Finding the Best Painting Contractors Houston TX Offers

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The post Finding the Best Painting Contractors Houston TX Offers appeared first on Ms. You not only want a service that is going to provide you with a competitive and reasonable price quote but you also want the company you hire to be one that has the type of industrial experience you can count on to do the job right for you. When you want the best painting contractors Houston, TX can provide to you, you want to look to Allen Painting and Sandblasting as your solution.

“Are non-compete agreements binding on independent contractors?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question : I worked as a 1099 independent contractor, and not as an employee. I left there and I am now working for a different company, also as an independent contractor (not an employee.). A non-compete agreement (sometimes called a “non-competition” agreement) between a company and an independent contractor is presumptively binding and enforceable. I was paid no salary, but only commissions. While I did that, I also signed a non-compete agreement.


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What Kind of Worker Are You? Job Classifications for Tax Purposes

Ms. Career Girl

For the most part, there are two types of workers — employees and independent contractors. Once you know, the difference between independent contractor vs. employee can come into play throughout your professional life. Are you an employee or independent contractor?

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5 Tips to Turn Your Passion Into a Lucrative Side Hustle

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Do you have the skills to command a fair price for your products or services? Set Your Pricing. One of the hardest parts of starting a side hustle is determining your price. From there, choose a markup price that will yield a profit you’re comfortable with. Here are a few examples of target audiences to help you get started: Side hustlers offering a professional service should create profiles on freelancer or contractor websites.

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Cube Rules Links – November 29, 2013

Cube Rules

Here’s what I saved for you this week of Thanksgiving here in the United States: The secret to stress free work It’s not what you think… 3 steps to get out there despite hating your job Of course, you can only hate your job for so long before, you know, you should go get a different job… 5 steps to owning an online reputation The Google Authorship point is worth the price of admission on this one.

2013 131

Can Uber-Like "Surge Pay" for Call Center Workers at Zappos Work?

The HR Capitalist

My friend Paul Hebert has a nice post up on Surge Pay for Call Center workers at Zappos, a concept that''s built on the surge pricing model at Uber, the ride sharing service. Go check out Paul''s post , and here''s a description he used of the concept: Surge Pricing is based on the concept used by Uber , the taxi-disrupting car service, where they increased the cost of their service based on demand in the market.

2015 108

Buying Foreclosed Real Estate – Reality vs. Reality TV

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As an example, suppose a property has a purchase price of $200,000 and is re-sold for $250,000. To the purchase price is added the cost of acquisition, holding, and renovation. From the sales price is deducted the costs of sale, typically 8% of the sales price. The key is knowing what to look for and obtaining advice from real estate, title, and contractor professionals to guide your purchase.

6 Key Benefits of Becoming an Electrician


Make sure to develop a business plan that covers your company’s goals, financial situation, services, and pricing information. If you’re interested in taking steps towards becoming an electrician, work to obtain your Wisconsin contractor’s license in order to start working. .

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short answer Saturday: 6 short answers to 6 short questions

Ask A Manager

Here we go… Figuring out pay as a contractor I have never worked as a contractor but was contacted about a potential contract job and asked to provide my pay requirements plus gas cost. Keep in mind that as a contractor, you’ll be paying your own payroll taxes and won’t be getting benefits like health care or paid time off. Reply Charles March 20, 2011 at 12:59 pm “Figuring out pay as a contractor.&#

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Focus on Doing What you Love – Delegate the Rest

Competitive Resumes

Many pay a serious price for trying to be all-encompassing, whether it’s sustained levels of high stress, a secret but persistent fear that you aren’t good enough. . You, your clients, your contractors, and your loved ones. Networking, marketing, thought leadership, event delivery, product development, social media, relationship management and more – a life coach business demands a myriad of skills and abilities akin to the personified swiss army knife.

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Keep Up The Job Search Wherever You Are

Career Alley

You can search for full or part-time jobs, contractor positions, internships and freelance opportunities. JobJuice is available on iTunes for iOS devices for $14.99, which may seem quite high, but it’s usually less than the price of a book or manual on using social media for your job hunt. A dedicated job search takes eight hours a day , writes Career Cast. But with a smartphone or tablet, you don’t have to spend all of that time at home on the computer.

