IoT Technology Revolutionizes the Office Grind

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The proliferation of mobile devices (both company-sponsored and BYOD) in medium-sized operations like this realty firm present both a problem and an opportunity. Technology analyst firm  Gartner predicted that in the near future, there will be 30 billion connected devices able to communicate   their activities to other devices and to the people who manage those devices. What IoT technologies are making your day-to-day work life easier?

8 Links to Who’s Hiring in Technology – Vol 1

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Career advice Company Career Sites Technology Technology JobsSuggested Reading: Land the Tech Job You Love (Pragmatic Life) Statistics, we love to quote them. And you know what they say – “so many statistics, so little time” But there are some interesting statistics regarding Tech jobs like, did you know that Atlanta is a “top ten places for tech jobs“? Yes, you are reading this […].

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Technology Is Essential to Employee Retention


Technology is one of those things. Many organizations use technology to recruit. Even if all you’re doing is posting jobs on LinkedIn, you’re using technology. This doesn’t mean that technology is a replacement for human interaction. That’s where technology comes in.

Recruiting Technology – The HOT Trends


Innovation has sparked the creative minds of long-standing, successful companies, as well as bolstered opportunity for start-ups to step up to the plate and hit it out of the park. Staying informed on developments in technology is critical for high-performance recruiting.

Put Technology To Work For You

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Some of your employees are paid when you get the bill from the phone company and your internet provider. Technology can be an excellent employee, if used correctly. One problem with this employee of yours is that technology changes over time.

Ep 98 – 3 More Emerging & Innovative HR Technologies #hrtechconf


As part of my pre-HR Technology conference coverage, I’m sitting down with 3 more startup founders and CEOs to talk about their products, services and technology offerings that make their company innovative and unique. Sierra-Cedar HR Technology Survey.

Is Yahoo Entering the HR Technology Industry?


Chances are last week you probably missed a series of events that might forever change HR technology. Since Marissa Mayer took the lead as CEO of Yahoo in 2012, she has oversaw 37 acquisitions with two of those being in HR technology. HR Social Media Distill hr technology vizify

In 2015, HR Technology Will Be a $8.1 Billion Industry


It’s the hotbed of human resources technology which is important especially since it’s expected to be an $8.1 HR Technologies Advancement. Aside from that, there are a lot of advances happening in recruiting, human resources and technology.

67% Percent of Companies Plan to Adopt Work Social Technology in 2012


Silk Road this week released, an interesting infographic and study on social talent and technology for HR and Recruiting ( download here ). 67 percent of companies surveyed have adopted or plan to adopt internal social technology, and 36 percent plan to start within the next year.

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Six Hot Technology and Design Jobs in 2013

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“Salaries are rising for candidates who can help organizations leverage new technologies to increase efficiencies, gain business insights and produce superior customer experiences,” said John Reed, senior executive director of Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group.

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7 Totally Insane Employee Perks at Tech Companies [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Do you want to work at tech companies? 7 Totally Insane Employee Perks at Tech Companies [INFOGRAPHIC]. Business Infographics Technology & Software companies Company Employee perks What about if you got these insane perks? Who is Hosting This?

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5 Trends Uncovered at HR Technology Conference #hrtechconf


Looking for more HR & Recruiting Technology trends? Check out my new ebook called the “The HR Technology Field Guide” available for purchase on Amazon. . The 2014 HR Technology Conference was a busy one with lots of new announcements, products and enhancements.

19 Female Founders & CEOs Working in HR Technology #HRTech


Conversely, the startup and technology industry is filled with males under age 30. Men are the majority job holders in technology and founders in the startup world. In the last six months half a dozen Silicon Valley companies have released their staffing and diversity data further exposing the hiring and industry gaps when it comes to tech. To help increase the number of women in technology, Google created a coding education program for women. Women in HR Technology.

Information Technology Resume Writing For Students and Graduates


Highlight your IT Skills: As an IT student, you probably have a list of various technologies that you are an expert in using.

50 Happiest Companies for 2012

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See Top 10 We’re proud to reveal the winners of CareerBliss’ Happiest Companies in America Awards for 2012, thanks to thousands of employees from around the country.Of Think your company deserves to win CareerBliss’ most prestigious employer award? Company.

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10 Ways Tech Companies Can Recruit and Retain Women #TechTuesday

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Women in technology — or the lack thereof — is a tricky subject, and one that isn’t easy to resolve. 10 Ways Tech Companies Can Recruit and Retain Women #TechTuesday. Recruiting Tech Tuesday Technology equal pay Recruitment Women Work Life Balance

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How Mobile Recruiting & Technology is Transforming HR


Download the full essay on how mobile, technology and HR as featured in J. I’ll be publishing the materials as part of an ongoing series on mobile recruiting and HR technology. . HOW MOBILE RECRUITING & TECHNOLOGY IMPACT HR.

Technology Touches Everything – #HRTechConf


Perhaps it is reserved for only those who understand the requirements of continued success – whether they are in the technology space or not. Networking today is affected continuously by social technology – and we cannot talk about social tech without talking about mobile.

5 Ways Talent Acquisition Specialists Can Leverage E-Learning Technologies

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E-learning technologies are taking off and talent acquisition specialists should be jumping on the wagon. 5 Ways Talent Acquisition Specialists Can Leverage E-Learning Technologies: 1. Every company out there claims to have the best training for their employees.

4 Warning Signs About A Company (That You Can Spot During The Interview Process)

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4 Warning Signs About A Company (That You Can Spot During The Interview Process). Remember, you need to ask just as many questions to the interviewer about the role, team, company, and organizational structure in order to have the best understanding of the opportunity.

