C-suite Executives and Social Media: Are You Resistant or Engaged?

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A survey by Brandfog, a global social media and digital reputation consulting firm, indicates that social media engagement by companies’ c-suite executives is more critical than ever: “Conversations taking place on Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Medium, YouTube, Instagram and other social channels do not stop because management is not looking. Alternatively, C-suite executives who embrace social media gain a competitive edge.

Amazon Lawsuit: Managers Scoured Job Candidates’ Social Media for Race and Gender Info

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The second: her manager told her to “scour” job candidate’s social media to determine race and gender/ethnicity and then fired her when she complained. McCarrick claims that her managers wanted her to search out race and gender to increase diversity at Amazon.

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New Survey Shows Executives Need Social Media Skills

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There are many CEOs who are not interested in social media because they are incredibly busy. However, BRANDfog’s 2014 survey on The Global, Social CEO indicates that C-level executives who ignore social media are losing the ability to influence brand reputation and company leadership. The global conversations are happening on social media, and not being part of the conversation means others are controlling the topics.

Encourage Employee Resource Groups to Leverage Social Media


Top companies are leveraging social networks to share best practices, increase productivity and promote their brand internally as well as externally. Over the last 10 years, Employee Resource Groups or ERGs have evolved from being social or affinity groups to goal-oriented drivers of innovative business solutions. Social Media Creates Unique Engagement. The Hartford’s LGBT ERG is using their enterprise social network to promote an “Ally Campaign” across the country.

Learning Social Media is Easy in Small Bites!


Has learning social media turned your business world upside down? Are you still struggling with how to apply social media to your business strategies? Learning social media and embracing technology puts you in a vulnerable spot. I’ve spoke with countless boomer-age executives who admit that they only have a “surface knowledge” of social media, but know they need to learn more. Learning Social Media with Business Leaders.

The Four (make that FIVE) C’s of Social Media

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The five C’s of social media. Posted by Colin in The Social Web on June 30th, 2008 |. I wanted to share this information as it is relevant, and of course it makes sense to start thinking of what Social Media REALLY is all about. Yesterday I wrote about the five base opportunities afforded us by social media and wanted to expand on them a little. Doing” social media is more than just a blog or a tweet. Social Media Why ResumeBear?

Tips to Make Your Business More Diverse and Inclusive

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As a woman in business, you likely understand how diversity and inclusivity can strengthen and protect your brand. Harnessing inclusivity in the workplace is about more than simply hiring diverse people. Understand the Differences Between Diversity, Inclusivity, and Invitation. Diversity is all about hiring and highlighting employees of various genders, sexualities, religions, and races. Featured News Work diversity Equality And Diversity inclusivity

Two Votes For Social Media Training at Work From Google & the Bloggess


I am a firm believer in providing social media training for new hires and employees within organizations. Companies spend millions billions of dollars with union avoidance training , employee diversity, awareness training, and sexual harassment videos, presentations, and consent forms. It’s more than a social media policy, social media memo, or some social media policies consent form.

Top 10 Social Media Blogs: The 2012 Winners!

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Our third-annual social media blog contest generated nearly 600 nominations (almost twice as many as last year’s contest). Our panel of social media experts carefully reviewed the nominees and finalists, analyzing the quality of their content, the frequency of posts and reader involvement (among other things). 1: Social Mouths. ViralBlog provides a daily stream of social media trends and inspiration through case studies and other interesting articles.

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Social Media in the C-Suite. Train Executives with Reverse Mentoring


Need Buy in From Your Executive Team on Social Media? Do your senior executives’ eyes glaze over when you talk about using social media to drive branding and market share? Companies, senior leaders, and the C-Suite are struggling to embrace and understand the power of social media external as a marketing tool as well as internally with internal social networks. What is a Reverse Mentoring Program for Social Media?

Why You’re Wasting Your Time Trying to Limit Social Media Use

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Recently, when Ken Wisnefski , the CEO of WebiMax , an online marketing firm, wrote in to BNET’s Ask the Expert’s column complaining that his employees were wasting too much time on social media , two out of three responding experts took a hard line on the issue. Beth Schroeder , a partner at Silver & Freedman , for instance, suggested that if employees needed to use social media for work, bosses set up dedicated computers or try “looking over their shoulders.”.

