10 Cover Letter Tips

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Cover letter writing may seem like a necessary evil when you are looking for work, but it is no less important than preparing your resume. Taking the time to craft your cover letter well will increase your chances of getting that all-important interview - and a job offer. Here are some short, sweet, and to the point cover letter writing tips to chew on to help you reach your goal. Cover letters Writing Tips

Cover Letter 101: Targeting Your Executive Cover Letter

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Professional Resume Services can help you craft excellent and effective cover letters for resumes. Most recruiters look at a cover letter to screen for applicants before they even consider looking at a resume. You can’t understate the importance of targeting your executive cover letter, rather than just making a generic one. If so, mention the person you connected with in the first sentence of the cover letter.


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Here’s the Best Cover Letter Advice

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Your cover letter and resume must stand out. Cover letters for resumes may be a necessity, but they are often seen as a stumbling block. Many people mistakenly think a cover letter is simply a summary of what is contained within the resume to help employers determine if they want to read further. While this is partially true, there is much more to creating a great cover letter that makes a difference.

The Importance of Cover Letters: Experts Weigh In

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The importance of cover letters continues to be debated among job search experts and job seekers alike. The post The Importance of Cover Letters: Experts Weigh In appeared first on Executive Career Brand™. Executive Resume, Biography & Cover Letter Personal Branding

5 Cover Letter Tips to Get Your Resume Noticed

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There is nothing more annoying (nor more important) than having to write a cover letter. On the one hand, it can be the single most important document in your job search (yes, possibly more important than your resume). A cover letter is your introduction. Cover letters Stand Out tipsyou may ask.

Do Cover Letters Really Matter in Executive Job Search?

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Opinions vary on whether or not cover letters are even read – or needed – in job search. The reality is that plenty of people will be expecting a cover letter (or covering email message), and favor candidates with well-written ones that convey personality. Why Cover Letters Are Important. Many people read them religiously and judge candidates by them as strongly as they do their resumes and online presence. Personalize each letter.

Are Cover Letters a Thing of the Past?

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The two traditional components needed to apply for a job include a cover letter and a resume. As technology and the job searching process has evolved, though, many people wonder whether it’s still necessary to include a cover letter with their application. Read more » The post Are Cover Letters a Thing of the Past? appeared first on Executive Resume Services.

Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Cover Letters

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Cover letters are a bit of a lost art and, I’m sure you’re wondering why you need one. Why You Need a Cover Letter: Lets you provide your personal response to the specifics of the job opportunity and why you are a good fit. While not as important as your resume, your cover letter is typically the first thing a recruiter or company HR representative sees. You will (and should) have several versions of your cover letter.

How to Write a Fantastic Executive Cover Letter

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Writing a cover letter for a resume is important. Resumes aren’t the only thing you have to worry about when you’re trying to land the job you’ve always wanted. In fact, resumes and cover letters work together to attract the attention of employers and give them the information needed to make a decision. The opening of the cover letter for your resume is one of the most important elements because it creates a first impression, whether good or bad.

Keys to a Great Executive Cover Letter

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When you sit down to write an executive cover letter, you may have many different thoughts running through your mind. Why can’t I simply regurgitate my resume? Aren’t all cover letters the same? The truth is, cover letters are difficult to write when you write them properly. They shouldn’t be the same as your resume, and yes, hiring managers do read the good ones. Distinguish Cover Letters From Resumes.

3 Common Executive Cover Letter Mistakes

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Writing executive resume cover letters is challenging enough. Executives may spend a significant amount of time writing their cover letter, only to have a simple mistake cost them the job. It’s easy to focus on the technical details and ensuring you’ve included the most important aspects of your skills and experience in your cover letter. Here are the top three most common executive cover letter mistakes to look for.

Details to Include in Your Executive Cover Letter

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You spend so much time writing the perfect resume, so why do you have to exhaust the same amount of time and effort on a cover letter? The little known fact about resumes and cover letters is they go hand-in-hand in most cases. Some recruiters will look at a cover letter first to determine whether they even want to bother reading a resume. Even a minor typographical error is magnified when it’s in your cover letter.

Skip The Cover Letter?

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When you are busy organizing job descriptions and sending out hundreds of resumes, the last thing you want to do is to think about composing yet another document. After all, many employers do not ask for a cover letter , and many of them may not take the time to read one. So should you just skip the cover letter? A cover letter is not a restatement of your resume. This is where people make the mistake of reiterating what is on their resume.

How to Write a Cover Letter – 10 Tips to Master

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Your cover letter is typically the first thing a recruiter or company HR representative sees. If it is poorly written, it is unlikely that the hiring manager will even look at your resume (so it is important to get this right). Cover letters

The Importance of an Executive Cover Letter

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Do you want to know a secret about resumes and cover letters? Employers sometimes put more emphasis on a cover letter than they do a resume, so not focusing on yours can significantly reduce your chances of landing a job. It’s easy to spend a lot of time crafting your resume and not focus on the other important aspects of a job application. Here are some other reasons why your cover letter is important.

