What Diversity Really Means

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Lighthouse Research  Principal Analyst  Ben Eubanks  hammered home the importance of culturally embedded diversity and inclusion practices. According to Deloitte, employees that rated their employers highly for both  diversity and inclusion were 80 percent more likely to say their organization was high performing. Corporate boards with three or more women have 50 percent higher return on equity, and 40 percent higher return on sales.

your culture does not include everyone … or what employers need to do for racial equity

Ask a Manager

Remember last summer during the Black Lives Matters protests when so many companies announced their commitment to racial equity? I want to tell you about Authentic Diversity: How to Change the Workplace for Good , a book by diversity and inclusion expert Michelle Silverthorn , in which she explains how the “old rules” of diversity keep failing people of color and what employers must do if they’re truly committed to racial equity.

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VP of Equality Is The Rationalized Replacement for VP of Diversity at Salesforce.

The HR Capitalist

Take a look, interesting stuff from Salesforce as they seek to change the narrative from Diversity to Equality. There’s a lot of companies across America that struggle with Diversity hiring. They’re under-utilized in multiple job families, and even as they try to attract diverse talent, it hasn’t gone great. Throw in the fact that you can’t pay new hires anything they want without messing up your comp equity, and most companies don’t make the progress they’d like to.

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6 Sessions On Diversity You Can’t Miss at #SHRM16


In this post I’ll direct your attention to sessions on diversity that offer practical advice for diversifying your workforce, or that get at the fundamental barriers that get in the way of creating more equitable and diverse workplaces. Creating more diverse teams requires more than setting up and maintaining a diversity program ( itself a bigger challenge than it might at first seem ). Synthesizing Diversity and Inclusion: A Critical Business Imperative.

what are you doing to advance racial justice? (plus win a free copy of Authentic Diversity)

Ask a Manager

plus win a free copy of Authentic Diversity) , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. or what employers need to do for racial equity how to be successful without hurting men's feelingsThis post, what are you doing to advance racial justice?

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Friday Five: Tech, HR Tech and a Good Night’s Sleep


I’m not much for market watching, myself, so I’ve gathered a handful of links on the related story that’s more interesting to me: diversity in tech. Jesse Jackson: The Civil Rights Leader’s Battle for Diversity in Tech. TechCrunch interviewed Reverend Jesse Jackson about his new efforts to push for diversity in the tech industry. HR diversity diversity in tech employment equity facebook online advertising Social Media startups

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my employer says they’re committed to diversity — how can I hold them to accountable to that?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: As a white woman working in a company that is not very diverse, I’d like to speak up and hold the company to account over their commitment to diversity. We do use diverse models in our marketing communications, but it seems to me that that’s as far as their commitment to diversity goes. I plan to write to HR to ask about our current data on employee diversity, and what action we intend to take beyond sharing the post on social media.

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What a Black person thinks when they read this blog

Penelope Trunk

This probably makes me a bad person, but I lowkey hope the kids are right and that this virus makes way for actual equity and justice in a BlackPower-WomanPower-WorkerPower-QueerPower-AllPowerToThePeople type of way. DiversityNote from Penelope: This is a guest post of sorts.

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5 Benefits of a Data-Driven Recruitment Strategy


Embed Diversity into Recruiting Process. Traditional recruiting methods make it hard to tell whether you’ll hit your diversity targets or ensure equity during the process. This enables you to better track diversity and implement the correct evidence-based programs to increase diversity throughout your pipeline. HR analytics big data data driven recruiting diversity pipelines recruiting

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6 Ways to Advance Gender Equality in the C-Suite


Bilimoria believes a targeted infusion of resources is what makes the National Science Foundation’s Advance Programme a model of gender equity for others to follow. HR Leadership c suite diversity gender pay gap gender wage gap leadership lists STEM women in STEM women leadersThis blog first appeared on The Economist’s Executive Education blog here.

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Should Your Company Sign the White House’s Equal Pay Pledge?


