“Are non-compete agreements binding on independent contractors?”

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Question : I worked as a 1099 independent contractor, and not as an employee. I left there and I am now working for a different company, also as an independent contractor (not an employee.). A non-compete agreement (sometimes called a “non-competition” agreement) between a company and an independent contractor is presumptively binding and enforceable. I was paid no salary, but only commissions. While I did that, I also signed a non-compete agreement.

my employer made me a contractor without telling me, sitting down at trade shows, and more

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My employer made me a contractor without telling me. At some point near the 18-month mark, they switched me to contractor status without informing me. I don’t think that there’s any requirement that they inform you if they change your status, but there is a requirement that they assign you the correct status, and I’d be curious to know if you met the legal definition for an independent contractor or not. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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Nurse? Or Travel Nurse?

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As it turns out, that isn’t necessarily true anymore, if you become a Travel Nurse. And here’s the really cool part: Travel Nurses can often make more than their stationary sisters. Or Travel Nurse? Featured Job Search Travel nursing travel nurse

how to reject an internal candidate, I can’t afford interview travel, and more

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I can’t afford to travel for interviews. It’s generally in people’s best interests to be specific though — at some point interviewers are likely to ask, and if they’re looking for someone with experience managing large teams and you’ve only managed small ones or contractors or something like that, it’s a waste of your time not to surface that before you interview. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

short answer Saturday: 6 short answers to 6 short questions

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Here we go… Figuring out pay as a contractor I have never worked as a contractor but was contacted about a potential contract job and asked to provide my pay requirements plus gas cost. Reply Charles March 20, 2011 at 12:59 pm “Figuring out pay as a contractor.&#

Edward Snowden: No Degree, Lied on His Resume, Promptly Hired for 122K a year.

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As it turns out, Booz Allen Hamilton (who provides a LOT of contractors to the NSA and the Federal Government as a whole) found some issues with Snowden''s resume, but what the hell?

5 Business Buzzwords to Leave Behind in 2016


AirBNB is a homesharing service, not a travel firm and hotelier. The gig economy is supposed to be the partner of the sharing economy – workers respond to the parcelling off of full time work and the movement of employees to contractors by embracing freelancing full-time.

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How to Align Cloud Tech to Elevate HR’s Strategic Business


I outsource housework to my housekeeper once a week, a contractor to help with our master bedroom remodel and the lawn service to tackle the jungle that is my backyard. Learn more about our HR Technology and Product Reviews here at Blogging4Jobs.

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Your One-Stop Guide To Outsourcing: Why You Should Outsource and How To Get Started in the Next 20 Minutes

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I toyed with the idea of outsourcing last year but only fully embraced it in February this year, after I returned from my 7-month long travel. There are online portals such as Elance and Odesk where you can find contractors from all fields. It takes time to find a good contractor.

Going Back To Work With A Disability

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Other accommodations may include flexi-timings, travel assistance, reduced number of hours on site, work-from-home options, part-time work options, private resting area, and so on. Going back to work with a disability can be daunting, but it can also be looked at in another way.

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Is the Future of the Desk a Coffee Shop Table?


We read a lot about the future of the workforce and how it will be composed of a lot of independent contractors who do not work for regular employers. More and more workers are liberated from having to travel to a corporate desk by the modern technologies of Wi-FI, “My-Fis”, and 4G devices.

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weddings that conflict with major work events, should travel time be included in a lunch hour, and more

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Should travel time be included in a lunch hour? Would you think it’s expected that I build the 20 minutes of travel time into my lunch hour? It might be part of their process of proving that you are indeed an independent contractor; I have one client who requires similar paperwork as part of their ongoing verification that they’re not really treating contractors like employees. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

why it’s complicated for your employer to let you work from another state

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My boss says that to work remotely, I’d need to become a contractor. My boss is indicating because our company is not registered to do business in this other state I would have to convert to a contractor. However, you can’t just convert to independent contractor status without changing some fundamental things about your role. According to a coworker, my boss does not want to pay the increased rates and is considering having me work as a contractor in order to avoid that.

How to Start Enjoying Hard Work And Accomplishing Your Goals

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The contractor putting in 12 hour days to finish his first home building project is undoubtedly working extremely hard. Retire Early And Travel. The post How to Start Enjoying Hard Work And Accomplishing Your Goals appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

3 Reasons You Should Pursue Passion AND Work

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When she is not working, Syverson enjoys traveling to new places, getting lost in a good book, and playing sports like volleyball, dodgeball and softball. Aflac offers flexible, independent contractor (or agent) roles that will give you the power to do the things YOU want to do.

asking a client to cover child care costs, did I over-share about my new salary, and more

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Can I ask for child care costs to be covered as as contractor? I’m a part-time, work-from-home, freelance contractor for a professional organization. I think of this as being something like a travel or hotel stipend for out-of-town board members, and it’s a cost that I’m incurring because I work for them. How would you suggest that I approach this as a contractor? It would be unusual for a contractor to say “I need you to cover my child care.”

Seven Short Q & A’s on Sunday

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Would those same rules apply to independent contractors? Both employees and independent contractors must take the same steps to make sure either an agreement, or other clear evidence, exists to make sure their rights in their “creations” are protected.

Work as a Virtual Assistant : Insider Tips

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Most virtual assistants are 1099 contractors, which means the compensation can vary depending on your employment agreement—whether you’re truly on your own as a freelancer, working through a placement organization like eaHELP or hired on directly through the organization.

we hire people to work in a really tough location — and they keep dropping out before their start date

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A reader writes: I work for a contractor; our primary industry is providing professional staff at locations around the globe. Our program manager, recruiters, and deployment staff will spend weeks working with new hires to ensure that they have all their documents prepared and book travel to this location.

