Job Seekers Face Rampant Discrimination

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If you are old, overweight, female, and unemployed, look out in today’s job market. While racial discrimination lawsuits are still the number one type of case seen by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), other types of discrimination are on the rise. Since 1964, the federal government has legislated numerous laws intended to protect workers from job discrimination. Millions of American job seekers are overweight.

I Hate My New Job

Evil HR Lady

Need to come up with new mountains of paperwork? Wednesday, September 08, 2010 I Hate My New Job Dear Evil HR Lady, I recently accepted a job in an industry I had no interest in. I am desperately trying to find a job in my dream field (HR or OD) but I am afraid that companies will have no interest in me since I just started this job. Due to this, I have a variety of questions: 1) What is the best approach to my job search given this situation?

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Pregnancy and a new job


Many employers are unwilling to hire a pregnant female — they are worried that she will be gone for months after less than half a year in her new job. Regulations forbid hiring discrimination based on pregnancy, but employers will look for ways to avoid hiring a pregnant female. An interviewer can not legally ask a job applicant if she is pregnant. A pregnancy can be an amazing experience for many women.

Age Discrimination During the Job Search | Boomers Next Step

Boomers Next Step

Should they be older than, suppose, forty five years old, many people begin to think that their numerous years of experience as well as their birth years begin to work against them within the job search world. This might, or might not be true; however the belief is the fact that many organizations, particularly the big corporations, apply age discrimination. However, the actual proof will be for you to prove you had been discriminated against according to your actual age.

“If I take a new job elsewhere before my job is lost, will I lose.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Blog » “If I take a new job elsewhere before my job is lost, will I lose my severance?” “If If I take a new job elsewhere before my job is lost, will I lose my severance?” That is because almost all severance plans or programs say that only employees still working for the division on the day the jobs are lost are entitled to severance; any who leave before that are not eligible for severance. Job Security D. Resigning from Your Job T.

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“Is a 17-year-old protected by the age discrimination laws, or a.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Blog » “Is a 17-year-old protected by the age discrimination laws, or a company’s age-related policies?” “Is Is a 17-year-old protected by the age discrimination laws, or a company’s age-related policies?” Well, I am 17 years old and applied for a nursing home job as an assistant. I was told that the company started a new policy that says employees have to be 18 years old. I am unsure if that is illegal discrimination. Job Security D.

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my new job is a nightmare built on a hellmouth

Ask a Manager

I don’t know if it is just my local market or if it is like this everywhere, but in the course of working for several different companies I encountered everything from sexual discrimination, retaliation, and a whole host of other crazy, unacceptable things culminating in being fired by a manager because she thought I might try to take her job. I had been unemployed for a stretch before that job, and my savings still hadn’t recovered from that.

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who should pay for coffee at a business meeting, age discrimination, and more

Ask A Manager

I am a designer and have been doing more and more freelance work in addition to my day job. Will it be harder to get a job at 27 than at 24? I have two part-time jobs that I’m currently working because the bills need to be paid. Age discrimination is a real thing, but it usually applies to people much older than you — there’s a reason age discrimination laws don’t kick in until 40, and many of us think 40 is weirdly young to need that protection.

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Is Your Credit Score Hurting Your Job Search? - BLOG.


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“#MeToo is Now #YouToo, Too” – Dignity for one requires dignity for all

Sklover Working Wisdom

Two female team members were rumored to have complained to HR of Gerald’s habits, their discomfort with it, and then simply seemed to “disappear,” that is, they did not return to work on Monday morning, without any of the sales team members hearing from them that either had a new job elsewhere. New thinking, new limits, new policies, new expectations, new accountabilities, new risks, new consequences.

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Should I make myself younger to compete in job market?

Careers Done Write

When I met with the job search counselor, she suggested that I get Botox and update my hairstyle to be competitive in the job market. But, do I really need Juvederm and Botox to get a new job? But don’t let the job search be the only reason for the treatment. To read another article related to ageism in the job market, click here. Ask Deb age discrimination job searchDear Deb: I work for a large aerospace company.

Did You Know That. ?

