If You Have Humans, You Need Human Resources


Compliance. And compliance? I’ve written before about the downside of relying wholly on software packages and startups for compliance and the importance of employee development is an incredibly common topic here on B4J.

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Fired Compliance Officer Strikes Back – Is Awarded $51 Million for Doing So

Sklover Working Wisdom

ACTUAL CASE HISTORY : John Slowik, the former Chief Compliance Officer of Olympus America, Inc., Slowik had worked for Olympus for 18 years, starting as a finance manager, and through a series of promotions, in February, 2009 was appointed Olympus’s first-ever Chief Compliance Officer. He had no healthcare compliance background, and had only one employee, who also had no compliance background. Begin compliance training for all employees.

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Do Grammar and Spelling Errors Really Matter in Executive Job Search?

Executive Career Brand

For example, I saw a LinkedIn professional headline with this phrase: Vice President Channel and Allinaces. For example, the following string on a LinkedIn profile headline is not good: Enterprise Architecture|Risk Management|IT SOX Compliance.

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3 Ways To Quantify Your Experience With Numbers

Career Realism

For instance, if one of your job responsibilities is tracking your company’s compliance with filing a set of forms every year, you could write that two different ways: Ensured compliance with filing of annual forms. —or—. Doesn’t the second example sound much more impressive?

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Interview Yourself To Prepare Your Resume

Career Realism

Here’s an example response: Identified high turnover indicating “too much work” and “poor recognition.” In the examples I’ve provided above, I’d want to know more: How this person “focused on positive work habits.” I’d say “give me an example…”.

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are patterned stockings unprofessional, how to list freelance work on a resume, and more

Ask A Manager

What I mean by that last part is that if, for example, her life’s work was fighting animal cruelty and it turned out that she was running a secret dog-fighting ring, then no, she’s probably never working in that field again. For example, Freelance Teapot Designer, May 2008-February 2013.) You also pointed out that the way the compliance officer phrased her response — i.e. as a recommendation rather than a mandate — left some room for interpretation.

Pursuing a Cyber Security Career

Careers Done Write

For example, the most recent proposed Department of Defense budget includes increased spending for cyber security even as it proposes slashing other programs. The following is a guest post by Erin Palmer, a contributor to U.S. News University Directory.

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Tech Advances in Healthcare Workplaces Are Wins for Patients

Water Cooler Wisdom

Here’s a typical example. So in other words, Xerox and Kno2 will worry about HIPAA compliance and ever evolving regulatory standards so busy professionals don’t have to. In the U.S., healthcare is big business, representing about a sixth of the nation’s GDP. And it’s no secret that healthcare providers have been heavily incentivized by the government to adopt better technology.

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Is this HR an Evolution or History Repeating?


He cites a few more examples of “nontraditional” HR roles in organizations like Pandora, LinkedIn and Accenture where team approaches are used or people are actually assigned to “employee experience.”

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Training and Supporting New Supervisors


A big part of a supervisors’s job is the time spent managing people; therefore, management training should include things like communication, performance management , conflict resolution, compliance and leadership. Include relevant examples in supervisory training.

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I hid my law degree from my employer, asking people to knock before entering, and more

Ask A Manager

My dilemma is I didn’t list my law degree on my resume or application for an administrative assistant in a hospital ethics and compliance department. I have worked in job for 10 months, and a compliance specialist job is now being recruited in the same department. to my boss, the chief compliance officer, while seeking the compliance specialist job? I never want to work in the legal field again but find compliance extremely rewarding and interesting.

7 Human Resources Competencies For the Modern HR Professional


An Example of an HR Competency Model. Depending on our role within human resources, we are often cast as the expert on employment law, human resources and compliance topics.

Tricky Interview Questions: Are You a Risk Taker?

Careers Done Write

However, a regulatory compliance specialist or pilot may be seen as irresponsible if they demonstrate a high-risk mentality. Those may be extreme examples.

