When an Employee Survey Says You Stink

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What do we love most about the culture- Is there anything you wish you could change? To read the answer, click here: When an Employee Survey Says You Stink I received the following email from a reader: My company recently eliminated the commission for salespeople.

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10 Ways Employee Surveys Help Attract and Retain Talent

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A strong workplace culture increases business performance by engaging everyone in a united goal, values and vision. The culture of your workplace has a significant impact on your employer brand and influences the perception of working for you.

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New Survey Shows Executives Need Social Media Skills

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However, BRANDfog’s 2014 survey on The Global, Social CEO indicates that C-level executives who ignore social media are losing the ability to influence brand reputation and company leadership. How The Survey Was Conducted.

Let’s Conduct a Survey and 23 Other Ways to Stop Change

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The culture needs to change. To read the remaining phrases and the rest of the article, click here: Let’s Conduct a Survey and 23 Other Ways to Stop Change. The post Let’s Conduct a Survey and 23 Other Ways to Stop Change appeared first on Evil HR Lady. You believe in change. You know change is the way to succeed. Everyone on your team says the same thing. So why are you still using the same processes that were developed in 2012?

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Culture Is a Four-Letter Word

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The post Culture Is a Four-Letter Word appeared first on Ms. When I started to write this article I originally titled it “Culture Is Not a Four Letter Word.” I was prepared to make a compelling case to convince CEO’s that culture is every bit as important as strategic planning.

Survey Finds Worker Morale is High

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In an Accountemps survey, nearly four in 10 ( 39 percent ) workers described the morale at their companies as very good. The survey, conducted by accountemps, includes responses from 443 working adults 18 years of age or older and employed in an office environment. “Employers who foster this type of culture are rewarded with higher employee morale and productivity.” The survey process alone is a morale booster because it shows people you value their opinions.

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3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Asking One More Employee Survey Question


Internet survey tools are great, aren’t they? Send a survey link and tally up the results. Advice HR communication culture engagement feedback PICYou log in, create a couple of questions, grab the link and then send an email out to your target group. Want to know what type of food should be served at the upcoming company picnic? Want to know […] Source.

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Top 25 Companies for Culture & Values 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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What companies offer their employees the best culture & values? Top 25 Companies for Culture & Values 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]. Employer Employer Branding culture Glassdoor Study survey values

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#SHRM Benefits Survey: 40% More Companies Offer Telecommuting


According to SHRM’s 2016 Employee Benefits Survey , published today, 40% more organizations offer telecommuting in 2016 than in 1996. It’s not that I didn’t expect to see a dramatic increase in telecommuting reflected in the survey.


The 7 Best Interview Questions On Cultural Fit


It was my fault for not taking the time to properly assess his cultural expectations and relay my own. The most successful hires will have not only the skills you desire but also fit your culture. Many of these responses focused on cultural fit. Questions to Assess Cultural Fit.

CAREEREALISM Announces 2015 Job Seeker Survey Results

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February 24th, 2015) – CAREEREALISM, a career advice and employment branding site, released the results of its 2015 job seeker survey that polled its 1,000,000 monthly readers. After sending out the survey to 105K+ daily email subscribers, CAREEREALISM compiled the referrals from its readers and discovered the following through research: 100% had a dedicated careers page on their corporate website. Hampton, N.H.

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CAREEREALISM Releases 2015 Age Discrimination Survey Results

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March 27th, 2015) – CAREEREALISM, a career advice and employment branding site, released the results of its 2015 job search and age discrimination survey, through which its audience of 1,000,000 monthly readers were polled. Hampton, N.H.

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10 Employee Survey Questions to Use in Your Employment Branding Campaign


An employer brand is developed and driven by the employee population, based on the characteristics, benefits, culture or nuances of the organization that are most important to them and contribute to employees deciding to remain working at your company. The complete survey was 15 questions.

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Is Your Culture Corrupt?

