Join Us at the TMA Employee Engagement & Retention Conference this July in Washington DC

David Zinger

Join myself and other employee engagement experts in Washington DC this July. The Talent Management Alliance is hosting a conference at The Venable on employee engagement and retention in Washington DC from July 21st to July 23rd 2014. Here is the direct link to the conference if you would like to go there now: I am presenting a keynote on Tuesday July 22nd.,

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SHRM 2016 Unofficial Party, Cocktail & Reception List #shrm16


Let’s get this party started in Washington, D.C.! This year the national conference is being held from June 19-22nd in Washington D.C. HOW TO NAVIGATE THE HUMAN RESOURCE CONFERENCE AND PARTIES IN DC. 6th Street Lobby Bar at 2660 Woodley Rd NW, Washington, DC. DNV Rooftop – 1155 14th Street Northwest, Washington, DC. NW, Ste 501, Washington, DC. Pinstripes at 1064 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington DC. NW Washington DC.

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DC Urged to Telecommute on the 20th

Telecommuting Journal

Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal DC Urged to Telecommute on the 20th January 7, 2009 · 1 comment The Telework Exchange released a press release yesterday urging all D.C. Telework to Relieve D.C. January 6, 2009 – Telework Exchange SM , a public-private partnership focused on expanding telework, today calls for Washington, D.C. With up to 4 million people expected in the Washington, D.C. Telework to Relieve D.C.

US Appeals Court Upholds Stiffer Silica Dust Rule

Ask A Manager

Circuit turns down challenges from construction, other industry organizations

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Diversity in DC | Blogging4Jobs


Book Connect Blogging4Jobs HR + Social Media + Job Search = Blogging4Jobs Business Events OKC Featured Networking Gen Y Guest HR Job Search Social Media Categorized | HR , Job Search Diversity in DC Posted on 01 August 2010.

Meet Employer:

Career Realism

Location: Outside Washington, DC. Meet Employer: CAREEREALISM. VITAL STATS. Company Vibe: Hipster & Techie. Size: Medium (51-500 Employees). MEET THE RECRUITERS. Click their profiles to learn more! CORE CHARACTERISTICS. Leadership Style: Nurturing.

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35 Ideas to Jazz Up Your Candidate Experience

The Undercover Recruiter

John’s flight arrives on-time at Regan National Airport in Washington, D.C. The only problem is, his luggage doesn’t.

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Memorial Day

Sklover Working Wisdom

If you have not visited the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C., “It is not where you serve, but how you serve.&#. - Rubin Clark. please consider doing so. It is not flashy or grand, but simple and direct, like the men and women it honors.

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Recruiters: Don’t Assume Candidates Are Drinking Your Kool-Aid


That was a question that I posed to several recruiting heavy-hitters last week during a D.C. Not everyone is on social media … you have to know your audience and how to reach them,” advised Kathleen Smith , CMO of, and the driving force behind D.C.’s

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Don’t Let it Get Personal!


Watching the fights going on in Washington D.C.

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Keep Health Care Costs Down Regardless of Looming Legislation

Evil HR Lady

Is there anything you can do to help keep health care costs under control, regardless of what goes down in Washington, D.C.? More than half of small business owners identified health care costs as a “critical issue,” according to a report from the NFIB Research Foundation. And business owners are in an uneasy state because health laws could change at any time.

Success Wall: Shoshana Saw Problem And Created A Solution

Career Realism

“I realized that people new to D.C. We connect Republicans in D.C. Land your dream job? Get a promotion? Make a successful career change? Congratulations!

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Did You Know That. ?

Sklover Working Wisdom

Published on September 11th, 2010 by Alan L Sklover Fourteen states and Washington D.C. Blog » Did You Know That. ? Did You Know That. ? have given their residents the right to use medically-prescribed marijuana to relieve severe pain and neurological problems.

Memorial Day

Sklover Working Wisdom

Rubin Clark If you have not visited the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C., Blog » Memorial Day Memorial Day Published on May 31st, 2010 by Alan Sklover “It is not where you serve, but how you serve.&# - J.