Is Crowdfunding the Cure for Unemployment?


When one hears the word Crowdfunding they might be inclined to think about Kickstarter , an example of a web site that connects financial backers to small business start ups based on a donation.

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HR Best Practices: Going Beyond Minimum Requirements


For HR professionals, this means regularly reviewing employee handbooks and policies and making updates to remain in compliance. For example, California’s new paid sick leave law goes into effect on July 1. Some states, for example, have requirements for meal breaks.

6 Signs Your HR Processes are in Need of a Makeover


Take the movie Office Space and the infamous TPS report as an example. You have a manager (AKA compliance officer) who oversees and invents new steps, reporting vanity metrics to make the organization feel good even though they don’t depict any real improvement.

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Fact Sheet - Break Time for Nursing Mothers under the FLSA


Compliance / Legal. Compliance and Legal. The FLSA requirement of break time for nursing mothers to express breast milk does not preempt State laws that provide greater protections to employees (for example, providing compensated break time, providing break time for exempt employees, or providing break time beyond 1 year after the child’s birth). . Two recent events are telling examples of the fact that no one knows how to effectively utilize (but not abuse) the internet.

How to Compete Against 6,750 Job Applications in the Hiring Process


Example: $80,000 = 8 months) Candidates with higher salary requirements have more specific skills and qualifications that require a longer interview cost because companies are making an increased investment. Snag a free copy of my free job search toolkit by clicking here. .

Predicting Bad Employees Before They’re Bad


The algorithm reviews emails and texts looking for “employees who miss compliance classes, employees who violate personal trading rules, and workers who break market risk limits.”. But, also like that situation, such a program will only work if someone is actually caught and made an example. In 2002 the film Minority Report appeared with a plot line dealing with a special police unit of the future, in the year 2054, that was able to identify murders before they committed the murder.

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The Top Five Signs you Need an HR Person


This may work well when a company is really small, but a small business experiencing growth will reach a point when the task of managing employees and HR compliance becomes too much for that person to manage. Hiring a full-time HR person for the first time is a big step for a small business.

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Five End-Of-Year Hacks for Small Business HR


They are also potential liabilities – for example, if your dress code is different in practice than in writing you aren’t protected should one manager decide to enforce what others are letting slide.


Do This One Thing to Make the Photo/No Photo Question a Moot Point

The Job Quest

According to JobFairy.com , “Many companies won’t even consider resumes that are submitted with a picture to ensure that they are in compliance with EOE [Equal Opportunity Employment].”

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Meeting Employees Where They Are


For example, if you work in a centralized HR department for a company with multiple sites, use your time wisely when visiting other locations. For example, if you own a coffee shop that employs a lot of students, consider educational benefits. Take meal break policies for example.

When Goal Setting Goes Wrong

Ms. Career Girl

For example, brainstorming when it is appropriate and avoiding a mindset of moral justification. It’s a pitfall that can be used to justify unethical behavior, such as finding legal loopholes, hiding accounting truths or avoiding compliance violations.

The real value of diversity

Penelope Trunk

I got a lawyer from Chicago to sue the schools for their incredibly poor compliance with IDEA. For example, I can say, “yes, sheep, pigs, cows, chicken.” I could have 100,000 chickens and two lambs for example.

Part One: HR Basics for Small Businesses #hrbasics


Examples of polices that should be in your handbook include at-will employment, attendance, leaves of absence, safety, security, disciplinary action, overtime and standards of conduct.

Ban the Box is a Joke. The Real Solution to Hiring Candidates with Felonies


Additionally, employers must also be in compliance with local laws as well as the Federal Credit Reporting Act or (FCRA). For example, I can’t hire someone with a history of DUI’s who would be driving a forklift for the majority of their job responsibilities.

Top Careers of the Future

Resume Bear

For example, tasks that were previously performed by doctors, nurses, dentists, or other healthcare professionals increasingly are being performed by physician assistants, medical assistants, dental hygienists, and physical therapist aides.

