This Is What Companies Do When They Are Getting Kicked by Entry-Level Turnover.

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The wage increase is partly to retain staff as the economy improves, and the cost of increasing wages is offset to some degree in other ways, Bertolini said during a companywide meeting that was video-streamed Monday from Jacksonville, Fla. Compensation Employee Relations Let''s say you''re an HR leader responsible for recruiting and retention in some entry-level parts of your company, and your turnover rate is the death of a thousand cuts.

What Are Your Business Goals?

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Not counting seasonal variations, 55 percent of owners have recently hired or are planning to hire new staff, 23 percent are raising worker compensation, and 11 percent plan to create new jobs. Small-business activity is on the rise, according to the  National Federation of Independent Business’ s chief economist William Dunkelberg.

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Seven Short Q & A’s on Sunday

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Jacksonville, Florida. HL, not only am I not licensed to practice law in California, but I am not experienced in Workers Compensation, which is a sort of “subspecialty” in employment law. Since so many blog visitors submit Questions, we’ve decided to devote some of our weekend blogposts to answering several Questions at once, and have chosen those that call for “shorter&# Answers. .

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Shirt Wearers Wanted

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Here’s how IWYS describes what shirt wearing will be like, and compensation you can expect: We will be working a 6-day per week schedule in 2012 with every Saturday off (this is a big deal as there haven’t been weekly days off ever). Okay, shirt-wearing isn’t exactly a highly trained skill.

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