Quit the Comparisons Once and for All

Ms. Career Girl

The post Quit the Comparisons Once and for All appeared first on Ms. At the top of the list is a habit I call “Quit the Comparisons.”. These days, comparison living is an epidemic. And the only real fix for comparison living is contentment—that’s simply the inner determination to be happy and fulfilled wherever you are with whatever you have. So let’s quit the comparisons once and for all. The post Quit the Comparisons Once and for All appeared first on Ms.

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Critical Comparison – When Comparing Yourself Goes Wrong

Ms. Career Girl

When you are comparing yourself to other women and their lives – success, relationship, business, career, health, looks – this is when critical comparison can come into play. These comparisons of qualities can be healthy, especially when you are looking to see what you can duplicate, but when you make unreasonable comparisons to other women who have achieved high levels of success, it can create doubt and anxiety about your own progress in life and make yourself less than others.

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In Job Search, Comparison Is the Thief of Joy

Career Trend

You know that saying, “Comparison is the thief of joy?” The post In Job Search, Comparison Is the Thief of Joy appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service. executive resumes Job Search Advice career advice executive resume Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter job search job search advice job search comparison unique value propositions” Well, it can apply to job search.

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It's All Relative: Global Work Comparisons

Ms. Career Girl

The post It's All Relative: Global Work Comparisons appeared first on Ms. Comparisons: What Exactly is "Best?". The post It's All Relative: Global Work Comparisons appeared first on Ms. Sponsored Posts Work Global Work ComparisonsCareer Girl. In spite of our inter-connected world of social media, instant news and communications, and multi-national corporations, it's easy to filter it all through the eyes of our own version of reality.

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Career Expectations: Comparison Is The Thief of Joy (And Doesn't Matter if You're Good)

The HR Capitalist

Comparison is the thief of joy.

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How Comparisons Can Hurt (& Help) Your Career

The Job Quest

Because it’s not always an apples-to-apples comparison when you look at yourself and someone else. Don’t marginalize it with comparisons that are useless. Instead, fortify it with comparisons that benefit the dream. Career Attitude Compare Comparisons Envy Inspiration LuckHow do you feel when there is something you really want (a promotion, employment at a particular company) and you see someone else get it? “I want that dream!

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Two (or More) Job Opportunities? ? 18 Elements of Comparison ? [Part 2 of 2]

Sklover Working Wisdom

Last week we presented Elements of Job Opportunity Comparison 1 through 9 ; This week we present Elements of Job Opportunity Comparison 10 through 18. It is common that comparison of two jobs, or two job offers, can be a difficult thing to do. It is often an “apples vs. oranges” comparison, and can get quite confusing. And, so, we offer you the same list that we offer our clients to make these difficult “apples vs. oranges” comparisons.

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Interviewing an Interviewer: The Importance of Comparisons in Job Searches


Sweaty palms and underarms, racing heart, dry mouth – these are the ailments of a typical job interviewee. When it comes to interviews, most potential employees are concerned only about impressing their interviewer, desperate to be offered employment. However, in their race to be the chosen applicant, many interviewees overlook the importance of comparing the potential workplace against any ideals they have for a career.

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4 Things Employers Look For In LinkedIn And Resume Comparison

Career Realism

The post 4 Things Employers Look For In LinkedIn And Resume Comparison appeared first on CAREEREALISM. Even though a prospective employer may only have your resume, that’s not going to stop them from also researching to see what you have on LinkedIn. The fact is, if an employer is screening you, they are going to scour the Internet for information to make sure you are who you say you are on your resume. Related: LinkedIn Endorsements: How They Can Help And Hurt You.

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Resume vs. One-Page Proposal: A Side-by-Side Comparison.

The Undercover Recruiter

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the resume and the one-page proposal: 1. Tweet. Getting hired is tough. What’s even tougher is getting hired into a job that you actually want. Between resumes, applications, and cover letters, many job seekers fear that their documents aren’t making the right impression. Introducing the one-page proposal. Based on Patrick G. Riley’s book, The Resume is Dead!, the one-page proposal is lauded as the solution to the common resume.