The Top Cities in America for Women in Business

Ms. Career Girl

In second place came Tampa, FL, and our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., With a population of over 620,000, Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland, and benefits from being centrally located around other thriving metropolitan areas, such as New York City, Washington D.C.,

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Recruiting and Social Media for the Veteran Job Search

Competitive Resumes

Karin presents social media workshops to transitioning military members on installations in the Washington, D.C. Karin presents social media workshops to transitioning military members on installations in the Washington, D.C. Welcome to the 2nd annual Veteran’s Day edition.

Great Example of How to Send a Networking Email


Subject: Networking help for HR in Washington DC area? << Compelling subject line with context is important! Today I’m writing to you because I’m working on expanding my network in the Washington DC region, and I was wondering if you may be willing to help me?

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Answering the Interview Question that is REALLY Being Asked

The Job Quest

One recent morning, one of my children had this conversation with me: Dear Child (DC): “Mom, what is the temperature and what’s the high for the day?” ” DC: “So should I wear a winter coat or a spring jacket?”

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Paid Sick Days Bill Gains Momentum


San Francisco and Washington, DC have already passed the laws and Connecticut appears to be next. The U.S. government is finally coming around to a simple concept: no employee should have to choose between their health and their income.

Employee Engagement Gratitude From David Zinger

David Zinger

John’s Newfoundland, Washington DC, and so many other locations. Thank you and all the best in employee engagement in 2015. This is a picture taken from my office window yesterday.

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The Best and Worst Markets For HR Managers.

HR Capitalist

Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC . Had a client at Kinetix ask me last week where in the US I would build out a presence if my goal was to hire capable software developers with limited competition. Made me think that would be an interesting question for HR positions as well. With that in mind, here's the best and worst markets to be an HR Manager in America, with data pulled from Wanted Analytics.

The Best Ways to Contact Recruiters on Social Media

The Undercover Recruiter

I have my heart set on a marketing job at XYZ Company in Washington D.C. I just searched my network and I have 956 total connections currently working at XYZ Company in the DC area. Look for Meetup marketing groups in DC and network with their members.

20 Years Later, Much Career Advice Still Applies

Water Cooler Wisdom

In the summer of 1996 after my sophomore year of college, I started an internship at a nonprofit technology association in downtown Washington, D.C. Until that point, I’d only worked in retail and had no idea what to expect. I asked my father and a professor for advice. Remarkably, 20 years later much of that guidance still resonates. Doors open based on who you know. In the late 90s, these were physical doors rather than virtual ones, but the concept is the same.

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Bill Humbert – [Video Interview]

Boomers Next Step

Bill Humbert of, a Washington, DC native, is a graduate of Assumption College in Worcester, MA. He has been a professional recruiter since 1981. In 1981, MCI Telecommunications was his first client. Over the years other former clients have included The Washington Post, Comsat Labs, USF&G Insurance, Geico Insurance, CSX Technology, Telegroup, LeFebure, Intermec [.]. Featured Video author bill humbert professional recruiter

5 Hot Cities for Recent College Graduates Entering the Workforce

Career Alley

Washington D.C. Washington D.C. Thanks to the government’s fairly recession proof jobs, these factors have given D.C. At $1,850 per month, D.C. Austin is kind of a mix between D.C.

THE TOP 20 BRANDED HR PROS: Meet Pete Radloff, Technical Recruiter at comScore.

HR Capitalist

DC's own Pete Radloff surely knows this, because he's been giving gifts to the recruiting community for 5+ years. Let's face it - Fearful of the spotlight and conservative to a fault, HR pros generally aren't the best examples to look towards when it comes to professional branding.

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Yes, a Reporter Got Kicked Out of Congress for a Sleeveless Shirt. Can We Stop the Whining?

Evil HR Lady

It’s hot in DC).” CBS News reports that a “young female reporter” was not allowed into the speaker’s lobby, which is outside the House Chamber in the Capitol because her shirt was sleeveless. “Apparently, the coverage of women’s toes and shoulders is important business for the current House leader,” whined Jezebel writer Stassa Edwards. Reporter K Tully McManus , confirmed this event on Twitter : “This is real.

