Differences Between Hiring a Contractor or Consultant

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In my session at Agile 2015, ( Agile Hiring: It’s a Team Sport ) one participant asked me if I hire contractors the same way I hire employees. The one difference is the offer—instead of a yearly salary paid in some form of incremental approach, contractors get a dollar/hour over a timeboxed period. One of the people in my session called contractors “consultants” and tweeted about it. I expect a contractor to provide extra pair-of-hands services.

Independent Contractors Are Your New Human Capital Advantage


Having now been a freelancer and independent contractor and consultant for going on 6 years, I love nothing more than taking on a new project, challenge and helping my clients achieve their business goals and dreams. The pace and change I craved in the corporate world is satisfied in my changing projects as a independent contractor and contract worker. How Independent Contractors Help Your Business. HR Work consultant contractor freelancer indepdent contractor


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Hiring a Contractor vs Hiring an Employee

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When deciding whether to hire someone directly or to offer someone contractor employment, there is more to consider than you might realize. You may think that it’s simply your decision—do you want this person to be a regular “W-2” employee or do you want this person to be a “1099” contractor? The IRS strongly regulates whether someone is a contractor or an employee. Control Freaks Shouldn’t Hire Contractors. A contractor needs the freedom to work how they choose.

Can You Switch a Full-Time Worker Into a Contractor?

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She just got a new boss, and he wants her either in the office full time or to change her status to a contractor. How much do we pay her as a contractor? To read my answer, click here: Can You Switch a Full-Time Worker Into a Contractor? The post Can You Switch a Full-Time Worker Into a Contractor? We have a longtime employee who asked to work from home after having twins. She’s been working from home for a year now successfully.

6 Steps to Quickly Onboard an IT Contractor

Undercover Recruiter

6 Steps to Quickly Onboard an IT Contractor Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Recruiting hr tech it contractor steps tech skillsFor those working in HR, recruitment and resourcing agencies, the process of enabling a candidate and client to get the best out of contracted work involves several key elements. Throughout, there needs to be an effective line of communication so that both parties are singing from the same hymn sheet, and the agent is getting.

Working Online: Self-Employed Contractor

Boomers Next Step

The post Working Online: Self-Employed Contractor appeared first on Boomers Next Step Helping Baby Boomers Reinvent Their Lives Through Online Lifestyle Business Education and Career Advice. Working online is a growing phenomenon, and Peter Drucker’s comment explains why.

Independent Contractor or Employee? The Basics

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Ira didn’t see any difference between what he did and what the law firm’s associate attorneys did, and wondered why he was considered an “independent contractor,” and they were considered “employees,” and why he was not entitled to all of the benefits they were. These labels include “employee,” “partner,” “independent contractor,” “vendor” and the like. What is an independent contractor? On the other hand, independent contractors have certain advantages that employees do not.

The Risks and Rewards of Independent Contractor vs. Employee

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This is a Guest post. If you would like to submit a guest post to CareerAlley , please follow these guest post guidelines. Good luck in your search. Joey Trebif. Search Millions of Jobs. Where. job title, keywords or company. city, state or zipcode. Jobs by. Career advice Careers Job Search Jobs

Should You Hire Someone Full-Time or Stick to Contractors?

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There are more freelancers and independent contractors than ever before, thanks in part to the availability of short-term gigs from businesses and the rise of new technologies that enable remote work. But if your business is growing quickly and you’re in need of more help, is an independent contractor going to be enough to serve your needs, or should you hire someone on full-time? Advantages of Independent Contractors. We’re in the middle of the age of the gig economy.

Contractors Versus Full-Time Employees – Which Is Right for You?


Business HR contingent workforce contractors part-timeEmployment has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. The days when someone graduated high school or college and then went to work for the same company until retirement age are now long past. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

Learning the Difference Between Employees and Contractors in Today’s Gig Economy

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Gig workers made headlines recently with California passing new state laws that require companies to turn most contractors into employees. Whether we call them freelancers, consultants or independent contractors, they are everywhere. Some of you reading this are part of the army of independents in the HR war of contractors vs employees. To keep reading, click here: Learning the Difference Between Employees and Contractors in Today’s Gig Economy.

