5 HR Talent Trends for 2017

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SilkRoad recently published its “2017 State of Talent” report examining more than 1,300 responses to surveys targeting HR professionals. 5 HR Talent Trends for 2017. Undercover Recruiter - Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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Prepare for Talent Curveballs With Cross-Training

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One of the best ways to prepare for talent gaps is to offer training opportunities across departments. By arming employees with a variety of skills, you simultaneously arm your company to handle the talent curveballs thrown your way. Here, five tips for setting up effective employee rotation: To keep reading, click here: Prepare for Talent Curveballs With Cross-Training The biggest reason we hire people is because they have skill sets that meet our current needs.

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5 Steps to Hire Better Talent

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Hiring is one of the top five factors in a company’s success. 1) Build an exciting company & culture The best companies will most often attract the best people. So the first step to hire better talent is to build an exciting company that great people want to work.

Talent Circles: Talent Networks Done Right


Talent Network vs. Online Social Network. Why Rent Your Talent Community When You Can Buy? A single strategy that focuses on rented networks is not a talent network done right. Talent Circles is a talent network done right.

5 Tips For Hiring (And Keeping!) Top Talent

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Recruiting top talent shouldn’t be that hard, right? Although there are plenty of people out there looking for work, finding the RIGHT people for your company isn’t as easy as some may think. Top Talent. Talent management can be overwhelming. top talent is possible.

Tap Into These 5 Hidden Recruiting Talent Pools


Talent pools are tapped. Active duty and national guard military members who are transitioning to the civilian world are an underutilized talent pool and an opportunity for you in 2016. The reality for this talent pool, is it is just harder to find a job so why mess with a good thing.

Why Speed is Important for Hiring the Top Talent

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Ambitious companies are in a race to hire top talent who will increase growth and revenue. Why Speed is Important for Hiring the Top Talent. Hiring candidate Employer Recruiter speed talent The job market is moving ever faster and employers can’t afford to dilly dally.

Here Are Some Great Ways to Present Your Talents & Skills to Employers!

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Take the opportunity to communicate your unique skills and talents with the hiring agent. Perhaps you problem solved and coordinated virtual meetings to make your former company more productive. The best resume writing service can help you stand out.

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Winning the Right Talent


3 STEPS TO WINNING THE RIGHT TALENT. The economy over the past several years has moved the c-suites heads in the direction of the human resource department, specifically, talent acquisition. A company has a golden nugget in their hands that is not being tapped into for acquiring talent.

5 Tips for Recruiting Top Talent

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For this reason, employers will have to really up their game when it comes to recruiting top talent. Every company wants the best to join it’s staff, and today’s recruiters need to have a clear strategy in order to attract the. Recruiting candidate Employee Recruitment talent

Is Your Talent Engagement Strategy Leaking?

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This trend is primarily driven by in-house recruiters and managers as a method of finding and retaining talent pools which are interested and engaged by their companies’ brand. Is Your Talent Engagement Strategy Leaking?

Poll: Is your company having trouble attracting top talent?

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Poll: Is your company having trouble attracting top talent? The post Poll: Is your company having trouble attracting top talent? HR/Recruiting Employment Branding HR job search poll recruiting top talentCAREEREALISM.

This Year's Final Four Proves The Value of "Well Placed" over "Top" Talent.

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Look at the rosters of the teams that made the Final Four and make a Talent observation. Even if you can afford to chase top talent, it's probably not in your best interest. You can chase top/top talent, but you'll likely pay more and have almost immediate retention concerns.

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How to Hire Top Tech Talent With Your Kick-Ass Company Culture #TechTuesday

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I’ve had a chat with Brendan Bank, CIO of Booking.com to find out all of his secrets about creating a kick-ass company culture to hire tech talent from all around the globe! How to Hire Top Tech Talent With Your Kick-Ass Company Culture #TechTuesday.

The True Meaning and History Behind Talent in Talent Acquisition


We use the term ‘talent’ a lot in HR and recruiting but what is talent really and how important is it to our organizations? The History of Talent. The word talent is of Latin origin meaning to scale, balance and sum. How Important Is Talent?

Why Do Top Talent Leave Their Jobs? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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If they don’t, your top talent may leave. This infographic (by Life Hack ) shows the top 5 reasons why the best talent leave their jobs. Company is going under. Why Do Top Talent Leave Their Jobs? Employer Infographics jobs leave quit talent top

What Do Talent Want in Their Job Hunt?

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A lot of focus is placed on the performance of the candidate in the job search process, but what about that of the hiring companies? In order to attract the top talent, businesses need to create a good experience for the applicants, but what exactly do talent want from their job hunt?

4 Signs That A Company Is Not Right For You

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4 Signs That A Company Is Not Right For You. It can be hard to turn down a job offer, especially if you’re currently unemployed but just because you got an offer, it doesn’t mean the job or the company is the right fit for you. But how do you know if you’ve found your perfect company?

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Do You Need a Talent Community?

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Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what exactly makes up a talent community. The collection of people that ‘follow’ your company on LinkedIn? Do You Need a Talent Community? Recruiting community cultural fit talent talent community

Survey Finds Digital Talent In Greatest Demand

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Company executives struggling to attract and retain top talent may find that the challenge is even greater than they fear, according to the results of a new survey. Nearly one in four plans for the career change to include working for a new company.

