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“Sales compensation plans: are there limits on when and how they can be changed?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question: The sales compensation package for my company says that the company has the right to amend, change, or cancel the sales compensation plan at any time – except where prohibited by law. . Miami, Florida. As a general rule, both employers and employees are free to say to each other, at any time, “Starting tomorrow (or next week, next month, or next year), the terms on which we will work together with you are going to change, or we must part ways.”

Bilingual Ladies Are Highly Employable

Ms. Career Girl

Florida is the third-most populous state in terms of Spanish-speaking residents with nearly ten percent. Individuals fluent in English and Spanish are highly employable in governmental and nongovernmental service organizations. career career women job search careers speak spanish

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Asperger's at work: Why I need a sick day to register my car.

Penelope Trunk

I can understand what it is like to suffer, and I also know how to learn to compensate. The truth is that you learned how to compensate and overcome ADD. It's true … at least for most of the women I know. Yes, all women feel a little 'fat' sometimes. Most women even wish they could come down with the flu or a bout of food poisoning for a few days to shed "just one or two kilos" But really, no one wishes they were anorexic.

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