Exciting Career Prospects In The Fast-Paced Construction Industry

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Engineering and construction have always been popular career choices for students. The construction industry forms about 6%-9% of the US GDP and the 2012 revenue for the industry is estimated to be around $1.73 Construction of buildings. Heavy and civil engineering construction.

The State of Sourcing in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The guys at SourceCon have constructed this infographic to give more details. Hiring Infographics Recruitment Sourcing 2013 2014 LinkedIn Recruiter sourcers state wage Sourcing – what does it look like across various recruitment companies all over the globe?

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Is Your Industry Prepared for a Labor Shortage?


With ongoing low wage growth perhaps there is not enough incentive to join the workforce. Plant operation, rail workers, construction workers, maintenance and repair positions will also experience shortages. HR labour participation rate labour shortage low wage growth

5 Things to Watch Out for In Friday’s Job Report


In addition to key indicators like overall employment and wage growth, I’ll be digging into the report for information on regional and sector disparities, youth employment trends, underemployment and where America stands in the global employment picture. Wage Growth. Quarter after quarter, wage growth has been so slow as to be measured in single digit fluctuations, a little bit up, a little bit down, but for the most part, slow and steady.

Jobs Friday: 211,000 Jobs Added in November


November’s BLS report shows all the trends we saw in October – more jobs, low but unchanging unemployment and no gain in wages – holding steady. While most commentary on this month’s report is focused on that long promised rate hike from the Fed, I’m more interested in that lack of movement in wages. Wages, though, aren’t rising – and that’s bad. Other sectors, including construction and tech, continue to boom.

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“How can I stop my resume from being used for unauthorized purposes?”

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Published on September 7th, 2010 by Alan L Sklover Question: Alan, I recently received a telephone call inviting me to apply for a position with a construction management company. Overtime, Commissions, Unpaid Wages O.

Promising 2011 Careers that Match Your Personality

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While it's true accountants, engineers, nurses and practically any occupation in the sciences is the ticket to good job opportunities and wages, there are many other options, with a variety of education and training requirements.

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Top 5 Workers Compensation Claims


Industries such as construction and healthcare account for the largest majority, but accidents can (and do) happen in every industry. Clumsy people have continued to spark laughter and lighten up the workplace for years.

New 2012-2022 BLS Employment Projections: What Career Counselors Need to Know

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The construction industry is recovering, but not yet to 2007 levels. For example, lawyers continue to get a high growth and median wage marks in the BLS data. The U.S.

ResumeBear: 10 Industries Most in Need of Skilled Workers

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But in some fields, like molecular diagnostics for example, not being able to find specialized lab workers is putting great stress on the industry and driving wages higher as training programs struggle to produce more qualified grads. Construction.

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Top Careers of the Future

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Occupations with the fastest growth Occupations Percent change Number of new jobs (in thousands) Wages (May 2008 median) Education/training category Biomedical engineers 72 11.6 $ 77,400 Bachelor’s degree Network systems and data communications analysts 53 155.8

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5 Ways to Boost Employee Satisfaction

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And not only that, make sure to pay them a fair wage as well. And most important, when offering criticism, do so in a constructive way while also relating positive feedback to company personnel.

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Action Verbs For Your Resume

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Constructed. Waged. The challenge in beginning a sentence that will outline your accomplishments is finding attention grabbing but appropriate action verbs throughout your resume. Without these action verbs your resume will be lifeless and boring. I listed below some action verbs that could help you breathe life into your accomplishments: Here is a list of accomplishment-stimulating verbs: Accelerated. Accentuated. Accepted. Accessed. Accessorized. Accommodated. Accomplished.

10 Things That Haven’t Changed For Women In The Business World

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The Wage Gap. Women are still having trouble breaking into traditionally male-dominated fields such as construction or plumbing. Remember that old cigarette ad that proclaimed: “You’ve come a long way, baby?” It was introduced in 1968 by Virginia Slims, which linked smoking with female empowerment and equality. When we look closely at women in the business world, however, we may not have come as far as we think.