Why Are Cover Letters So Important for Your Resume?

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Cover letters for resumes are extremely important. While most job seekers focus on crafting the perfect resume that includes a long list of accolades, achievements, degrees and awards, many HR professionals agree a resume is not the most important aspect of a potential candidate’s application package. Outstanding cover letters can turn a middle-of-the-road candidate into a top contender. By its very nature, a resume is usually dry and fact based.

The Basics of Executive Cover Letter Writing

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An executive resume cover letter shouldn’t simply restate your resume in paragraph form. If you’ve been crafting your resume like this, then it’s time to revisit some of the basics of cover letter writing. The purpose of a cover letter is to sell yourself to the potential employer you are interested in working for. Here are some of the basics of writing an executive resume cover letter.

Four Major Cover Letter Mistakes

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Often job seekers will ask me what they can do to improve their cover letter. The answer varies for each person; however, there are four major cover letter mistakes that I frequently see. Perhaps you have made one of these four major cover letter mistakes? Read our list and review your cover letter. Borrow my tips and vow never to make these major cover letter mistakes again! cover letter job search

The Importance Of A Cover Letter

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A list of “ 20 Things Every Twentysomething Should Know How To Do ” has, among things like “parallel park” and “respond to criticism,” the ability to “write a cover letter” at number 16. Cover letters require some effort, but it can be the difference between “don’t call us, we’ll call you” and “when can you start?”” Write some sample cover letters and ask friends to critique them.

Some Insights About Cover Letters and Resume Writing

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The cover letter and the resume. The Cover Letter. The key function of the cover letter is to introduce you. He has nothing to go by, but the candidates’ cover letter and resume. This is where the cover letter plays a critical role. The cover letter is there to catch the employer’s attention by showing the employer that you have something different, unique, that deserves further attention.

Cover Letter Outline

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Cover Letter Outline. A cover letter is a necessary component when applying to open positions. The below cover letter outline should help you to prepare your own cover letter when applying to positions. Cover Letter Requirements.

#1 Thing You MUST Say In Your Cover Letter

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Is there one thing you can say in a cover letter that will guarantee it accomplishes its purpose? A cover letter serves as an introduction to your resume and to yourself as a candidate for employment. Ending #3 Thank you for your time reviewing my resume.

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How NOT to write a cover letter!


It is not easy writing a cover letter – in fact many job candidates often find it harder writing the cover letter then the resume! In my experience I have seen fantastic cover letters, average covers and as you can see cover letters that will guarantee you will not get the job! Tips on how NOT to write a cover letter!

10 Snack-size Cover Letter Writing Tips

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Cover letter writing may seem like a necessary evil when you are looking for work, but it is no less important than preparing your resume. Taking the time to craft your cover letter well will increase your chances of getting that all-important interview – and a job offer. Here are some short, sweet, and to the point cover letter writing tips to chew on to help you reach your goal. Use a business letter format.

Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews, Oh My!

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CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « It’s Lonely at the Top – The Best Companies to Work for – Vol 9 It’s Quality, Not Just Quantity That Gets You Hired » Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews, Oh My! “ You know, Resumes, Cover Letter and Interviews (and you won’t get to the third if you don’t get the first two right).

Writing The Perfect Cover Letter

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When applying for a job it can be easy to assume that your resume is the most important part of your job application. While your resume is vital and helps to list your skills and experience in order to match you to a job, it isn’t the only thing that you need to include in your application. When submitting your application for a job, you must include a cover letter in order for your application to be taken seriously.

Why Should You Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter?

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The best executive resume should be customized for the job. It may be easier to write one cover letter and resume and use it for every job to which you want to apply. However, if you’re trying to build the best executive resume to help you stand apart from the other candidates, this is a serious mistake. Hiring personnel often receive hundreds of resumes for every job listing they release.

What To Include In Your Cover Letter

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It is easy to get carried away with concentrating on your resume and making sure this is up to scratch but that isn’t the only direction your concentration and efforts should be pointed. Your resume is very important, however, you also need to bear in mind that often the cover letter that you send is the first impression potential employers will get of you. It is reading this letter that will help them decide whether or not to read your resume.

Cover Letter Basics and the Biggest Mistake to Avoid

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For some strange reason there is a great deal written about how to craft the perfect resume, but much less attention is focused on the cover letter. The fact is that quite often it is the cover letter that the convinces the reader to even bother looking at your resume. The worst part is that people quite often make the biggest mistake in cover letter writing almost immediately. Then address the letter to that person directly.

Insider’s Guide to Writing a Cover Letter

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Whenever you apply for a job position, you must include a cover letter to show an employer why you deserve that job. A cover letter allows you to demonstrate the professional skills and experiences that make you a suitable candidate for a job position. How you write a cover letter and how you send it to the employer tells him a lot about you. Start your letter by addressing the hiring manager. Make references to your resume wherever applicable.

