Combating Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

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Pregnancy discrimination is a real threat, even in first world countries such as the United States. While it may seem contradictory, pregnancy discrimination is one of the most blatant ways employers abuse their employees. What Pregnancy Discrimination Looks Like.

Empowered women = Empowered Economies

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A key part of this is female participation in the workforce and the improvement of women’s lives within society. Women Investing and Investing in Women. What Can We Do to Empower Women? The post Empowered women = Empowered Economies appeared first on Ms.

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A year in reflection: International Women’s Day 

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Like any year, 2019 was a mixture of successes and failures for women’s rights. This is true whether we are talking about the rights of women in employment, women in the wider UK, or for women worldwide. Highest proportion of women in work ever.

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Five Ways to Fight the Workplace Divide And Gender Discrimination

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Whether you’re reading about the countless stories of sexual harassment in Hollywood, researching the wage gap or simply talking to your favourite female, it’s obvious women still suffer in the workplace. According to The Telegraph 1 in 5 women have been sexually harassed in the workplace.

We Want More Women!

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The post We Want More Women! It’s a common complaint throughout the tech industry: there aren’t enough women–and the few who are there are treated terribly. It is important to know that the lack of women isn’t an isolated tech-world problem.

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Overcoming Challenges Women Face as They Get Older

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Women in their 40s or 50s — or older — have a lot on their plates. Many may also find they are having problems with age discrimination as well as facing changing relationships and unique health concerns. Age Discrimination in the Workplace.

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Inspiring Women in Automotive History

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For some uplifting information and stories during this uncertain time, check out this post that highlights women in the motor industry and their heroic achievements! With this historical timeline, learn and explore some of the tenacity and creative work of these women in automotive history.

Women in the Workplace: What 2017 Taught Us

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2017 has been a full-on year for women in the workplace – we tried to close the gender pay gap and smash the glass ceiling, we fought for workplace harassment claims to be heard and, on our time off, we joined the Women’s March.

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Job Seekers Face Rampant Discrimination

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While racial discrimination lawsuits are still the number one type of case seen by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), other types of discrimination are on the rise. The Age Discrimination Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), protects individuals who are 40+ years of age.

Tips For Working Women Ready to Start a Family

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Many women are passionate about their careers but also want to start a family. Under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act , your employer cannot discriminate against you in terms of pay, promotions, or employability.

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No, Bumble, It’s Not Okay to Discriminate Against Men

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Bumble has just done that–except it only allows women. Then it’s not okay to have a women-only app, but that’s exactly what Buzz Bizz has done. CNBC reports that Buzz CEO Whitney Wolf Herd said: “Representation is critically important for women, especially in traditionally male-dominated industries. We’re helping women connect with other women to show them what’s possible and give them resources as they build their careers.”

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Top 5 Careers for Young Women in 2013

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America reached the 50 year anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, and yet women all over the world are still paid less than men in the majority of professional functions, even here. Granted the economy has taken a steep downturn but this does not justify wage discrimination.

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If You Want More Women in STEM, Try Discriminating Against Them

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Where do women study STEM at high rates? In the US where we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get more women into tech ? Or in the Middle East, where some women can’t (yet) legally drive and are the property of their closest male relative? In Saudi Arabia alone, women earn half of all science degrees. And yet, most of those women are unlikely to put their degrees to paid use for very long.

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No, The Court Did Not Rule that Discrimination Against Women Is Legal

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“Employers can legally pay women less than men for the same work based on differences in the workers’ previous salaries, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday,” says the Associated Press. “Employers can pay women less than men based on salary histories, 9th Circuit rules,” says the ABA Law Journal. After all, it seems like a no-brainer that employers should pay men and women doing the same jobs the same amount of money.

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US Women’s National Soccer Team Loses Pay Dispute in Court

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The United States Senior Women’s National Soccer Team (WNT) is a crowd pleaser and they won last year’s World Cup Title. It turns out that the women made more per game than the men. ” The women made a choice and the men made a different choice.

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Barrier-Breaking Women

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Others say that although it is the right thing to do and long overdue, it does not impact the lives of women beyond the upper echelon. Will it cause ripples that extend to the lives of women of all socio-economic classes? However, I cheered for the accomplishments of these two outstanding women. What I say is that these two women are shining examples of the success of women in American in 2012. These are women that our youth can look to as role models.

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“Pregnancy: Rights under Disability, FMLA and Discrimination laws.”