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Preparing for Employment Law Changes


For example, California’s Department of Industrial Relations has a page dedicated to the new sick leave law. Sometimes laws allow for certain choices or multiple ways to be in compliance with the law. Last fall, Governor Jerry Brown signed California’s paid sick leave bill into law.

The Future of HR: Managerless Companies?


But he made short order of that section, and as an HR professional with experience in compliance I have a few more questions about this arena. For example: Are sexual harassment claims investigated by committees?

Employee Engagement: 33 Keys for Engaged Wellbeing

David Zinger

Placebos are examples of caring made tangible. Compliance is the anemic byproduct of power. Employee Engagement and Engaged Wellbeing with Attitiude. A Heretic’s Manifesto of Engaged Wellbeing: Let’s think (and act) differently just for the health of it.

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How to Hire Backwards with Boomerang Employees


link] is you would like to see an example of what a company has been doing. He specializes in compliance issues for his small business clients. Boomerang Employees Can Fill the Talent Gap.

how can I get other managers to stop giving my team last-minute work they knew about in advance?

Ask A Manager

There are contexts where the type of advance notice you’d like isn’t realistic (for example, political campaigns, where things change on a dime and part of the deal is being able to roll with that), but it doesn’t sound like that’s the case here. But there are also offices where, as justified as you’d be in feeling that way, really doing that wouldn’t fly, because it would mean refusing to take on work that was more important to the organization than systems compliance is.

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Recruiters: Setting Up on Your Own, Can You Do Better?

The Undercover Recruiter

If you must, for example if you need to test for say IT, admin, creative roles, then there are plenty of deals out there, esp those which lease/rent by the month. I was officially difficult to manage as I won’t accept compliance for the sake of it, nor do I believe one size fits all.

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You Should Tear Up Your Employee Handbook and Start Over #SHRM14


One of my favorite example, someone shared and example of having a policy for making coffee. I am not a lawyer (and I don’t play one on TV) and I know that we “need” to have handbooks in play for legal and “compliance” (imagine me saying that with air quote gestures) –let’s set that aside for a moment and just talk about your people. I’m coming to you from sunny (and hot, even for a Texan) Orlando, FL where I’m #SHRM14.


Should the Unemployed also be Unemployable?


Compliance / Legal. Two recent events are telling examples of the fact that no one knows how to effectively utilize (but not abuse) the internet. Be our Friend. Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. Local. Blogs. About HireCentrix. Advertise. Contact Us. My Profile. Share Your Experience. Submit an Article. Login / Register. Support Us. HCX Jobs. Search. Explore Articles. Category Info. Business/Client Dev & Marketing. Career / Personal Dev.

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10 Ways to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic

Ms. Career Girl

For example, check out my friend Matt Cheuvront’s blog tour. Some of you will choose not to publicize your blog to your social networks due to compliance issues at your day job.

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Time Off Requests for Exempt and Non-Exempt Employee


As an example, if the employee is absent for two full days to handle personal matters, those two days may be deducted from the employee’s salary without having an effect on the exemption. He specializes in compliance issues for his small business clients.

I’ve been told to implement a decision that I think is unethical

Ask A Manager

For example, we often underpay employees, don’t give raises, and push healthcare premium increases onto them. I don’t know enough about the ACA compliance process to know if this is legal or not, so I’m going to take your word for it that it is. A reader writes: I’ve been working in Human Resources for about four years, two of them in my current organization.

Traditional Retirement Just Isn’t for Me


I have two great examples to follow in people I have admired. Thus I write about compliance. I usually write about the future of work in this column and while I’m doing so again today, I’m making it personal. I am going to be talking, in a sense, about my future and the future of others near my age. This was prompted by an excellent piece published on LinkedIn and Uncommon Wisdom Daily called Why are So Many Saying ‘No’ to Retirement? Getting Personal for a Moment.