Specifically, the signatories have committed to “conduc[t] an annual company-wide gender pay analysis across occupations, reviewing their hiring and promotion processes, embedding equal pay efforts into broader enterprise-wide equity initiatives, and identifying and promoting other best practices that will help ensure wage fairness for all workers. HR diversity equal pay pledge equality gender pay gap hiring

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Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

As for the employment relation, we may now address real issues of basic fairness in the relation, pay equity, wider participation, greater diversity and truer opportunity, as the darkness recedes, to set things up differently. “The night will pass. Then we will have work to do.”

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Alleged Pay Discrimination at Google Makes Marc Benioff and Salesforce Look Amazing.

The HR Capitalist

Back in late 2015, I reported on proactive moves by Salesforce to do pay equity increases across its workforce to eliminate any and all gender pay issues, job by job. At the time, I thought the move was brilliant, as it changed the conversation about workforce diversity to one of workforce equality - an equal goal that once achieved, was bound to change the narrative related to how much slack the world was going to give Salesforce for having some work to do on the diversity front.

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Hiring Now.Twilio

Career Realism

The company has also been recognized for its technology and efforts in diversity by Fortune. "We We strive to build equity, equality, and belonging to make communication more inclusive for all," the company states on its website.

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how companies can build more equitable workplaces … and what’s getting in the way

Ask a Manager

Yesterday I printed an excerpt from Authentic Diversity: How to Change the Workplace for Good , by diversity and inclusion expert Michelle Silverthorn. Most of my work is diversity trainings so the first question I will ask a new client is, “What’s the problem we’re trying to solve?”

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What is the Easiest Way To Learn How To Analyze Financial Statements?

Imarticus Learning

Factors considered are the integration of the supply chain, diversity of geographic locations, industry etc. Ask the two questions related to profitability namely regarding how very profitable are operations and how much profit accrues to shareholders of equity. More advanced and technical detailed analysis techniques use available cash-flows to the enterprise or shareholders of equity.

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Why I started a company (and why more women should too)

Ms. Career Girl

It’s not just a matter of equity. When I was in college, I’d read about CEOs confidently stating that they didn’t hire for diversity because they hired for merit. n April of 2018 I quit my job to start a wedding tech company called Honeydew, with my friend Lucy. Before that, I had been fantasizing for years that I wanted to start my own company, even without a specific idea in mind. Here’s why: Solving an underserved pain point is motivational and profitable.

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5 Post-Election Steps for Every Business


That’s why your diversity initiative is so important right now. If You Value Diversity, Say it Loudly Today and Every Day. If your employer brand is based on equity, openness and innovation, if you have blogged about the importance of diversity to your workforce, then now is the time to loudly and publicly reaffirm your commitment to those values. If you want a diverse workforce and an equitable workplace, leave no doubt — say it loudly, proudly and often.

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Excelling as an Entrepreneur (While Helping Others)

Ms. Career Girl

Sustainability within a community , for example, is a key factor in any successful adventure: “Sustainability can be defined as nurturing the economic and environmental health, as well as social equity for a prolonged amount of time.” This service towards diversity might be the push you and your business need for a successful revival. Deciding to take the plunge of entrepreneurship is a business adventure that takes a lot courage, commitment, and of course, hard work.

What are the Best Investment Bank to Work for

Imarticus Learning

With its commitment to diversity and inclusion, this bank provides a range of financial solutions and investment products to some of the top multinational companies, financial institutions and top corporates alike. In liaise with work culture, the firm has earlier ranked as the top in Diversity, both Overall, Female and LGBTQ along with bagging the second spot in Minority Diversity. ?

Knowledge Series: What is Asset Management? And How Does Mutual Fund Structure Work in Asset Management?

Imarticus Learning

In asset management the investors capital is invested in diverse reserves like Bonds, Real Estate, Private Equity etc…, these asset management firms manage plenty of funds for either corporates or individual clients, within the lines of a particular mandate. This is a good thing as having a diverse pool of clients gives them greater value options, which in turn assures better capital appreciation opportunities, and thus mitigates the risks to an extent.

