You? A Biased Interviewer? Of Course Not. Oh, Wait…

Evil HR Lady

Of Course Not. Most people aren’t experts at conducting job interviews, so it’s no wonder we’re not perfect at it. In fact, we often stink. emphasisHR helped me out on putting together some biases that occur when we’re interviewing. It’s not the traditional spiel about diversity, although that plays a role as well.

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Can Your Remote Works Be a True Team? Of Course!

Evil HR Lady

Of Course! I have worked at home–at least partially–for the past 14 years. While this means I have a well worn path between my computer and my refrigerator, it also means I have a pretty good idea about how to build relationships with people you don’t actually see every day.

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My Employee Engagement Course in Bangkok, Thailand

David Zinger

It was an honour to teach my 2-day employee engagement course in Bangkok last week. The MahaNakon was the inspirational backdrop to our course and very visible from the roof of our hotel. Instil and install employee engagement with small and significant actions.

The Obstacle Course of Employee Engagement

The Undercover Recruiter

It’s hard to keep on top of employee engagement sometimes – people do say it can be an obstacle course. This infographic by Achievers shows how to overcome the obstacle course. The Obstacle Course of Employee Engagement.

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Online course: Proven paths to the perfect ISFJ life

Penelope Trunk

The ISFJ course is here! The course starts Jan. The cost of the course is $147 for four days and then the price goes up to $195. Remember, the course starts Jan. The cost of the course is $147 for four days and then the price goes up to $195.

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Online course: Best practices for leveraging INTJ strengths (and how to be a likable INTJ )

Penelope Trunk

This course includes four days of live video sessions and additional email-based course materials. The course meets May 11 – 14 8pm – 9pm EDT. Of course this means that I am always the front person. In fact, it was her idea to do a course for INTJs.

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David Zinger: 4 Courses in the New Employee Engagement

David Zinger

Here are the 4 major topics, keynotes, speeches, workshops, courses and master classes I will be focusing on to achieve results, build relationships, cultivate wellbeing and improve employee engagement for the benefit of all with my clients in 2018. ENGAGE!

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You’re on LinkedIn, of course. But do you use it? Job Seekers Must!

Resume Bear

You’re on LinkedIn, of course. But do you use it? Do you connect with people regularly, do you worry about your profile, is it part of your routine? Engagement with LinkedIn seems to be part generational, part whether you’re marketing-oriented or not.

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Best Predictors of Higher Income Attainment in 12 Year Old Kids? Rule Breaking/Defiance of Parental Authority Of Course.

HR Capitalist

Of course you are. Ready for some science today? You want to be taken back to the college days where you'd figure out how to game the Dewey Decimal System to find the right cites for that lame research paper you had to write.

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3 Reasons This Guy Made $66K From His iPhone App Course

Career Realism

3 Reasons This Guy Made $66K From His iPhone App Course. He did it by creating a simple video course on how to learn to program an iPhone app. He then uploaded the videos to , and sold the course for thousands. There was no guarantee his course would be a success.

What life would look if we said no to work-life balance (and a nod to Amazon, of course)

Penelope Trunk

In exchange for giving up all my family time, I launched a startup ( with two, twenty-year-old guys , of course). Of course people who want to take care of their family and work at the same time should be able to work. This is a picture from when my oldest son was five years old.

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10 Benefits Of Enrolling In Beauty Therapy Courses

Career Realism

Beauty therapy courses can offer many advantages for both the student and the owner. Today’s beauty therapy courses are very comprehensive. Taking a course at a reputable school can offer many benefits. Beauty therapy courses can help you in many ways.

Workplace Etiquette 101 - Refresher Course!


If office etiquette has been lacking in your workplace as of late, here is a refresher course. Also, if you notice a mess left by someone else who hasn’t yet taken a workplace etiquette course, clean the mess rather than ignoring it.

What Makes a Good Executive MBA Course?

Position Ignition

Just as with any type of degree, the courses that various business schools offer vary wildly in terms of quality, value and usefulness. Check the course details to see if you can choose your hours of study, if it offers weekend and evening classes and if there are any distance-learning options. In our recent post on executive MBAs, we said not all EMBAs are equal.

