The #MeToo Movement and Diversity in the Workplace

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The post The #MeToo Movement and Diversity in the Workplace appeared first on Executive Career Brand. Diversity Executive Career Management #MeToo executive career workplace diversityThe #MeToo movement is a defining moment in fourth-wave feminism, and continues to have a dramatic impact on all of us. at work and in our personal lives. The phrase was first used in 2006 by Tarana Burke, to draw attention to the sexual abuse of women of color.

Diversity In Your Workplace

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When you hear the word, “diversity,” what is the first thing that comes to your mind? These are usually the most popular terms that come to many people’s mind,s and diversity certainly includes these things. However, diversity is more than these categories that most of us are familiar with. The changing demographics of the United States as well as the rise of emerging markets on the international stage has led to great changes in the workplace as we know it.


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Why Political Diversity Matters in the Workplace

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Although many companies have faced increased pressure to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, a lack of diverse hiring teams, limited recruiting processes that fail to reach a broad candidate pool, and unconscious similarity biases have contributed to many companies’ continued struggle to improve diversity in their workplace. Why Political Diversity Matters in the Workplace Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

Why Visual Representations of Diversity Aid an Inclusive Work Environment

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The workplace is where we spend most of our lives. Shouldn’t the workplace include, celebrate, and represent people from all walks of life? Unfortunately,… Why Visual Representations of Diversity Aid an Inclusive Work Environment Undercover Recruiter -.

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Can Tech Increase Workplace Diversity?


HR diversity HR tech HRtech workforce diversity workpace diversityBlind recruiting is a trending topic in HR. Part of the buzz is being generated by new software technologies that promise to remove gender and ethnic bias from the hiring process. Products range from. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

Tips to Make Your Business More Diverse and Inclusive

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As a woman in business, you likely understand how diversity and inclusivity can strengthen and protect your brand. Harnessing inclusivity in the workplace is about more than simply hiring diverse people. Understand the Differences Between Diversity, Inclusivity, and Invitation. Diversity is all about hiring and highlighting employees of various genders, sexualities, religions, and races. Featured News Work diversity Equality And Diversity inclusivity

Job Seekers and Conversations About Diversity Issues in the Workplace

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This article was picked up by College Recruiters, who decided to host the webinar, “ Honest Diversity Conversations: Race Relations & HR.” The conversation about diversity issues in the workplace is needed. How important is having a conversation about diversity and inclusion in the workplace to you? Janine shares how job seekers can see if a company cares about diversity and inclusion. Diversity and Inclusion Employer Job Search

4 Trends Seeking to Address Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

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The post 4 Trends Seeking to Address Cultural Diversity in the Workplace appeared first on Ms. Unfortunately, that ‘identity’ is somewhat skewed depending on what area of the nation you hail from and with staggering numbers of recent immigrants from third world and war-torn countries, it is becoming increasingly difficult to address such widespread diversity in the workplace. Within the broad scope of cultural diversity falls the category of workers with disabilities.

8 Steps to Designing a Diverse Workplace

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Encouraging those from diverse backgrounds, be they social, ethnic, sexual orientation, disability and so on, to pursue a career in your company can help give your business a competitive advantage. 8 Steps to Designing a Diverse Workplace. Employer diversity Hyden inclusive Joanna Abeyie

How to Approach Diversity Training in the Workplace

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Not all diversity training in the workplace is created equal. Some approaches are more effective than others; because diversity training is so beneficial for employees and business owners alike, it’s important that your program is strong. According to Small Business Chronicle , diversity training “improves employee retention, increases morale, reduces workplace harassment and improves recruitment efforts to create a more diverse work force.”.

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3 Tips for Managing Workplace Diversity & Your Bottom-line


Workplace diversity is good for business and gives companies a distinct advantage. A Forbes survey of 300+ large global enterprises (>$500 million in annual revenue) revealed that 85 percent agreed or strongly agreed that diversity is crucial to fostering innovation in the workplace. Understanding and Managing Workplace Diversity. Diversity is not just about race, gender or sexual orientation. How have diverse perspectives improved creativity?

What Are the Benefits of a Diverse Workplace?

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There are lots of arguments about whether it makes a difference whether your workplace is diverse enough. What Are the Benefits of a Diverse Workplace? Employer benefit diverse market leaders thought leaders URPanel workplaceIf it doesn’t affect their ability to do the job, does it matter what race, religion or sexuality your employees are? There is however the argument that people like to see a reflection of themselves in a company. View Article.

What Are the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace?

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When you think about diversity, what springs to mind? but there is far more to creating a diverse workplace than hiring people who fit into different age brackets or creating the perfect male to female ratio. What Are the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace? Employer diversity equality workplaceThe first things that people usually think of are factors such as age, gender, race, cultural background, etc.,

Top Five: Diversity in Tech


Apple’s updated diversity numbers are out and while they’re an improvement from the tech company’s 2014 numbers, there’s still a long way to go. That’s the story all over the tech industry: firms create a diversity program , bring in new hires and retain them – for a time – until they hit a ceiling. It’s common for women to leave STEM jobs after even five years, citing both stalled career growth and a toxic culture, and the same holds true for other “diversity hires.”

