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Your job search could use these articles and resources so enjoy! Well this video suggests it would improve workplace culture. What’s hot in job search? Research culture! Many job seekers ignore researching an employer.

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The Ultimate Job Search Survival Guide for Women Executives

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However, the job search for women is still difficult, so here are some tips to consider. There are many different career websites specifically for women looking for jobs. Check The Culture of Companies You Apply To.

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3 Ways to Prepare for Your Executive Job Search

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Too many executives today aren’t getting the results they expected as they go through their job search. Most of those times, the job seeker either didn’t prepare enough or prepared the wrong ways. Take note of the culture, the qualities, skill sets required and more.

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Get Ready for an Agile Job Search with Nissar Ahamed

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When I like a job search blog, I like to let you know about it. The blog founded by Nissar Ahamed is likely to give your job search a boost. Not only about resumes and cover letters, but also the workplace and productivity too. Job Search Job Advice

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5 Places You Might Have Overlooked in Your Job Search

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The post 5 Places You Might Have Overlooked in Your Job Search appeared first on Ms. Many workplaces are more or less identical: Employees toil away in the confines of their cubicles, completing their work and going home. Job Search

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Workplace Bullying

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But what about bullying in the workplace? So, what are the facts about workplace bullying? In my online searching, I was shocked to find a website for the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI). million people — have faced bullying while on the job.

How to Incorporate Company Culture Into Your Hiring Process


Happiness in the workplace is based on a number of factors. Company culture plays as important a role as any other factor of workplace prosperity. For this reason, including your culture and values in the hiring process is essential. Amp up your job description.

The View of Today’s Job Search from a Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter

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More and more, people are considering culture and value above other reasons for the job and career he or she desires, especially for those of you who envision working for a company promoting diversity and inclusion (D & I). People are more responsive to entertainment, pop culture.

5 Easy Ways To Get Ahead In The Workplace

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Be Efficient In The Workplace Strive to be the most efficient worker on your team. Strive For Excellence While Working Of the five things you can do to get ahead in the workplace, this one probably calls for you giving yourself some pressure. You're looking for a career booster.

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4 Companies With Great Cultures

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Here are some companies that show qualities of being a great place to work for through their company culture. Do YOU want to learn how you can showcase your amazing employees and attract more great job candidates? Funky Flight Attendant Shows Off Cool Company Culture.

Workplace Survivor: Toxic Work Environments

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They don’t have a job offer waiting in the wings and need the money to pay the bills. But there are ways you can survive and get past these hazardous workplaces. It’s not all in your head… but toxic workplaces affect people’s self-esteem, confidence, outlook, and even approach to life.

Most Important Human Skills in Today’s Workplace


In the workplace human skills can be just as important as work skills because you’re constantly interacting with people whom might even be of many different cultures. Recruiters are constantly looking for candidates who fit in well with their corporate culture.

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SR: DUI, Juggling Job Searches and Offers

Evil HR Lady

Thursday, November 18, 2010 SR: DUI, Juggling Job Searches and Offers Please allow me to set the stage for you. Driving is an integral part of the job responsibilities. Could the employee be dismissed from job responsibilities? Evil HR Lady Why am I evil?

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5 Tips on Managing Millennials in the Workplace

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Today’s workplace also includes Generation X (born between 1965–1976), Baby Boomers (1946–1964) and Traditionalists, born between 1900 and 1945. Millennials bring many gifts to the workplace. They also want to make an immediate impact in their jobs and to move up quickly.

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8 Mistakes to Avoid If You’re Job Hunting During COVID-19 

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If so, you have probably reworked your resume and are anxiously searching internet boards. If it’s been a while since you’ve job hunted, knowing what not to do when searching or applying for a job is as vital as running a spell check on your cover letter.

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7 Reasons Why You’re MISERABLE At Work (And How You Can Fix It)

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It's your job to keep moving forward with that company and keep pushing to be the top spoke on the wheel. You might HATE talking on the phone, but your job might require you to hop on a call with a client every so often.

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Top 5 #Workplace Blogs of the Week


Each week Blogging4Jobs brings you the Top 5 Blogs in the #Workplace. Understanding the science behind your company culture: Unlimited vacation policies and company culture can’t be developed without first understanding the data and science behind it.

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How To Create A Strategic Plan For Your Job Search

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Searching for a full-time job can often be a full-time job. Creating A Strategic Plan For Your Job Search In today’s competitive market, you need to be focused and you need to know what you want, what you have to offer, and where to search for it.

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This New Bill Could Make It Easier To Prove Age Discrimination At Work

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An era where it's easier for workers to prove age discrimination on the job may be closer than you think. The big picture here is that if POWADA passes, it will be easier for workers to prove age discrimination in the workplace. Have you experienced age discrimination on the job?

Culture Shock—Without Ever Leaving Your Home Country

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As global moves become commonplace, relocation and corporate professionals have gained a better understanding of the phenomenon of culture shock. Yet relatively little attention is paid to cultural issues when relocating employees within a country. When it is acknowledged at all, domestic culture shock is treated as more of a punch-line than a problem. rural/urban), you increase the affect of these differences—and culture-shock—exponentially.

Corporate Voices Begins National Workplace Flexibility Campaign

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Jun, 2010 11 Comments Corporate Voices for Working Families has begun a national campaign to engage the business community and create a broader awareness of the positive business and employee benefits of workplace flexibility. Jun, 2010 Keep the focus on Jobs ! job hunt Monster roars.

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4 Reasons The Best Working Environments Are Multi-Generational

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There's a good chance you have a diverse set of co-workers at your job. Working with people who were raised in different generations than you can actually be really beneficial to your workplace productivity. Are you thinking about switching careers, or need help with your job search?

