Creating Agile HR, Part 4: Agile Sourcing

Hiring Technical People

In the late 90’s, with the internet boom, Monster and other job boards started advertising electronically. Suddenly, a job ad could be large and all-encompassing because employers were no longer restricted to some number of inches of newspaper.

Money Questions and Your Job Search

Resume Bear

Jeff hates his job the way Sergio Garcia hates Tiger Woods. In his words, the job “dominates” him, “owns” him and often makes him feel “shockingly sorry for himself.”. My job as a coach is to help my clients make great decisions, to help them better evaluate the personal and professional decisions they face to get to the best possible outcome. I wish I hadn’t taken the job for the money.”. Car Cost: __ +. Your Career Goals career job resume resumebear

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5 Reasons You Should Continue Your Job Search During The Holidays

Career Realism

Planning to hold off on your job search during the holiday season, believing that no one hires at this time of year? Related: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Freeze Your Job Search During The Holidays. Job Search career advice holiday job search job search

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Seven Ways to Get Noticed in Your Job Search | Boomers Next Step

Boomers Next Step

Are you approaching your job search like everyone else? You’re just blending in with the Job Search Herd when you’re like everyone else. Take a different approach to your job search and you’ll start to see positive responses. For instance: (1) Have business cards advertising “You&# and your job search. (2) Your job skills and competencies should be in the top one-fourth of the first page of the resume.

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4 Ways Recruiters Use Social Networking to Find You


This is a blog post from our sister blog, Secrets of the Job Hunt. Using Social Networking in Your Job Search. LinkedIn, the Professional Job Search Network. Job Feeds. An ATS is the online portal where a candidate applies for a job opening.

7 Reasons NOT to Copy Someone Else’s LinkedIn Profile

Executive Career Brand

You see a compelling, branded LinkedIn profile of a job seeker with qualifications similar to yours. Just the other day I received invitations to connect on LinkedIn from two women employed at the same company, in similar jobs. This can also jeopardize your current job.

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Does LinkedIn Make the Executive Resume Obsolete?

Executive Career Brand

After all, people searching for viable candidates like you will likely see your LinkedIn profile before they ever reach out to you and request your resume. They spend a significant part of their days searching online for candidates, and a significant part of that time specifically on LinkedIn.

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Executive Brand Resume: Differentiate Your ROI Value Above the Fold

Executive Career Brand

It’s a marketing document designed to align your qualities and qualifications with your target employers’ requirements and needs, while differentiating the value you offer over your competing job seekers. Most recruiters and hiring authorities are busy sourcing top talent by searching relevant keywords on LinkedIn, and assessing candidates by what they find when they Google their names. Understand that search engines pay most attention to the top part of any web page.

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How To Demonstrate To Employers That You’re The Best Talent

Career Realism

Each time a job posting goes up, the employer’s mission is to find the best talent for the position. As a job candidate, your job is to demonstrate that you are that person. By this we mean focusing on things that will demonstrate to an employer how well you did on the job.

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Mobile Recruiting is a Complete Sham & Waste of Your Time


68% of Job Seekers Have Viewed a Job Via Mobile. What matters in recruiting is really the story that is told through analytics, metrics and measurements starting with your own candidate web traffic to your career page, job posting or talent community.

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How to Fix Four Common Resume Mistakes

Career Solvers

If so, it may be time to perform a checkup on your resume to improve the overall health of your job-search campaign. The job description. These resumes list job responsibilities galore and often look like the writer literally cut and pasted their job description into the resume.

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3 Flexible Day Jobs For Actors

Career Realism

That is why having a day job with growth potential – or even a parallel career path – in place before that decision needs to be made is so valuable. So with that in mind, here is my list of three jobs which can be done as day jobs or as alternative careers, or even developed into businesses.

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Could Your Executive Resume Actually Be Too Short?

Jennifer Anthony

Fast forward to the rapid-fire job market of today, and you’ll find that things have changed considerably. Job seekers have more information than ever before to incorporate into an executive resume. Recent Posts Does Your Cover Letter Match the Job You Are Applying For?

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How Do the Best Executive Resumes Win Interviews?

Career Realism

In the midst of an executive job search but gaining little to no traction? Powerfully written, superior-quality executive resumes—those that clearly position job seekers as must-have leaders in their field—contain specific language that distinguishes candidates at a high career level.

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If the Job Fits, Test It First


Pre-employment testing provides companies with a way to clearly evaluate a job candidate’s skill using an online test process to determine their true qualifications beyond the resume or the interview. Take time to read the questions and learn why the questions are relevant for the job.

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3 Quick Fixes For A Lackluster Executive Resume

Career Realism

Does it seem like an uphill battle to convey your leadership value during your job search? If you use language copied from other resumes or LinkedIn Profiles (or even worse, your job description!),

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Two (or More) Job Opportunities? – 18 Elements of Comparison – [Part 1 of 2]

Sklover Working Wisdom

ACTUAL CASE HISTORY : Danielle, a senior marketing executive, was quite unhappy in her job. In the end, she made the move to the new job, and fortunately has never looked back. It is common that comparison of two jobs, or two job offers, can be a difficult thing to do.