5 Ways to Stay Informed About Workplace Diversity

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Workplace diversity is about accepting and valuing all employees’ differences and encouraging them to use their unique knowledge and skills to create a stronger and more competitive organisation. A lot of corporations have already recognized the multiple benefits of workplace diversity. 5 Ways to Stay Informed About Workplace Diversity. Employer equality gender Maria Boradijeva Workplace Diversity

What Sesame Street’s Newest Muppet Says About Workplace Diversity

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So, let’s talk about diversity. We HR types love to talk about diversity. We have “Diversity Officers” and we post all our job descriptions with “Company X is an Equal Opportunity Employer.” To keep reading click here: What Sesame Street’s Newest Muppet Says About Workplace Diversity Sesame Street is adding a new character- Julia, a Muppet character who has Autism.

Embrace Diversity or Face Adversity

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Forget naming, shaming and blaming; workplace diversity is everyone’s responsibility. When it comes to encouraging inclusive company cultures, it shouldn’t be about pointing the finger at the lack of diversity in an organisation and hoping the bosses will get what’s coming to them. Embrace Diversity or Face Adversity. Hiring Human Resources culture diversity Inclusion Workplace culture

5 Reason Diversity Matters to Your Career

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When you’re searching for a career, touting your diversity is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, many diverse individuals used to and still do purposefully hide their ethnicity or race because they don’t want to be hired because of their skin, or gender, or culture; they want to be hired for their skills, their knowledge, their experience, their capabilities. Lack of true not claimed, diversity won’t be acceptable in the not so distant future.

California's Affirmative Action Bill Defeat and the Future of Diversity Hiring.

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7 Steps To Improve Workplace Diversity For Free

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A well-balanced, diverse workforce carries with it the advantage of a more creative, forward-thinking environment by drawing on experiences and opinions from different backgrounds, race, gender and sexual orientation. 7 Steps To Improve Workplace Diversity For Free. Employer champions diversity employees equality Hiring incentives Unconscious bias

5 Major Things Recruiters Need To Know About Diversity Hiring

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Before beginning to dive in at the bottom of diversity hiring , recruiters need to understand more about the superficial items related to it. You often are at crossroads when you ask yourself what diversity actually means. Few people define diversity as differences among people.

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Diversity: It’s More Than Just Race


An article written by SHRM staffer Rebecca Hastings, SPHR dealt with diversity. Her article, entitled Diversity Efforts Should Include White Employee s, (SHRM membership may be needed to read) dealt with including more whites, specifically more white men, in diversity training. The group that conducted the training found that including whites in diversity training increased the success of the training. Is it important to have diversity training?

3 Ways to Encourage Diversity in the Hiring Process

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Diversity continues to be a hot topic in the modern workplace, as organizations seek to establish and develop practices that ensure they hire employees with a wide range of professional backgrounds. 3 Ways to Encourage Diversity in the Hiring Process Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Recruiting David Morel diversity hiring process Tiger Recruitment

How to Increase Workforce Racial Diversity


Racial diversity in the workplace – from recruiting to hiring to promoting people of color – continues to move at an unimpressive pace. And if LinkedIn’s annual workplace diversity report is any. HR diversity LinkedIn metrics pipeline racial diversity unconscious bias workforce diversityWorkology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

Creating a Diversity Program in the Workplace #hrbasics


Creating and maintaining diversity in the workplace goes well beyond educating your employees on how to work with different groups of people, but having programs that encourage a more cohesive workplace. As a new practitioner it can be hard to foster this type of environment if you’ve never had any experience with creating diversity best practices. Defining Diversity. There are numerous benefits when looking at creating diversity programs in the workplace.

5 SXSW Panels On Workplace Diversity You Shouldn’t Miss


HR diversity SXSWSXSW seems to get bigger every year, doesn’t it? Picking wick sessions and meet ups to attend certainly doesn’t get any easier. That’s why I put together a list of 5 intriguing. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

Top Five: Ellen Pao and Diversity in Tech


In her statement, published on Recode , she said, “Our society is struggling with workplace discrimination and harassment. Despite its push for greater workforce diversity, Intel has announced that it will no longer support the Science Talent Search program it has sponsored since 1988. Why Slack Is Making Diversity an Early Priority. — have decided to make their hiring and diversity statistics transparent. Ellen Pao Drops Appeal.

How to Build a Diverse Workforce

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What does diversity mean, exactly? What makes a workplace diverse? We use this word so often as a synonym for racial diversity that we forget there are all types of diversity. According to Merriam-Webster, diversity simply means “an instance of being composed of differing elements or qualities.” Therefore, every workplace that employs two or more people is a diverse workforce simply because no two people are alike.