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In a 2008 global survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers and The Economic Intelligence Unit, an increasing number of large companies said they recognized their vulnerability to corruption and the benefits of effective anti-corruption programs and controls. It's in your best interest to expose and root out corrupt activities before they sabotage your culture. Best Practices Culture Ethics Management Ownership & Initiative Troubleshooting

Is Social Media the Solution to Company Culture Fit?

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It makes sense, since a recent CareerBuilder survey found 38 percent of employers have open positions they just cannot find the skilled candidates to fill. Is Social Media the Solution to Company Culture Fit?

The Power of Data: A Workplace Trust Case Study


HR Work company culture employee survey employee trust workplace trustDo your employees trust you? Do your employees believe you listen to what they have to say? These are critical questions that leadership needs to understand. Workplace Trust Case Study ACME company. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

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CAREEREALISM Poll Reveals Importance Of Company Culture

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April 28, 2015) – CAREEREALISM, a career advice and employment branding site, released the results of its 2015 employee perks vs. company culture survey that polled its 1,000,000 monthly readers. Of the 1,000,000 monthly readers, over 800 people took the survey. Hampton, N.H.

Sustainability Careers: Five Career Tips from GreenBiz Sustainability Salary Survey

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GreenBiz.com just published their second annual “GreenBiz Salary Survey 2011.” A company’s actions and strategies will depend on its own internal culture, the realities of its industry, the competition, and how extensive the supply chain is.

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Culture Breeds Commitment: The Truth about Talent Loyalty


Company culture seems to be reserved for small start-ups with everything to gain or large Fortune 500 companies with nothing to lose. Perhaps cultivating a diverse and friendly company culture will spark the fire of employee trust and commitment. Commitment, Loyalty, and Trust.

Boeing and the Layoff Culture

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As millions were let go, sending the unemployment rate skyrocketing, American companies developed a culture of fear. No one had anything to say on this matter except a few academic researchers who provided an eye-opening account of their 10 years studying the layoff culture at airplane manufacturing powerhouse  Boeing. Three years after the recession began, the layoff culture has really taken its toll. What has the layoff culture been like at your company?

5 Ways to Build a Recognition Culture at Your Office


In a recent brief released in July 2012 by the Aberdeen Group helps to make the case for human resource professionals and business owners to develop and design a formal employee recognition culture and program at their organization. How to Create an Culture of Employee Recognition.

Culture, Culture, Culture: Here's the 1 Question You to Need to Ask.

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Lots of smoke and mirrors out there related to company culture. No doubt you want to build the best culture possible at your company, which requires employee engagement (or whatever you choose to call it). Regardless of how you define your culture, you can find out what your employees really think and what they value culturally by asking the following simple question: . Ask that question on your next employee survey. Culture Employee Relations Workplace

The Importance of a Performance Culture

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Are you working toward a robust culture in your company because you. recently conducted by the Human Capital Institute and PS Culture. Matters, certain cultural facets are critical for reaping increased. the HCI survey, most of these cultural facets are not particularly. their organizations are only "somewhat," "not very" or "not at all" successful at achieving a culture of professional growth and.

Culture is not HR: My Great Places to Work Experience #gptwConf


However, upon researching and realizing what was involved in terms of digging into our culture; as well as assessing the likelihood that it would be received appropriately and action taken, I took the postcard back to the President and told him we would not do the survey.

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Stamp the Cynicism Out of Your Office Culture

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And over the years, I’ve seen one coworker’s negativity significantly affect the culture of an entire team. In The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success , Karlgaard says, “Mocking irony, snark, and cynicism are very much in vogue, but they are also toxic to your company’s culture.”. The 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer study , which surveys the trust and credibility of government and business, reports that in North America, only 43 percent of people trust CEOs.

How to Create a Corporate Culture of Innovation


This Global Innovation 1000 study shows that one key thing innovative companies have in common is a culture that supports innovation. However, only half of the companies surveyed have this kind of culture. 6 Ways to Create a Corporate Culture of Innovation.