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Every Home Improvement Question Answered Right Here


Be sure to get the best price by gathering estimates from a minimum of three roofing companies. A good roofing contractor will help you decide. Most homeowners have had the thought of improving their home at some time in their lives. However, when the homeowner is inexperienced, home improvements can seem tough to accomplish. Continue reading to learn great advice that will help get you on the right path with home improvement.

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Every Home Improvement Question Answered Right Here


Be sure to get the best price by gathering estimates from a minimum of three roofing companies. A good roofing contractor will help you decide. Most homeowners have had the thought of improving their home at some time in their lives. However, when the homeowner is inexperienced, home improvements can seem tough to accomplish. Continue reading to learn great advice that will help get you on the right path with home improvement.

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The Frightening Fact New Grads Should Know Before Entering The Workforce

Career Realism

Contract jobs rose in popularity in the last 15 years when employers realized they could save a substantial amount of money on payroll, employment taxes, and benefits by hiring contractors. The initial allure to the contractor was a guaranteed salaried job after ‘proving themselves’ worthy during the contract period as well as less dedication. Many companies also abuse the law which protects contractors and requires that businesses pay per hour worked, including overtime.

2014 76

Three Roadblocks in the Way of the Freelance Economy


If you have been reading about the future at all you know that I and others have written about the rise of independent contractors or freelancers as a force in the world of work. The USDOL and the IRS have rules about what makes a worker an Independent Contractor or an employee. They don’t know about taxes, they don’t know about accounting, or marketing and sales, they know little of proposals, or pricing or closing a deal.

Certified Tips To Become A Successful Real Estate Agent

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To Be A Successful Real Estate Agent: Have an in-depth knowledge of the local market, its trends and neighborhood pricing to not have any tongue-tied moments while dealing with the clients. Keep in contact with the reputed builders, contractors, lenders, appraisers, financers, title companies and insurance providers to offer the best service to your clients. The post Certified Tips To Become A Successful Real Estate Agent appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

11 Quick Tips For Launching a New Business

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You can always source contractors for more affordable pricing, rather than big ad companies. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit; in fact, I’ve encouraged that go-for-it spirit into my kids- my tween daughter thought of, launched and is successfully running her own business. I love offering my two cents when it comes to launching a new business- I’ve made my mistakes, have learned from them, and am now enjoying seeing Woombie, my brainchild, flourish.

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Essential Tips for Buying a Home in Your 20s

Ms. Career Girl

By that time it's realistic to have recouped the initial home cost – approximately 2-5 percent of the purchasing price. Additionally, if your investment requires a lot of urgent and initial maintenance, you might be more susceptible to untrustworthy vendors or contractors. Before committing to any contract, check out sites like Angie’s List or reference industry resources to determine the quality and price-point you should be expecting with each job.

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Even at Apple, People Quit Bosses, Not Companies.

HR Capitalist

That''s why a recent post over at Medium from a former Apple contractor (who identifies himself) is so unique. Here''s how a guy named Jordan Price describes his experience working at Apple as a contractor : "Then my immediate boss (known at Apple as a producer), who had a habit of making personal insults shrouded as jokes to anyone below him, started making direct and indirect insults to me. It''s easy to discount the take from Price and tell him he needs to grow up.

2014 69

A New Method of Flexible Work


I have also written about the contractor or Freelancer economy and how a large portion of the Millennial generation will be working in very flexible work arrangements. I, and others on Blogging4Jobs, have written about the future of work and adapting to the needs of future workers. The company Uber has provided one example. Now a company called TaskRabbit is providing another. Tasks when you can do it.

2015 101

4 Different Tools to Help Your Business Grow

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Meanwhile, for independent contractors, such sites can often pay far less than if they found their own clients because numerous other freelancers tend to make offers below-market value pricing. Today, when businesses talk about tools, they usually refer to conceptual tools; in other words, software. This is because these tools can make a huge difference in helping a small business grow.