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Top Four: Job Growth Low, But Job Losses Low Too


With that said, they move on to break down some aspects of the report, looking at sectors that are experiencing unusual growth or contraction: the auto sector is looking better; the energy sector is looking worse; residential construction looks good, but construction otherwise is confusing. But “full employment” doesn’t take into account underemployment, poor wages, and discouraged workers. The BLS jobs report is out and the news is… murky?

7 Sweet Summer Jobs for Teachers

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As a teacher, you should qualify for more than just a position as a counselor, so look for a job that involves some administrative or supervisory responsibilities to earn a higher wage. Responsibilities include supervising youth, construction and, in some cases, being on call at night.

Feminism fails because women lie to each other about work. Oh, and go Cubs!

Penelope Trunk

There is a war between women who construct their lives as lies and women who believe them. The women waging war are the the ones who talk about how they magically give nothing up. I’m in the Houston airport waiting to fly home and I am sad that I’m not with my kids.

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Don’t Let Your Job Title Define You

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If these students knew they’d wind up in retail, I’m sure they wouldn’t have added a $300 loan payoff on top of minimum wage! You can’t help but construct arguments and identify fallacies! In 2013, 1.7 million students will graduate from college and enter the workforce. Roughly 340 thousand students (20%), will become underemployed. This means a life of retail with college loans to pay off, in addition to living expenses.

Young Person Unemployment – Is the Higher Educational System at Fault?

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There were similar findings in the construction industry as well, with only 123,000 people trained for the 275,000 jobs available. This high unemployment rate and demand for jobs means that employers are able to pay low wages.

Don’t Let Your Job Title Define You

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If these students knew they’d wind up in retail, I’m sure they wouldn’t have added a $300 loan payoff on top of minimum wage ! You can’t help but construct arguments and identify fallacies! This article is part of an exclusive month-long program on CAREEREALISM to help readers break free of The Golden Handcuff Effect. Click HERE to learn more about the Professional Emancipation Project, a.k.a. The P.E.P. In 2013, 1.7

Trouble with Turnover: Employer Concerns About Retention Increased by 200% [Infographic]


Things like pay bands, raises and determining an employee’s hourly wage feel alot like banging your head up against a brick wall. Don’t forget to download PayScale’s 2013 Compensation Best Practices Report. It’s worth a read. Click here. .

The Curious Case Of Overtime And Productivity

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There’s no dearth of examples that relate a good sleep with high performance, but that will only happen when time is utilized constructively. Overtiming leaves them with enough reason to care only about their wages.

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The US Economy Added 156,000 Jobs in September


Wage growth continues to be slow but has risen by 2.6% Mining, manufacturing and other resource sectors continue to shrink, but somewhat surprisingly, construction, which has been relatively robust, showed little change over last month.

Obama’s American Jobs Act: Job Seekers Should Target Small Businesses

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percent for the first $5 million of a company’s wage bill, which Obama claimed will reach 98 percent of small businesses.  If you’re a teacher, police officer, firefighter, or construction worker, you may find additional job opportunities opening up as a result of Obama’s plan.

Attempts to Make the “Gig” Economy Work Fall Short


They have constructed a “ Memorandum of Understanding ” that forms an agreement to cooperate in the prosecution of misclassification. A livable wage. The “new way to work” is in an all-out battle with government regulators.

Top 10 Tips for Finding an Electrical Apprenticeship

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Speak with JTL – JTL are the UK’s leading provider of apprenticeships in the constructions sector. You will also be able to command a higher wage if you do find a job in which to complete your portfolio of work. Related posts: Crucial Information for Finding Job Opportunities in the Construction Sector. So you’ve decided you want to become an electrician. You realise that in order to fully qualify you need to be taken on as an apprentice.