Companies: Look To Regulations For Establishing Workplace Diversity Programs


When it comes to the topic of diversity, organizations are applauded or reprimanded for their efforts. HR diversity EEOC OFCCPThis article was originally published on Forbes. You can view by clicking here. However, there. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

Building Employer Brand at an Inclusive Tech Workplace

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Salesforce, the US tech company responsible for one of the world’s most popular CRM platforms, has earned more than 80 awards for its workplace culture. Employer Branding Chrissy Thornhill D&I Diversity & Inclusion inclusive Interview podcast salesforce tech company

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Diversity Hiring 101: A Quintessential Guide For Recruiters

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It's no big surprise, at this point, organizations around the globe are focusing on building up their diversity hiring process. The subject of diversity hiring goes past business results and execution. Intel's CEO has defined a forceful purpose of diversity equality by 2020.

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What Mistakes Do Companies Make with Diversity and Inclusion?

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Having a robust diversity and inclusion policy in place might seem like the obvious way to go in order to ensure you have a diverse workplace. We’ve sought advice from our panel of diversity and inclusion. What Mistakes Do Companies Make with Diversity and Inclusion? Employer candidates Company mistakes diversity Inclusion URPanel

How Can You Improve Misconceptions About Diversity in an Organisation?

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What exactly does it mean to have a diverse workplace? Do you actually understand what it means to have a diverse workplace? Sadly there are lots of misconceptions about diversity within an organisation and sometimes it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction. Our panel of diversity and inclusion experts are back to help bust some. How Can You Improve Misconceptions About Diversity in an Organisation?

5 Reasons Why Diversity Also Means Different Mindsets

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There are a number of ways you can define diversity, but it is primarily defined as the inclusion of different types of things or people. Diversity to me is embracing difference in all types of ways not just skin color. 5 Reasons Why Diversity Also Means Different Mindsets. Employer Recruiting diversity Five Minds for the Future Howard Gardner Mindsets workplace

Google’s Leaked Memo and Diversity in Tech

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Google’s Leaked Memo and Diversity in Tech. Employer diversity gender bias gender equality gender inequality Google tech world Workplace bias Workplace DiversityWomen coder’s took us to the moon, helped fight wars, contributed in creating the first computers, and changed the world. Yet this seems to all be forgotten in today’s tech industry dominated by men.

Asains FTW: The 2018 Google Diversity Report.

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The latest Google Diversity report is out. I'm looking at the Google diversity numbers and resisting the urge to wag the finger. I'll give you a golf clap for the good faith efforts to build more diverse math and science pipeline, but then give a knowing nod to the people who are really crushing it in those numbers - the many nationalities that comprise the fictional, yet powerful, EEO category of "Asian". .

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Ep 109 – Diversity Recruiting with American Heart Association


It seems a week doesn’t go by that the topic of workplace diversity isn’t in the global or national news. Diversity is an important topic of discussion for employers who are government contractors. It seems a week doesn’t go by that the topic of workplace diversity isn’t in the global or national news. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

Google’s Manifesto Sums Up Everything Wrong with #Diversity


Help me get to SXSW in 2018 to lead a 2 hour workplace on diversity and inclusion. Recruiting diversity google Google diversity Google ManifestoClick here to vote for my workshop titled, “Neurodiversity, Universal Design, and Inclusion @Work.” ” First, let me just preface I’m really tired of writing about Google, but here I am writing about them because an employee wrote a very […] Source.

Understanding the Impact of Diversity in Your Organization

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In this week’s episode, we’re going to chat about Diversity & Inclusion, a hugely important topic, and how it impacts your organization’s employer brand. Tayo Rockson is the CEO of UYD Management, a strategic leadership and consulting firm that helps corporations improve their bottom line by incorporating diversity, inclusion, and social justice strategies. Employer Recruiting Employer Branding Podcast Inclusion Workplace Diversity

How Can You Measure Success on a Diversity Program?

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Priding yourself on being an organisation that boasts a fully diverse and inclusive workplace, but just how do you measure how well you’re doing compared to others? Do you simply count the number of diverse staff you have or is it a tick-boxing task in the recruitment process? How Can You Measure Success on a Diversity Program? Employer diversity Inclusion Measure success ROI URPanel

Ways to Overcome Cultural Barriers in the Workplace

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As the world moves ahead, diversity in the workplace will continue to grow and evolve. While this may be the new norm, the possible challenges of diversity cannot be ignored and should be recognized early on. Encouraging team members to be inspirational leaders in a diverse and tolerant society. Educate the team on the value of diversity. Diversity helps with innovation and brings a diverse network to a business.

Is The Impact of Asian Diversity Undervalued in American Workplaces?

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I alluded to this in a post awhile back called " Thank God for Asians - Google Releases Workplace Diversity Numbers ". Affirmative action plans pack a lot of nationalities into the Asian classification, and the classification does nothing to really show the level of cultural diversity that''s present in what the EEOC would call "Asian". All the diversity studies say that the engineering population is like 70 percent white and Asian. Culture Talent Workplace

The View of Today’s Job Search from a Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter

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More and more, people are considering culture and value above other reasons for the job and career he or she desires, especially for those of you who envision working for a company promoting diversity and inclusion (D & I). If that is what you want, then consider a diversity recruiter like Torin Ellis who offers 100% of his efforts to clients who want to create such a workplace. How important is diversity and inclusion to you in your workplace?