“If my company is sold, can I collect unemployment insurance.

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Do I have to take my job with the new company, or can I leave and collect unemployment benefits until I find a new job? Kellie Salem, Oregon Answer: Unemployment benefits are not paid to employees based on who owns the company they work for; a sale, merger or other change in ownership is not a reason to collect. Discrimination, Harassment & Hostility M. Fired, Downsized or Laid Off U.

Are Credit Checks an Effective Pre-Employment Screening Technique?


Either by downsizing or businesses closing, people are losing their jobs at a faster rate than every before. In 2010, a spokesman for TransUnion told a group of Oregon legislators “At this point we don’t have any research to show any statistical correlation between what’s in somebody’s credit report and their job performance or their likelihood to commit fraud.”. If you want to prevent theft, try working on company culture and values aside from discriminating based on credit scores.

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