How a Positive Workplace Culture Benefits Your Physical and Mental Health

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In today’s competitive business environment, whistling while you work might feel more like something out of a Disney movie than actual workplace reality. In fact, a positive workplace culture is good business sense. A positive work culture is more than a great idea.

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Adapt or Fail: Why Employers Need to Redesign their Workplace Culture

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Today, as many companies pass the… Adapt or Fail: Why Employers Need to Redesign their Workplace Culture Undercover Recruiter -. Workplace Coronavirus Covid-19 culture Future Workplace Marcus Thornley remote totem vibe WFH working from home

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Ways to Overcome Cultural Barriers in the Workplace

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As the world moves ahead, diversity in the workplace will continue to grow and evolve. Language barriers may make it difficult to communicate effectively, or cultural differences may inhibit employees from being comfortable enough to open up, socialize, bond or even work comfortably and closely with one another. Boggenpoel provides these ways companies can deal with cultural and racial conflicts internally and overcome cultural barriers. Overcoming Cultural Barriers.

How to Tell if a Company’s Culture Is Right for You

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Whether you’re trying to find internships in college or land a better job , company culture should be high on your list of things to look for in your next opportunity — perhaps even higher than a paycheck. Why is company culture so important, you might ask? Job Search company culture

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HR CAPITALIST DOWNLOAD: Building Your Culture Through Great Recruiting Practices.

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Most of my readers at the Capitalist are interesting in building the right type of culture inside their organizations, which is a worthy goal. . But if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the RPO recruiting world at Kinetix, it’s that “company culture” is hard to define.

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Tesla: Now the Most Interesting Workplace Culture in The World.

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Tesla is now the most interesting workplace culture in the world. It's good): 4--Embedded in the founder driven culture is. Tesla is the most interesting workplace culture in America right now. Communications Culture Economics Employee Relations Innovation Performance Management WorkplaceForget Google, Apple and if you're into pain, Uber.

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5 Types of Corporate Culture

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The post 5 Types of Corporate Culture appeared first on Ms. What’s more, 60 percent of newly graduated millennials value corporate culture above pay , and that number rises to 69 percent when those already in the workforce are included, according to Accenture. For an employer interested in attracting new talent, corporate culture has become the newest, biggest selling point. Most importantly, corporate culture has an important impact on employee satisfaction and motivation.

4 Ways To Tell If A Company's Great Culture Is Real

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I think this saying particularly resonates with job seekers who put value in company culture when looking for their next career. The truth is there is no foolproof way to tell if a company can back up everything it says about its wonderful culture and values.

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4 Trends Seeking to Address Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

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The post 4 Trends Seeking to Address Cultural Diversity in the Workplace appeared first on Ms. In a nation that is built on a history of assimilating many cultures into one geographic location, it has been extremely difficult to embrace a national identity, yet as Americans that’s just what we’ve done. Within the broad scope of cultural diversity falls the category of workers with disabilities. That would be cross-cultural diversity or multi-cultural diversity.

Is Your Workplace Culture Harming Your Employees’ Health?

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Workplace culture has a bigger impact on your employees’ health than you may think. Your company’s culture influences a wide range of behaviors, from seeking health care to unhealthy eating and drinking to managing stress and mental health. If you want healthy employees who show up every day and do great work, consider these five ways your company’s culture could be affecting your employees’ health. The post Is Your Workplace Culture Harming Your Employees’ Health?

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Incorporating a Mentally Healthy Corporate Culture in your Workplace


How healthy is your workplace? Is the corporate culture free of the stigma long associated with mental illness? And I’ve found that, as with anything else related to company culture, how mental health is addressed at work starts with leadership. A corporate culture that values the well-being of employees will provide the elements for good mental health. Incorporating a Mentally Healthy Corporate Culture in your Workplace. May is Mental Health Month.

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Tips for Identifying a Toxic Culture Before You Take the Job

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When companies look at creating a great culture, they’ll often look at other successful companies to see how it should be done. That’s how we get stocked break rooms and similar perks as the definition of how great the culture must be. While dangling free food and foosball tables might be enticing for people looking from the outside in, the foundation of a real culture is deeper than that. You can even tell a lot about a culture by the smell of the office.

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Build a Culture of Workplace Flexibility


An even broader debate, however, “has arisen between HR professions (who have to administer flexible work programs) regarding workplace flexibility tools in general.” One thing is critical, reports Kelly, is the intersection between these workplace flexibility tools and various employment laws. Before adopting any workflex took in your workplace, consult your employment lawyer. 7 Ways to build a culture of workplace flexibility. Culture of Flexibility.

3 Reasons Cultural Fit is Important in the Workplace

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But how easy is it to find someone who is the right cultural fit. 3 Reasons Cultural Fit is Important in the Workplace. Employer cultural fit Hiring Macildowie workplaceIt is often said that firms want to recruit people with the right attitude and work ethic rather than just a glowing CV. While knowledge of the job is essential, key skills can be learned in-house, particularly at a junior level. View Article.

