Transitioning Military Leaders: Differentiate Yourself in Executive Job Search

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A few weeks ago Vera Steiner Blore, founder of the Military Leaders in Transition forum, reached out to me for an interview. for transitioning military leaders, and any executive: 1. Why is it so vital for senior executives to use social media as part of their executive job search? These days, most of them are active on social media – LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc. – Social Proof: Where Online Presence Meets Personal Branding.

Four Benefits to Hiring Military Personnel

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Military personnel bring with them an intrinsic understanding of how loyalty adds to team proficiency and builds trust in a work environment. For business leaders looking to make a thoughtful long-term investment in an employee, military personnel often outperform other candidates as proven team players. For employers looking to hire a mature professional with a strong work ethic, a military-trained candidate should receive serious consideration. Loyalty to the Team.

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How to Build a Powerful Executive Network

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An active Twitter presence also shows you’re an up-to-date, social media-savvy candidate. Facebook and other social networks. Decide how much time you can allot to social networking and which ones will work for you. Connect with more people through Job-Hunt’s local networking and job search support groups and company alumni and military/government “alumni&# groups. How Much Social Media Is Enough?

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should I ask my employer to take down a Blue Lives Matter flag?

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Recently, we started a social media campaign to show all the amazing things our coworkers do outside of the office — side businesses, hobbies, etc. This was also promoted on social media. As a whole, our organization has a diversity problem. When I can contribute, I have tried to show diversity in our work because I think it’s the right thing to do and it makes us more appealing to a broader section of clients and potential employees.

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How to manage a college education | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

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Career centers don’t understand social media. And social media is the fastest, most effective way for you to build a network. It only serves to limit you in the social media world. The generation that grew up with social media is the most effective at communicating of any generation in history. Social networking is changing that. I agree that blogging and social media allow other avenues for honing rhetorical skills.

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Shifting the balance of power. (Mainstream media stinks.

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Mainstream media stinks.) This all might be the end of me catering to mainstream media. And I am thinking that dealing with mainstream media just isn’t worth it. I don’t think I need mainstream media. So, mainstream media, here's my position. "Hey, wannabe-mainstream media, stuff yourselves, ok?" I think your Guardian article was excellent but beyond that I'd leave the mainstream media well alone on this issue.

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Martin Luther King Day Special: Racism is alive and kicking.

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Hello, McDonald's) Posted to: Diversity | Leadership January 18th, 2010 My company, Brazen Careerist , just launched a company section in our social network. The reason we did that is because according to Cone , 50% of generation Y communicate with companies through social media. And Jeremy Owyang, from Forrester Research reports that, "In approximately two years social networks will be more powerful than corporate web sites.

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