18 Job Boards Perfect for Diversity Recruiting Compliance Efforts


This is especially important if you are a federal contractor and required to focus on good faith efforts for nine protected classes that include: 1) Age (over 40), 2) Disability, 3) Genetic Information, 4) National Origin, 5) Pregnancy, 6) Race/Color, 7) Religion, 8) Sex and 9) Veterans. HR diversity diversity hiring diversity recruiting good faith efforts HR compliance OFCCPJob boards remain an excellent way to engage talent, especially diverse candidates.

Fired Compliance Officer Strikes Back – Is Awarded $51 Million for Doing So

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ACTUAL CASE HISTORY : John Slowik, the former Chief Compliance Officer of Olympus America, Inc., Slowik had worked for Olympus for 18 years, starting as a finance manager, and through a series of promotions, in February, 2009 was appointed Olympus’s first-ever Chief Compliance Officer. He had no healthcare compliance background, and had only one employee, who also had no compliance background. Begin compliance training for all employees.

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Ep 71 – Importance of Compliance with Employers Insurance Benefits


The topic of compliance in employer benefits is of growing importance, due in part to the new reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act, and because several benefit administration companies have recently been questioned about reporting, licensing and compliance issues. Having a broker you like, know and trust can go a long way, especially now, when change is the only constant thanks to new regulation, compliance and the ACA.

Discrimination, Contracts, & Compliance, Oh My! #ELBC is Here!


If you’re a small company and you don’t extend a formal offer, you might want to based on the information he presents in this current article. Compliance. There is a lot of debate out there especially with the recent Honeywell case that talks about employers collecting too much information when it comes to an employee’s personal life. With 2015 quickly coming there are a few compliance issues that companies shouldn’t wait to start.

Let’s Eat! Meal Break Policies & Employee Compliance


The decision stated that employers must provide a meal break in compliance with California regulations , but they do not need to ensure that the break is taken. STRIVING FOR COMPLIANCE. In what ways have you ensured compliance with your meal break policy?

Compliance, Risk and Ethics Officers – Best Practices to Gain Job Security

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In 2008 I represented Joseph Sullivan, a Chief Compliance Officer of New York-based hedge fund Peconic Partners. We initiated Sullivan’s lawsuit in New York Supreme Court, claiming, in essence, that objecting to compliance failures was Sullivan’s very job, and so Peconic’s firing him for doing his job was a breach of his employment contract. No Court in New York had ever made such a ruling on behalf of compliance, risk or ethics officers, but we were determined to change the law.

60% of Companies Video Interview. Are You EEOC Compliant?


For hiring managers and employers, compliance can be a tricky question. First, let’s take a look at what the EEOC says about using online video interviews , then we’ll take a tour through some ways to improve the compliance of your interview process. Video Interviews. Are you Compliant?

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Promising Conventional Careers 2011: Administration, Health, and Records

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Paper handling and filing occupations of the past have disappeared with better computers, information technology, and outsourcing. When researching career information, make sure to use BOTH the O*NET (occupations below link to it) and the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH).

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Do Employees Read Break Room Signage Anyway?


The initial deadline date in which to post these signs was in 2011, but the final, final, final date for this labor law compliance was moved back to April 30, 2012. Do Employees Read Break Room Signage Anyway?

Fact Sheet - Break Time for Nursing Mothers under the FLSA


Compliance / Legal. Compliance and Legal. This fact sheet provides general information on the break time requirement for nursing mothers in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”), which took effect when the PPACA was signed into law on March 23, 2010 (P.L. Employers with fewer than 50 employees are not subject to the FLSA break time requirement if compliance with the provision would impose an undue hardship. Where to Obtain Additional Information.

3 Neglected, But Simple, Personal (Social) Branding Strategies

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Move such information to your Summary section. Here are a few examples of good LinkedIn Professional Headlines: Senior Change Management Executive – Operational Excellence, Performance Management, Risk Mitigation, Compliance.

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3 Ways To Quantify Your Experience With Numbers

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For instance, if one of your job responsibilities is tracking your company’s compliance with filing a set of forms every year, you could write that two different ways: Ensured compliance with filing of annual forms. —or—.

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Can Your LinkedIn Profile Replace The Traditional Resume?

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It’s also an informal way of introducing yourself so that contacts have a better idea of who you are and what you’re capable of doing without having to go into much finer details. The resume also offers more formality to applying for a job and HR needs it to support EEO compliance audits.

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Pursuing a Cyber Security Career

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Working as an information security professional requires an interesting blend of knowledge, ethics and the ability to think like a hacker. For more information please visit [link]. The following is a guest post by Erin Palmer, a contributor to U.S. News University Directory.

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5 LinkedIn Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Job Search

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It is also helps you network – connecting with contacts who may help with identifying job opportunities, referrals, and offer advice and information. When there’s no photo, it also sends the message that there may be incomplete information.

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Researching a New Career: Green Jobs

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Green jobs may be within one of these fields: renewable energy, energy efficiency, pollution reduction and recycling, natural resource conservation, and environmental compliance. With so many Americans out of work, searching for a job can be a challenge.

To Be Transparent or Not To Be Transparent at Work


Some leaders use transparence as part of a trust building strategy but if trust is already very low, employees will wonder about the leader’s motive for sharing the information, they expect some type of corruption of motive.

Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of People Analytics

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People analytics involves the practice of extracting information from existing data sets in order to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. Yet there is fear: fear of risk and compliance issues, fear of a lack of available talent to leverage data insights, and fear that data is simply too “all over the place.”.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

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Another reason companies use applicant tracking systems is to ensure compliance with EEOC rules so Human Resources will insist that every resume goes through these systems. She will login to the applicant tracking system and see candidate information sorted by ranking order.

9 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting and HR


Information and learning reinforcement is key and AI might be the answer. Your employees have questions, need support and possibly customized training, learning and career pathing information that a boss or leader can’t provide. HR Compliance and Case Management.

How To Demonstrate To Employers That You’re The Best Talent

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Performance may be measured based on lowered cost-per-hire, improved retention, increased performance and compliance. This is the information that will matter to employers – to demonstrate you are the right talent for the job.

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5 Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile So Recruiters Can Find You

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If it’s not set to be public, employers and recruiters won’t have access to see your information unless they become a connection. Get a Free Resume Evaluation or call him at 800.909.0109 for more information.

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CHRO Turnover Expected to Be 50% in 2015


HR grew up in throws of process, compliance and risk aversion. They entice you to take the opportunity to build a compliance program or HR shared services team. We were not promoted to be bold, brazen or assertive. We were hired, promoted and trained to be administrative.

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Restricting Social Media at Work

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Please check out this interesting infographic by Compliance and Safety, a vendor of safety training videos. This graphic highlights some interesting information on browsing social media sites at work and the impact on productivity.

Is A Career In Finance Right For You?

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A chartered accountant is a financial expert, their job is to provide honest information about financial records, including financial reporting, taxation, auditing, business recovery and insolvency, and general accounting systems and processes.

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Tech Advances in Healthcare Workplaces Are Wins for Patients

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Considering this massive influx of cash, everyone hoped that all providers would immediately enter the 21 st century, becoming fully digital so that patient information could easily flow from one system to another. And anyone in that network can quickly send information back. So in other words, Xerox and Kno2 will worry about HIPAA compliance and ever evolving regulatory standards so busy professionals don’t have to. In the U.S.,

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Fake Job Reference Services: Watch Out!

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As with any background check, follow the applicable laws regarding notification and documentation to applicants, signed releases for obtaining information and disclosure of any results that adversely impact a candidate’s eligibility for hire.

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Good Job Descriptions Make Good Hires


Compliance. This level of specificity allows the company to craft questions designed to elicit information about an applicant’s ability to perform essential functions while maintaining compliance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act or state and local disability laws.

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How to Align Cloud Tech to Elevate HR’s Strategic Business


How do I do my job of being forward thinking and strategic while making sure my department remained in compliance but not solely focused on these administrative tasks? Don’t forget to get more information on the HR Technology and Product Reviews here at Blogging4Jobs. .

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What is Human Resources (HR)?


2) Compliance – many non HR folks don’t realize the extent of compliance within their organization. If you are wondering what is human resources, the best source of information is talk directly and ask a member of your human resources team.

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Career Profile: Human Resources Manager

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This involves management of staffing strategies, recruitment, compensation and benefits, training and development, employee welfare, regulatory compliance (such as EEO), and labor relations. For more detailed information on this career, check out these resources.

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4 Keys to The Future of Human Resources Technologies & #HRTech


Hot on the heels of Glassdoor’s $50 million Series C funding announcement, it’s safe to say that the human capital industry which finds its roots in compliance and regulations, is one of the hottest areas of opportunity for technology.

5 Top Blogs of the Week


Navigating Through Compliance when Hiring in a Highly Regulated Industry: Hiring in a highly regulated field takes skill and attention to detail. This week featured on Talent Circles, read about how to navigate through compliance when hiring in a highly regulated field.

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10 Ways to Take Your Job Postings to the Next Level


Both have the ultimate goal of converting a candidate into an applicant, however, the job posting provides more specific and in-depth information to help the candidate make a purchasing decision: applying to work at your company.

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Move Over Twitter. Snapchat is Newest Social Recruiting Strategy


I won’t get into the potential employment law implications using Snapchat and their lack of storage and compliance purposes in the US because this company is in Ireland not the United States. Snapchat is a great tool to share with friends and randoms quick photos and now video quickly.

Your Digital Dirt May Have Just Gotten Messier

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I’ve been writing about employers who Google candidates prior to interviewing them or hiring them for some time, but the stakes on using information found online to make a hiring decision just got higher.

5 #HRTech Trends Emerging This #HRTechConf


Workplace Answers acquires Click 4 Compliance for undisclosed amount. The application itself isn’t always apparent for the end use, but rest assured it’s helping us make smarter and more informed than ever before.

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Your End of Year HR Checklist


Remind Your Employees to Update their Information. Its also a great time to remind them to update anything else in their employee profiles such as the emergency contacts, dependent information — even their learning records, certifications, and degrees. Think Compliance.

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The Great Divide Between HR Decisions and Day One: How to Meet the Challenges of 2015


Some of these challenges aren’t new for HR; they have always had to find talent, reduce attrition and maximize retention, while handling compliance issues around regulations or legislation. Now, employers need to make sure they are securing their employees’ Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Mobile-friendly technology, paired with service and support, must be leveraged to handle administrative tasks, meet compliance hurdles and secure data.

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7 Ways to Avoid the Black Hole of Online Job Applications


The companies use the posts for HR compliance. Be Prepared Before you Apply: Have your resume, cover letter, contact information, and calendar all set. The allure is so great. Go online and find thousands and thousands of jobs or internship postings.

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