Independent Contractor or Employee? The Basics

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Ira didn’t see any difference between what he did and what the law firm’s associate attorneys did, and wondered why he was considered an “independent contractor,” and they were considered “employees,” and why he was not entitled to all of the benefits they were. These labels include “employee,” “partner,” “independent contractor,” “vendor” and the like. What is an independent contractor? On the other hand, independent contractors have certain advantages that employees do not.

Hiring a contractor for your home or office: what are your responsibilities?

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If you want to set up your home office or are responsible for remodeling your workplace, you can engage a self-employed handyman in order to save costs. However, an independent contractor should bring their own equipment which would be their own responsibility.

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“Does an independent contractor have a duty of loyalty?”

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Question : If an independent contractor is a subcontractor to a business, can the independent contractor bid against that business on a totally unrelated project? That is, does an independent contractor have a duty of loyalty, like an employee has? Also, can an independent contractor be liable for anything under the law of agency? An independent contractor has only those duties to its client that it has agreed to.

5 Ways to Improve as a Female Leader in the Workplace

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Whether you’re a female entrepreneur, a small business owner, a team lead, or even a self-employed contractor, you still need to push the envelope to better yourself. As gender equality in the workplace moves forward, here are five ways you can become a strong female leader.

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All the Best Uber Drivers I've Had Want to be Contractors, Not Employees.

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If you follow Uber at all (ride-sharing instead of taxis for the uninitiated), you probably saw this week that a court in California declared an Uber driver an employee instead of a contractor. Which is to say that a lot of liberal sources think it's a travesty that Uber can manage its company on the back of contractors. It's easy to agree with that, but here's the dirty little secret - the best Uber drives don't want to be employees - they want to be contractors.

How the #MeToo Movement Has Impacted the Average Workplace

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The #MeToo movement even found its way into the American workplace, with 38% of supervisors reporting that after the movement began, they started to change how they interacted with employees. Is the #MeToo movement still impacting the average workplace? Women in the Workplace. Even before the #MeToo movement gained popularity, the face of the workplace was starting to shift. First, it’s caused some states to ban nondisclosure agreements in the workplace.

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handling the government shutdown: an open thread for federal employees and contractors

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I’m hoping you would be willing to host an open thread for federal employees and federal contractors on handling the government shutdown. stop putting your salary history on your resume why are contractors treated like second-class citizens, boss enters without knocking, and more handling the government shutdown: an open thread for federal employees and contractors was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. ask the readers workplace practices

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Increasing Disability Employment in the Workplace


Why increase awareness about disability employment in the workplace? Also, any business that employs over $100,000 in federal contractors has an “aspirational goal” set by the government: 7% of the workforce within your business should be people with disabilities. By introducing disabled employees to the workplace, fresh ideas may transform current practices into innovated and forward moving company standards.

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Top 5 #HR Blogs of the Week in the #Workplace


Each week Blogging4Jobs brings you the Top 5 #HR Blogs in the #Workplace. 6th Circuit deals blow to independent contractors : In a recent ruling the dissent of an opinion on independent contractors talks about intent being working independently. Could this be a blog to the independent contractor workforce? These blogs come from all across the internet and highlight important topics being discussed in the space.

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Top 5 #Workplace Blogs of the Week


Each week Blogging4Jobs brings you the Top 5 Blogs in the #Workplace. In a world of independent contractors it’s just not the same. These blogs come from all across the internet and highlight important topics being discussed in the space. We serve as your weekly recap of top blogs that weve read throughout the week. If weve missed any, let us know. TOP BLOGS OF THE WEEK. Does Job Security Matter Anymore?:

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Top 5 #HR Blogs of the Week in the #Workplace


Each week Blogging4Jobs brings you the Top 5 #HR Blogs in the #Workplace. LGBT rules for federal contractors now in effect: This week was big for LGBT federal contractors. These blogs come from all across the internet and highlight important topics being discussed in the space. We serve as your weekly recap of top blogs that we’ve read throughout the week. If we’ve missed any, let us know. TOP BLOGS OF THE WEEK. The Career Fair is Ripe For Disruption.