Career Change 2 Day Course 6-7th September

Position Ignition

In early September we are running a 2 day intensive course that will take you through all you need to know in order to make your career change happen. What will this career change course cover? Click here to view more details of the course.

Group Guiding Course - Launched

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This is a course that will support you and your group to find your ideal work. Our Group Course is a series of six, 2 hour workshops which will take place over 6 months, and will support you whether you are seeking your dream job or a brand new career.

[Limited Time 50% Off] Are You a Stress Eater? Join 4-Week “How To Stop Stress Eating” Course!

Personal Excellence Blog

This is an upcoming emotional eating course to help you resolve emotional eating once and for all. Upcoming Emotional Eating Coaching Course!! Last year July, I ran a live group coaching course on how to overcome emotional eating for life. The EE course was very useful.

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Online course: Be your real INFJ self without feeling frustrated

Penelope Trunk

This course includes four days of video sessions and email-based course materials. The course is live July 26 – 29 8pm Eastern. We will work in this course to leverage that truth-seeing ability to create positive impact rather than frustration.

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“What is the best course of action to stop bullying and hostility?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

What is the best course of action for her to stop the behavior and hostility from her managers, and to gain time to find employment elsewhere? The best course of action is set forth in three places on our blogsite: . Question : My wife was recently subjected to a meeting where four senior management people basically subjected three 50-year-old women to a “beat up.” This is a major corporation in the U.S.

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MBA Courses: Don't Do MBAs for the Wrong Reasons

Position Ignition

Do it because you’re genuinely interested in business and the subsets of that topic the particular course of your choice will cover. Despite receiving a slightly bad press of late, MBAs are still useful qualifications--that’s if you’re doing a MBA for the right reasons.

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What to Add on a Resume? Take These 5 Certification Courses to Bolster Any Resume


A great resume is, of course, essential in any successful job search, but there are some excellent ways that you can help your resume stand out. In this article, we will examine 5 certification courses that will elevate your resume even in a crowded field.

Top 20 Global Executive MBA Courses 2011

Position Ignition

We recently brought you the top 20 MBA courses worldwide: here are the top 20 MBAs specifically designed for senior professionals. Students in Asia can also access the course through EMBA-Global Asia.

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College, Training Courses or Work Experience? Which is Better?

Career Copilot

There are a lot of ways to improve your job prospects and land that job that you are aiming for. But how do you make the right decision that will benefit your situation? Improving your skills and knowledge should always be one of the main things you focus on and when it comes to things [.]. Your Career career college degree experience jobs training work

Completed Courses at Community College

Careers Done Write

I did not earn a degree there, just completed a bunch of courses allowing me to transfer. Dear Deb: I attended a community college for two years and then transferred to a more prestigious school for the last two years, culminating in my Bachelor of Business Administration.

How Do Top Achievers Stay Motivated? Introducing: Anti-Procrastination Course, Product Version! [Get 20% Off!]

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Last month, I conducted a four-week intensive group coaching course on how to overcome procrastination–for life. Today, I’m excited to share that the product version of the course is now on sale! Through this self-administered course, you will learn….

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What is Sentiment Analysis? and its Predictors Gauging user Engagement in Online Courses?

Imarticus Learning

Being able to accurately capture this information is very vital for marketers, as they get an accurate response to their social content, and estimate if it is hitting the accurate target or getting the correct response, having access to this information can help us course-correct our interventions to resonate on the targeted touch points, with our end users. At Imarticus we offer a wide range of hybrid courses, with online and classroom engagement.

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What Do IT Companies Look at While Hiring a Data Scientist

Imarticus Learning

To make a career as a Data Scientist opt for an online data science course , which you can do by seating at home.

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Course Confusion – 7 Tips for Choosing Your Career Path in University

Ms. Career Girl

The post Course Confusion – 7 Tips for Choosing Your Career Path in University appeared first on Ms. Are you having difficulty focusing on the future? Are you just getting into university but have no direction? You aren’t alone.

