Senior.NET Developer (Mid/Backend) – Can work remote in Denver metro area

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Compensation. $0. Company. Sigmatek Consulting. Location. Denver, CO 80202. Education. Bachelor of Science. Contract. Experience. Experienced. Posted On. 5/25/2011 3:08:25 PM. We have a 3-6 Month Contract for someone to work remotely with occasional meetings in the Office in the DTC. Senior.NET Developer (Mid/Backend) ————————————————– Must haves: ? 6-10+ yrs. Experience. ?

Affirm Is Defining A New Remote-First Work Culture

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First, Affirm created a flexible and transparent remote-first compensation structure to ensure that employees have the ability to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Affirm is a growing company that has fully embraced the remote-first work environment.

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Amazon Employees (BHM1) Crush Union - 10 Things You Need to Know.

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Bernie Sanders came to Birmingham (Bessemer is in the Birmingham, AL metro) to show solidarity with the workers and apply pressure. High performers are almost always comfortable with a meritocracy and aren’t open to paying a % of their compensation in union dues.

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7 Factors To Consider While Switching Jobs

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Imagine taking a crowded metro ride first thing in the morning and then changing two other modes of commute to get to your destination. 6| Think if the total compensation package is beneficial for you. Weight your entire compensation package instead of merely focusing on your salary. Is quitting your job the first thing that comes to your mind as soon as you wake up? Is the month-on-month paycheck the only thing you look forward to?

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Job Hunting – It's a Jungle Out There

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What is the total compensation number you need to get so that you are paid what you are worth? Enter your job title (or click “all titles&# to the right), enter your zip code or state/metro area and click search. CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « Job Search – You Need to be “In It&# to “Win It&# You have submitted your CV/Resume, now what?

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NYC, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island Tech Sales | CARR (A Xerox Company)

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Performance-based earnings and competitive compensation , including UNCAPPED commissions in sales. Gas Card for Sales Reps who drive or Metro Card for Sales Reps working in NYC. NYC, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island Tech Sales | CARR (A Xerox Company) Work It Daily. CARR is a subsidiary of Global Imaging Systems – a Xerox company. At CARR, we do not fill empty seats… We hire and develop future leaders! Looking for a professional job in tech sales?

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it’s your Friday good news

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My responsibilities had definitely expanded in the past few months and I have been absolutely swamped with work lately, but I didn’t really think about it potentially affecting my salary at all, especially since I hadn’t asked or discussed compensation with my boss. (I

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Learn and Lead with Project Management


The Persimmon Group and I have teamed up to offer some Project Management classes in the Oklahoma City Metro Area. FTC Disclosure: I received compensation for mentioning the product listed above as part of one of the services I offer my clients. Home ToolBox HR About Advertising Consulting Services Speaking Press Webshow Tweet This!

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“Becoming a Consultant? – Here are 21 Smart Points to Raise”

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The reduction in employee headcount provides employers with lower overall expense, especially as to benefits and legally-required payments, such as mandated contributions to healthcare under the Affordable Care Act, Social Security, unemployment benefits, and workers’ compensation plans. Accordingly, the metro area in which the services will be primarily performed should be agreed upon in the agreement. “The second mouse gets the cheese.”. – Terry Pratchett.

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Frugality is a career tool | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

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The metro and public buses are so convenient (plus medical bills are cheap) so it might work to be both frugal and be accessible. Is this your first time here? About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Frugality is a career tool Posted to: Money February 1st, 2010 Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook I have earned a lot of money in my life. But I have never had an extravagant life. I don’t own a house.

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Have you ever gotten a job from a job fair?

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But anything sponsored by a large metro area’s newspaper and/or hosted at a hotel is basically a cattle call. About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager Have you ever gotten a job from a job fair? March 14, 2011 In response to the previous post on job fairs , a commenter asked: I have attended my alma mater’s industry-specific career fair the past few years. I’ve done most of the things you list in your article and gotten feedback that my resume is great.

in a long interview process, can I ask about salary? — Ask a Manager

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Reply Wilton Businessman January 6, 2011 at 9:11 am I think bringing up compensation before you’re even offered the job would be a big mistake. To complicate it further, I live just outside a major metro area. About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager in a long interview process, can I ask about salary? January 5, 2011 A reader writes: I had a great second phone interview with a company I think would be perfect. Originally I spoke to the recruiter/HR person.

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