7 Recruiting Competencies to Guide the 21st Century Recruiter


Great not just good recruiters require a different set of skills, abilities, and competencies altogether to engage, qualify and recruit talent to our organization(s). What is a Competency? A competency is defined as the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.

How To Answer Competency Based Interview Questions

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How To Answer Competency Based Interview Questions. Competency based interview questions (also known as situational interview questions) are one of the most commonly used interviews questions you will come across regardless of your industry sector.

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Is Your Online Presence Strong Enough to Compete?

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Some job seekers just don’t get how much executive job search has changed over the past several years. A spot-on, value-driven executive resume alone probably won’t land you the job you want. Like it or not, the digital age has impacted job search.

Résumé Help: Core Competencies

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Lydia has not had any response after sending out her résumé She had a smart idea to list her core competencies. The category heading, “Core Competencies,” implies only the core, essential skills would be listed.

How to Answer Competency Based Interview Questions

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If there is one thing most of my clients have in common is that they struggle with answering competency or behavioral interview questions during job interviews. The process of competency based interviewing is much more challenging. Interview behavioral competency interview question

7 Human Resources Competencies For the Modern HR Professional


This article is part of a series discussing the different competencies needed to be successful within the human resources profession. Click here to read part 1 where I discuss recruiting competencies and look for a future article on leadership competencies for the human resources industry. .

“Can a company selectively enforce non-compete agreements?”

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Question : Dear Alan: Can a company selectively enforce non-compete agreements? Another interesting note that I also know is that my employer has knowingly hired employees from competitors knowing that they also have non-competes. Answer : Dear Mike: Non-compete agreements are a very interesting – and very controversial – area of employment law. Nor have I heard of any employee or any Court raising “selective enforcement” as a defense to a non-compete.

“Are non-compete agreements binding on independent contractors?”

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While I did that, I also signed a non-compete agreement. The former company is now threatening me and this new company with a lawsuit, because they say I am violating the non-competition agreement, which says I can’t work for a competing company (a) within 240 miles, and (b) for two years. Answer : Mary, you may, indeed, have a non-compete problem: But, then again, there are many ways “out” of a non-compete problem: 1. Non-Compete's and Confidentiality Q & A

Use Core Competencies to Identify High Potential Performers

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Core competence is a bit of HR jargon that describes a unique skill that defines a company and it’s culture. ” Every company needs them and not every company has the same core competencies. If you want to figure out which employees are going to lead your company in the future, look at those who either already have the core competencies central to your company, or who have the potential to gain them.

Circle of Competence


“Circle of Competence…, ” A phrase coined by Warren Buffet in reference to selecting individuals with whom you work – individuals with whom you trust. Is your gut always right? .

“If I am not paid commissions due me, is my non-compete still valid?”

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Question : When I was hired, I had to sign a two-year non-compete. Competing companies want to hire me. Since my employer breached my commission contract, am I still held to their non-compete? Second, if your employer failed to honor an obligation to pay you commissions, you will probably have no problem defeating any attempt to enforce the non-compete in Court. I want to leave this company due to the fact they withheld $300,000 in commissions due me.

Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y Competing for Jobs?

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Because of this, job seekers are finding themselves competing with people of all different ages for the same job; people that can bring different experiences and skill sets to the position. ” So how do job seekers compete with those from other generations?

Non-Competes Are Essential to Your Retaining Your Best Employees


In the face of a growing economy and new technologies being introduced on a daily basis a non-compete has become an essential part of the technology sector. Non-competes are essential to maintain a competitive advantage and helps to discourage employee espionage.

“Can I do work ‘on the side’ so long as it doesn’t violate the non-compete I signed?”

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I signed a non-compete agreement when I started. My question is this: is it okay if I do freelance marketing for clients on my own time so long as it doesn’t violate the terms of my non-compete? Like any other agreement, a non-compete agreement means what it says, no more and no less. Most non-compete agreements are not difficult to read, or understand, for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. Question : Hi, Alan.

How to compete with Generation Z

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The question is, how do we get this lifelong learning bug now, as adults, so we can compete with the young people when they enter the workforce. We will be competing with Generation Z.

How to Defeat a Non-Compete Ten Effective Defenses

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By means of paying employees well – and by aggressively using and enforcing non-compete agreements – they had suffered few defections to competitors. . He was intrigued, and felt ready to make such a move – but for his non-compete. Morgan’s non-compete agreement prohibited him from “directly or indirectly providing services to any company that was engaged in the office furnishings industry for 24 months after cessation of employment, regardless of the reason for departure.”

Cultural Fit Trumps Competence? Maybe

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Did you see Cultural Fit Trumps Competence ? I don’t know that cultural fit trumps competence. I know that it’s critically important. For geeks, you need a minimum of technical skills and then cultural fit is critically important. I do agree with Feld that the more senior you are, the more cultural fit is critical. Because that person has more impact on hiring decisions and will make more hiring decisions than people who are less senior.

You Want HR Competencies? There's Only 3 That Matter.

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I know people are going to try and sell you on bulky, thick competency models that look great in the roll-out meeting and then no one uses. That''s as true for HR competency models as it is for any other functional area. So I''m going to give you the 3 HR competencies that truly matter.

Versatility is the Key Competency of the Future


I think that versatility is the key competency of the future. HR Job Search Work competency future of work importance of versatility in the workplace job job description versatilityAccording to futurist Thomas Frey, “ By 2030 over 2 billion jobs will disappear.” That is only seventeen years from now. The big question is will your job be one of them? In all likelihood many jobs will disappear before then. How can you be prepared to deal with this?