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Online course: Write great blog posts that go viral

Penelope Trunk

This is really the course I’d like to teach every day of my life. Here’s what will happen in the course: Day One: Master the elements of a popular post. Remember, the cost of the course is $195, but if you sign up in the next three days the cost is $145. .

Correcting Course With a Career Change

Resume to Referral

For most, it’s quite common to fantasize about trying out a different career. In fact, studies show that one-third of the American workforce often thinks seriously, during a given year, about leaving their jobs. The focus of a career change typically centers around a vocation you’ve always been interested in, but could never follow through on

What is the difference between an Investment Bank and a Retail Bank?

Imarticus Learning

This could easily be asked as an interview question and one that seemingly causes a lot of confusion for aspirants in the Finance domain. To help you understand investment banking, it’s best to differentiate it from the type of banking that you have experience with: commercial or retail banking – the banks that you see on the street. The banking sector is split into two fundamental divisions: Investment banking and retail banking. Let’s understand what Investment banking is.

Start a New Career with a Pharmacy Technician Course

Career Alley

Because of this, there are many schools that offer pharmacy technician courses. But is a pharmacy technician course right for you? All of these courses will be important for anyone that wishes to be a pharmacy technician.

Business Analysis Courses In Bangalore – How The IT Capital Is Perfect For Careers Beyond IT

Imarticus Learning

As a result, when working IT professionals from India’s silicon valley come to us for advice, we always recommend as a first option, that they look for Business Analysis Courses in Bangalore. This is what Business Analysis Courses in Bangalore such as BACP by Imarticus can help with. The post Business Analysis Courses In Bangalore – How The IT Capital Is Perfect For Careers Beyond IT appeared first on Imarticus.

Want To Earn Passive Income? Join the Passive Income Course – Registration Open NOW! 50% Off [Limited Time Discount!]

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If you answered yes to any of the questions, this upcoming course on creating a passive income business is just for you! Introducing: Passive Income Business Group Coaching Course. I’m not sure how many of those courses have actually delivered on things they have promised.

Blog Your Way to a Million Pageviews: Join My New Blogging Course, Starting Dec 8!! [Sign Up NOW]

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If you are tired of courses that don’t deliver and want to pick up cutting-edge blogging strategies from someone who blogs for a living, this upcoming blogging course is for you. If you already know this, skip to the next section on course details!). Course Schedule.

Online course: How to get a job at a startup

Penelope Trunk

This online course runs four days: Feb. The cost of the course is $195, but if you order in the next four days the cost is $145. Some of the things this course will show you. Here are some topics the course will include: Day 1: The all-important cultural fit. .

The 5 biggest mistakes in Business Writing

Imarticus Learning

Click to check out Investment Banking Courses in Mumbai. Blog Banking Courses in Bangalore Business Writing Financial and Banking Courses in Mumbai Investment banking Courses in Mumbai Investment banking Institute in Mumbai

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how to team-build — without trust falls, rope courses, or lengthy off-sites

Ask A Manager

how to team-build — without trust falls, rope courses, or lengthy off-sites was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. When we hear about team-building, it’s often in the form of cringe-inducing exercises like trust falls, athletic events like rope-climbing that many people dread, or other practices that can easily cross over into violating people’s comfort and even dignity.

[Limited Time 40% Off!] Anti-Procrastination Course – Eliminate Procrastination From Your Life!! [Starts June 2!]

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If so, the all-new anti-procrastination course is for you! Introducing: Anti-Procrastination Course in June! Come June 2, I will be conducting a four-week anti-procrastination course to help you overcome procrastination. Be prepared for a course with much hands-on work!

Ask Celes – Are Coaching Courses Necessary To Be a Coach?

Personal Excellence Blog

What are your thoughts on coaching courses, and how necessary do you believe one is for practicing coaching? It depends on what one wants to get out of the coaching courses. Secondly, attending a coaching course isn’t necessary if your intention is to establish credibility.