5 Reason Diversity Matters to Your Career

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When you’re searching for a career, touting your diversity is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, many diverse individuals used to and still do purposefully hide their ethnicity or race because they don’t want to be hired because of their skin, or gender, or culture; they want to be hired for their skills, their knowledge, their experience, their capabilities. Lack of true not claimed, diversity won’t be acceptable in the not so distant future.

Looking for a Job During the Holidays? 5 Ways to Integrate Social Media


This post was first published over on SmartBrief’s Social Media blog where I am a regular contributor. Social media in 2011 has been an extremely popular compliment to a job seeker’s strategy. According to Jobvite’s social media study 36.6 job seekers used social media as part of their job search strategy in 2011. Not every decision maker or business professional uses or responds best when it comes to social media.

Using Social Media to Network | Hiring Technical People

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Skip to content Johanna’s Site What I can do for you Workshops and Training See me Speak Email newsletter Contact Johanna ← Hire for Diversity of All Kinds How to Network for Senior Job → Using Social Media to Network Posted on March 31, 2009 by johanna So the economy isn’t so hot right now and you’re looking for a new job. Please fill in any profile on any social media network. But for heaven’s sake, use social media.

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Social media rules for Jews on High Holidays

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But I in that vein, I propose a few guidelines for those of you who are like me and trying to figure out what to do with social media on High Holidays. If you’re fasting during Yom Kippur you’re already so tortured that perhaps God will forgive you for distracting yourself with social media. If you’re not fasting on Yom Kippur you can still participate by having a social media fast. Diversity

4 Strategies to Hire for Diversity with Mobile


Diversity Strategies for Workplace Diversity. This last couple weeks I’ve been working on a 15 page paper for a Wiley publication that I was asked to write about human resources, mobile, social media, and technology. Much of the data in the current space is customer focused which is fine because chances are high that if a group of individuals are using mobile as a consumers, they are also likely to use mobile and social media as a job seekers and employee.

How To Best Showcase Your Skills With Social Media

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It can be a real hazard when job hunting if your presence is focused more on the social aspect of social media, as employers may not ?nd Using business marketing tips as our inspiration, let’s take a look at a few ways you can best showcase your skills with social media: LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a diverse ecosystem of alumni and professional groups. Google+ is one of the fastest growing social networks.

The Great Divide: Adapting to a Digitally Diverse Audience


Diverse Audience Among Digital Natives. Generation C , Gen Y and Millennials – shift their focus between different media platforms 27 times per hour … or approximately every other minute. But to break it down further, your platform and content choices must be geared toward an audience that’s diverse in their digital usage and preferences. Adapting to a Digitally Diverse Audience. Then, many wonder why things like social and mobile recruiting don’t work for them.

Executive Brand Online Reputation Management: Relevance, Quality, Diversity, Volume, Consistency

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Executive Brand Online Reputation Management: Relevance, Quality, Diversity, Volume, Consistency is a post from: Executive Career Brand. DIVERSITY. You need a good mix of static profiles/web pages and vibrant real-time content: — A personal website (or better yet, a blogsite) to use as your one-stop hub, with branded career bio (your “About&# page), other career marketing pages and links to all your social networking and social media activity.

Diversity Hiring 101: A Quintessential Guide For Recruiters

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It's no big surprise, at this point, organizations around the globe are focusing on building up their diversity hiring process. The subject of diversity hiring goes past business results and execution. Intel's CEO has defined a forceful purpose of diversity equality by 2020.

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Snapchat’s “Anime” Filter Belies its Commitment to Diversity


Snapchat’s new “anime” filter, released Tuesday, has many users outraged with some even calling for a boycott of the social media platform. “Even for those filters that aren’t as overtly offensive, they subtly reinforce white superiority and reveal the lack of diversity in the product’s creators. They’ve repeatedly demonstrated their blasé attitude towards issues of diversity, inclusion and representation.

