Tue.Apr 14, 2020

Raymond K. Hessel (Fight Club) and Thinking About Wasted Time During COVID-19.

The HR Capitalist

By now, most of you are approaching the 30-day mark of the great American COVID lockdown. That means the fear has started to subside, and at some point, you started thinking deeper thoughts. You know the deep thoughts I'm talking about - the regrets, the analysis of your current situation and the "looking inward" planning for how you're going to approach all of this s**t different once the world opens back up. I hope we all approach life differently.

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How to Re-open Your Business

Evil HR Lady

Working from home has saved the jobs of millions during this world-wide shut down, with 98 percent of companies implementing work at home, according to a survey by Challenger, Grey, and Christmas. But, that figure is misleading. Just because 98 percent of companies have people working from home now, doesn’t mean that 98 percent of people are working from home.

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New Feedback

Sklover Working Wisdom

Lately we have received a lot of wonderful feedback. We hope you don’t mind our sharing one recent and heart-warming example with you. Note: Next month, Vanessa will be my “right hand” for 21 years. We continue discussing who is “The Boss.”): The Boss (Vanessa), BACKGROUND: Hi Vanessa and Al. I have been following Al’s Working Wisdom blog for about 4 years but have never spoken to him live nor paid for his counsel until a couple weeks back.

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From Architect to Teacher

Career Shifters

“I couldn't carry on doing something that brought me nothing but a feeling of emptiness.”. s work felt meaningless and isolating – she knew she needed a change. What started as a practical solution to an immediate problem soon evolved into a light-bulb moment, a passion, and a future career path. Here's her story

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Why Purpose-Driven Employers Succeed

The Undercover Recruiter

Serving society and turning a profit aren’t mutually exclusive. As this professor of finance uncovered, focusing on purpose helps companies succeed. Alex Edmans is Professor of Finance at London Business School and the author of Grow the Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit. Have a listen to the episode below, keep reading […]. Why Purpose-Driven Employers Succeed Undercover Recruiter -.

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Cutest Computer Desk Accessories

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Cutest Computer Desk Accessories. Keeping up with our latest reviews on some of the best office accessories, we’d like to review some of the cutest computer desk accessories. These are accessories that you can purchase and place on your computer desk, whether it is at your home or in your work office. Similarly, you can also check-out our latest office accessories reviews, including the best engineering desk accessories , the best Disney desk accessories , and the best Lucite desk accessories.

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How to Nail a Zoom Job Interview (25+ Zoom Interview Tips and Tricks) [2020]


Zoom interviews might be here to stay. Or at least any video interview or remote interview session. Getting familiar with the tips required to nail a remote interview is critical in ensuring that you increased your odds of getting an employment offer by the hiring manager.

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how can we make sure flexibility for parents isn’t unfair to everyone else?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I recently read your great advice to an employer who was asking what they could expect of an employee with a young toddler who was having to work from home during the pandemic. I have a related question that I haven’t seen getting much attention that I hope you’ll be able to answer: how should employers handle accommodating both parents and non-parents in workplaces that have shifted to working from home during the pandemic?

2020 34

our employer wants to cut our pay — retroactively

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I work for a national nonprofit based in the U.S. with offices across the country. On Friday, our CEO sent out the dreaded “due to COVID-19, layoffs are coming” email. In it, we were told that on the following Monday they would be laying off 25% of the staff nationwide, and those who get to keep their jobs will have to take a pay cut, tiered based on how much you make currently.

2020 33

I overheard a horrible fight on a web conference, the missing chocolate egg, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I overheard a horrible fight on a web conference. This morning I was in a web meeting and the moderator was late. Folks were just kind of milling around waiting, most muted, some not. A participant who was not muted was working out of her kitchen, and her husband came in asking about whether or not she’d gotten a specific item from the grocery store; she said she had, but she was in a meeting and couldn’t really talk.

2020 28

I’m so lonely — but how can I ask more of my coworkers right now?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I want your advice about “asking for what you need” during this time of pandemic. I’ve been at my job nearly seven months now and I love it, it’s a great step into a sector that’s hard to get into that I’ve wanted to be in for a long time. We have a small, tight-knit team that I really enjoy working with, and I love our work. As of the last two weeks, I’ve been working from home, and we’ve been informed that this will be the case indefinitely.

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