5 Trends Uncovered at HR Technology Conference #hrtechconf


The 2014 HR Technology Conference was a busy one with lots of new announcements, products and enhancements. Many companies are tackling this problem differently from engagement software platforms like Globoforce to gamification tools and improved survey and influence mapping tools within organizations. Move Towards Metrics & Analytics. Metrics and analytics are helping us move away from gut check HR and recruiting practices. HR HR tech hr technology conference

Ep 97 – 3 New Emerging HR Technologies #hrtechconf


Many of those I’m interviewing won’t be in the expo hall at the HR Technology conference in Chicago, IL, next week. Founded the company to provide insight to measure alignment across metrics and those initiatives using a holograph and a 360 measurement. Sierra-Cedar HR Technology Survey. Many of those I’m interviewing won’t be in the expo hall at the HR Technology conference in Chicago, IL, next week.

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Episode 5: 3 More Emerging HR Technology Startups #HRTechConf


In preparation for this week’s HR Technology conference, this special episode focuses on three additional mini interviews with three founders and CEOs. Swing back the TalentCircles (Booth 1347) at HR Technology conference. The 2014 CareerXRoads Source of Hire survey (link below) found that employee referrals were the highest candidate source of hire at nearly 20%. For more information about Reppify stop by their Booth 1243 at the HR Technology Conference.

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The Best Social Recruiting Insights of Your Week


Last week, I had the pleasure of being a part of the Talent Management Alliance’s Social Recruiting conference. The content, speakers and overall programming of this smaller, more intimate conference was exceptional. Social is free, but you have to resource it … you have to understand your metrics, and figure out what is important to you.”. Opening up the conference, Gerry Crispin of CareerXRoads, shared some key thoughts from the most recent Candidate Experience Survey.

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How to Create a Living Resume

Ms. Career Girl

Sales jobs, meanwhile, lend particularly well to metrics. To stay apprised of the latest industry trends, you’ll want to subscribe to trade journals, attend conferences and local networking events, join Webinars, and participate in online forums. In fact, a 2015 survey by national staffing firm Addison Group found that 90 percent of hiring managers said they’ve noticed when a resume isn’t tailored to the role in question.

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Let’s Play the Recruiting & Hiring Manager Blame Game


No amount of powerpoint presentations, excel spreadsheets and strongly worded conference calls is going to help me recruit effectively. Bad Recruiters Don’t Use HR Metrics. On the other hand, recruiters don’t solicit feedback or consider turnover as an human capital and HR metrics worth measuring or even monitoring. The use of recruiting and HR as your employee performance scapegoats is no more. I’m tired of being thrown under the bus.

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A New Way to Envision Onboarding

Water Cooler Wisdom

At this year's  SilkRoad Connections conference, IDC Research Director Kyle Lagunas discussed the impact that social and mobile technologies have had on the candidate experience. Those organizations that have embraced more modern recruiting practices are grappling with old metrics. The world of work is changing, and talent acquisition is no exception.

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The Social Conundrum for HR: Is There One?


While at a conference a few years ago, several of us stood around, dark circles under our eyes, squinting to read the Twitter handles on name tags, grasping at topics not yet run dry. The dark circles were not brought on by conference parties, as many might suspect, but by late night blogging and creations of the next day’s social media strategies. Effective Metrics. Social Media is exhausting. Let me restate, doing social media right is exhausting.

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What Do All These #HRTech Acquisitions Really Mean?


Only recently have they been investing in conference sponsorships and expo exhibits. This data comes from Jobvite’s 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey. Margins are larger when you own the product you are selling, and most importantly you have access to the data and metrics of organizations as well as competitors. Check out our list of HR technology mergers, acquisitions and fundings by clicking here. .

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Employee Engagement Dialogue with Jennifer Schulte from Mars, Inc.

David Zinger

We have a few conference rooms for confidential discussions that need to take place and meetings, but otherwise everyone up through to our CEO just has a desk out in the open. So, the interesting thing when I started surveying and talking to those folks and interviewing them was they didn’t really recognize what they were doing. It’s not accountable for the survey and the data; it’s accountable for the behavior and the ongoing work. [19:13].

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HR LunchBreak: Affecting the VALUE of Your Workforce


Surveys & White Papers. As a result, HR can also lead the way toward defining key results or performance indicators for every job description- hard and fast metrics by which the strength of your workforce can be analayzed. e has written and presented numerous HRCI-certified seminars in the areas of recruiting, employment branding, social media in HR, and employee engagement; and has been a featured speaker at several state HR conferences and trade associations.?lais

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Announcing: Brazen Careerist Top 50 Places to Work | Penelope.

Penelope Trunk

This survey gets at almost none of that. It will get attention, but it is a survey that is laughable in its utility. i would be willing to bet if you surveyed a good sample of gen y-ers, the preferences would be all over the place. Both aim to empower but, the metrics, method and, scope of success are quite different. If you were to survey GenY'ers pink slipped by these companies would they have the same feelings about the standings of their former employers?

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