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Answer: Dear Larisa: Pregnancy and pregnant women are given a special status in our society and our laws, and both are highly protected. Discrimination: It seems quite likely that you are being denied your job (as well as your right to a maternity leave) due to your pregnancy, violating both federal and state anti-discrimination laws. Disability and Pregnancy Discrimination, Harassment & Hostility FMLA FMLA, COBRA and Pregnancy Other Discrimination Pregnancy Q & A

Did Microsoft HR Ignore Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Complaints?

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But, Quartz says they have an email chain from “dozens of women” detailing incidents where they felt discriminated against or that someone sexually harassed them and HR dropped the ball. Some of the stories include requests to make dinner reservations, which is (on its face) not discriminatory but could be part of a pattern of discrimination. To keep reading, click here: Did Microsoft HR Ignore Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Complaints?

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Lean In or Lean Out: Women Are Damned Either Way


A lot of movement has occurred in the last few years to bring greater equality to the workplace for women, but we are still far from an equal environment. Still pressured to not “make waves”, even at events to foster more women in tech, they are encouraged to hold back.

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Women’s Soccer: A Primer on Success in Equality Legislation

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Congratulations to the USA Women’s National Soccer Team winning the World Cup. Let’s look at the impact of Title IX on Women’s Soccer in the United States. In a nutshell, Title IX’s application in sports mandated that girls/women have equal opportunity to boys/men.

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Wal-Mart, Women, & Workplace Inequity


There will always be inequity in pay – - and usually the inequity is on the side of women because they are, most of the time, the designated primary care-giver once they become a parent. 90% of the women will say they’re waiting to hear from their children that they are home safe.

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Illegal Discrimination in Tech? Hardly

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Friday, September 03, 2010 Illegal Discrimination in Tech? So, when I hear women whining about being discriminated against I always have to stop and wonder, is it illegal discrimination or different choices? Illegal Discrimination in Tech? Women are.

This Employee Beat Dress Code Discrimination With Cosplay


When Dress Codes Discriminate. Unequal dress code policy enforcement is one of the less subtle ways that employment discrimination manifests, but it can be difficult to fight without very clear documentation and supporting evidence.

“Is My Employment Discrimination Case Strong? – Here’s How to Tell”

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ACTUAL “CASE HISTORIES ” : One of the questions most frequently asked of employment lawyers – and of this blog – is this: “Do I have a strong employment discrimination case?” Do you need a lawyer to decide if your employment discrimination case is strong or weak? You can, with the right tools, determine whether you have a strong discrimination case. LESSON TO LEARN : Employment discrimination cases are quite common in our society, and seemingly more common as time goes by.

Why Women Need a New Mindset If They Want to Succeed in a Man’s World

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The post Why Women Need a New Mindset If They Want to Succeed in a Man’s World appeared first on Ms. Most have not had women leaders, and there are even countries that don’t allow female monarchs to take the throne, even if by birth they should rightfully be the next in line.

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The Evolution of Women’s Working Conditions in the UK

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Disequality, discrimination, and refused privileges are, unfortunately, present in every society. women workers represent the 47% of the workforce, but this fact does not mean that they are treated equally and paid the same. The Evolution of Women’s Working Conditions in the UK.

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HBR Says Women Experience More Incivility than Men at Work — Especially from Other Women (KD at #workhuman)

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A recent study by HBR showed the following - Women Experience More Incivility at Work — Especially from Other Women - which is a finding I'm assuming will be addressed indirectly by the #metoo panel. Why would women be more susceptible to this treatment from other women?

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Illegal Workplace Discrimination? Here’s How to Tell

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Discrimination is a disease.” . . Other questions, and other answers, soon followed, many of which indicated to us that what was happening to Janine may well have been derived from illegal age discrimination. You may note that we did not ask Janine the age of the new Museum Director, because anyone can discriminate against anyone, regardless of their own age, gender, race, etc.). So, how do you know if you have been a victim of illegal discrimination?

How #ILookLikeAnEngineer is Raising Awareness About Continued Sexism in STEM

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Wenger took to Medium with a poignant article calling on not just women to participate in her new #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign. The support from women to each other, STEM companies and institutions, and male counterparts who see the blatant disparity in these fields is heartening.