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Why Hire Junior Contractors? | Hiring Technical People

Hiring Technical People

Skip to content Johanna’s Site What I can do for you Workshops and Training See me Speak Email newsletter Contact Johanna ← Interviewing Ability May Help Your Career Focus on Your Experience → Why Hire Junior Contractors? Posted on July 27, 2008 by johanna George Dinwiddie asked me a question in email, “Why do companies hire junior-level contractors? How long do your contractors last?

How To Be A Successful Independent Contractor

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talks about why becoming an independent contractor is not only important but going to become the norm by 2020. The post How To Be A Successful Independent Contractor appeared first on CAREEREALISM. Career Lab career lab independent contractor pip professional independence project Welcome to our new show Career Lab that airs on Wednesday at 2pm EST. In this Professional Independence Project inspired episode, J.T.

No Sickie Zone: Why Contractors Don’t Take Sick Days

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Why don’t freelancers and contractors take sick days? The latest data from Contracting Scout’s Contractor Confidence survey shows that contractors are a committed part of the UK’s workforce, with the majority not having had a sick day. No Sickie Zone: Why Contractors Don’t Take Sick Days. Employer contractor freelance Freelancer ill pull a sickie sick sick day unwellIs it because they lose out on their day rate?

4 Ways The Right Contractor Will Make The Basement Renovation Easier

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That’s where the advice of a reputable basement contractor will come in handy. Here are some of the ways the contractor will make the renovation a lot easier. That’s because the contractor has plenty of experience with basement finishing and knows what it takes to convert the basically raw space into something functional. Call today and arrange for a contractor to visit the home and take a look at the space.

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75% of Defense Contractors Report Snowden Incident Has Changed Their Security Practices

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A new survey finds that defense contractors are facing many of the same cybersecurity strains and vulnerabilities as most enterprises. defense contractors – in the wake of the Edward Snowden data breaches and at a time when national cybersecurity is under unprecedented scrutiny. This represents a potential privileged access problem wherein contractor employees without such clearances may have easy access to sensitive government data.

“Does an independent contractor have a duty of loyalty?”

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Question : If an independent contractor is a subcontractor to a business, can the independent contractor bid against that business on a totally unrelated project? That is, does an independent contractor have a duty of loyalty, like an employee has? Also, can an independent contractor be liable for anything under the law of agency? An independent contractor has only those duties to its client that it has agreed to.

What Hiring Benchmarks Mean for Federal Contractors


As part of the 2014 updates and enhancements to the OFCCP requirements, federal contractors are required to meet or exceed what is referred to as hiring benchmarks for two specific groups of employees and candidates: 1) Veterans 2) People with disabilities What is a Hiring Benchmark? Federal contractors are expected to hire specific protected categories that […] Source.

The Strange Reason Walmart Hired a Defense Contractor

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So, why would they need to contract with the defense contractor, Lockheed Martin? To keep reading, click here: The Strange Reason Walmart Hired a Defense Contractor Walmart sells just about everything-from groceries to garage doors to guns. But, they don’t sell fighter jets (at least, not yet). Turns out that Lockheed Martin, has a division that does intelligence gathering , and Walmart hired them to gather data on pro-union employees and activists.

Hiring a contractor for your home or office: what are your responsibilities?

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While there is nothing to indicate that you should not hire an independent contractor for your construction needs, you need to be aware of your responsibility for health and safety. If you provide tools or kit to your contractor (such as face masks or ladders) and the item fails, it is your responsibility – but that is if the person who was injured due to the failure can prove that they did not adapt or move the equipment provided.

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“Are non-compete agreements binding on independent contractors?”

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Question : I worked as a 1099 independent contractor, and not as an employee. I left there and I am now working for a different company, also as an independent contractor (not an employee.). A non-compete agreement (sometimes called a “non-competition” agreement) between a company and an independent contractor is presumptively binding and enforceable. I was paid no salary, but only commissions. While I did that, I also signed a non-compete agreement.

