wage jobs or jobs that they're overqualified for in order to make ends meet. Getting a job out of college is not easy. The job market is competitive but there are some things that college grads, and current students, can do to put themselves in a better position.

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How Graduates Can Strategically Build Their Careers

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Most graduates don’t have an answer ready, and that’s perfectly fine. About 35% of all graduates leave their first job within a year. Describe at least three achievements you are proud of at your study, work, internship, hobby, club, and so on. If you’re interested in more practical graduate job hunt advice, visit our Online Training. 11 Job Search Commandments For College Grads. What Are The Hardest Challenges Facing College Graduates?

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7 LinkedIn Tips For Recent Grads

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Marketing grad from XYZ University, Seeking Opportunity in XYZ” is more engaging than simply “Recent graduate.” A great place to start is your college or university’s LinkedIn group, and then search for relevant industry groups, says Gen-Y expert Lindsey Pollak. She recently graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in magazine journalism, international relations, and Chinese studies.

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HIRE ME! 7 Tips For Getting A Job After College

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In today’s job market, college graduates have a tough time. The words “HIRE ME” taped on the top of the mortarboard have become a cliché indicator of the desperation of today’s graduates to stand out. Related: 11 Job Search Commandments For College Grads. Many colleges have job searching courses that help you build resumes and extol the virtues of the book, What Color Is Your Parachute? Take an extra internship. Job Search recent grad

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The Ultimate Student and Graduate Job Handbook


Everything You Need To Transition From College Graduate To Job Seeker: The Ultimate Student & Graduate Job Handbook is designed for the current college student or recent graduate about to enter the workforce. Competition for graduate employment is getting tougher each year and the application process is making it harder for a college graduate to get a foot in the door.

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What I Wish I Knew…. about the real world in college


Taking a look back when I first started college, I wish I had known what I knew today about the job search. Here I was, happy about graduating, but depressed about finding a job. I have talked with several students that have recently graduated or who are about to graduate and they are all in the same boat. I’m growing fonder of creating lists of the things I wish I had done while still in college. Get an Internship.

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ResumeBear Tips For “2012? New Grads on Linkedin

Resume Bear

Our New Networking series has taken a look at how social media sites can be used as powerful networking tools for new college graduates, sharing our best picks for tips, tools, and more for Facebook, Twitter, and now, LinkedIn. Use it: Too often, students and recent grads shy away from LinkedIn, preferring to use Facebook or Twitter instead. Your alumni network: Take advantage of your college connection and get active in your alumni group on LinkedIn.

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Start like an Immigrant: Ways to Get a Job Even If Your Diploma Is Fresh Off the Press

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If you’re a recent graduate and you’re transitioning into the “real world,” it also means it’s time to work like an immigrant. Once he graduated, Richard knew he needed work experience if he had any chance of reaching his goal. He took a low-paying internship with the Seattle SuperSonics and slept on the floor of his brother’s apartment. Fiscal cliff. Debt ceiling. In my opinion, these words mean more taxes, less disposable income and an uncertain economic future.

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Nailing Your Job Interview: The Do’s and Don’ts

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For any graduate entering or individual returning to the job market, it can be a scary situation. On one end, millions of people have lost their jobs during the most recent economic downturn. As for recent graduates from top online colleges , shifting from an education environment to the workforce can be a touch transition. It’s always a good idea to check their web site and look into the press they’ve gotten in recent years.

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How to get the best out of Career Fairs-Think like a Recruiter

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Even if all they say is John Doe, Computer science Graduate). Daniel Frank is a recent graduate and online marketer working on behalf of Nimlok a company that specialises in creating modular exhibition stands. College Graduates College Students Human Resource News Internships Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Job Openings Why ResumeBear? Career fairs are still an essential part of the job hunt for people of any age and can be a great opportunity.

2011 186

Guides From Experts: 25 Ways to Land a Job

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Are you a current college student, recent graduate, underemployed college graduate, and/or parent returning to work after a long absence? Every college senior and graduate gives a post-secondary education more than a passing thought. With the economy down and the world in crisis, the only thing sure to be consistent is unemployment.

2011 217

Recent Students: Let’s Help You Survive Life After Graduation

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You’re fresh out of college, ready (or not quite) to face the “real world.&#. And others need advice on everything about post-college life in general. College Recruiter Blog – In addition to general career advice articles, this blog has a job board with full-time job and internship listings. Awesome & Unemployed – Stefanie offers great advice on how to find a job and other career-related concerns after overcoming unemployment after graduation.

2011 183

Between University and Career is JobSTART101

Cube Rules

After you graduate — even with all those internships you’ve done — there is a big difference in thinking you know what it takes to get your career going and what you actually know about what it takes to get your career going. The Business Roundtable notes: JobSTART101 is a first-of-its-kind course that’s free and available to college students and recent graduates nationwide. photo credit: ralph and jenny.

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How Parents can Help Their Student Prepare to be Job-Ready

Competitive Resumes

Parents must participate in helping their son/daughter prepare to be job-ready upon graduation. Despite being college-educated, many recent graduates are ill-prepared for the workforce, leaving parents wondering how to get their kids from backpack to briefcase. Are you having career conversations with your college student? Internships are a requirement, need to be job-ready upon hiring. Are you having career conversations with your college student?

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How To Find A Great Finance Job Right Out Of College

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The number of available jobs in the industry isn’t growing as fast as the applicant pool, and many recent graduates are finding it hard to break into the business. If you wish to begin a lucrative finance career but don’t know how or where to look for your first job, follow these tips to learn how to find a great finance job right out of college. While there are no guarantees in life, these methods have proven successful for enterprising graduates in the past.

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