employees sleeping at work during snow storm, recruiter sexually harassed me on a phone interview, and more

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Recruiter sexually harassed me on a phone interview. If they want to know the status of a project, it would make more sense for them to just ask us for a report. You can definitely give it a shot, especially since it’s been two years since your salary was last set. Recruiter sent me LinkedIn profiles of my interviewer — what am I supposed to do with them? Wait to connect after the interview, or not at all? It’s five answers to five questions.

company is taking us to a musical mocking religion, custodian might be taking my food, and more

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Company wants to take us to a musical disparaging religion. My company has bought us tickets to go see The Book of Mormon as a company bonding experience. People have impromptu Nerf battles in the hallways, and the company has previously taken all of us out to see Star Wars. But if it’s truly unrelated to your work, it’s reasonable to say “this isn’t a good idea for either of us.”). Scheduling surgery when I’m waiting to hear back about an interview.

company refuses to let us come in with minor colds, coworker sends reminders about emails right after they’re sent, and more

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My company refuses to let us come in sick, even with minor colds. I am a teapot maker; for some baffling reason, my organization has decided to call us all “teapot fabrication specialists.” Should employers explain why you’re not hired if you’ve made it to an interview? I just had a phone interview and then an in-person half-day interview with three people that I thought went well. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

Do you dress up for phone interviews?

Corn on the Job

Corn on the Job Wisdom for Job Seekers Blog About Archives COTJ Blog Roll Corn Heads Contact Subscribe Do you dress up for phone interviews? Naturally, the conversation got me thinking about how people dress for phone screens. That will scream through the phonee.

6 Strategies to Effectively Use Video In Your Recruiting Efforts


It’s also become a resource for us in the recruiting industry to reach candidates as they become more accustomed to and expectant of video in the hiring process. This definitely steps outside the job posting box and provides more of a narrative than a traditional job posting ever could.

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Hullo? You there? | Ultimate Career

Job Hunt Doctor

How would you interview? I just spent a full 3 hours last week conducting phone interviews to hire customer support associates and here are some interesting responses which, I thought, are “noteworthy&#. Â Q: Hi, this is Ethan calling for your phone interview, is this a good time to talk? Â Q: Why did you apply for this job with us? I am also my boss’ assistant and my job is to help him make appointments and take his phone calls.

waiting to see if I’ll be laid off, moving for a significant other, and more

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We have been doing long distance on and off almost since the start of our relationship, and it’s wearing us both out. My role is definitely improved by in-person working/communication, but is entirely possible to conduct remotely. While we are very serious, that is not something that is on any near horizon for us right now. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I may or may not get laid off in a month — what should I be doing now?

2018 16

when should a new manager start doing real work, correcting errors in other people’s letters, and more

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There are about a dozen of us under my supervisor now. Meanwhile, six months ago, we acquired our biggest competition and are integrating them, we have multiple aging systems that don’t communicate well with one another, our clients have the same problems repeatedly that we have to address because of our inadequate systems, our warehouses are continually behind because of the increase in business, and all of us have more accounts than we can give enough attention to.

can I do my own thing during business trip evenings, knitting on work breaks, and more

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Consequently, business trips often take us to big vacation spots, and this upcoming destination is home to a prominent bar scene. You are not expected to invite your colleagues to whatever you do in your off hours on the trip (you can if you want to, but you definitely don’t have to). I definitely wouldn’t do it at your desk, even if you’re on a break. My company has a copy room and a conference room set aside specifically for us. It’s five answers to five questions.

I want to break up with my boyfriend but I work for his parents, office flatulence, and more

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You definitely don’t need to leave this job off your resume! I do agree, though, you should definitely be job searching actively. You could tell interviewers that you’re looking to leave because it’s a small family-run business and you’ve realized that you’d like to work somewhere more established/with more structure/whatever makes sense for the context. Interviewers will understand that, and you won’t need to get into the boyfriend situation at all.

2018 11

should I ask my coworker why she didn’t hire my son, I stole from an employer years ago, and more

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He had a lengthy phone interview and an even longer in-person interview with several managers, and then they declined to make him an offer with no explanation. He’s demonstrated technical proficiency and enthusiasm, and hiring him would save us a lot of time we’d otherwise use training someone without his barista skills. There’s definitely not a universal etiquette rule that you’re supposed to invite your boss to your wedding.