Finding the Best Painting Contractors Houston TX Offers

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The post Finding the Best Painting Contractors Houston TX Offers appeared first on Ms. When you want the best painting contractors Houston, TX can provide to you, you want to look to Allen Painting and Sandblasting as your solution. The post Finding the Best Painting Contractors Houston TX Offers appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Commercial and industrial painting is unlike any other type of painting that needs to be done.

How to Develop a Strong Contractor Relationship

The Undercover Recruiter

When recruiting a contractor, it is vital to source the perfect candidate for the job role and the company. As independent contractors don’t have the same compensation benefits and employment rights as full-time workers, it can be easy for them to leave a job if they become dissatisfied with the arrangement. Should this happen, you are likely to sever ties with both the contractor and client as you have been unable to live up to your end of the deal.

Contractor Case Files: Solving the Two Major Pitfalls of Going Solo

Ms. Career Girl

Being a contractor or freelancer is not all it’s cracked up to be. Securing a regularly compensated, full-time position a traditional and safe bet, but if you are more of a risk taker becoming a contractor can be highly profitable. To be able to best secure a financial planning partner, ask for freelancer/contractor specific plans. Contractors usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to securing mortgages. Do you have tips for contractors?

All the Best Uber Drivers I've Had Want to be Contractors, Not Employees.

The HR Capitalist

If you follow Uber at all (ride-sharing instead of taxis for the uninitiated), you probably saw this week that a court in California declared an Uber driver an employee instead of a contractor. Which is to say that a lot of liberal sources think it's a travesty that Uber can manage its company on the back of contractors. It's easy to agree with that, but here's the dirty little secret - the best Uber drives don't want to be employees - they want to be contractors.

5 Web Apps to Improve Your Productivity as an Independent Contractor


Independent contractors face some unique challenges. Without an in house IT department, marketing team or accountant, a freelancer shoulders all of those responsibilities for themselves. Many freelancers do everything they can to avoid the administrative half of their job, but like a xenophobe in the city, there is no escaping it. Luckily there are a [.]. Productivity Tips Apps

Three Reasons to Use a Written Independent Contractor Agreement

MBO Partners

An independent contractor agreement is a key document that defines project details, secures legal protection, and establishes classification status. Three reasons to use a written contract in your next engagement

New Diversity Training Requirements for Federal Contractors

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The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) just released the guidelines for federal contractors. If your business is a federal contractor, then your diversity training needs to stay within these guidelines, which means staying away from stereotyping and scapegoating.

Is it okay to note that you're a contractor on your linked in profile?

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Is it okay to note that you're a contractor on your linked in profile while you continue to look for a perm position? For example, if you are a contract project manager working through an agency for a company, you would write it like this: Green Engineering (via Henderson, Clark, and Associates), Phoenix, AZ Project Manager/Contractor (2012 - Present). Hi Debra, I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I'm currently in a contract position.

Go Your Own Way By Setting Up As a Contractor

Corn on the Job

Contractors are often unsure of which structure is most appropriate for their business. You need to protect yourself if you’re setting up as a contractor. Some contractors have apprentices or someone to offer them general help, while others need someone more skilled. If you work in a hands-on job, you’ve likely learned a lot from various people.

Working With Product Design Contractors & Consultants


I’ve spent a good majority of my career both as a consultant to a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types of businesses. From startups looking to get off the ground. To larger headcount industry leaders who are seeing specific struggles with certain aspects of their execution and looking for a specialist to help resolve it. And I’m about to share some of t

Hire Junior Employees; Think Harder About Contractors | Hiring.

Hiring Technical People

Skip to content Johanna’s Site What I can do for you Workshops and Training See me Speak Email newsletter Contact Johanna ← Focus on Your Experience When Someone Offers Help, Accept It → Hire Junior Employees; Think Harder About Contractors Posted on August 11, 2008 by johanna In the comments to Why Hire Junior Contractors? , To me, hiring a contractor as an extra pair of hands, when those hands need to be trained, doesn’t make much sense.