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Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

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In this TED talk Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, speaks frankly about the reasons why capable women often don't make it to the top. In her opinion it's got nothing to do with talent or even discrimination. Careers women in the workforce women leaders

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Illegal Workplace Discrimination? Here’s How to Tell

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Discrimination is a disease.” . . Other questions, and other answers, soon followed, many of which indicated to us that what was happening to Janine may well have been derived from illegal age discrimination. You may note that we did not ask Janine the age of the new Museum Director, because anyone can discriminate against anyone, regardless of their own age, gender, race, etc.). So, how do you know if you have been a victim of illegal discrimination?

“Does this sound like I have a case of discrimination?”

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For example, she stated that she feels that black women emasculate their men by being overly aggressive. from what you have told me, it would seem you have a good case of illegal retaliation in response to your complaint of race discrimination, under both state and federal laws. I am not sure you have a case for race discrimination, which is different than retaliation. A single comment does not, in itself, make a case of race discrimination in employment.

How to Manage Those Women Folks

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So, Jason Shen, a BigWig at Etsy, wrote this article about managing women. ”* In his attempt to point out that we shouldn’t discriminate against women, he pretty much invokes every negative stereotype out there. In response, I’ve penned some advice on how to manage humans, which includes women here: The Real Way to Manage Female Employees (Start With Talking to Them). Now, to be fair, “he means well, but he don’t know.”*

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Women discrimination at work: is it really over?


Women have always been looked down on by society. Even though most of today’s women go to college and start careers, the “keep the women barefoot and pregnant” stereotype is still prevalent. Women are still being discriminated against in many places and that includes the work place. It is a well-known fact that women’s salaries are less than men’s. The pay difference is even worse for women who work overtime.

Changing the Bigger Picture for Long-Term Gender Equality

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Although discrimination in the workplace has been a discussion for decades, women and social rights activists have become more adamant than ever over the last few years about creating safe work spaces for women. Small-Scale Gender Discrimination.

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“Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” Asks is it Discrimination or Biology?

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“At Google, we’re regularly told that implicit (unconscious) and explicit biases are holding women back in tech and leadership. Of course, men and women experience bias, tech, and the workplace differently and we should be cognizant of this, but it’s far from the whole story.” Is the fact that tech isn’t 50/50 men and women due to bias against women or are there truly other factors, unrelated to bias that keeps the numbers different?

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Bayer Sexual Discrimination: Stop the Mommy Wars

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Why can women not call a truce on the mommy wars? Bayer Sexual Discrimination: Stop the Mommy WarsWe all make choices, and we need to learn to accept the consequences of those choices.

Eggs, Milk and Discrimination: Parental Work Perks That Don’t Work


It was hot news earlier this year that more and more companies are providing egg-freezing services for their employees and increasingly, millennial women are carefully planning the parenthood phase of their lives by taking these companies up on these services.

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Looking into Women’s Rights in The Workplace

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Women tend to cry for equality without understanding their entitlements. However, unless women themselves understand their rights, there’s only going to be passive action, or worse – senseless noise. I’ve had a thought.

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The NLRB Says Google Did Not Violate Discrimination Laws in Firing James Damore

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He wondered if the reason there were fewer women in tech than one might expect had more to do with innate differences between men and women than with discrimination, and, in fact, Google’s drive to increase the number of women in the company led to discrimination against men. The NLRB concluded that: To keep reading, click here: The NLRB Says Google Did Not Violate Discrimination Laws in Firing James Damore.

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Why You Shouldn’t (Immediately) Follow Nike’s Lead in Giving Raises for Past Discrimination

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This comes after women at Nike revolted saying that Nike’s culture was toxic. To keep reading, click here: Why You Shouldn’t (Immediately) Follow Nike’s Lead in Giving Raises for Past Discrimination. The post Why You Shouldn’t (Immediately) Follow Nike’s Lead in Giving Raises for Past Discrimination appeared first on Evil HR Lady. Nike is making headlines after they decided to give raises to 7000 employees.

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Dress Code: Am I Getting Discriminated Against?

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So, all I can think of is that I’m being discriminated against for my beauty. As for proving discrimination, you’d have to be able to validate that some other female wore the exact same skirt and wasn’t told not to wear it again. Workplace discrimination dress code

Men’s Height and Women’s Weight Impact Wages


A new study confirms what old studies already agreed on: shorter men and fatter women make less money on average. But in all cases, shorter men and fatter women experience, on average, wage and advancement discrimination. Now researchers at Exeter University have shown a clear connection between wages and height for men, and wages and BMI for women. Women’s wages dropped $4250 US with every 28 pounds above the average.

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