2016 22

Top 30 Blogging4Jobs Posts of 2015: #16-30


But in the meantime, take a look back with us, at the HR conversation in 2015: #30 To kill or not to kill performances appraisals. Rank and yank, anyway, that’s definitely got to go. Phone screening! How to Use Phone Interviews to Screen Candidates. #24

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job candidate lied about his work history, not working oneself to death during a notice period, and more

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I did a phone interview and he was great. We talked about his current job and whatnot, and I set up an in person interview for the next week with my boss. While he was in the interview with my boss, I had a coworker call the organization and ask for this person. We definitely learned a great lesson today though about doing our due diligence on applicants! I mean, he’s probably lying, but you should find out for sure before concluding that definitively.)

can I talk to my boss about how she’s treating my coworker, interview exercises, and more

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This was a bit of a surprise to us all. Were these interview exercises unreasonable? At what point do exercises or activities given during an interview process become training? During an interview process, I was given three exercises total (in addition to three phone interviews and one in-person interview). During the in-person interview, we reviewed my answers to the exercises and I was given input on how I could have completed them better.

2017 21

I overheard my interviewing calling me a schmuck, are managers obligated to give references, and more

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I overheard my interviewing calling me a schmuck. I seemed to really hit it off with an interviewer during my final interview. I even had pretty good rapport with them prior to the final interview and was more than accommodating when they needed to reschedule this final interview and a previous phone interview. He never showed up for his part of the interview!”) … but that feels like a stretch. It’s four answers to four questions.

2017 19

my coworker is off-putting, my boss thinks travel reimbursements are part of our compensation, and more

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She doesn’t get that when our superiors are trying to talk to us, she needs to show them at least a modicum of deference (i.e., She also seems to be unable to take cues in meetings, e.g. when the rest of us are saying we need to table a topic but she wants to stay on it. However, because the job is so awesome, I chose to apply anyway, assuming I wouldn’t have much of a shot versus her … but now I have a phone interview and I wonder if I should give my friend a heads-up.

2018 16

my boss keeps telling me “you have a year,” dressing one step up from the job you’re interviewing for, and more

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In interviews, should you dress one step up from the position you’re applying for? I have always heard that you should dress one step above the job you’re applying for, and the job required an extremely casual uniform, so I showed up to the interview in nice medium-wash jeans, a slightly but not overly dressy top and nice but casual shoes. Even for interviews where slightly less formal dress is okay, though, a good rule is never to go as casual as jeans.

2018 15

should I call out this company that jerked me around during a long-distance interview?

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A reader writes: I would love your input on a job interview process I have recently experienced. I had a phone interview and was subsequently invited to come in for a face to face interview. The next day, I was contacted and asked to come back in for a second interview with the hiring manager’s bosses. The second face to face interview went great and I could tell they liked me, but I got the “do you have any questions for us?”

2015 23

employer asked me to produce free work as part of hiring process

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I sent my resume along with a few examples of my work in, only to get an email reply back after a phone interview that said the following: “At this point, you are in a group of candidates that are on the fence and we need you to complete the following request before we move on with the process. To help us better compare you with the other candidates, we would like you to send us a sample of what you can do with website design. Not definitely … but probably.

How to Get Past the Screening Interview

Career Alley

The interview process — most of us have walked down this road before. And although the interview itself brings about emotions of sheer terror, it is often the prescreening interview that can make or break whether we get that next job. Best Interview Question Ever.

job candidate keeps talking about her mother, HR forwarded my message to my boss, and more

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We had an employee who interviewed for several teacher positions last year, and was not offered any of them. When I asked, it turned out that often in interviews, she would mention her mother. ” Of course that would turn off the interviewers! At the very least she needs to brush up on her interviewing skills. You’ve got your info about her interviews secondhand, and so it’s not really yours to pass along. That’s the interviewers’ call to make.)

2017 23

company wants to take over my personal phone number, should I tell my just-hired manager my concerns about the hiring process, and more

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My company wants to take over the phone number I’ve been using for personal calls. I was given a work phone when I started my job three years ago. As part of her pitch to have me accept, my manager at the time said, “I got rid of my personal phone and just use this one, so you can do the same – it’s a real perk.” ” I didn’t ever get rid of my personal phone, but my work phone did become my primary contact number for friends and family during the week.

short answer Saturday — 6 short answers to 6 short questions

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Asking for feedback after a phone interview. Would you also recommend doing this if you had an initial phone interview but didn’t get to the next step? Sure, you can absolutely try that, especially if you had a rapport with the interviewer. I had a great in-person interview two weeks ago, and was told I would hear something last week. Why do I have to interview with HR?

I lied on my resume, coworker won’t stop an endless flood of words, and more

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Of course, I didn’t plan the follow-up because the company’s already called me in for a phone interview and a series of in-person interviews with key players in the department. She constantly asks questions (which is totally fine with me) but doesn’t accept the answer, even if I say, “I don’t know, but this person definitely will. In general, no, you’re definitely not obligated to hire them. It’s five answers to five questions.

Have you ever gotten a job from a job fair?