Sklover Working Wisdom

Published on October 16th, 2010 by Alan L Sklover Major companies illegally collude with each other to keep their employees from getting new jobs with their competitors. The government said these illegal agreements “deprived employees of valuable information and better job opportunities.” Sklover Job Security and Career Success now depend on knowing how to navigate and negotiate to gain the most for your skills, time and efforts. Job Security D.

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I misunderstood the schedule for my new job, former manager wants me to host a product party, and more

Ask a Manager

I misunderstood the schedule for my new job. I recently started a new job (yay!). One of the awesome perks, for me, is that the job is four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days. Well, this week my new schedule started, and I’ve already failed miserably. For starters, this job is a little less standard as far as hours go. I love my new job and I was so excited to start my new schedule but I’ve already messed it up twice.

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Job Search Tips For The Over 40 Crowd

Tim's Strategy

Looking for a job as an experienced 40+ candidate is hard! That news is bad (and obvious enough) but the worse news is that many of the job search tips you as an experienced, older candidate are receiving isn’t designed for you. They are designed for new grads or the 25-35 year old crowd. Constantly running up against the “age discrimination” wall could be contributing to being a discouraged job seeker or job search depression.

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manager asked about religion, new job was a scam, and more

Ask a Manager

It sounds like your HR department agreed with you, as they should have since the way your manager wanted to handle this is coming awfully close to discriminating on the basis of religion, which is illegal. My office is gossiping about how much time a married male coworker is spending with a new female hire. I have a peer named Fergus, who has been seen around the office talking quietly with a new, young female coworker (Felicity). My new job was a scam.

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Career News: Dreadlocks, The Racial Pay Gap, and Why Would Your Job Search Self-Destruct?

Competitive Resumes

First things first, I always find things that shouldn’t obstruct the job search. Court ruling this week is a problem for black job seekers particularly. This issue impacts the job search for people of color, but there are other issues more disparaging. Federal Courts signing off on discrimination of candidates with dreadlocks. One thing I consistently see is terrible social media updates from people who are struggling to find new jobs.

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contacting my daughter’s employer about her affair, former coworkers keep asking if I have a new job yet, and more

Ask a Manager

My daughter started a new job end of November. Former coworkers keep texting me to find out if I have a new job yet. I quit my last job two months ago following a period of serious health problems that made working full-time in a stressful position very difficult. I have never disclosed my condition to any employers as it did not affect my ability to do the job and I know that despite discrimination law it would hinder my prospects.

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Using Social Media to Network | Hiring Technical People

Hiring Technical People

Use the tips here to hire better, or find a new job. Skip to content Johanna’s Site What I can do for you Workshops and Training See me Speak Email newsletter Contact Johanna ← Hire for Diversity of All Kinds How to Network for Senior Job → Using Social Media to Network Posted on March 31, 2009 by johanna So the economy isn’t so hot right now and you’re looking for a new job. You think they don’t know about jobs??

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The Issues Facing Older Job Hunters

Boomers Next Step

Working longer, past retirement age or indeed getting a new job and returning to work is now a matter of no choice for many older people. Age Bias age discrimination Employment interview jobsThey simply have no option with the retirement age raised and the value of savings having fallen. One of the biggest issues older workers face is if they are [.].

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my new job worries I’ll steal, being told an “exceptionally qualified” candidate beat me out, and more

Ask a Manager

My new job wants me to sign a paper agreeing they can dismiss me without investigation if they suspect theft. We discussed this before you offered me a job, and my understanding was that you agreed that something that happened more than a decade ago when I was a teenager, and where the charges were dropped, wouldn’t be an obstacle to my employment here. I accepted the job based in part on your assurances of that. Should my resume include a job I quit after a month?

2015 28

“If my company is sold, can I collect unemployment insurance.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Do I have to take my job with the new company, or can I leave and collect unemployment benefits until I find a new job? Kellie Salem, Oregon Answer: Unemployment benefits are not paid to employees based on who owns the company they work for; a sale, merger or other change in ownership is not a reason to collect. Rather, the primary determinant of eligibility for unemployment benefits is whether or not a job is available to the employee.

6 Tips Boomers Can Use To Create Revenue

Tim's Strategy

Age discrimination notwithstanding, many 60+ consider a permanent job the only solution to meeting their needs. Networking is exchanging information; it is not looking for a job or selling. How To Find A New Job 60+ boomers careers executive Interviewing jobs professional senior This is a guest blog post by Randy Block. By now we know that the economic recovery is so painstakingly slow that it is nearly imperceptible.