2 Things Recruiters HATE To Read On Cover Letters

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A lot people ask, "do recruiters even read cover letters anymore?" There are things on your cover letter that could be sabotaging your chances of getting an interview. If you do these two things when writing a cover letter, there's a good chance a recruiter won't give you a call. You Start Your Cover Letter With "To Whom It May Concern" Starting your cover letter off with this phrase is very impersonal, and it shows that you didn't do your homework.

Why Cover Letters Are Relevant & How to Prepare Them

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter There are mixed messages in the value of a cover letter. In one instance, a recruiter proclaims, “Never waste your time on a cover letter. I never read them,” while in the next instance, in an equally insistent manner, a hiring decision maker says, “Always write an introductory letter to your resume.

Make Your Cover Letter Perfect: A Jobseeker’s Checklist


While learning how to write a cover letter for a job application is no one’s idea of a good time. A cover letter not only serves as your very first point of contact with a hiring leader, but it’s an opportunity to stand out in a sea of applicants with similar skills and qualifications. So, considering there’s no getting around the cover letter, you might as well focus your energy on how to produce a perfect one. How to Write a Cover Letter.

5 Tips to Help You Write the Perfect Cover Letter


Your cover letter is the first thing potential employers see and, therefore, it greatly impacts potential employers' opinions of you. A perfect cover letter will entice the reader to continue on to your resume. A poorly written cover letter may mean your resume doesn't get read at all. The following are five tips to help you write the perfect cover letter: Personalize your cover letter.

The Top Reason Your Cover Letter Is Important

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Some will tell you that nobody reads cover letters any more, so there’s no good reason to write them. But there actually are very good reasons to write a professional, researched, compelling cover letter, and here’s the top reason why: It is your opening argument that the attached resume is worth taking the time to read. If possible, discover who will be reading the resumes and use their name in the opening.

3 Easy Steps To A Quick Cover Letter Makeover

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One of the most common questions asked of job search experts is, “Do I really need a cover letter?" To set the record straight, yes, a cover letter is necessary. The cover letter influences the reader's first impression of you. Do you recycle the same old cover letter year after year? Perhaps you use a drab template stating "your enthusiasm for the position" and "my resume is attached for your consideration."

Tips For Cover Letters — Your First Impression Counts Big

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Your cover letter is that first impression for your resume and its quality will often determine whether or not that resume gets attention. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when you are writing your cover letter: Do your homework. Find out who to address the letter to, what style would be appropriate, and the job description. All you are doing is a three-paragraph overview to get them interested in looking at your resume.

Writing a Unique Cover Letter

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One reason so many job seekers hate writing cover letters is because they find it difficult to write something unique. There is a lot of pressure to write that one-in-a-million killer cover letter, especially in a crowded job market. Start your letter with a startling fact or industry trend. The secret is to research the company and personalize the letter based on your knowledge of the company, then to connect that with your experience. cover letter

The Ultimate Must for all Executive LinkedIn Profiles, Emails, Resumes and Cover Letters

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Whether it’s your LinkedIn profile, resumes and cover letters, emails or anything else, always take the time. Read more » The post The Ultimate Must for all Executive LinkedIn Profiles, Emails, Resumes and Cover Letters appeared first on Executive Resume Services. Executive Resumes Job Search LinkedIn Profile Development professional resume services Resume Writing

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Cover Letter Tone: Formal or Friendly?

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When creating cover letters, a common mistake is to essentially use the same letter every time. This is a bad idea and you can be certain that your generic letter is seen as such by those who read it. I’m going to assume you have done your homework and know enough about the job you are seeking to be specific in your cover letter. You cannot craft a decent cover letter without specifics. You want the letter to be brief but complete.

Ask The Experts: Cover Letter and Resume Transformation

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Recently, I was honored to be among industry experts discussing current trends in resumes and cover letters on a Mashable Biz Chat. Tracy Edouard, Marketing and Communication at Mashable, gives us the highlights of Mashable’s #BizChats Twitter chat on how to transform your resume and cover letter for the better and you can see different professional perspectives on these questions: Is it important to have both a cover letter and resume when submitting job applications?

Getting The WOW Factor Into Your Cover Letter

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If you are taking the time to apply for a job and you want to be successful, then it makes sense that you ensure that your resume and cover letter are spot on when it comes to getting a potential employer’s attention. There are different ways that you can do this, although making sure that your cover letter has the WOW factor is a big deal. There are several ways that you can go about achieving this, including: Have a strong opening for your letter.

What To Include In An Email Cover Letter

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For some reason people often feel much more relaxed about applying for a job online and assume that emailing a resume in order to apply for job doesn’t need the same attention to detail that a posted resume does. However, this isn’t the case and you should make sure that your resume and cover letter are perfect, even if you are applying via email. Your best bet is to treat the email body as you would a cover letter.