Closing Candidates: A How-To in a Hot Job Market

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Candidates seeking employment no longer go months without returned phone calls, but rather, quite the opposite. This candidate, who was directly recruited out of her organization, had to choose from one of four offers – all with a 10% increase in base salary and a significant equity component.

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What You Need To Know About Working With A Recruiter

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Related: How To Write A 30-60-90-Day Plan That Gets You The Job Offer. There are two basic types of recruiters: Internal and Contingency (third-party) Recruiters. You then have to interview for the job, just like any other job seeker would.

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What You Need To Know About Working With A Recruiter

Career Realism

Related: How To Write A 30-60-90-Day Plan That Gets You The Job Offer. There are two basic types of recruiters: Internal and Contingency (third-party) Recruiters. You then have to interview for the job, just like any other job seeker would.

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The Role Of Headhunters In Recruitment

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They are paid by clients on a contingency or a retained basis. The client selects the candidate who is most suitable for the job based on interviews and external references. Check out these related articles: How To Answer 7 Of The Most Common Interview Questions.

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employer asked for references after I’d already been hired, good bosses from TV and movies, and more

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The new company made me a firm offer and I accepted. Incidentally, I had three interviews with this company (phone interview with the HR person, technical phone interview, and was flown in for an in-person interview) and, although I was prepared with references, I was never asked for them and didn’t think to provide them proactively. I’d say this: “Is your offer not final and/or are there remaining contingencies attached to it?

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wet Speedos in the office, my manager has gone AWOL, and more

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Company paid for interview travel — and now wants to be paid back. As a finalist for an out-of-state position, a colleague traveled for the interview, and the hiring company paid for airfare and hotel. Once offered the position, my colleague declined based on concerns regarding the hiring company, including comments made during interview process. XYZ Company agreed to cover the costs of the interview travel. I have a phone interview coming up.

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how can I get a job description, what heels are too high for work, and more

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I just left an informational interview that made me a bit heartbroken. I tried to steer back to the issues, but all he could offer was that the CEO and the Number 2 were horrible people who don’t care about their employees. Or that he’s one of a small disgruntled contingent. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Should I believe my contact’s warning about his horrible organization?

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Why Do Long Interview Processes Fail? (win a professional resume.

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Corn on the Job Wisdom for Job Seekers Blog About Archives COTJ Blog Roll Corn Heads Contact Subscribe Why Do Long Interview Processes Fail? Top talent moves fast, so why do companies insist on interview/hiring processes that take forever? Offer presented.

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who should pay for coffee at a business meeting, age discrimination, and more

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I graduated college when I was 24 and am now 27, and while I’ve been applying to places for the past three years, I really haven’t gotten any offers. I’ve already conducted a phone interview for the position and have an in-person interview tomorrow afternoon. Also, I know that leaving the internship if a full-time job offer came my way would be contingent upon the terms discussed before the internship offer was accepted.

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employee doesn’t want to work when it snows, interview expense shenanigans, and more

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My question is: can I tell my employee that he should be making some sort of contingency plan for himself so he can get to work in the winter, whether it means getting up early to shovel out, hiring a plow service, putting on snow tires, or whatever makes getting to work possible? Employer wants a letter from my current job before they’ll reimburse my interview travel expenses. There are several recent applicants who have passed the phone screen.

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employee’s emotional outbursts might be hormone-related, coworker marks most of her emails as “highly important,” and more

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Flying out for an interview when I’m a finalist with another company. I visited the home office at their expense last week ,and I still have one more phone interview to complete later this week. I have also been invited to fly to Company B for a set of on-site interviews. Here is the issue: Company A has not made an offer but it is likely that I will have one in the next two weeks. Continue to interview with both. It’s five answers to five questions.

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my manager’s boss wants us to complain about my manager to his face, inconsiderate meeting times, and more

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But in retail, the scope of your job is probably clearly enough not tool creation that you probably could make the offer. I have accepted a contingent job offer, and they have verified over ten years employment history, education and salary. It’s silly, because they shouldn’t be asking about your salary at all — but places that (wrongly) base your salary offer off of your salary history want to be sure that you’re giving them accurate information.

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I have read that not including your address makes it look like your hiding something (which maybe I am, although I would be willing to explain my situation in an interview). However, be prepared to be asked in phone interviews if you’re local, and if you’re not, to encounter the same difficulties that non-local candidates often encounter. I am therefore actively interviewing.

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16 months after leaving job, still getting hassled by old boss

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That has “crazy&# written all over it, and reference-checkers will get it (especially if you can offer up other strong references). Now, as for references … I highly, highly doubt that a bad reference from this guy is the reason that you’re not getting interviews.

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my boss asks us to pick up his lunch for him — Ask a Manager

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He never offers to buy us lunch. He never offers to buy us lunch. Just offering to be the courier – not paying for everyone). She was a low level manager, and since no one else is apparently qualified to take her position within the company, my manager offered it to me.

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