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Top 200 Federal Contractors to Work For

Resume to Referral

First published by Government Executive in 2010, the following represents the top federal contractors to work for. In part, ranking was based on the financial total of defense and civilian contracts awarded. Lockheed Martin Corp. Boeing Co. Northrop Grumman Corp. Raytheon Co. General Dynamics Corp. L-3 Communications Holdings United Technologies Corp. BAE Systems SAIC Oshkosh Truck Corp. Bechtel Group Inc. URS Corp. McKesson Corp. KBR Inc. Computer Sciences Corp. Battelle Memorial

contractor deleted shared files I paid for, it is OK to discuss a firing with others, and more

Ask a Manager

This post, contractor deleted shared files I paid for, it is OK to discuss a firing with others, and more , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. Contractor deleted shared files that I still need.

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contractor wants a raise 2 months after starting, fired for no reason, and more

Ask a Manager

Contractor wants a raise two months after starting. She knows it would be hard for us to onboard a different contractor until that’s over. She isn’t aware that we’ve actually cut back or let go of other contractors given the tough economy this year.

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are these unreasonable expectations for a part-time contractor?

Ask a Manager

In fact, they have a very consistent history of hiring contractors into full-time roles! Is it reasonable to expect a part-time contractor to be super responsive to all emails and have open availability for calls and meetings on a daily basis? They sound like they’re otherwise a company you want to work with, and it’s good that they have a track record of following through on promises to hire contractors into full-time work (which isn’t always the case).

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what to do when your employer illegally treats you as a contractor

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A reader writes: My question relates to being a 1099 contractor for a consulting firm. I was under the impression that I would be working with the rights and privileges of an independent contractor. As an independent contractor, can they require this of me? In looking at the IRS website, I was under the impression if they control when/where/how I work, I am no longer a contractor but an employee.

handling the government shutdown: an open thread for federal employees and contractors

Ask a Manager

I’m hoping you would be willing to host an open thread for federal employees and federal contractors on handling the government shutdown. stop putting your salary history on your resume why are contractors treated like second-class citizens, boss enters without knocking, and more handling the government shutdown: an open thread for federal employees and contractors was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. A reader writes: I’m a longtime lurker.

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my employer made me a contractor without telling me, sitting down at trade shows, and more

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My employer made me a contractor without telling me. At some point near the 18-month mark, they switched me to contractor status without informing me. I don’t think that there’s any requirement that they inform you if they change your status, but there is a requirement that they assign you the correct status, and I’d be curious to know if you met the legal definition for an independent contractor or not. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

employer wants to illegally treat me as a contractor, rather than an employee

Ask A Manager

The woman who interviewed me — who is also the CEO — has told me this full-time position will be “independent contractor” status. Note from Alison: These things are part of the government’s test for whether a position qualifies as an employee or an independent contractor.) For instance, part of their test is that if the employer controls when, where, and how you work, you’re generally an employee, not a contractor.).

Changing Careers? Top 5 Essential Things to Know

Career Copilot

Your Career career change educational technology independent contractor skills and experience volunteeringThe economic climate ha given rise to an increasing number of Americans looking to switch careers. For many, this means heading back to school to gain new skills in a different market. While bailing on one career and pursuing another can seem like a daunting task, particularly when you are headed into middle-age territory, a [.].

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why are contractors treated like second-class citizens, boss enters without knocking, and more

Ask a Manager

Why do some people look down on contractors and freelancers? I’m a freelance writer contracting at a large company, and I’ve noticed that some people tend to look down on contractors and freelancers. The row of cubicles that my fellow freelancers and I sit in right now is jokingly referred to as “Contractor’s Row.” In some companies there’s a culture where contractors are indeed seen as second-class citizens.

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“Becoming a Consultant? – Here are 21 Smart Points to Raise”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Agreements and Contracts Going Out on Your Own Independent Contractors Monthly Newsletter Library Unique Situations“The second mouse gets the cheese.”. – Terry Pratchett. ACTUAL “CASE HISTORY ” : These days, as employers are seeking to limit employee-related expenses, yet retain the services of valuable individuals, they are increasingly turning to the hiring of individuals not as employees, but as independent consultants.

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