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Negotiation in Your Workplace, Job Search, and Everywhere Else

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Negotiation is a must have this skill for your job search, workplace, and life. Our roles as contractors and entrepreneurs, we must embrace our roles as negotiators. Negotiation is a must have this skill for your job search, workplace, and life. Our roles as contractors and entrepreneurs, we must embrace our roles as negotiators. As we dive deeper into the gig economy, each job seeker will accept several roles.

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Top Five Workplace Blogs of the Week


Top 5 Workplace Blogs of the Week. Personal Branding in the Future Workplace: A Crucial Skill for Employees and Recruiters Alike. The Danger of Using 1099 Independent Contractors to Avoid Obamacare. We’re back! This week was a doozy! Facebook announces one of the biggest swings against search giant Google? The Social Search!?! Just wow.

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73% of Workers Want More Flexibility in the Workplace


Workplace flexibility is becoming increasingly more important for today’s working adults. The survey found 45 percent of working adults would be willing to give up a portion of their salary for more flexibility in the workplace. Additionally, 75 percent report having “at least a little” flexibility in the workplace (up from 68 percent in 2012). If everyone embraces the new flexible workplace , we will have happier workers and employers.

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employee clique is causing problems, employer will pay me more if I work as a contractor, and more

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One even referred to the workplace as “pledging into a sorority.” Employer will pay me more if I work as a contractor. I asked him to expand upon this, and he said that if I wanted to waive all benefits, including leave, and become a 1099 contractor, they could meet $65k. They can’t just decide to make you a 1099 contractor without restructuring the job; there are legal restrictions on how contractors must be treated.

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6 Workplace Realities Women Will Face In 2040

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"Platforms will spring up that know what contractors have certain skills, what they’ve done, and whether they’re available. Contractors will get instantly matched with talent assemblers. It starts early, too—research shows that it’s present in children by the age of three or four—and enters the workplace already deeply rooted in each of us. My 4-year-old daughter Serena will be 30 in 2041.

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When Great Places to Work Outsource Jobs That Are. You Guessed It, Not Great.

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Sarah Katz, 27, worked as a content reviewer at Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park, California, through a third-party contractor, Vertisystem, for eight months in 2016. Any guesses whether those 3000 additional hires will be contractors or full-time employees?

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The Workplace that Employers Will Need to Have in the Future

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Today’s blog post will be talking about the The Workplace that employers will need to have in the future to be successful. The Emerging Workforce Study by Spherion has examined the issues and trends impacting employment and the workplace for more than 18 years. The 2015 study examines several forward-looking trends and indicators for what the future workplace will become. The Workplace that Employers Will Need to Have in the Future.

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Top 5 Workplace Blogs This Week


Top 5 Workplace Blogs of the Week for March 10th – 15th. No feedback for contractors? What a week! South by Southwest was amazing and busier than ever! We got to see the grumpy cat, which was probably the highlight for all of us. Here are this weeks blogs, if we missed one of your favorites, don’t hesitate to let us know! 6 Reasons to Audit Your Job Search Strategies: Looking for a job, but just can’t seem to get one? Maybe you’re doing something wrong!

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8 workplace rights you might not know you have

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For instance, your employer can’t take money out of your paycheck to pay for a mistake you made, generally can’t prohibit you from talking about your salary with your coworkers, can’t pay you as a contractor while treating you like an employee, and lots more.

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Bullied at Work? 5 Crucial Tips to Handle Workplace Bullying

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Or are there more workplace bullying incidents which are simply unreported?” ” I recall this General Manager in my previous workplace P&G, a reputed MNC. He had a reputation for his unmanageable temper , having committed workplace atrocities from scolding the f-word at team members, slamming a meeting room door to the point where the door handle broke, throwing a chair at an employee, and threatening physical abuse at agency people. Image: Workplace Bully.

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Should Feminists Avoid These 4 Companies?