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update: my employee gave me an “it’s her or me” ultimatum

Ask a Manager

I have a feeling Laura might leave on her own and I’m preparing to bring the shipping contractor back on board if that’s the case. This post, update: my employee gave me an “it’s her or me” ultimatum , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

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Best Laser Measures Under $100

The Corporate Con/noisseur

That’s why laser measures are typically the tool of choice for contractors, homeowners, architects, flooring professionals, and insurance adjusters. However, for the price it does a phenomenal job and works extremely well. Best Laser Measures Under $100.

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Have a ‘Pre-Existing Creation?’ Protect it in Interviews and Job Offers

Sklover Working Wisdom

For a few years, she was on her own as an independent contractor, but was now a mother of two young girls, and had become far more interested in the comfort afforded by a weekly paycheck. That is, over the course of several years, on her own time she had developed what she referred to as her “Golden Goose,” which was a computer program she had created entirely by herself, years ago, while working as an independent contractor. “Create with the heart; build with the mind.”.

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Your One-Stop Guide To Outsourcing: Why You Should Outsource and How To Get Started in the Next 20 Minutes

Personal Excellence Blog

There are online portals such as Elance and Odesk where you can find contractors from all fields. It takes time to find a good contractor. There are plenty of good contractors out there. This is where outsourcing portals come in handy because you can see the full job history of each contractor who applies, including reviews left by past clients, overall earnings, average hourly rate, and so on. Evaluate the proposals; Select your contractor.

2012 75

15 Companies that went in another Direction

Resume Bear

Through a series of investments and buyouts, the company that started in 1870 first selling radios, and then rubber and tires, became a government aerospace contractor in the 1990s. Today, Mattel is the world’s largest toy company, creating Fisher Price, Barbies, Hot Wheels, board games, and even American Girl dolls. Ball Aerospace is the 99th largest defense contractor in the world.

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I need a job ASAP! I am desperate! What should I do?

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Is there a skill you can leverage as an independent contractor? If not, are there any you can contact to see if they have any special discounted membership prices? Someone I know told me she had been looking a long time and said, I need a job ASAP! I thought I would share my reply so others could benefit. Well, before we talk about what you should do, we need to diffuse a bomb before it goes off. You will need to deal with the desperate state overflowing from your veins.

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What’s your excuse? “I can’t afford …”

Write Solution

There are just some things that fall out of my price range. … professional coaching or additional education, but sipping high-priced lattes, daily. An eye-opening “I can’t afford” story comes from a caller (we’ll call Arnold) several years ago: Arnold sought a six-figure contractor position overseas, and came to me as a referral. Photo by o5com via Flickr. Granted.

2012 62

4 Critical Lessons I Learned After Getting Laid Off

Career Realism

I was hired by this company as a contractor and promised a salaried position at the end of the contract period. As a contractor, I put in extra hours I wasn’t compensated for, I went above and beyond and I did additional work and in the end it was all for nothing. As a contractor, I was protected by law to only work the 40 hours I was eligible to be paid. Michael Price is the author of What Next? I remember the first time I was laid off like it was yesterday.

2014 80

Going Solo—Five Tips for Beginning Freelancers

Resume Bear

Whether you’re a business consultant, a contractor, a writer, or a photographer, deciding to branch out on your own is a big step. Not only can people find you online, potential clients can visit to see work samples, credentials, and pricing information. So, you’re going freelance?

“What is NOT Confidential Information – 10 Guidelines for Resumes, Interviewing and Online Chatter”

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Due to strict confidentiality rules, all I can tell you is that I have no idea what I am doing.”. Saying on a Coffee Mug. ACTUAL “CASE HISTORIES ” : On your resume, in your interviews, and during online chatter, you will no doubt want to portray yourself in the best light possible, including great education, great experience, and thus great value. Might what you write and say violate your duty of confidentiality to your employer?

2015 116

Fake LinkedIn Profiles: Connect, Ignore or Flag?

The Undercover Recruiter

Dozens of fake profiles will likely achieve more connections than one authentic profile, thus allowing the creator to gather e-mail addresses, Twitter handles and any other information that can be sold to spam sites, sites that promise to increase your connections or followers for a price, or worse, any pertinent info that can be used for identity theft. By: Bernard Goldbach. I entered the recruiting industry about the same time social media started gaining popularity.