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Kelly Robinson & Broadbean Technology Join Forces with Job Board Giant CareerBuilder


Nearly five years ago, I sat in a Newport Beach restaurant waiting to meet Kelly Robinson , the CEO of Broadbean Technology. Back in 2008, Broadbean Technology was acquired by DMGT , of which London’s well-known paper, Daily Mail is a part. Just a sales lunch.

Unorthodox Methods Of Branding Your Company

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The post Unorthodox Methods Of Branding Your Company appeared first on Ms. Without a distinctive, recognisable brand there’s little chance that a company would get much attention. But, because of the amount of competition, it takes a lot more than just decent branding to make a company.

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Empowered Employees Equals Empowered Company

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Employees are the most valuable asset of a company. They are the depot of skills and knowledge which can set the company apart from competitors. Technology and equipment can be easily reproduced, but a motivated, well-performing employee can never be imitated.

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Social Media: When Sociology and Technology Collide


It’s a fusion of sociology and technology, transforming monologues (one to many) into dialogues (many to many) and is the democratization of information, transforming people from content readers into publishers. Technology fails because people fail. What is Social Media?

Ep 17 – 2015 HR Technology Predictions #HRTech


HR technology is a $15 billion industry in 2015. It’s a series of three fifteen minute interviews discussing 2015 human resources technology trends, predictions and insights into the market from Bill Kutik, Josh Bersin and Meghan M. Let’s dive right into the 2015 HR Technology Predictions and Trends episode… HR Tech Insights from Josh Bersin, @josh_bersin. Meghan also talks about big data and how companies like IBM are growing in this area.

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3 Quick Tips About Performance Management Technology


And it’s good to see innovative companies eliminate the numerical rating of people as part of the reengineering. But as with any new technology, there are tricks to making it work well. Technology Improves the Performance Management Process.

Iowa Company Accidentally Says No Americans Need Apply

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American Technology Consulting ran a job posting on Zip Recruiter that had as it’s headline, “ Java Developer – (H1B Only).” Company prefers to take advantage of foreigners. Unfortunately, though, American Technology Consulting didn’t write the ad.

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Does Your HR Technology Promote Employee Engagement?


Human Resource managers often debate what attracts employees to companies and then what keeps them there. The definition of engagement however, is elusive for many and will vary company to company. What if it was a simple as the technology you use?

Ep 34 – HR Technology As a Bridge with Greg Rokos


I absolutely love technology. It’s an important part of my business, but what’s most hardest for me is getting started when it comes to new technology. Being flexible to change is especially important when it comes to technology in recruiting. Episode 34: How HR Technology Can Serve as a Bridge in Recruitment with Greg Rokos ( @gregrokos ). In addition to technology we cover topics like cost per hire and establishing a return on investment in your recruiting efforts.

How to Recruit Technology Talent in 5 Easy Steps

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Technology positions can sometimes be hard to fill – with a recent CareerBuilder/ study showing that a third of IT employers having open positions which they are unable to fill. 3) Make your company look appealing, but don’t fake it!

4 HR Technology Trends for 2050


This year, HR technology trends for 2014 reared their clairvoyant heads during early august in the Forbes SAP Voice Column. But let’s face it, the HR technology market moves at such a pace that most companies can barely keep up with this years trends, let alone next’s.

5 Ways Technology Can Help Your Career

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Technology never stops growing, and nor should you. If you’re a career person and are determined to keep advancing and evolving with your company or—for the entrepreneurs out there—on your own, embracing technology can exponentially increase your value and productivity.

Using Technology to Keep Your Remote Workers More Human


Yet there is a conflicting story of bigger companies, such as Yahoo, Best Buy and, […] Source. The subject of remote teams pops up on my radar more frequently all the time. In fact I am participating in a webinar in September on the subject of remote teams. In a webinar on Onboarding I talk about remote teams. HR remote work team building

Weary of Wearable Technology


Depending upon who you believe, the bar patrons were technophobes who hated technology or the woman was invading the bar patrons’ privacy. The wearables field is limited at the moment to only a small number of companies, but it seems like a new company is joining the fray each week.

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How Can Tech Companies Attract New Talent? [STUDY] #TechTuesday

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Close to 8 percent of all workers in the UK are employed by tech companies, however the future growth of the industry is under threat, due to a shortage of skilled professionals in the sector. View Article How Can Tech Companies Attract New Talent?

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The Legend of the 10X Performer in Technology Companies.

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They’re not interviewing at your crappy company for your crappy job. If 10x programmers exist, they require 10x managers at 10x companies. Also - If 10x programmers exist, they require 10x managers at 10x companies.

5 Ways GPS Technology Is Making Your Life Better

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The post 5 Ways GPS Technology Is Making Your Life Better appeared first on Ms. Read on for some of the ways GPS technology is changing your life for the better, without you even realizing it. They allow you to use GPS technology to discover your furry friend’s location at any time.

“Search is Getting Easier” – HOT Trend #5 in Recruiting Technology


Innovation has sparked the creative minds of long-standing, successful companies, as well as bolstered opportunity for start-ups to step up to the plate and hit it out of the park. Technological enhancements and the use of Boolean logic and semantic search have helped bridge the gap.”.

What Does a Great Company Look Like?

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We decided to interview some new hires to see what drew them to the company they chose to work for. What Does a Great Company Look Like? He’s been with the company for one month. What do you like about the set-up of the company?

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Five Jobs for the Technologically Unemployed (Part 1)


Technological unemployment is the point at which technology is destroying more jobs than are being created. Futurist and Transhumanist, George Dvorsky, wrote an article outlining some jobs that will be created to take advantage of the labor that will be freed by technology.