Nurturing Talent: Providing Opportunities for Growth


Several years ago, I worked as a Manager of Recruitment and Retention for an exciting tech start-up company. Smart companies have figured out that their people – those who keep the cranks turning – need opportunities for growth and development, chances for learning.

How the Right Perks Can Attract the Right Talent

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We all love a good perk – and I’m not just talking about staff discounts against your company’s products or a company car – but REAL perks. How the Right Perks Can Attract the Right Talent.

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How Employers Can Retain Millennial Talent

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This attitude that millennials have about jobs being temporary is making an impact on the way companies go about hiring employees. Employers are having to tweak the way they approach job candidates to show why staying with their company will benefit them in the long run.

The Origins and Benefits of Hidden Employee Talents

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In every company, there are a number of hidden talents. But there will also be other talents that employees possess that are hidden deep below. The Origins and Benefits of Hidden Employee Talents. Some are fairly predictable.

4 Ways to Create a Company Culture That Boosts Productivity

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When you give a face to a company, you do more than pimp up your image on social media—you raise morale and enthusiasm of your team and make them more likely to be productive in the workplace. Culture is an important aspect of a company that affects its internal functions.

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5 Ways To Realize Your Talent Potential

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Talent is one of the most valuable assets that you can possess – makes sense, right? To realize and maximize potential, the holistic approach of assessment is a key factor to define your talent and chart opportunities for it to develop. Recognize Your Talent.

Why Is it So Hard to Find Talented People?


With a large number of baby boomers retiring on a daily basis, too many smaller companies aren’t being proactive about addressing the elephant in the room. An article from Business Insider suggests that many companies in America are struggling to find the right people to serve their needs, to build their business and serve their customers. Ignoring the importance of company culture, too many companies look outside of their organization to find someone, rather than looking within.

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5 Ways Talent Acquisition Specialists Can Leverage E-Learning Technologies

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E-learning technologies are taking off and talent acquisition specialists should be jumping on the wagon. 5 Ways Talent Acquisition Specialists Can Leverage E-Learning Technologies: 1. Every company out there claims to have the best training for their employees.

Social Media Talent War: Who’s Winning? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The talent war on social media is fierce – but which network is winning? Facebook has the biggest talent pool, with 1.06 Google is the most desirable company to work with in 2013, and has one of the biggest Twitter followings too.

How to Build a Balanced Talent Acquisition Strategy (Part 2)


As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series on how to build a balanced talent acquisition strategy, in my eyes there are two types of recruiting: proactive and reactive. . Companies in Silicon Valley like Google understand the value in proactive recruiting.

Manager Just Left Your Competitor? Time to Raid That Company for Talent.

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One of the things we forgot about in the recruiting world is this - there's never been a better time to raid a company for talent than when a manager leaves. Doesn't matter - the change means it's a great time to take a run at the talent in the company. Take SurveyMonkey as a result, where the CEO (husband of Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook) recently passed away and the company is experiencing an uptick in recruiter calls as a result.

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How To Demonstrate To Employers That You’re The Best Talent

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Each time a job posting goes up, the employer’s mission is to find the best talent for the position. The problem is that to demonstrate you’re the best talent for the job, your resume needs to focus on your performance. Are you the top performer at the company?

Successful Talent Management Requires Creative Retention


Companies that survive and prosper in spite of the recession are those that practice. and invest in talent management.” Not all companies responded to the recession in this manner. Many laid off their talent, others downgraded employees, or reduced their hours.

Are We Still Yelling at Passive Talent & Expecting Results?


Companies spend so much money strategising over their employer brand & vying to be an employer of choice but do they undo it all on social media ? For example, have a look at Ford’s LinkedIn Company page.

The 6 Rules of Managing Talented Terrors


Every company has them and every manager struggles with them. Talented Terrors, as we call them, are those employees who have 100% skills but 0% attitude. They have the talent you can only dream all of your employees could have, but they have the absolute worst attitude to deal with.

Here's 3 Things You Can Do With Talent Claiming "Disruptor" Status.

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He was such a hard ass, he got fired from his own company in 1985. In 1997 , on the verge of bankruptcy, Apple acquired the company Jobs created and made him CEO once again. S**t stirrer + good ideas = incubate from rest of company and find mentor to round the corners.

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Is Your Website Helping You Attract Talent?

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But they still hang in there and every company still needs to have one. Is Your Website Helping You Attract Talent? Branding & Identity Employer Employer Branding Company Facebook Twitter website

The Talent Whisperer: How to Attract And Retain New Employees


Best Practices from The Talent Whisperer. The years spent engaged in astronomical viewing afforded specific skill-sets that provided me with a solid understanding of the art and science of Talent Acquisition. It is the people within the company that make it a success.

Culture Breeds Commitment: The Truth about Talent Loyalty


It used to be that during difficult periods or times of economic strife that companies would look to their employees for increased commitment, for sustaining loyalty and trust. Perhaps cultivating a diverse and friendly company culture will spark the fire of employee trust and commitment.

4 Signs Talent Thinks Your Employment Brand Isn’t Legit

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4 Signs Talent Thinks Your Employment Brand Isn’t Legit. Is your company actively hiring right now, but finding it tough to attract the caliber of talent your leadership team wants? The best talent (a/k/a the people you want to desperately hire!), They check your company out online before they apply. Thus, if the only people applying to work for your company aren’t qualified enough to get hired, you have an image problem. #2 No company is perfect.