Discrimination, Contracts, & Compliance, Oh My! #ELBC is Here!


Discrimination in the workplace, contract law, and keeping compliant are the choice topics for legal bloggers during this time of year. Discrimination. The federal court claimed that since there were no sexual advancements previously or after, the nipple twist claim was insufficient to determine it as any form of sexual discrimination. In other news technology is making discrimination easier ! Two cases filed by the EEOC talk about claims from gender discrimination.

60% of Companies Video Interview. Are You EEOC Compliant?


For hiring managers and employers, compliance can be a tricky question. This doesn’t mean you can ignore the discrimination question while interviewing, however…whether it’s in-person or through online video. The message is clear: technology doesn’t discriminate, people do.

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HireCentrix Forum :: Topic: IBM Finds Profit in Diversity (1/1)


Compliance / Legal. IBM Finds Profit in Diversity. TOPIC: IBM Finds Profit in Diversity. IBM Finds Profit in Diversity. Editors Note: Like many companies, IBM took big strides to eliminate discrimination by attempting to ignore cultural, racial, and other differences among its vast worldwide workforce. IBMs diversity task forces benefited from all four. IBM Finds Profit in Diversity. Be our Friend.

Back to School: Employment Law Blog Carnival


Mike Haberman, in Not Completing Forms Cost One Company 600,000 , reminds us of the importance of process and compliance — not doing things the right way can cost you. Employment Discrimination. This month’s ELBC theme is Back to School.

Increasing Disability Employment in the Workplace


Compliance with disability legislation. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, employers cannot discriminate in hiring or in employment. Why increase awareness about disability employment in the workplace?

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Representative Weiner's online conduct: a reminder to employers.


Compliance / Legal. sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, hostile work environment). She defends employers against allegations of discrimination and harassment in both state and federal courts, and at agencies such as the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Don’t Blame Discrimination for Gender Wage Gap. Don’t Blame Discrimination for Gender Wage Gap. Be our Friend.

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Psychometric and Profile Tests ? Are they worth it?


Compliance / Legal. » Law Firms See Increase in Employment Discrimination Suits Against Them Multiple large law firms in the United States are facing discrimination lawsuits brought on by former employees. These same firms are defending corporations across the country against discrimination lawsuits at the same time. According to the EEOC, hiring discrimination continues to run rampant. Don’t Blame Discrimination for Gender Wage Gap. Be our Friend.

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