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However, recent comments from Tannen Campbell, a former employee, have not only threatened to shatter the company’s air of mystery but have denounced it as a ‘hostile workplace for women’. And a recent article from a former Facebook Trending contractor accuses the company of favouring male employees over herself. “I Ask MCG Job Search Work anti-feminist workplaces Feminists hostile workplace hostile workplaces for women Susanna Quirke

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surprise visit from background investigator — at current workplace

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If you are a Federal employee or contractor, for example, it may be that your current employer needs you to have a security clearance for the work you do. A reader writes: I am writing on behalf of my husband. He has been employed with a small company since October after being unemployed since February. Over the last year, he has applied for a number of positions, including one with a large federal department.

Ep 109 – Diversity Recruiting with American Heart Association


It seems a week doesn’t go by that the topic of workplace diversity isn’t in the global or national news. Diversity is an important topic of discussion for employers who are government contractors. It seems a week doesn’t go by that the topic of workplace diversity isn’t in the global or national news. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

Is Your Work Environment Safe?

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Once you identify any potential hazards, you may want to bring in an inspector, contractor or other professional to fix the problem areas. Work work environment workplace safetyThe federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) employs about 2,100 inspectors to cover more than 8 million worksites around the country. That comes out to about one inspector per 59,000 workers.

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Hiring Your First Employees: Making the Move from Small Business to Employer

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Make sure that you understand the details of your state’s employment law, including the minimum wage that you need to pay, how to avoid any potential discrimination in the workplace, and how to keep your employees’ schedules legal.

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Can Uber-Like "Surge Pay" for Call Center Workers at Zappos Work?

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Surge pricing at the ride-sharing company Uber can result in fares that are 5-6 times as expensive than normal , with most of that enhanced fare going to the contractor/employee. Communications Compensation Workplace My friend Paul Hebert has a nice post up on Surge Pay for Call Center workers at Zappos, a concept that''s built on the surge pricing model at Uber, the ride sharing service.

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How Your Break Room Make or Break Your Organizational Culture


. Are Employee Break Rooms Considered Workplace Perks ? Workers who really need a break tend to wander outside for sunshine or even a stroll in the rain, two things no contractor could accurately replicate indoors. With recent studies showing break rooms and kitchenettes in the workplace containing a significantly high amount of germs, keeping these areas clean adds to their attractiveness. Workplace Stress Increases the Cost of Human Capital Management.

short answer Saturday: 6 short answers to 6 short questions

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Here we go… Figuring out pay as a contractor I have never worked as a contractor but was contacted about a potential contract job and asked to provide my pay requirements plus gas cost. Reply Charles March 20, 2011 at 12:59 pm “Figuring out pay as a contractor.&#

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PUSH: Productivity at Work: Part 3 – Projects


You’re going to pay contractors, lots of overtime, or you’re going to burn out your salaried workers. Pushing Workplace Project Management. If you find yourself unofficially managing projects, or if projects at your company get stuck a lot, you might benefit from some project management training even at your workplace. Work Project management scope creep work management work productivity workplace obstacles workplace productivity

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Is the Future of the Desk a Coffee Shop Table?


We read a lot about the future of the workforce and how it will be composed of a lot of independent contractors who do not work for regular employers. Perhaps, at least for a segment of the population, according to Barnaby Lashbrooke , founder of a virtual workplace platform, who said “ In 10 years’ time, most companies will be a hybrid of full-time, in-office staff, employees who work remotely either full-time or part-time and an extended freelance or outsourced workforce.

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workplace weight loss programs and eating disorders, giving a reference for a coworker who drinks heavily, and more

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Workplace weight loss programs and eating disorders. My workplace just decided to do a casual team-wide (60 people) weight loss competition/event. I am a contractor, and my company hired a new contractor to take on some additional tasks at the site where we work. workplace weight loss programs and eating disorders, giving a reference for a coworker who drinks heavily, and more was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

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Is the future of bosses in the “cloud”?