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The only time that I got an interview with, and then later a job offer from a company that I met at the job fair, when the guy called me to invite me to an interview and told me that he had gotten my resume from the fair, I sat there wondering if he received it from when I met them 1 year ago or 3?

yes, you really should write a better cover letter

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager yes, you really should write a better cover letter March 7, 2011 Periodically I hear from readers who tell me that after they started approaching their cover letters differently, as I advise here , they started getting interviews. And yet I know many of you are still unconverted and since I would like you to actually get interviews, I’m going to continue to beat you over the head about this. is that interview question legal?

13 Reasons You’ll Never Get A Job (Or, 13 Ways You Could)

Career Realism

People can relate personally to stories and the more you know about the company and person you are interviewing with, the better you can get that person to relate to what you are talking about. You are visual and the interviewer is auditory. Opportunities are all around us every day.

I want to stop cleaning our office, my interview was unfairly cancelled, and more

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My interview got cancelled because another team in the same company is interested in me. I have a lot of experience in a pretty specific real estate role, and I got interviews with both teams right away. My interview with team #1 went really well, and they scheduled a follow up interview. This morning, I got an email from team #2, canceling my first interview with them. I actually think that team #2 is a better fit for me, based on my phone interview.

recruiter says: half my candidates are no-shows for interviews.

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager recruiter says: half my candidates are no-shows for interviews January 18, 2011 A reader writes: I’m an HR professional, and I’ve been recruiting folks for various companies for somewhere around 10 years. what was your worst interview?

2011 30

does a good college mean you don’t have to do internships, employee refuses to use cell phone, and more

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An Ivy could maybe minimize that a bit, although I wouldn’t count on it, and other schools — even very good brand-name schools — definitely won’t. ” Sometimes I will choose to be the one interviewed but usually I spread it around or assign out if I feel you are ready for it. When I’d asked you about previous interview requests, you’d told me to use my best judgment — which I took to mean I could respond to reporters on my own. It’s five answers to five questions.

bad recruiter behavior: deceptive sales tactics

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You will be able to review their resume, interview them, and see if there is a fit before any fee is charged. Only one worked out, and even that is part-time, but mostly that was because I wasn’t crazy about the companies once I’d had the interviews.)

my assistant is using my title on LinkedIn

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I’m not saying this guy is deliberately doing it as was the case in my situation, but it’s definitely something I’d bring up if I were a manager. Reply Interviewer March 25, 2011 at 11:04 am WOW. is that interview question legal? what was your worst interview?

A Guide to Creating a Professional Setting for Skype Interviews

Corn on the Job

Corn on the Job Wisdom for Job Seekers Blog About Archives COTJ Blog Roll Corn Heads Contact Subscribe A Guide to Creating a Professional Setting for Skype Interviews by Rich DeMatteo on September 30, 2010 You’ve interviewed at least a dozen times before. Silence your cell phone.

2010 13

interviewing when you’re far apart on salary, turning down a date with a coworker, and more

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Should I go to a cross-country interview when we’re far apart on salary? I was recently recruited and had a successful first interview (via phone) with a reputable company. They are flying me across the country to participate in two days of in-person interviews and also disclosed that they only have two finalists. During my phone interview, the salary subject was brought up and one of the interviewers did not phrase the salary talk in the form of a question.

my company does secret performance reviews we're not allowed to see

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What happens in a few years when they get called during the interview process and they bring something up I never knew about or they simply made up? The owner is the textbook definition of a “workplace bully,&# so please understand that these concerns are simply not hypothetical.

at an interview in a coffee shop, who pays for the coffee?

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager at an interview in a coffee shop, who pays for the coffee? I say presumptuous because the interviewer sort of assumed that you would have the cash on hand to pay for coffee (or whatever). is that interview question legal?

2011 26

manager is scaring her employees with sad Facebook posts

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I definitely feel uncomfortable commenting on her posts with reassurances like “You are NOT a failure!&# how to stand out at a job fair short answer Sunday: seven short answers to seven short questions interviewed with the flu; how can I redeem myself? You suck, interviewer!

my staff has been held to a low bar; am I asking too much of them now?

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Say things like, “I hear you that it’s a higher bar, but it’s one I’m committed to seeing us meet.&# I think all of us have at some time been in a training event where there is someone there who clearly would not have chosen to be and what a downer that attendee is!)

short answer Sunday: 6 short answers to 6 short questions

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Here we go… Changing out of snow shoes before an interview I was wondering your thoughts on wearing snow shoes to an interview, changing to dress shoes right before and maybe placing them in the coat closet? is that interview question legal? what was your worst interview?

will looking like a teenager harm my job search?

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Have you ever interviewed someone who looked younger than their age (meaning they look like they are under 18 when they really are not)? Anyway, I had one interviewer point that out to me exactly about three years ago. 1 key is definitely how you present yourself.