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Front Office Bankers Resume Writing


For example when writing a resume for an equity trader it is no longer good enough just to list these soft skills. For example: “Masters of Business Administration with seven years experience as an equity trader. With a strong background in analysis, risk management and strategic planning, I have planned, coordinated, and performed diverse trading functions in various sectors.”.

I don’t want to bring my “whole self” to work

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I am so excited about employers’ new-found willingness to assess and improve the degree to which they promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace these past few months, and have been collaborating with the HR department to do so in my own workplace (I am not in HR).

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Are Women Catching Up To Men? Not Exactly.

Water Cooler Wisdom

Catalyst research also showed that gender diversity in the boardroom correlates with better corporate performance – by a huge margin.    Companies with three or more women board directors in four of five years, on average, outperformed companies with zero women board directors by 84 percent return on sales, 60 percent return on invested capital, and 46 percent return on equity.

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HBR Says Women Experience More Incivility than Men at Work — Especially from Other Women (KD at #workhuman)

The HR Capitalist

Panel participants include actress and humanitarian Ashley Judd, gender equity advocate Tarana Burke, and other soon-to-be-announced guests. One wrong turn and it's going to be harsh for them, like the time Matt Damon did some #mansplaining of this own on a diversity panel. Capitalist Note : I'm spending the first couple of days of this week at WorkHuman in Austin.

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companies that ask people to answer mini-essays before submitting resumes

Ask a Manager

The employer says that they will do a blind review of the essays and only request resumes afterwards, which they presume will provide them with a more diverse pool … I guess? Do you think that this hiring process can actually improve equity?

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Difference among Relationship, Portfolio & Wealth Manager in banking?

Imarticus Learning

Their advice is very popular since they cut-across the equity markets and IB areas. Wealth management services are also offered to people who have USD 50,000 to 500,000 and can include HNIs, corporate clients seeking short-term investments, and small clients who need management of their diverse portfolios. However, it all boils down to training and a wealth management course to be able to cater to diverse exacting job roles.

How to Increase Your Learning Agility

Water Cooler Wisdom

People with this trait often follow a non-traditional path and are able to develop professionally from an array of diverse experiences. Their study found that private equity-backed C-suite leaders who ranked high for learning agility on an assessment test also outperformed less-agile peers as measured by revenue growth and “boss ratings” issued by their Boards.

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How do I get into Investment Banking?

Imarticus Learning

Traditionally, companies hire from elite universities and colleges for their entry-level position, but things are changing as banks understand the need for diversity and different backgrounds. Lateral move from other areas: Finance professionals from the Private Equity field sometimes move to Investment Banking, even though the reverse is more common.

Are There Enough Opportunities in the Banking Sector

Imarticus Learning

There are opportunities in the banking field as it offers a wealth of diversity in vacancy. Investment Banks , their aim is to provide Financial Assistance to their customers and offer support services like Foreign Exchange, Foreign Trading and Equity Management. India’s Banking sector is expanding.

What Course Should You Pursue Apart From A CFA To Make A Career In Wealth Management?

Imarticus Learning

This area is for those individuals who have a corpus and are busy earning while needing someone trustworthy to manage their diverse needs for financial solutions. Many a financial career aspirant makes errors in deciding on what kind of career to choose. Also, they go after fancy degrees, certifications, and courses without a thought of what and how to earn and create wealth. A.wealth management course can be a very lucrative career where your earnings can be fee-based.

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Networking: That Miracle Word

Career Realism

My grad school professor, Walter Stafford, dedicated his career to race and gender equity and instilled in me a deep sense of respect and appreciation for fighting the good fight and seeking equity and social justice in all I did. “I ended up borrowing lessons from both and building a career foundation on the business side which translated into a successful transition to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility,) diversity and inclusion.