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How a Bi-Racial C-Suite Duo Take On Workplace Mistreatment

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Career workers speaking out against workplace harassment and mistreatment are increasing, which means pressure for the companies reaping the fruits of their labor. Easwar wanted to contribute to a human-centric approach to tech that would have an authentic workplace culture impact.

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Why Workplace Culture Fails: Treating Symptoms Instead of the Diagnosis


Most often in the workplace and business world where we live, our business leaders are driven by a sense of urgency starting from the top and rolling down the chain of command. It’s time to make a change, and it’s time to discuss why your workplace culture is less than okay. It’s time to make a change that will have a long lasting impact on your company’s culture, business and the lives of your employees. How to Improve YOUR workplace culture?

How to Shift Your Organization’s Culture to Become More #Equal

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But this doesn’t mean we are helpless, it means we urgently need to participate in shaping our own work culture. At the individual level, there is so much we can do to create an equal workplace. As a female executive and long-time feminist, and in my work in designing corporate cultures, I’ve spotted a few trends that will help you to create a more gender-equal work culture, by demand. Change your rhetoric and context to change your culture.

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How to Successfully Navigate a Workplace Romance

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This is especially true as a workplace romance doesn’t always have a blissful ending. Some even lead to lawsuits or a drop in workplace productivity. The first thing you should do to successfully navigate a workplace romance is to establish the reason for the relationship.

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Faking “Fine”: Why I’ve Hidden My Mental Illness in the Workplace (For Now)

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Having mental illness while “faking fine” in the workplace is a lonely endeavor. The American work culture is not very friendly to anyone’s mental health, regardless of a diagnosed condition or not.

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The Culture of Workplace Silence Around Sexual Harassment


While sexual harassment in the workplace has always been an issue, recently, the floodgates have opened as more women—and some men—are emboldened to tell their stories. HR company culture risk managment sexual harassmentIn some instances, these. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

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5 Telltale Signs Your Company Culture Is Going to the Dogs

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However, Glassdoor recently compiled a list of 10 companies whose employee perks include dogs in the workplace, and in this instance, ‘going to the dogs’ is a very good thing! The post 5 Telltale Signs Your Company Culture Is Going to the Dogs appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service. Career Advice Company Culture career advice company cultureThe phrase, ‘going to the dogs’ often carries a negative connotation.

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Workplace Accidents: Everything You Need to Know

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The phrase “compensation culture” is thrown about in newspaper and online news article headlines. This is because an increasing number of morally questionable individuals started taking advantage of the legal framework and claiming for compensation related to workplace accidents that they weren’t necessarily entitled to. We live in a society where making claims against people or suing others is becoming an increasingly taboo.

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Chick-fil-A: Observations from the Road About Talent and Culture.

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It's staggering and meaningful from a cultural perspective. Benefits Culture Employee Relations Wellness WorkplaceI travel a lot for work. Over the last nine years, that's meant a bit of travel fatigue and recent attempts to reduce my total number of nights in hotel rooms. Reducing nights in hotel rooms generally means getting up as early as needed and hitting the road for mid morning meetings - rather than going in the night before.

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Dealing with Workplace Harassment – A Simpler Approach

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It is no revelation that workplace culture needs a facelift given the infuriating world of sexual harassment and workplace improprieties by supervisors, CEOs, and power-trippers. To truly cleanse a workplace culture and create one of inclusion, diversity and common good, employers must implore new approaches to resolve and prevent sexual harassment incidences. Take all of this together and a company increases the bottom line – all due to a culture shift!

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How Companies With Great Cultures Manage the Expectations of New Hires.

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I had the chance on the latest and greatest episode of Talent Sniper Radio (my company podcast over at my recruiting firm, Kinetix ) to talk to Dawn Burke, VP of People at Daxko, to discuss how companies with great cultures (and lesser cultures) should manage the expectations of new employees. Turns out, companies with great cultures have the same problems rank and file companies have related to managing new hire expectations. "What should I expect?".

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How to Replace Toxic Workplace Behavior With Constructive Habits

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A healthy working culture builds on itself through your employees’ everyday actions to create a welcoming and productive company culture. But, when workplace behavior turns sour, you may suffer the consequences in turnover, low employee engagement and unhappy clients.

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Episode 7 – Culture That Rocks with Jim Knight


Welcome to Episode 6 of the Workology Podcast powered by Blogging4Jobs where we talk company culture and engagement with Jim Knight. The Workology Podcast is a place where we discuss the science and art of the workplace. EPISODE 7: CULTURE THAT ROCKS WITH JIM KNIGHT (@KNIGHTSPEAKER). He is workplace culture personified. Jim’s new book, Culture That Rocks helps bring light to how best in class companies are creating amazing communities and teams.

Creating a Culture Where Employees Reach their Full Potential


HR Leadership Senior corporate culture employee development team building workplace cultureOverworked, without recognition and underpaid to boot. This is a common complaint by employees and a reason that many believe their teams are unhappy, but the HRM Canada article Are Your Workers. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

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Ep. 131- Culture Conversations: How to Create and Foster a Company Culture


I wanted to focus not just on meaning but also dive a bit more into company cultures and talk about a number of different organizations with great cultures that I believe we can learn from. Episode 131: Culture Conversations: […] Source We’ve talked recently about finding meaning at work with a previous podcast episode with Danny Gutknecht. Episode 131: Culture Conversations: […] Podcast Work company culture Kim Gorsuch podcast workology podcast workplace culture

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3 Ways To Celebrate March Madness In The Workplace

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Whether you work in a traditional office setting, a remote workforce, or a hybrid setup, all workplaces need activities to bond over. The NCAA Men's and Women's Basketball Tournaments, also known as March Madness, is a great opportunity for workplace bonding.