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Keeping Your Resume Manageable and Avoiding Clutter

Jennifer Anthony

There’s a problem, though; with all of the new data that you’ve added in, your resume is too cluttered and unreadable. So now, your job is to declutter it before sending it out to be considered. Regardless of how good you were at your last job, you may feel inclined to look for something that doesn’t resemble your old position in the slightest. Much of this will be determined by the job you’re applying for. Need a job?

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“Should I file a complaint with HR, or just resign?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

She recently told me that my position may not be right for me and I should consider looking for another job. Lots of things related to work and finances give us stress, including (a) being without a job, (b) looking for a job, (c) people at work who intentionally make your life miserable, and (d) those in authority who refuse to intervene when it is their job to intervene. Question: Hi, I have worked for a local county government for nearly 8 years.

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Tweet Job Tweet!

Jennifer Anthony

Jennifer Anthony's Official Blog Nationally Published Resume Expert Skip to content Home About Hire Jenn FAQs How It Works Resume Rockstars Resume Writers by Industry or Specialty Library ← Avoid Making Your Resume Look Unprofessional Skip HR and Contact the Hiring Manager to Get That Job → Tweet Job Tweet! Posted on April 28, 2010 by Jennifer Anthony By Cheryl Palmer You’re looking for a new job, and you’re on Twitter.

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The HeadStrong Job Interview: Be Totally Conscious

Tim's Strategy

So it makes sense that I would help you apply it to the job search. And to the job interview. And as I think about it, there’s a good reverse application to a lot of the prior ideas I’ve shared about the job interview process. You’ll find some of these in the new HeadStrong book coming out later this month. Do you think you can be ultra-conscious in your next job interview? How to do it: Be smart and get well prepared for the job interview.

2011 83

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market – Part 1.

Jennifer Anthony

The answer is two-fold: - By knowing the 3 must-haves to include in your resume - By using the right job search strategies In part 1 of this article, I’ll discuss the 3 must-haves for your resume. This way, your resume does not read like a job description. Keep an eye out for part 2 of this article: how to pick the most effective job search strategies to make sure your resume actually gets into the hands of the right people!

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former cofounder is trash-talking our organization, new boss quit right before my new job starts, and more

Ask a Manager

New boss quit right before I’m supposed to start. I had accepted a job offer and will start in the next two weeks. Today, I received an email from the company that my “new” boss whom I would’ve report to has given her notice. I don’t feel comfortable going into a job with so many doubts. It’s always a little tricky to accept a job primarily because of who you’d be working for, because that person could leave at any time.

What They Aren’t Telling You About the Gender Wage Gap


Each position or job within your company is assigned to a salary pay band and has an associated salary range. There is typically a salary minimum, a salary mid and salary maximum where managers are allowed to use their own best judgement so long as their new hire or current employees stays within the band. Often times companies provide charts for hiring managers to be consistent in their new employees starting salary.

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Ask Why | Hiring Technical People

Hiring Technical People

Use the tips here to hire better, or find a new job. Before you look for a new job, ask why. I was a tester, had coordinated beta tests, much of the testing work for the last couple of releases, and was working as the tester-project-manager and helping the project manager realize what her job was. I was “obviously&# the next one in line for his job. I didn’t get the job.

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Wrong Job Or Job Offer? Do Not Settle.

Tim's Strategy

It was: “Don’t settle for the wrong job or job offer&#. Even for someone who feels like the job offer they just got is the perfect lifesaver – thrown to them from a floating vessel. accept the wrong job or job offer) to cover the needs of your family. Wrong job interviews can be great practice. And then if you get a job offer , you may change your mind. Engagement – The wrong job won’t have you waking up with a smile.

2010 86

If You're Hiring, Answer These Questions First

Hiring Technical People

Use the tips here to hire better, or find a new job. → If You’re Hiring, Answer These Questions First Posted on March 4, 2008 by johanna Joan Lloyd has a great post that I saw at Don’t turn down the new job before asking these questions by Joan Lloyd Many managers want a new hire, especially if the person is high-level, to define the results and create the plan – so there is a sense of autonomy and ownership.