Hindsight Is 20/20: Living Your Culture In The Next Normal

Career Realism

How your employees view your stand on diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging have always been important, but with the ultra focus in the past few weeks, how would you rate your organization?

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Investment Banking Business Model and Financial Stability

Imarticus Learning

Financial modeling helps investment bankers in equity research and credit ratings. They are diverse and heavily layered, which increases the complexity of regulation. Investment banking is the clear winner when it comes to advisory and mediation roles. It takes care of investing from end to end, by assessing the risk and evaluating the flow of credit. Not only do they cater to private investors, but also to large and small companies alike, and also to governmental organizations.

interview with an employee at a majority-autistic company

Ask a Manager

auticon strives for diversity, inclusion, and acceptance from an intersectional perspective as well. Stereotypes against autism in gender or racial minorities are still quite prevalent, so there’s some equity in accepting applicants without a formal diagnosis, for instance.

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Honing Your Core Entrepreneurial Skills: Business Acumen

Water Cooler Wisdom

  Leaders with strong business acumen can absorb information from a diverse array of sources, imagine future scenarios, and use their good judgment to make sensible decisions.   This document is a snapshot of a business’ financial status at a given point in time, detailing assets, liabilities, and equity.

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rejecting anyone who doesn’t send a thank-you note is terrible hiring

Ask a Manager

That’s going to have a disparate impact by race and class, so if you care about diversity and equity in your hiring, this is a terrible, biased practice. There was a big kerfluffle on Twitter this weekend when the executive managing editor of Business Insider published an article saying that she refused to hire anyone who doesn’t send a thank-you note after their interview.

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should I ask my employer to take down a Blue Lives Matter flag?

Ask a Manager

As a whole, our organization has a diversity problem. When I have brought up issues of diversity and inclusion in the past, I have been told that our clients are overwhelmingly white and conservative, and we need to make them comfortable (I don’t think that assessment is strictly true, for what it’s worth). You can point out the organization already has a diversity problem, and this will reinforce and worsen it.

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When Leaving Your Job, How to Take Your Colleagues With You

Sklover Working Wisdom

Such agreements can be found in many different places, sometimes effectively “hidden” in such diverse locales as (a) a non-solicitation agreement, (b) a confidentiality agreement, (c) a non-interference provision of a stock or stock option plan, (d) a clause in an employee handbook, or perhaps even (e) a clause in an employee Code of Conduct. [To There are myriad ways to offer “equity,” from partnership to stock ownership to “your name on the door.”

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we got weight loss tips for Women’s History Month, interviewer thought I was lying, and more

Ask a Manager

I work for a large corporation that promotes diversity in the workplace. How does this celebrate diversity? She made a comment that my work history was very diverse and so I told her that my degree was in psychology and I worked at a shelter but didn’t feel it was my calling.

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my mom is my HR manager and it’s not good, I walked in on my boss crying, and more

Ask a Manager

Is it okay to care about diversity in company website photos? Things have improved but there is still a real problem of not understanding diverse populations and ignoring diversity issues when hiring. A company could have demographically diverse photos, and even a demographically diverse staff, and still have serious equity and inclusion issues in how things play out internally. One very good sign, though, is if their leadership ranks are diverse.).

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CEO assigns work to my staff without telling me, vandalized posters, and more

Ask a Manager

Our equity posters were vandalized. I work as the equality and diversity manager of a research institute with about 350 people. But you also should take it as a sign that at least one person employed there is very unclear on the organization’s values (and if that person is, possibly more are), and that you have some serious educating to do on things like why affinity groups for historically marginalized populations are part of equity work, not at odds with it.

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4 Lies about social media | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

To give you a sense of how complicated it is, I do not actually own the name Brazen Careerist — I sold equity in the name, and it is owned by my company. Is this your first time here? About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog 4 Lies about social media Posted to: Job Hunt | Networking | Promoting Yourself October 21st, 2009 Del.icio.us

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