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3 Ways to Sell Your Company Culture and Story


The companies that tell the best stories attract these people to their culture. Culture is a constant work in progress which means your company probably has a story behind the direction they chose. 3 Ways to sell your company culture and story. Company Culture. Write a blog, post to your company’s social media, re-Vine your customer’s… There are endless opportunities to writing a corporate culture best seller. Culture is evolutionary.

10 Ways To Increase Workplace Safety

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Safety in the workplace is vital to a well-functioning warehouse or manufacturing environment. It's the law to report all workplace injuries to the Occupational Safety Health Administration. Insist On Safety In The Workplace It all starts with you.

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Corporate Culture & Fit Starts with Asking Your Current Employees


Engaged workforces live in exceptional corporate cultures. If you look at the companies whose workforces are happy, engaged and productive, the majority of the time you’ll find a common denominator: a great company culture. Exceptional corporate culture occurs when employers value team members and employees feel they play an important role in the company’s success. The corporate culture fit factor. This is where culture fit comes into play.

Identifying Company Culture Killers


Crimes against company culture. When organisations act in such a way that they undermine their own culture, I call the charge involuntary manslaughter. There is no malice aforethought when it comes to company culture; I simply don’t believe that many people get up in the morning and go to work with the express intention to harm their organisation. We say things, do things, permit things, all of which damage your company culture, sometimes irrevocably.

2020 Trends That Will Shake Up Workplaces

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Internal communications and workplace flexibility will reign supreme in the 2020 workplace. 2020 Trends That Will Shake Up Workplaces Undercover Recruiter -. Talent Acquisition Workplace 2020 HR trends Louise Jones perkbox

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"I Am Not Uncertain" - Why Some Hidden Phrases Illustrate Your Culture To Perfection.

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The phrase is a workplace culture feature from the Showtime series Billions. "I In the South, there's a cultural catchphrase inside companies and outside in the general community: " Bless his heart ", defined as the following by Urban Dictionary : "This is a term used by the people of the southern United States particularly near the Gulf of Mexico to express to someone that they are an idiot without saying such harsh words.". Communications Culture Managing Workplace

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Hindsight Is 20/20: Living Your Culture In The Next Normal

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And, how can they successfully implement new aspects of their culture into this new normal? Here are four key things leaders must consider if they want to truly live their culture in the next new normal. A company's culture must absolutely drive this question.

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HR and Culture: 4 Fantastic Females Share Their Wisdom

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The post HR and Culture: 4 Fantastic Females Share Their Wisdom appeared first on Ms. Leadership guru Meg Wheatley encourages leaders to move from heroes to hosts, ditch chaotic command-and-control culture and open up decision-making to untapped talent at all organisational levels. But how can you embed emotionally intelligent culture while ensuring HR is effective and legally compliant? If you want to share your own tips on HR and culture, get in touch in the comments below.

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Workplace Bullying

The Job Quest

But what about bullying in the workplace? So, what are the facts about workplace bullying? In my online searching, I was shocked to find a website for the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI). When interviewing, be sure to ask questions that will help you learn more about the business’ corporate culture and give you a sense of what the day-to-day work environment is like.

How the #MeToo Movement Has Impacted the Average Workplace

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The #MeToo movement even found its way into the American workplace, with 38% of supervisors reporting that after the movement began, they started to change how they interacted with employees. Is the #MeToo movement still impacting the average workplace? Women in the Workplace.

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The Antonio Brown Conundrum: How Important Is It To Fit Into The Company Culture?

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If you're still reading this, you must be wondering, what does this have to do with workplace culture? The Importance of Company Culture via GIPHY The New England Patriots are known for having a very specific culture, dubbed by some "The Patriot Way." With six Super Bowl championships in almost 20 years, it's hard to dispute that culture. The major question now is will Brown fall in line with that culture or disrupt it.

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How Allianz Have Built a People-Centric Culture

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How Allianz Have Built a People-Centric Culture. Employer Recruiting Allianz culture people Workplace cultureThe words ‘Home’ and ‘Dare’ are two very important aspects of what makes Allianz an attractive prospective employer. The brand has been around for almost 120 years they are still striving to improve, innovate and change what the company is all about. This is a challenge any candidate would want to be a part of. View Article.

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Creating a Culture of Excellence (Like Disney)


Hot to Create a Company Culture and Workplace Like Disney. Doing a Google search, you’ll see more than 10 million hits on creating a culture of excellence and of employee engagement. One of the best examples of a company with an incredible culture is Disney; they continue to get it right. Organizational culture is by design, well defined and clear to all. But if the culture is not by design, it’s culture by default.”.

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