It doesn’t take much reading to determine that many people think the coming decade or more will be largely populated by independent contractors or solo entrepreneurs. Organized to try to provide benefits to independent contractors similar to what AARP provides older citizens. HR Leadership cloud contract employees contract work contract workplace virtual bosses virtual working virtual workplace

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Even at Apple, People Quit Bosses, Not Companies.

HR Capitalist

That''s why a recent post over at Medium from a former Apple contractor (who identifies himself) is so unique. Here''s how a guy named Jordan Price describes his experience working at Apple as a contractor : "Then my immediate boss (known at Apple as a producer), who had a habit of making personal insults shrouded as jokes to anyone below him, started making direct and indirect insults to me. Workplace It''s true. For the most part, people quit bosses, not companies.

2014 82

we got quizzed on our new boss’s horses, family, and vineyard

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I’m a contractor at a big company that has some ongoing labor disputes. In any case, as a contractor, I’d leave it alone. But as a contractor who’s currently dependent on your company’s good will to fix that end date mistake and not accidentally terminate you nine months early, it’s just not worth spending capital on. workplace practices

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You Want Job Security? Find An Employer Who Allows You To Moonlight.

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Then my FOT cohort Tim Sackett wrote about the fact that Job Secrity is much higher on your employee''s list of desired workplace characteristics than HR pros think it is. Rubin''s a good example from the entertainment world of how much more moonlighting is tolerated across all types of workplaces. Sure, he''s an independent contractor, but that''s what it takes to be secure. . Culture Workplace

Amazon Raising All US Workers to a Minimum of $15/hr Is The Simplest Business Decision Ever.

The HR Capitalist

If you work for a contractor of Amazon in delivery, it doesn't impact you. Change Compensation Employee Relations WorkplaceIn case you missed it, Amazon announced today that it would establish a $15/hr minimum hourly wage for all 350,000 of its U.S. employees.

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What is Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act and how could it affect your business?


In March 2014, new rules for Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act became effective, holding federal contractors and subcontractors accountable for hiring people with disabilities. As a federal contractor or subcontractor, if the contract is over $10,000, there must be a plan in place to recruit, employ and retain at least 7% of that workforce with people with disabilities, either within a certain job group or in your overall business if you have less than 100 employees.

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What is Affirmative Action Anyway?


A couple of weeks ago I found myself engaged in a heated debate with a colleague of mine, who works in the tech industry, regarding workplace equality. Affirmative action in the workplace is a program put in place for those who make money by working with or government in the USA.

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How to Make ‘Bring Your Own Data’ Safe


Bring Your Own Data, more commonly known as Bring Your Own Device or BYOD, allows people to bring their own personally owned technology into the workplace. Many companies now hire contractors and freelancers, and providing them with IT equipment isn’t always feasible for such short-term contracts. Therefore, having a BYOD policy means they can bring their own laptops to work on in your office.

2019 118

Employment at Will: Why Coke People Won't Get Caught Dead With Pepsi.

HR Capitalist

Let's just say it didn't go well; more from Yahoo Sports: "A contractor is suing Gundy, Oklahoma State's head coach, and his wife Kristen, claiming the couple fired him for wearing an Oklahoma shirt to their house. You and I live in different worlds, as does the contractor. Employee Relations Legal Affairs WorkplaceDriving down the street the other day, I needed a product that a big Fortune 1000 routinely sells.

Going Back To Work With A Disability

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One cannot deny that returning to the workplace while disabled can work as a great self-confidence booster and a self-supporting experience. Hence, it is crucial that organizations go the extra mile in helping the disabled employee feel accepted and comfortable at his workplace. Workplace Accommodations. Communicate with your employee on a regular basis and find out about which suitable workplace accommodations you need to bring in place. Workplace disability

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Attempts to Make the “Gig” Economy Work Fall Short


Uber and Lyft, among other like companies, have been hauled into court to challenge their assertions that the people providing services under their name are independent contractors. Their definitions of who is an employee and who is an independent contractor have been around for decades. State workers’ comp boards and insurance divisions are also interested because of the underfunding that might occur due to lack of tax collection from independent contractors.