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The Space Between Anxiety and Depression is Called Gratitude

Ms. Career Girl

And what I now can clearly see is that it’s all about comparisons. What does comparison have to do with anxiety or depression? And what happens when you let the comparisons go. Underlying all that is comparison. Again, what’s happening is an instantaneous and mostly unconscious comparison between now and some imagined future where something terrible has happened. Comparisons: The Poison Pill. Comparisons permeate so much of our lives.

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Technological Advances: A Side by Side Comparison of the Traditional and Modern Ways of Studying

Corn on the Job

Just like car models, phones, the internet and virtually every other thing, teaching styles have evolved significantly over the years; from the old memorization and recitation techniques to the modern tactics that involve interactive methods. This article breaks down the fundamental differences between traditional and modern ways of learning. Traditional teaching methods. The conventional education system is still commonly used in today schools.

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Thankful for What You Have? – A HR Comparison Between US and UK

Water Cooler Wisdom

While in the U.K., I made some interesting observations with the help of the brilliant Lieven Lambrecht, a European HR veteran at First Data Corporation: European workers are jealous of American workers because the U.S. has so many more job opportunities, and they are attainable if people have the right skills and interview well. What may appear to be a dead-end job can actually lead somewhere.

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Feed Your Coffee Habit and Still Maintain Your Budget

Ms. Career Girl

Self coffee habit cost of cup of coffee comparison gourmesso k-cup coffee cost nespressoPeople the world over are addicted to their daily coffee. And in the U.S., at anywhere from $2 and up per cup that means a whopping annual ding to your budget of over $750 if you indulge your coffee habit in that cozy coffee house down the street. Of course, it’s not an unhealthy habit , as many recent studies have show huge health benefits to drinking coffee.

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Are Your Starting Pay Rates Hampering Performance?


An effective solution to this problem could be to offer your candidates larger starting salaries in comparison to your competitors, but does this strategy take away the incentive to do good work? Salary Comparison a Key to Competitive Compensation. Salary comparison is a common tactic and strategy for companies looking to stay competitive in their pay rates and compensation whether they be hourly or salary. HR Work compensation pay salary comparison starting pay rates

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Can You Copycat Your Way to Success?

The Job Quest

They’re getting caught up in the comparison game. Comparisons can be beneficial if lessons are being learned in the process. Career Comparisons Copycat Success Values “Why can’t I stay up as long as Jenny does?” ” “Sam’s mommy lets him play with that toy. Can’t I, too? Puh-leeeeze???” ” These questions, and others similar to it, are whined to asked of parents on a regular basis by their children.

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The Space Between Anxiety and Depression is Called Gratitude

Ms. Career Girl

And what I now can clearly see is that it’s all about comparisons. What does comparison have to do with anxiety or depression? And what happens when you let the comparisons go. Underlying all that is comparison. Comparisons: The Poison Pill.

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Abandon These 10 Bad Habits

The Job Quest

The comparison game is one that comes up frequently when you are concerned about losing (a promotion, that big client you are trying to land, etc.) Career Job Search Asking for Help Change Comparisons Complaining Expectations Hard Work Job Fit Lying Perfection Risk Support NetworkIn reading 50 Things You Need to Give Up Today , I found many of them can impact the health of your job search and career.

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Sell Yourself: Use Numbers in Your Resume

Jennifer Anthony

You pick up the first two for comparison.

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The Long-Term Unemployed: Can They Do Better?


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Bureau of Economic Research published a chart spanning 1950 through 2012 and showing that the current recession versus all other recessions within the same time period is literally double in size in a comparison of the long-term unemployed as a share of the labor force for […].

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20 Ways of How NOT to Ask for Pay Increase

Catherines Career Corner

Explore 20 ways of how not to ask for pay increase from your boss at work. If you want to supercharge your pay or you think you are due for an increase in pay, it is vital that you know what to say and not say as well as how to ask. Knowing how to [.]. Author information. Catherine Adenle. Founder at Catherine's Career Corner. Founder, Catherine's Career Corner. The career site empowering and inspiring ambitious candidates of all ages and professions to thrive and work smarter on their careers.