2012 67

Why Now Might Be The Perfect Time To Quit Your Job

Career Realism

As jobs have essentially become dwindled down to nothing more than a paycheck, it is now incumbent on the worker to ensure that they build a brand for themselves that’s well diversified and allows them pivot into one of four categories of work: employee, entrepreneur, contractor or freelancer. Michael Price is the author of What Next? I talk to people everyday, students, fans who follow my work, readers who’ve read my book, friends, family, and so on. QUIZ: Should You Quit Your Job?

2014 77

How Your Break Room Make or Break Your Organizational Culture


Workers who really need a break tend to wander outside for sunshine or even a stroll in the rain, two things no contractor could accurately replicate indoors. As employees enjoy a hearty meal for free or at a discounted price they are sure to come away feeling appreciated and the more good energy created in the break room the more it will be thought of as a place to unwind when a break from everything else is needed. . Are Employee Break Rooms Considered Workplace Perks ?

my coworker quit but our CEO is pretending he’s still here, having to pay to work at an event, and more

Ask a Manager

He agreed to stay on as a contractor until the company could hire someone to fill his position, but then he was offered less than he asked as a contractor and severed ties with the company completely.

2021 41

Tiny Details Update – An Assembler’s Point of View

Telecommuting Journal

We send you back your $55 deposit PLUS the product price ($50 to $200) PLUS your postage for sending the product to us. in the hole for the price of the kit and the price of the new, sturdy craft knife. Remember, you’re an independent contractor, too, so if you manage to earn more than $600 profit in a year, you’ll have to also pay taxes on that $3/hour.

2012 100

Uber Drivers Are Not Employees. What This Means for Other Gig Workers.

Evil HR Lady

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) just ruled that Uber drivers are, indeed, contractors and not employees. This news made Uber’s stock soar but there’s more to this than just a stock price. This ruling can impact your business if you use contractors or can affect you if you (like me) work in the so-called “gig economy.” ” Uber Drivers as Contractors is Unsurprising.

Moving Out

Evil HR Lady

A set price was never agreed on, or truly determined. Most newspaper delivery jobs are done by independent contractors. (Or If she was an independent contractor, she would have been provided with (most likely) a 1099 for the same purposes. I have a friend, a really good friend whose father got remarried and they moved to the stepmother's house. My friend, recently turned 18 or 19 at the time, was told to expect to pay room and board.

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Moving Out

Evil HR Lady

A set price was never agreed on, or truly determined. Most newspaper delivery jobs are done by independent contractors. (Or If she was an independent contractor, she would have been provided with (most likely) a 1099 for the same purposes. I have a friend, a really good friend whose father got remarried and they moved to the stepmother's house. My friend, recently turned 18 or 19 at the time, was told to expect to pay room and board.

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my client is calling me 7 times a day

Ask A Manager

But as a contractor, I’m splitting my time between several projects and can’t offer full-time availability to Citizens for Better Teapots. As a contractor, that’s not something I can do. A reader writes: I work as a consultant for a few small nonprofits (that is, I’m not an employee and I work remotely). For a variety of reasons, I prefer to conduct most business via email.

2014 82

Seven Short Q & A’s on Sunday

Sklover Working Wisdom

I really don’t want to go back to being an independent contractor, with no sick days, no vacation days, or decent benefits. Gayle, your Q & A was sponsored by: VistaPrint – Business Cards, PhotoBooks, Stationary and More – Great Prices! Question 1: What should I do if, after being relieved of my daily duties, I learn of what seems a compliance breach? I am senior management for a non-profit.

2011 116

should people who sell MLM products put “business owner” on their resumes?

Ask a Manager

The law considers them independent contractors. And that makes sense: They don’t set their own pricing, make branding decisions, or control product development, manufacturing, or distribution. A reader writes: My sister and I have a difference of opinions on whether an MLM (multi-level marketing) consultant could put “business owner” as their title on a resume.

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Little White eBook of Homeshoring Jobs

Telecommuting Journal

It’s reasonably priced at $30 And here’s how they presented it: A 1-page Title Page A 1-page Introduction: Using this Resource An 8-page Table of Contents A 16-page Section One – An Intro to Virtual Call Center jobs that includes the following information: The Importance of Doing Your Research The Importance of Doing Your Research So, What is Homeshoring?

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