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A Personal Branding Lesson from Arnold Schwarzenegger: Would the Terminator get Terminated

Guerrilla Job Hunting

It’s instant and costs next to nothing compared to the mail AND your targets secretary won’t intercept and delete it! So your subject line in your email does its job and the email gets opened. Used wisely, email is a great tool.

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3 Steps To A Dollar-Driven Resume That Grabs An Employer’s Attention

Career Realism

Readying your resume for a leadership or executive job search ? If you’re an executive in the midst of a job hunt, you’ll find that writing a dollar-driven resume will help gain more interest from employers.

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I’m supposed to write 23 mini-essays in 24 hours before an employer will even interview me

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I am in the early stages of job searching and have a situation that I’m not sure is abnormal or not. I received the following questionnaire to complete after I applied for a director level job in the nonprofit/association industry. If you would, please describe/explain the reasons for your career moves/job changes, including gaps of employment if applicable. Membership Year Over Year performance metrics.

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How To Write A Great Accomplishment Statement | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

That post was about signaling strength during job interviews. Key Metric: What was impacted? Make sure that metric is also relevant and measurable in the way your industry defines it. Something tangible like a % increase/decrease, $ revenue up or $ cost down.

Are You Making the Top 3 LinkedIn Profile Errors?

Career Realism


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Personal Branding lesson from : Would the Terminator get Terminated

Guerrilla Job Hunting

It’s instant and costs next to nothing compared to the mail AND your targets secretary won’t intercept and delete it! So your subject line does its job and the email gets opened. It can’t be like this: As a senior sales and company executive, I have developed, mentored, and managed high performance sales teams, installed sales metrics and created sales plans and strategies in highly competitive markets. Used wisely, email is a great tool.

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6 Reasons Why Your Resume Isn’t Getting A Response

Career Realism

It can be hard to ascertain if it’s your resume, the job market, or who knows what else when you’re job searching and your phone just isn’t ringing. Many job seekers have called us and said “I think it’s my resume, but I’m not sure ….” Ditch the objective statement and utilize a job target/job title and personal branding statement instead. Your career summary is full of fluff and filler words that could apply to every job seeker on the market.

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advertising a job I might not hire for, secondhand smoke when you’re interviewing, and more

Ask A Manager

Advertising jobs I might not ultimately hire for. But then our most junior person, one of those we were going to give more responsibility, accepted a job out of state. I haven’t yet put up the original job posting, and I’m not sure yet of my budget – if we’re going to be able to replace both positions or just one, or if we would want to hire two junior positions (where the responsibilities do have a lot of crossover). This includes all types of service jobs.

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attending a coworker’s disciplinary meeting, rescinded vacation time, and more

Ask A Manager

It was my first complaint, but not the first about him, and I hedged by suggesting that they check whatever metrics they can monitor in case I just wasn’t appreciating what he was doing. They DO have metrics, which she wrote raised “huge concerns that they need to validate with him” (I wish I didn’t know that before him, but I guess I didn’t set a very formal tone in my email). My husband’s company has stated that they will not reimburse us for the lost cost of the trip.

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HR LunchBreak: Affecting the VALUE of Your Workforce


Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. HCX Jobs. Search. Many people believe that the most effective and cost-effective way to increase profitability is through increasing the performance and engagement of the current workforce. As a result, HR can also lead the way toward defining key results or performance indicators for every job description- hard and fast metrics by which the strength of your workforce can be analayzed. Search Jobs.

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what to say to an employee who’s requesting too much time off, training the person who’s taking your job, and more

Ask A Manager

I am working on establishing these metrics with them and getting to know how they work. She recently graduated and applied for a full-time job in the department, but due to an excessive number of call-outs in her past, we did not consider her for the position. We have to train the person who will be taking our jobs. They say we won’t lose our jobs, but how can you cut costs if you don’t get rid of people? It’s five answers to five questions.

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where are they now: update #15 – call center misery — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager where are they now: update #15 – call center misery December 24, 2010 Remember the reader who was miserable in her job at a call center ? My other metrics were all well above average. FWIW, Call Centers aren’t a bad job.

2010 60

16 months after leaving job, still getting hassled by old boss

Ask A Manager

About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager 16 months after leaving job, still getting hassled by old boss March 2, 2011 We recently talked about how long it’s reasonable to answer questions from a past employer after you’ve left. They’re simply metrics for internal use.

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coworker monopolizes meetings with irrelevant topics

Ask A Manager

And if anyone reading this sees themselves in this guy, now is your chance to repent and reform, and start doing your job as a manager.) As a related question, what do you do when the Boss/Manager is the one who tends to ramble on and on about things not related to your job?

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Announcing: Brazen Careerist Top 50 Places to Work | Penelope.

Penelope Trunk

About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Announcing: Brazen Careerist Top 50 Places to Work Posted to: Job Hunt December 16th, 2009 Anyone can go to a place like Payscale and find out what other people in a similar geographic location are getting paid for a similar job. And many companies are taking advantage of the job market to pay as little as possible and get bargain priced talent. Is this your first time here?

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