Temper, Temper! How To Survive Short-Term Work

Career Alley

But with the supposed sense of freedom in temping, as well as the benefits of being able to make ends meet, is it worth it in comparison to a full-time job? A lot of people are finding it financially difficult in the modern world, and so people are trying to make ends meet by temping in the short term. Career advice Career Advice Temp Work

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More Evidence for Supporting Community Colleges

Career Key

Jobs for the Future just came out with a report, " Cost, Commitment, and Attainment in Higher Education: An International Comparison " by Arthur M. skip to main | skip to sidebar The Career Key Blog Making a lifetime of smart career decisions about career options, college major and education choices, being self-employed, & the right career test. Welcome to our career blog. The Career Keys mission is to help people make the best career, college major, and self-employed choices.

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Great Job Search Strategy Or A Powerful Imagination?

Tim's Strategy

I get provoked to act or think about how my life is going when I have another example for comparison. Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [06.29.10] View Comments Great Job Search Strategy Or A Powerful Imagination? I am influenced by movies. Always have been. The most recent movie that played this role for me was Crazy Heart starring Jeff Bridges as a washed up old country singer.

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How to Open Up All Corners of Your Soul by Hiring the Right Resume Writer

Career Trend

Today’s post is a side-by-side comparison of the differences between What We (CareerTrend) Do Vs. What Others […]. By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Choosing a resume strategist with whom to partner is no easy task. Ask anyone who has ever gone from self-sufficient executive to incredulous career student, the path to the right writer often is not simple.

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A Passport for Keeping Staff with Disabilities

The Undercover Recruiter

While that percentage is increasing, it’s still poor in comparison to more than 80% employment in the general population. There are currently around 4 million people with disabilities in employment in the UK; that’s just over half of the total number. Worryingly, around 10% of people with disabilities drop out of work each year and. View Article. A Passport for Keeping Staff with Disabilities Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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CareerAlley Redesign – Leveraging FindTheBest Data to Help you Find A Job

Career Alley

Some background on the content provided in the drop down comparison menus: Founded in August of 2010 by Kevin O’Connor, founder and former CEO of DoubleClick, FindTheBest has already made a huge splash in. comparisons, and place it on their own site, exactly as it appears on FindTheBest. In a simple and streamlined process, users can access the Widget Wizard for any comparison and customize the data fields, look, and color in a matter of minutes.

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What Does a Recruiter Have in Common with Brad Pitt?

The Undercover Recruiter

It might seem like a fanciful comparison, but there are actually some interesting comparisons between recruiters and top Hollywood actors (and not simply the fact that some recruiters believe that they deserve the red carpet treatment!) Whether you are new to the recruiting game or a top billing superstar, you can take enjoyment from the […]. What Does a Recruiter Have in Common with Brad Pitt? Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

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Coronavirus May Already Be Affecting Your Business

Evil HR Lady

But, nothing in comparison to the regular flu, which killed (according to the CDC) over 62,000 people in the 2018-2019 flu season. You don’t work in China. Your customers aren’t in China. So, the Coronavirus isn’t affecting your business. Or, so we’d like to think. But, Coronavirus seems to be making everything it touches sick–including small businesses.

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5 Criminal Justice Careers for You

Career Alley

More specifically, those holding a criminal justice degree could potentially earn a higher salary and experience a lower unemployment rate in comparison to those who are employed in social sciences, education, agriculture, and some business careers. Those who are making career choices with salaries being a motivating factor should take into consideration the fact that, while some may be high in comparison to others, this does not mean they will remain that way.

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Taking My First to College: One Reflection from the Capitalist.

The HR Capitalist

The comparison between your kid and others that invariably goes on in your mind as they grow up. But the b t is what we do after we use comparison to gauge where we are and use it as ammo to compete. Comparison is the thief of joy. . Use comparison with other kids as a means to compete in all the areas that matter to you and move up a few notches. Comparisons that consume you as a parent mean nothing at the end. . It happened.

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Why Are Women More Likely to be Ignored by their GP?

Ms. Career Girl

In comparison, if a male goes to A&E with the same condition, it is flagged as a concern for their health due to not being able to have gynaecological problems. We, unfortunately, live in a world where women’s ill-health sometimes isn’t taken seriously.