Good Culture Is In, Inflated Salaries Are Out

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A caring culture is tops. Another 2011  Unum survey  with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services solicited human resource executives’ opinions on this issue, with similar results. This research found that corporate culture is critical to driving engagement, recruitment and retention of a quality workforce. Since readers of this column obviously care about creating and sustaining a great workplace culture, this is good news. Related Topics: Managing.

How to Retain Unsatisfied Employees


But retaining unsatisfied employees doesn’t always have to mean offering a pay raise—often, keeping your best employees just means creating minor shifts in your company culture. Using Stay Interviews and a Recognition Culture. Create a recognition culture at your workplace.

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Do Applicants Lack Skills or Experience?

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The latest survey from Forde HR Cloud reveals that a large proportion of businesses are unable to pick and choose the perfect candidates when recruiting. Recruiting candidates cultural fit Experience Forde HR Cloud Graduates Jerome Ford skills gapIn fact, as many as two in three business managers admitted to struggling to recruit the staff they ideally want. Small businesses listed a variety of reasons, the biggest being. View Article. Do Applicants Lack Skills or Experience?

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New Research Findings On The Job Interview

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On Tuesday I shared results of a recent social and career networking survey. Because it includes information on methodology and limitations of the original survey. Results from the last three questions on the survey are being released today.

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The Culture of Waste: Why It’s Bad, and How To Prevent Waste

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If I was already picking up on this from the different locals I met (who come from different states, and are not related in any way), chances are it is suggestive of the culture in the country. It would seem that America has quite a wasteful culture compared to other places in the world.

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employee lied about me on anonymous survey, companies that monitor how you organize your desk, and more

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Employee lied about me in an anonymous customer survey. I was recently mentioned on a negative comment in our customer service survey. He added that he was told the survey was confidential and wanted to complaint about this too. You only need to explain to HR that his statement was false, that he attempted to cloak it in anonymity by using a survey meant for customers, and that it appears to be in retaliation for his performance review.

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Reference Checks Remove One in Five Job Candidates From.

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Jun, 2010 16 Comments A strong resume and interview may place job seekers in the running for a position, but a new survey from OfficeTeam finds the results of a reference check can be the real deal maker — or breaker.

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HBR Says Women Experience More Incivility than Men at Work — Especially from Other Women (KD at #workhuman)

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This panel will focus on these critical issues facing HR leaders today and organizations can drive changes and build cultures where everyone feels safe and empowered. These studies involved rather large samples, surveying between 400 and over 600 U.S.

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3 Ways to Re-Engage Your Workforce


According to a survey by Towers Watson , most of your workforce has either detached or completely disengaged from their positions. A recent Gallup survey showed not even the poor economy has impacted the relative importance of engagement on organizational outcomes.

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New Challenges for Managers in a Changing World of Work


According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace survey, 52% of US employees are disengaged. Culture trumps benefits. While some mistake culture for company-wide trips and events, these are facilitators rather than creators of company culture.

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What is Gen Z’s Attitude Towards Their Future Careers?

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Employer branding experts, Universum have recently released the findings of a survey they conducted investigating the attitudes that young people (born between 1996 and 2000) have towards their future careers, fears about work and thoughts about higher education. Employer Career culture Gen Z Recruiting

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Friday Five: No Theme, Just Good Links


I couldn’t pick a theme for this week’s Friday Five so instead I offer you a grab bag of interesting links on company culture, Facebook advertising, employee engagement and, as always, a giant pin in the hot air balloon of millennial myths.

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Why Employee Experience is the Future of HR

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Starting in the last few years, culture has played a central role in a new focus on employee experience. This is the process of creating a social and mobile interface for employees inside an organization, which serves as the entry-point for an immersive dive into the company’s culture and what employees experience every day.  Survey new hire about experience and monitor performance. Foster a culture of giving, requesting, and receiving feedback continuously.

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What Actually Drives Employee Engagement?


If they’re not engaged with your company culture and workplace ideals, it might seem more acceptable to spend an hour trolling Facebook looking at pictures from last week’s crazy party. Create a company culture with values. A recent survey by Bain & Co.

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