Grouping: A core OD competency

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Grouping is a core competency of OD. Many of us in the Organization Development field have had experience working with teams. Project teams. Committees. Boards. For the most part, team building interventions designed to improve how these teams function. But teams that are already there.

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The Future of Training Is Competencies, Not Skills


The speed of change has many companies flustered and HR and training professionals wondering what needs to be done in order to keep up with changing technology. They are asking the question “How do. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR future of work training work trends

Making Job Candidates Compete Works for Reality TV, but Not for Reality

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You see, they hire two people and make them compete and then one gets fired after 90 days and the other “wins” the position. So, I used to watch reality tv. Don’t anymore, in fact, I don’t even own a television anymore.)

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Are Your Recruiters Socially Competent? #HRTechConf


But, are any of you talking about recruiter competency in the social space? At the end of the day, you can roll out all sorts of platforms, guidelines and training, but if your recruiters aren’t competent in the execution, it could all be for naught.

The New Amazon HQ - Is the Key to Your City Winning The Competition Eliminating Non-Competes?

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That's why a recent Op/Ed piece from University of Chicago Law School professor Omri Ben-Shahar calling for Chicago to outlaw Non-Competes as a means of attracting Amazon was so interesting to me.

Google vs Uber: Why High Performers with Non-Competes Are Always At Risk When Joining New Companies.

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There's this old idea that non-competes and most types of NDA/IP agreements are either flimsy or negotiable. The talent has an entanglement of non-competes/NDAs/IP agreements with his/her current employer.

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Non-Competes and Non-Solicitation Agreements: You're a Sucker If You Don't Think They Apply To HR

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So you locked down your sales team and the techies who drive the value of your intellectual property (IP) with a solid, enforcable non-compete and non-solicitation executed at the time of hire. Of course, your top HR talent and anyone who recruits should have to sign a fair non-compete.

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Competency-Based Talent Managment Model


These combined a robust Competency Based Management and Development Model aid in creating a company culture that’s employee focused, performance based, and passionated about re-recruiting your current workforce. Competencies can be defined for job, business, or management activities.

77% Of Currently Employed Workers Compete For Your Next Job


That’s an eye-opening number if you’re looking for a job. But a recent CareerBuilder study projected that 77% of currently employed workers are searching for a new job. Let’s examine CareerBuilder’s projection. In 2010, (Continued at [link].

Should I make myself younger to compete in job market?

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Dear Deb: I work for a large aerospace company. We just lost our contract and everyone in our location has been offered the option of moving from California to Maryland or taking severance. I elected severance.

Your Competencies Aren’t The Only Ones That Matter: How to Handle a Bad Interviewer

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Understandably, when you’re preparing for a job interview, you’ll be focusing on your own competencies. However, just as there’s a skill to interviewing well, conducting an interview is also a task that requires a specific set of qualities and a certain amount of experience.

The Use of Rhetoric as an HR Core Competency


I already know that the use of rhetoric is an essential HR core competency. The ability to address a group of employees, or a group of managers and to do so with skill and persuasion should be considered core to the competencies of the human resources professional.

How to Compete Against 6,750 Job Applications in the Hiring Process


Snag a free copy of my free job search toolkit by clicking here. . Working in the world of human resources and recruiting is NOT easy.

How to Compete with a Robot

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Edward Hess, a professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business and the author of the new book  Learn or Die: Using Science to Build a Leading-Edge Learning Organization , says that artificial intelligence is the most significant human invention since fire. We’ve known for some time that AI is quickly replacing rote human tasks, but as technology  becomes more sophisticated, traditional “white collar” jobs are at risk too.

Employers Care About More Than Competence

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There have been multiple articles written in recent years about how younger job seekers too often act very poorly in the networking, interviewing, and hiring process.

Don't Apologize For Making Employees Compete Against Each Other.

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I know - you get labeled as a manipulator if you make employees compete against each other. Does that make them suspicious that you''re simply trying to get them to compete? I think that sucks. We need more competition, not less.

how can I keep my star performer, without being able to pay or promote him (while his less competent coworker earns double)?

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The 10-year, Cecil, is a competent enough engineer, but he’s slower, he often requires information that the client doesn’t have to start a project, he isn’t as capable with technology, and he lacks the personal skills to effectively coordinate with other departments. In this case, you can’t offer those things, and to add insult to injury, he has to watch a less competent colleague getting all the benefits and recognition that rightfully should be his.

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VIDEO: One Suggestion for Your New Year's Resolution - To Compete.

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How about to compete more than you did in 2011? Get off your butt and find a way to compete - even if you're staying in a job you're bored with. Find a way to compete in 2012. Looking for a New Year's Resolution? Not everyone gets a trophy. You're stale.

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The Non-Compete Sliding Scale: Degree of Talent vs. Quality of HR Pro.

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Got a call from a good friend who had been presented with the first non-compete of her career to sign. Non-competes are shrouded in mystery to many. I won''t debate the merits or enforceability of non-competes with this post, but I will shed some light to the uninitiated on how asking questions regarding a non-compete you''ve been presented with is perceived in the HR community.

Top 7 Qualities Employers are Looking for in Candidates #WisdomWednesday

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Career Management Employer Job Search Wisdom Wednesday #WisdomWednesday brian tracy Career Advice competence contacts Credibility integrity Job Hunting likability qualities Wednesday wisdom Every employer has had experience with both good and bad employees.

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Amazon Sues Target For Non-Compete: 3 Things We Can Learn (or Remember).

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Every once in awhile we get reminded of the issue of non-competes - this week is one of those weeks. Non-Competes are there to DARE you to go to work for a competitor. You can still hire a person under a non-compete, and there are ways to mitigate your risk.

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