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Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice: Ingredients to a Balanced Life

Ms. Career Girl

Living in Washington D.C., In DC, beer festivals are pretty big (especially around this time), but even if you live somewhere else, why not check out the town calendar? I once met a girl who was part of a paddle boarding team here in DC. In DC, such events are abundant.

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Get Away, Girls! 7 Perfect Places for Your Next Ladies’ Weekend

Ms. Career Girl

Washington, D.C. Still, you’ll want to infuse your girls’ weekend with a bit more excitement than that, but don’t worry: D.C. A safe and seriously fun option would be to rent a party bus to take you around D.C. or, better yet, from D.C. The post Get Away, Girls!

What Jerry Maguire Can Teach You About Job Search

Career Realism

He was concerned that by naming the job title (PR Mgr/Director), companies (Discovery Communications/Disney) and geographic region (DC-Metro Area only) to his network, he might feel as if he was pigeonholing himself and missing an opportunity that might show itself among his connections.

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Google For Jobs Launches: Are You Going to Nap On This For the Next Year?

HR Capitalist

head of catering jobs in NYC” or “entry-level jobs in DC”), Google shows a preview of job listings scraped from various sources. It's go time for Google for Jobs. . Earlier this year at Google I/O, the search giant announced a new initiative named Google for Jobs. The goal is simple: leverage Google’s skills at organizing information to make finding jobs easier.

The Best Cities for Young Professionals to Move to For Jobs

Career Alley

1) Washington D.C. Washington D.C. If you’re into politics, policy or simply making a difference, there’s no better location to get a return on your investment than Washington DC. There are so many great cities for young professionals to pursue their careers.

weekend free-for-all – July 25-26, 2015

Ask A Manager

This is a collection of essays by one of my favorite Washington Post writers, including one about the time he had virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell play in the D.C. This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you’d like to have with other readers, by popular demand.

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Top 10 Cities For New Grads

Resume Bear

Washington, DC – Public and government sector jobs are abundance in Washington, DC, yet unemployment is a little high (9.5%). For those ready to graduate this spring, have you decided where you’re going to live?

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Side Hustle Gold: 4 Inspiring Women's Stories

Ms. Career Girl

She founded Bumkins Finer Baby Products to do so, and has since partnered with Disney, DC Comics, and Dr. Seuss for designer prints. The post Side Hustle Gold: 4 Inspiring Women's Stories appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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Do we still have to lean in if Dave Goldberg is dead?

Penelope Trunk

Why was Sheryl in DC instead of going to get the body? Why was Sheryl in DC instead of home with her kids?

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5 Things Leaders Can Learn From Olivia Pope, Scandal’s Fixer

Career Realism

While DC’s most powerful fixer does make the occasional slipup, she’s an expert at inspiring trust and getting the job done right, no matter what. 5 Things Leaders Can Learn From Olivia Pope, Scandal’s Fixer. Work It Daily. What do you and Olivia Pope have in common?

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Ep 65 – How to Get Started Recruiting Veterans & Military


Also great news for those attending the Annual SHRM Conference in D.C. Also great news for those attending the Annual SHRM Conference in D.C. Seventy-two percent of hiring managers admit it is difficult to ascertain the skill sets by evaluating a resume of a job candidate who is prior military. In my experience this talent pool are one of the most loyal and hardest working if given the right opportunity, environment and circumstance in which to thrive.

Top Five Unique Work Perks — That Work


DC traffic is terrible and SummitLLC employees were wasting away in gridlock, even on short trips. Over 60% at their DC office have enrolled in the program, and since offering the same perk at their New York office, 100% of NY employees have enrolled. According to the Wall Street Journal , work perks are expanding even outside of Silicon Valley. And with good reason: happy employees can lead to a happier bottom line.

2015 23

Memorial Day

Sklover Working Wisdom

If you have not visited the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C., “It is not where you serve, but how you serve.” ” - J. Rubin Clark. please consider doing so. It is not flashy or grand, but simple and direct, like the men and women it honors.

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