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3 Essential Office Etiquette Tips

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Quite simply, proper office etiquette refers to an unwritten code employees should follow in order to be successful in the workplace. Office etiquette may include having good manners and being courteous of others, as well as using workplace technology in a suitable manner.

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How to Spot the Signs of a Great Place to Work

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If you’re looking for a new job, remember it isn’t just the job description you should focus on. Career Management Recruiting Company Culture cultural fit job search Salary workplace

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Social & Workplace Influence—When the Grapevine is Good (Part II.


Book Connect Blogging4Jobs HR + Social Media + Job Search = Blogging4Jobs Business Events OKC Featured Networking Gen Y Guest HR Job Search Social Media Categorized | Business , HR , Social Media Social & Workplace Influence—When the Grapevine is Good (Part II) Posted on 13 September 2010.

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ANSWERED: My Co-Worker Complains ALL THE TIME But My Boss Won't Do Anything

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In this week's edition of Well,This Happened, the series that lets you become a career coach, we addressed Michelle's awkward workplace dilemma. Have an uncomfortable situation at work or in your job search that you aren't sure how to deal with?

Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience

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Studying abroad immerses you in another culture, and often means you have no choice but to read, speak and understand a non-native language. Be More Culturally Diverse. All those characteristics are advantageous for candidates associated with almost any open job position.

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Where Would You Rather Work? "Stranger Things" Edition

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It's 1985 and you need a summer job. Which job will you apply for? Besides the kids who come in and abuse the free sample policy (and your unflattering work uniform), it's a pretty "chill" job. Looking for a job? The Starcourt Mall in Hawkins is hiring.

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Top 7 Survival Tips for New Grads in the Workplace

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For most traditional new graduates, moving from the school world into the workplace is a huge culture shock. Climbing the Ladder advice career expert job search tips Workplace Advice young professionalHere are some survival tips. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at

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ANSWERED: HR Manager Is Trash Talking Me! Who Do I Go To?

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In this week's edition of Well,This Happened , the series that lets you become a career coach, we addressed Eric's difficult workplace situation. Have an uncomfortable situation at work or in your job search that you aren't sure how to deal with?

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Should Feminists Avoid These 4 Companies?

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Stories surface again and again of women dismissed for calling men out on their actions, or women offered jobs only on condition of sex, or women patronised into believing their skillset expendable. To hire graduates or browse graduate jobs , visit their website.

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3 Warning Signs You Should NOT Accept That Job Offer

Ms. Career Girl

The post 3 Warning Signs You Should NOT Accept That Job Offer appeared first on Ms. Whether you’re causally investigating a new position or you’ve been actively hunting for the right fit for months, searching for a job can be an exhausting process.

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How to Take Your Executive Resume Summary to the Next Level

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One of the best ways to accomplish this is by offering your approach and belief of the ideal workplace culture. We take great pride in helping executives transform their cover letters, resumes, summaries and helping them with anything else related to their job search.

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Person-Company Fit: Drinking From the Corporate Punch Bowl


They are much alike in many ways, just like all snowflakes are made of snow, but there are certain values, cultural elements, and eccentricities that make them like no other company around. The Culture Club. Is she a Googler? Is he a Briteling?

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3 Job Search Secrets The Best Employers Wish You Knew

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3 Job Search Secrets The Best Employers Wish You Knew. What if the real reason you can’t find a job you love isn’t because it’s hard to do or because “you just can’t find anything better”? Related: 3 Ways To Break Free Of Your Boring, Torturous Job.

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my boss chastised me about my menstrual cramps, job-searching with four vacations already booked, and more

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My coworker is job-searching — should I tell our boss? I just stared this job a few weeks ago and rely on her for her expertise (we have the same job and same level, but she has been here for several years). I’m job searching and have four upcoming vacations already booked. I’m currently job searching and my husband and I have already booked four upcoming vacations before the end of this year. It’s five answers to five questions.

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7 Tips for Landing Your First Job as a College Grad

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According to a an article in USA Today ( Job Outlook for College Grads ), while overall unemployment is down and new jobs are being created, unemployment for the 25-34 year old age bracket is up (now at 24.5%). Basically, where and what you will do in your job search.

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When You Can Do the Job, BUT You Aren't a Cultural Fit | Career.

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Could this be a problem with a cultural fit? When we start a job there is a period of time when you are too new to really fit in. You’re learning the job and the entire structure. To really understand the issue with a cultural fit, you need to understand a bit about cultures. Culture is essentially the way a group of people interact with one another, which includes beliefs, communication style, customs and an array of attitudes.

YIKES! How To Handle Your Manager Stealing Clients & Sales

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This week on Well This Happened , we discussed Taylor's awkward workplace dilemma. Taylor recently started a job at a retail store that's solely commission-based. Since Taylor is so new to the company, he's not sure whether to report his manager, or move on to a different job.

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What To Do If You Work One Of The 'Worst' Jobs

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When you see the enticing headline "Worst Jobs In America," it's almost impossible to resist clicking to see what professions made the list. But, what happens if your job is on the list? uses these factors annually as it crafts its best and worst jobs lists.

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Top 7 Workplace Etiquette No-Nos - BLOG - Career.


With respect to people of other cultures who have different norms about this issue, in the U.S.,

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5 Benefits Of Hiring Creative Employees

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They are scouting for people who can not only complete their job at hand but also bring new perspectives to the table. Moreover with customers becoming more demanding, companies need to come up with creative problem solving and innovative solutions for complex challenges in the workplace.

How to Make the Best First Impression In Your Executive Interview

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Some job interviews don’t merit wearing a suit and tie, so you don’t necessarily have to default to that look. You should have a professional headshot in your LinkedIn profile picture, so your attire for a job interview should be professional as well.

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