11 Videos Show How Diverse Employment Branding & Recruiting Really Is


Video offers the best way to tell those stories beyond words on paper, texts or 140 character social media messages and tweets. Video is the toast of the town on social media with Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Live video. We’re Hiring… We Are Classy About Diversity and Inclusion. The Perfect Social Media Viral Employment Video. HR Social Media employer brand employment branding recruiting video recruiting videos

The View of Today’s Job Search from a Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter

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More and more, people are considering culture and value above other reasons for the job and career he or she desires, especially for those of you who envision working for a company promoting diversity and inclusion (D & I). If that is what you want, then consider a diversity recruiter like Torin Ellis who offers 100% of his efforts to clients who want to create such a workplace. How important is diversity and inclusion to you in your workplace?

Tech Bootcamps Better at Recruiting Diverse Students than Higher Ed


For-profit coding bootcamps have a more diverse student population than traditional colleges and they produce better career outcomes for these diverse students. Even more importantly, they’re better at graduating diverse students and getting them jobs. While it’s true that higher ed is struggling to recruit and graduate diverse students, higher ed vs. bootcamps isn’t a one to one comparison. Business HR diversity in tech

Diversity in DC | Blogging4Jobs


Book Connect Blogging4Jobs HR + Social Media + Job Search = Blogging4Jobs Business Events OKC Featured Networking Gen Y Guest HR Job Search Social Media Categorized | HR , Job Search Diversity in DC Posted on 01 August 2010. Last Friday gave firms through the country another chance to add to their reputation with the announcement of the law firm diversity rankings and career fair.

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Get Creative With A Career At TikTok

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On TikTok, anyone has a chance to reach an audience, without needing to be a celebrity or social influencer with a large following," the company states on its website. 3 Things To Know About Life At TikTok TikTok is committed to having a diverse workforce.

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4 Lies about social media | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

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About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog 4 Lies about social media Posted to: Job Hunt | Networking | Promoting Yourself October 21st, 2009 Del.icio.us And almost everyone knows that social media is a great way to build your network. But many of you are making lots of social media mistakes. I know because so many people tell me that social media is a waste of their time.

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10 Best Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Online

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Like it or not, getting involved with social media and building your personal brand online have become essential components of today’s job search. Your goal should be to continuously build diverse online content about yourself, to provide those assessing you with plenty of information supporting your brand. But always remember – If you’re in a confidential job search, be very careful of your activity on social media, and any content you post anywhere online.

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10 Steps to Executive Job Search Success

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Those with a dismal or non-existent online footprint are often overlooked for those who have a diverse, far-reaching online presence. Related posts: Social Proof: Where Online Presence Meets Personal Branding. Embrace Social Media. Go beyond creating social media profiles and take advantage of all that these platforms offer to demonstrate your subject matter expertise and thought leadership, and stay top-of-mind with your target employers.

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How a Robust Online Presence Helps You Land The Best Executive Jobs

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Executive recruiters and hiring decision makers routinely search for social proof (or online evidence) to corroborate the claims candidates make about themselves in their personal marketing materials (resume, biography, cover letters, etc.). Typically, candidates who have a more robust online footprint – with a greater number of diverse search results for “their name” – are more attractive to those who have the power to hire them.

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How Strong is Your Executive Brand Online for Job Search?

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The vast majority of executive recruiters use social recruiting (social networks and social media) to source and assess top talent. The more relevant, diverse, and brand-consistent search results they find about you, the more likely you’ll be viewed as a valuable potential candidate, positioning you above those who are invisible online. 78% have made a hire through social media. What are executive recruiters looking for when social recruiting?

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The Online Safety and Privacy Dilemma in Executive Job Search

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Understandably, many job seekers struggle with putting themselves “out there” when they’re building their online footprint by using social media. On one hand, they need to have a strong, diverse online presence to be “find-able”, to promote their personal brand , and to provide social proof of the claims they’ve made in their personal marketing materials (LinkedIn profile, resume, biography, etc.). Social security number.

2015 173

Why You Need to Self-Google Once a Week

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Social proof. Social media engagement. Is your social media presence non-existent, dabbling, moderately active, or super-active? The vast majority of executive recruiters use social recruiting (social networks and social media) to source and assess talent. If you’re not there, they’re going to wonder whether you’re social media savvy and know how to operate in the digital world.

