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Adecco’s CEO for a Month Internship

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This is the second year Rich Thompson ( @rich18thompson ), Chief Human Resources Officer, Adecco Group North America and I talk about this once in a lifetime program where one person will shadow and travel with Adecco’s senior leadership and executives. 76% of organizations use contingent labor to enhance their workforce and close talent gaps in various roles. · For Adecco, the “can-do” attitude becomes a dress rehearsal, more often than not, they hire the intern full-time.

Employment Law, Labor Unions & Social Media


The campaign was so successful, despite being enjoined in court following a filing by DPS for trademark infringement, that the campaign was featured as part of a panel on social media at the International Labor Communications Association’s ( ILCA ’s) annual conference, held in Washington D.C I can’t stress strongly enough that this stuff is developing rapidly, and that HR managers need to pay attention to these types of campaigns, and prepare contingency plans for dealing with them.

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