“I fear workplace violence; what should I do?”

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Eugene, Oregon. Answer: Dear Bill: Workplace violence is a very, very serious subject, and one that all employees and employers, and all others, really need to treat in a serious fashion. If you would like a list of experienced employment attorneys in Portland, Oregon, you can obtain one by simply [ clicking here. ]. federal workplace safety laws, employers are responsible for ensuring a safe working environment for their employees.

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“If my company is sold, can I collect unemployment insurance.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Do I have to take my job with the new company, or can I leave and collect unemployment benefits until I find a new job? Kellie Salem, Oregon Answer: Unemployment benefits are not paid to employees based on who owns the company they work for; a sale, merger or other change in ownership is not a reason to collect. Salary, Raise, Bonus, Compensation G. Resolving Workplace Disputes P.


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Sklover Working Wisdom

They develop experience and are backed-up and supported by highly-compensated expert employment attorneys. Lake Oswego, Oregon. Need a good checklist or form agreement for a workplace issue? Lately we have received a lot of wonderful feedback.

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Prevent FMLA Tracking from Becoming a 4 Letter Word


Oregon updated their Domestic Violence leave law this year. Be able to know which FMLA leave becomes a disability leave, run FMLA leave concurrent with workers’ compensation leave, etc. How do you manage FMLA in your workplace? . Managing FMLA leave is difficult. There’s a lot to keep track of – determining eligibility, sending leave correspondence, coordinating with payroll, and return to work efforts. This is all in addition to non-FMLA leaves that keep growing in number.

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“How to request ‘ownership interests’ from Private Equity employers.”

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In the informal discussion around compensation they did not mention any kinds of ownership. Corvallis, Oregon . The first “rule” of workplace negotiation is to create or enhance in the mind of the employer a strong perception of your value to the employer. It is what negotiators, strategists and motivational experts call “alignment of interests,” and in workplace negotiations is usually an “easy sell.” Want to learn more about workplace negotiating?

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“Recording Conversations with Your Boss or HR” What You Need to Know

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Thus, if your employer’s Employee Handbook prohibits different kinds of workplace conduct, and does not mention recording conversations, you may have an effective “green light” to record. . And don’t forget that “cause” termination could result in forfeiture of unvested equity, deferred compensation, and even ineligibility for unemployment compensation.

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Check-up for self-delusion | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

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