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Understanding Careers in Business Analysis

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As an outside contractor, the first duty of a business analyst is to uncover the relationships that are often hidden behind formal job titles. A successful business analyst can expect the need to travel and constantly learn new skills.

“Vacation and Vacation Pay – 50 Frequently Asked Questions”

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For those who travel for a living, such as flight attendants, it would be the state in which they usually depart and return to. . The same is true for temporary employees, probationary employees and independent contractors. . Can my employer dictate that I can’t travel to certain places (like Tibet), or do certain things (like try parachute jumping), or who I spend my time with, while on my vacation? “A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take.

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5 Different Jobs With An International Business Degree

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How much do you want to travel? You could also be an independent contractor and work for several companies. This position often involves significant travel or living abroad as you will have to personally examine the segment of the company in order to analyze its function.

helping a bored new coworker, manager got injured at the concert we went to together, and more

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We don’t have a rigid schedule or anything, but he definitely hasn’t put in a full day for a while, especially so when my boss isn’t around (he is a contractor and his boss is in another facility so there is little interaction between him and his boss). In about a month, I’ll be traveling to the Pacific Islands for two weeks for a client. I’m super excited, as I love to travel. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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Five Jobs with a Degree in Occupational Health and Safety

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Technicians often work long hours and travel often, and they face many of the same hazards as industrial employees. These professionals must work with contractors, developers, engineers, architects, and fire service personnel.

my boss told my coworker that I’m driving him nuts, staying with a coworker who used to run an Airbnb, and more

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I’m an independent contractor and one of my clients invited me on site. However, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to say he’d need to pay for the ticket itself, since otherwise you’re potentially setting up a precedent that could end up with someone booking expensive work travel knowing that they’ll be resigning before it rolls around and that they’ll be able to use the ticket personally if they just pay the change fee. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

What Happens To Employers Who Do Not Pay Overtime?

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Asking employees to work hours that are not cataloged (such as travel time and waiting time that is part of an employee’s job function). Requiring independent contractors to act as employees without employee pay benefits such as overtime.

I want to bill an employer who wasted my time, returning to work after working in the adult industry, and more

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With the phone company, I’m officially listed as a contractor. Unfortunately, because we live in a society that is so puritanical about anything related to sex, I think you’re better off not trying to come up with PG cover for the job and instead just saying you took some time off to do something else — travel, pursue a personal interest, attend to family, or so forth. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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4 Careers Where You’re the Boss

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The majority of real estate agents work as independent contractors. Will is a traveling educator and part time writer. Today’s business environment has changed dramatically from decades past.

21 Tips from SHRM Conference Veterans #SHRM14


Get the skinny on shopping, food and travel tips for Orlando. For instance, small companies, HR departments of one, government contractors, etc. Check out our exclusive SHRM Orlando Guide. Click here.


Is It OK To Follow Up With Interviewer Over Facebook?

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I can’t directly contact my interviewer because the hiring is done through a third party contractor. ”You simply don’t know if your interviewer was out, traveling, or immersed in a business issue.

taking a new job while still working part-time for my old employer

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Second, I’ve committed to an engagement this fall for my current employer, which involves travel. My current employer does employ several part-time, work from home contractors. That travel for the old employer though, after you’re at the new job?

Leapforce Agents – Search Engine Evaluators

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You’ll be an Independent contractor, not an employee, so you’ll be responsible for claiming earned income (anything over $600 for the year) based on the 1099 they’ll send come tax time. As a contractor, the terms are 30 days, which means they have 30 days to pay you for work already completed. It doesn’t seem fair to wait so long for hours and hours of work, but it is a legitimate way that many companies do business with contractors these days.

the least popular posts of 2013

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What to do when your employer illegally treats you as a contractor. Where’s the travel reimbursement I was promised for interviewing As part of our best-of lists for the end of the year, I decided to take a look at the posts that garnered the least discussion in 2013 (excluding updates, housekeeping-type posts, and posts that just linked to my articles somewhere else). This is no reflection on the question-askers!

What’s your excuse? “I can’t afford …”

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In my travels, I’ve seen people “unable to afford” … training courses, but were able to hang out nightly at the local watering hole. Photo by o5com via Flickr. Granted. There are just some things that fall out of my price range.

Ask Ms Career Girl: Nursing Degree Career Options Outside a Hospital

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These days, apart from a hospital nurse, you can try to become a travel nurse, camp nurse, or a case management nurse. A Travel Nurse is a type of independent healthcare contractor that caters to multiple temporary positions at different hospitals.

Job Search After 50: Make Your Job Hunt Work! | Boomers Next Step

Boomers Next Step

Consider all offers: Don’t reject an offer for work just because it may be part-time, or work as a contractor on a specific project or maybe at a lower salary.

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agreeing to negotiate salary in 6 months, badgering people into not taking sick leave, and more

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For example, my past supervisor was often traveling and rarely in the office. Some gym employees are 1099 contractors; if that’s the case, then this wouldn’t apply, and the pay can be whatever they negotiate together. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Accepting a job with an agreement to negotiate salary after six months. I recently started a new job.

Navigating the Gig Economy

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The rise in companies using contingent, freelance or independent contractors for these short-term engagements can be found in nearly every industry ranging from education, hospitality and healthcare, to errands, side projects, and professional services.

Make a career in SAP in the gig economy

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SAP contractors are in high demand. Contractors are taken on, do their magic, and move on to the next project.

we have a mandatory all-staff jamboree on Election Day

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A reader writes: I work for a small company (under 20 employees, plus approximately 50 independent contractors over 30 states). The big boss has decreed that this year we shall have a mandatory all-staff (and all-contractor) jamboree, hosted here in my city where the head office is located, on November 7, 8, and 9. I know voting rights laws vary by state, but this event will require interstate travel from most participants.