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Executive Job Search: How Recruiters Find You

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It often comes as a surprise to them that today so many recruiters and hiring authorities use LinkedIn and other social media to find and assess good-fit candidates more than any other method. Jobvite’s recent study reinforces recruiters’ overwhelming use of social media. revealed the following: 89% of companies plan to recruit via social media this year. 64% will expand social recruiting programs to two or more social media channels.

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Hire for Diversity of All Kinds

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Using Social Media to Network → Hire for Diversity of All Kinds Posted on March 18, 2009 by johanna I read a bunch of blogs, and Evolving Excellence is consistently good. It’s too easy if you have insufficient diversity to achieve group-think without meaning to. If you’re hiring for problem-solving skills, which is what we do in high tech, you want diversity of all kinds: personality, schooling, race, culture, to name just a few.

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Online Reputation Management FAQs for Executive Job Search

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Those candidates are providing better “ social proof ” of their value, and they present as more up to date with the digital age and the new world of work. On one hand, you need to have a strong, diverse online presence to be “find-able” by the various people who can help you meet your career goals. Getting busy on other social networks – Twitter, Facebook, etc. Social Proof: Where Online Presence Meets Personal Branding.

The Personal Branding Manifesto for Executive Job Search – Part 3

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Mind Your Online Reputation: The Personal Branding Social Proof Paradigm. Here is an undeniable truth too many job seekers dismiss or don’t understand: With the advent of the digital age, job search has become a whole new ball game, requiring personal branding and online presence for social proof. Social recruiting is now the norm. According to Jobvite’s Recruiter Nation survey, in 2015 only 4% of recruiters DID NOT use social media to source and assess candidates.

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Google Plus Profile, Personal Branding and Executive Job Search

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I explained that these two online profiles would form a firm foundation for their Google presence, providing people assessing them with diverse information about them and their personal brand. Google launched Google+ in June 2011, in a big attempt to outdistance Facebook, “ as a ‘social layer’ consisting of not just a single site, but rather an overarching ‘layer’ which covers many of its online properties.”

2013 180

How #ILookLikeAnEngineer is Raising Awareness About Continued Sexism in STEM

Ms. Career Girl

If you’re active on social media, I’m sure you’ve seen the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer that took off on Twitter after an advertisement posted earlier this month in San Francisco by company OneLogin geared at all engineers and featuring female employee Isis Wenger as one of its models received some serious backlash. It is easy for the flames on social media to burn bright and then extinguish almost faster than they began.

2015 218

7 Ways To Contaminate Your Personal Brand and Doom Your Executive Job Search

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But, without a diverse online presence that reinforces your personal brand and value to the companies you’re targeting, executive recruiters and hiring professionals may pass you right by, in favor of others who do have a vibrant online footprint. They’re looking for plenty of information about each candidate, and they want “ social proof ”, to validate the claims these candidates have made in their resumes and other personal marketing materials.

2017 119

Social Proof: Where Online Presence Meets Personal Branding

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In executive job search, social media and social networking matter. Did you know that an estimated 90% of employers used social networks and social media – known as “ social recruiting “ – to find, assess and validate talent in 2012? Executive recruiters and hiring decision makers seek “social proof” to confirm you are who you say you are, and to learn more about you.

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6 Alternatives to Job Search Boards

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LinkedIn – While LinkedIn has a built-in job search engine, the platform is much more diverse in that it is mainly a business social network. JobsMiner.com – While job search boards list job opportunities that are posted by companies and recruiters, Jobsminer aggregates job opportunities from social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to name a few). Social Media: Your regular social networks (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc.)

2015 239

Want a Successful Executive Job Search? Run It Like a Small Business

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When preparing for executive job search, your mission is to create content for various purposes, and build an executive brand communications plan that reinforces your unique promise of value to your target employers, across diverse channels online and off-line. Communicate Your Unique Value via Social Media and In-Person. If you have time for only one social media outlet, it should be LinkedIn. 7 Steps To Land a Great-fit Gig: Be the CEO of Brand You.

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