2008 120

“Stress from work is killing me. Please help!!”

Sklover Working Wisdom

My mental health is more important than the job. This situation is affecting my relationship with my wife and I have to decide very soon as the job is not worth what it is doing to me. I would like to express to you that I, for one, am very impressed with the fact that you continue to bear in mind that your health and marriage must come first, both before and above your job. Discrimination, Harassment & Hostility Eligible?

2013 109

Job Seeker: What Are You Complaining About?

Tim's Strategy

Job seekers are a pretty quiet bunch. Don’t job seekers have a platform to scream about? Is there no official association to stand up and complain on behalf of the job seeker? Maybe the problem is that job search is very regional. The job seeker has strength in small bunches, but not in big groups. So what does a job seeker have to complain about? Job seekers certainly care about money. Doesn’t age discrimination frustrate you?

2011 78

“How do I pick a good employment attorney to represent me?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Published on July 8th, 2010 by Alan Sklover Question: I have filed a claim of discrimination with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”). I am at a loss trying to determine what to look for in choosing a discrimination employment lawyer or law firm in my area that will put forth 100% in defending my rights. My case has merit, but if it is not presented appropriately the company will get away with shameless discrimination again. Job Security D.

2010 116

Don't Assess Cultural Fit with Personal Questions

Hiring Technical People

Use the tips here to hire better, or find a new job. Well, that’s a n illegal discrimination. * It’s illegal because if you reject a candidate based on their answer, you’re discriminating about something not work-related, a big no-no in the US.) to discriminate for non-job-related reasons, as long as those reasons aren’t about race, gender, religion, or other protected classes.

2008 120

6 Ways to Give Feedback to Your Boss and Coworkers

Evil HR Lady

Need to come up with new mountains of paperwork? Wednesday, September 15, 2010 6 Ways to Give Feedback to Your Boss and Coworkers Dear Evil HR Lady, I recently started a new job at an amazing company. While I also have a ton of ideas and would share them with the team when I began the job, I quickly realized that I was not worknig in an environment that is open to change. Evil HR Lady Why am I evil? Well, Im not, but thats the perception of all of us in HR.

2010 113

Am I Too Fat to Get Hired?

Evil HR Lady

Need to come up with new mountains of paperwork? If youre overweight, does it affect your chances of getting a new job? Any job where the employee is seen by outside may be affected by the weight issue. To be honest, it seems I see more bigger sized people working in back offices than in highly visible job positions. Unless all his interviews are for jobs involving air travel that part shouldn't be a problem. Evil HR Lady Why am I evil?

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Watch How Job Seekers Overcome Age Bias

Guerrilla Job Hunting

Guerrilla Job Hunting Home Subscribe FREE-Guerrilla Job Search Tips! Audio CD Press & Media See how were connected Books Recent Comments Daniel on New Economy Rules… Break Free : Put America back to work. Mike on - The Social Network For Recruiting and HR Professionals lee steve on The Recruiters Lounge » Top 20 Common Interview Questions and Answers David Perry aka The Rogue Recruiter on New Economy Rules… Break Free : Put America back to work.

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3 Myths That Are Stunting Your Career


A lot of frequently disseminated knowledge surrounding job hunting and career maintenance has been passed down by our parents. The job market and the global economy have changed drastically even in just the last decade. Myth: Frequently Changing Jobs Is Detrimental.

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I Was Laid Off But Replaced. Is that Legal?

Evil HR Lady

They did a decent job as far as paying some severance, etc. This can mean that if person A is a top performer, but person B’s job is more important to the future of the company that they eliminate person B and move person A into that position.

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Walmart Changes Will Force a Disabled Employee Out

Evil HR Lady

But, he was able to greet people, which was the primary function of his job. However, according to store officials, on April 26, the job is changing–to include things that Catlin can’t do, like lift up to 25 pounds and be on his feet for a good portion of the day. Illegal discrimination or simply a job change? Catlin has clearly been able to do the job successfully for the past 10 years.

2019 144

Help! I’m Being Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault at Work

Evil HR Lady

I also feel like I am being discriminated against because I am male, while my manager and general manager are female. ” And, start looking for a new job. But, there might be, and it’s better to start the job hunt now.

2020 212