2021 151

Green Jobs Growing: Solar Industry Now Employs More Than Steel Production

Green Career Central

By way of comparison to another industry, there are 9,200 more solar industry jobs than US steel production jobs. Let's look at another comparison to add even more perspective. According to the 2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 93,500 people are employed directly and indirectly in the US solar industry. . If all of the jobs in the steel industry are included in the count, the steel industry comes out ahead of solar by about 6,500 jobs.

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Resumes for an Ageing Job Market

Boomers Next Step

By 2050 this number will have increased by 80% in comparison with just 35% for people aged 18 to [.]. People aged 50 years and over in Australia are the fastest growing demographic. The Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates that between 2011 and 2020 the number of persons aged over 50 years will increase by 22%. Resumes career Employment interview resume

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TALENT SLANG: "He's the Managerial Equivalent of Tom Thibodeau".

The HR Capitalist

I didn't ask for a comparison, but we had a common interest in basketball and he gave me that one unsolicited. What did he mean with that comparison? Sometimes intake calls need comparisons. Find out what you have in common with the hiring manager and ask for comparisons with that lens in mind. All your dreams are made When you're chained to the mirror and the razor blade Today's the day that all the world will see Another sunny afternoon. Oasis.

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Odds Of Landing An Individual Job Through A Job Board Compared To …


Without comparison, it's difficult to see the hopelessness of job board applications. Let's compare odds of being hired from an individual job ad to other odds. Continued at [link]. Featured Job Boards reCareered Blog career career change career coach getting found Job Job board job search Planning pre-screen

Back in the Studio

Career Tips Blog

I did a short comparison test yesterday and the difference was subtle to those I asked for their opinion so far. Phase two of my audiobook narration and production journey is well underway. I had a long pause as we moved from Virginia Beach, VA back to Las Vegas, NV.

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Salary Negotiation – Your Bottom Line

Career Alley

Salary Comparison and Salary Calculator – This is salary.com’s’ version which has both a salary comparison and salary calculator. There are not too many people who think they are overpaid. Human nature is to think you worth more than you are being paid (and maybe you are). While there are many factors when considering a job offer, one of the key drivers is how much compensation you are offered.

Resilience and the Art of Taking an "L" As a Predictor of Talent Success.

The HR Capitalist

Social media is b t, and comparison is the thief of joy. . When it comes to long-term success for a working class professional in today's world, nothing is more important than knowing how to "take the L". . Let me explain.

2020 152

How To Make Your Smartphone Resume

Career Solvers

Joe Linford contributed this post on behalf of Broadband Genie, the UK price comparison and online help guide for broadband, tablets and smartphones. It is becoming increasingly more important for job seekers to recognize that the resumes they send to employers may very well be read on a mobile phone. This guest post from Joe Linford offers tips for ensuring your resume is optimized for mobile viewing.

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The 5 Must-Have Components of a Winning Executive Resume

Career Rocketeer

Does your executive resume pale in comparison to some of the powerhouses you’ve seen online? Is it a struggle to convey your message of effective leadership in just 2 or 3 pages? If so, a few straightforward changes can be all that’s needed to transform your leadership resume from overlooked to standout. Increase your chances of being considered [.]. Resumes Laura Smith-Proulx SEO1

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Top 100 Skills by Job Demand (and Average Salary)

Resume Bear

They also put their data on a map so you can see visually where your state is in comparison to others in terms of salary and job demand. As you might imagine, I review a lot of websites. Well, the other day I found one that caught my eye because of all of the stats it gave – OdinJobs.

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Lessons Learned From 60 Countries of Travel

Ms. Career Girl

Comparison is the thief of joy. Theodore Roosevelt once said that “comparison is the thief of joy”. From breaking down in Bolivia to falling off a bike in Bora Bora, author Kia Abdullah has seen and done it all. She’s hiked to the rim of an active volcano in the remote islands of Vanuatu, traversed ‘suicide bend’ on the hair-pinned Sani Pass in Lesotho and dived, hiked and biked her way through fascinating countries like Eswatini, Tonga and Djibouti.

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