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101 Important Life Principles To Live By Every Day

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Stop trying to conform to the image of beauty constructed by the society and embrace the beauty that is you. Read: How To Give Constructive Criticism: 6 Helpful Suggestions. Time : is a construct created by man so we can have structure in our lives.

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How to Choose Your Battles and Fight for What Matters

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You need to choose battles where the benefits of waging each battle outweigh the costs. Instead, coach him/her and provide constructive feedback. Read: Stop Shaming, Start Praising: What I Learned From Growing Up in a Shaming Culture and How to Give Constructive Criticism in 6 Steps.

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The US Turtleconomy Is Basically Ok


Service, healthcare and construction continue to grow. It also continues to be the case that although unemployment is low, many American workers are trapped in part time and low wage jobs which offer them little hope for future advancement.

Your City or County Probably Doesn't Break Even On Amazon Distribution Center Jobs.

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The study also found that average warehouse wages, based on total wages, do not increase when Amazon opens a warehouse in a county. That could be because Amazon hires a mix of part-time or hourly and salaried employees, keeping overall wages down.

NLRB Case Against Boeing Puts Obama on Defensive, Proves Power of Appointed Seats.

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And it was not the wages we’re paying today. s complaint, saying it came when construction of the factory in North Charleston, S.C., And the NLRB files this suit - after construction is almost complete.

The most boring jobs in the USA


Constructions typically pays a good, solid living wage. There are some construction jobs that pay well but come with the high price of supreme boringness. The people who stand guard at the front of the lots, often in tiny booths, get rewarded with low wages and a level of boring that gets close to data-entry. Most of us have seen “The Office” or the movie “Office Space.”Scenes

What Job Seeker’s Really Want From Employers. Q&A with Taylor Grey


To prevent that, why don’t companies consider paying an actual livable wage for all positions? We’re capable of understanding constructive criticism and tailoring our approach. The Candidate Experience According to Taylor Grey.

company is taking us to a musical mocking religion, custodian might be taking my food, and more

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Should I just let this go, because while she’s paid a living wage, it’s a lot less than I make and I don’t know her situation — she might be food insecure? Is this just something I’m going to have to suffer through, or is there a constructive way to respond? It’s four answers to four questions. Here we go…. Company wants to take us to a musical disparaging religion. My company has bought us tickets to go see The Book of Mormon as a company bonding experience.

Revealed: 6 Explosive Tips To Help You Find And Secure A Job You’ll Love

Ms. Career Girl

You can apply them to roles in any industry, whether it’s construction or IT. The role might be voluntary, or you may get a token wage while you work. The post Revealed: 6 Explosive Tips To Help You Find And Secure A Job You’ll Love appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

Revealed: 6 Explosive Tips To Help You Find And Secure A Job You’ll Love

Ms. Career Girl

You can apply them to roles in any industry, whether it’s construction or IT. The role might be voluntary, or you may get a token wage while you work. The post Revealed: 6 Explosive Tips To Help You Find And Secure A Job You’ll Love appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

Quit Fantasizing About Quitting and Burning It All to the Ground


That’s only natural, but my mistake was in snapping at him, rather than deal with the problem constructively. A woman won the lottery and celebrated by defecating on her boss’s desk. So the story goes.

What Really Works In HR Blogging? Feelings~


When it comes to inequality in the workplace, flattening wage growth or various and sundry economic disasters, disappointment is fair, honest and good. Last week Proven.com shared an analysis of the top HR blogs and what really makes their content work.

7 Career Tips for the New Year | Career Rocketeer

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A side benefit is if you are unemployed and sitting home x-hours a week doing nothing constructive, this is a great resume builder.

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Avoid, If You Can, The “Obsolete Job” Trap

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Notice that each of these occupations involve discreet transactions involving money that have, to a large extent, been either offshored to low-wage locales, or transformed into computer tasks. . Many services that require human interaction are being transferred to lower-wage, lower-benefit locales in the name of “productivity.” “My father worked for the same firm for twelve years. They fired him. They replaced him with a tiny gadget, this big.