Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Within Your Business

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But what about more essential functions like HR and payroll? If they also work on site instead of remotely, you must add the cost of a desk, chair, the real estate to house them, and any onsite perks you offer, like daycare or kitchen facilities for lunches and breaks. Either you pay a fee for a service such as HR or payroll services or you pay a straight hourly rate or contract rate to a freelancer.

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private payroll. First, during the real estate and technology booms, wages were bid up in a free-for-all which left small businesses struggling to compete. Struggling to compete against VC backed dot-coms, Fortune 500s, banks and the real estate industry, entrepreneurs hired candidates who oversold themselves and then failed to deliver the goods. Give us contractors!

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His last assistant was a real estate agent and contracted and worked for a percentage of sales. The IRS rule on contractors versus employees doesn’t require the employer to provide your work tools. Basically, that rule lets employers structure their relationships with employees however they want (more or less); it’s really about ensuring that they don’t treat people as contractors (by not paying payroll taxes) when they shouldn’t be.

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